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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All This is a Thread Dedicated to a Middle School Reef Club tank here in St. Louis. So Please watch language 🙂 Back Story, I setup a Saltwater tank at my house last year (3 years ago now) and would show students pictures of my tank and they were jealous we did not have a tank at school. So I said Why not? There is an amazing LFS owner here in St. Louis and he got me an amazing deal on a Used IM 20 Fusion (now my personal tank at home.) He Loves teachers and especially those that want to teach more about the Hobby, so he has helped me out quite a bit with getting things going and has an extremely flexible thing with me on the tank, because we will not be here over they summer the tank will broken down and reset back up for the new club comers each year. Alright onto the Details... Setup: IM Nuvo 20 Fusion with Stock Pumps 20 Gallon Long ($1 per Gallon Sale) Lighting - Marineland LED Reef Light with Built-in Timer 18-24inch (Will Switch over to two Par38s soon) Hydor Koralia 425 Cheapo 100W Heater that was gonna be used in my Person QT tank 200W Chinese Heater that was a gift from a teacher 10 - 20 lbs of Live Sand was in tank when I got it. 16 20ish Lbs of Live Rock and probably another couple lbs of Rubble Rock in chamber and on the sand bed Filtration: Aquaclear AC70 Sponge in the Left Media Basket Will be switching to Filter Floss, may add Carbon as needed Poli-Fil in the Right Chamber MacroAlgae in the Display Rubble Rock in the chamber where Skimmer would go - This was how it was setup when I got the tank day after it was broken down. Fish: 1 - Ocellaris Clownfish - Passed Away over Christmas Break when they cut off the Furnaces Fish Ideas are being tossed around 3 - Sexy Anemone Shrimp Want to add one or two more - was told could we have ~4 (LFS said I can get some Fish on a "Loaner" type program and bring them in for like a week or so and bring them back so the students can see more things) 2 Blue/Green Chromis Corals - All Bought as Frags (Students Looked them up, because we were given a "Grab Bag" assortment) Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral X2 Rock Flower Anemone (Decided to suck himself in between two rocks, hoping he will come out more) - RIP 😞 Candy Cap Coral - Was Pretty Bleached out when we got it - RIP 😞 Fluorescent Mushrooms X3 (anyone know how to get them to stay put?) - Wondered off somewhere and disappeared Glove Polyps Green Polyps Brown Palys Kenya Tree Zoas Hammer Pulsing Xenia CUC: 3 - Nassarius Snails (bought 2, only 1 Survived :-() 2 - Trochus Snail 2 - Turbo Snails 1 - Hermit Crab - Blue Legs 6-8 - Asteriniid Starfish (Hitchhiker) 1 - Brittle Starfish (Hitchhiker) Now what you all want, Pictures!!!!! Current FTS 5-15-18 FTS 1-10-18 FTS 10-3-17 FTS With My Classroom Desk Right after being Setup 9-11-17 I'll Add a Few More Pics below, can only add 6 mbs at a time
  2. 701@BankStreet

    701 Classroom Tank

    We are starting our classroom tank this week - students haven't yet arrived, but everything is either in the room or on order. Equipment is: 33 gallon long (4 foot by ~12x~12) vertex illumilux marino blu Remora nano skimmer 100 -150 watt heater (I have both around) DA reef keeper lite tunze 6040 (I have a non-variable tunze powerhead and a jebao wp-25 around to supplement if needed) tunze nano ato Base plan is (I already have this stuff): ~30 pounds live rock ~30 pounds live sand some mushrooms growing on the rock The goal is: mushrooms zooanthids and other polyps A centerpiece LPS like a hammer or frogspawn some xenia and gsp 1-3 active swimming fish (suggestions welcome!!) There was another thread posted under my old username - this account/thread is for the class and the future. I'll be the only one posting in this thread for a few weeks as things get going. But as the year progresses, I hope to get students (8th graders) writing occasional updates. I'll be in the classroom on tuesday getting things setup (mostly non-tank related) and I'll be sure to take a few pictures of what's in progress. As I know, this thread is worthless without pictures!
  3. ParticipationTrophyWife

    Tasha's 3rd Grade Tank, Fed by Mr. Rogers

    I thought, in light of all the horrible events of this week, I needed to do something positive and do a thread about my little AGA 10 gallon in the 3rd grade classroom where my kids went to school. About me: I am the librarian at school, and I often do the “Jack Hanna” thing and bring in different animals for the kids to see. The 3rd grade teacher, I’ll call her Mrs. V., had been in my house and knew I had a saltwater tank, so she asked me if I would put one together for her classroom. I am happy to do it. Many of these kids have never been to the ocean, aren’t aware of the difference between salt and fresh water, and have never seen some of the creatures and relationships that exist there. I think the more experiences kids have to draw from, the more connections they make as they’re reading and learning. They do feed it like Mr. Rogers. As many times as I’ve told them to feed just a small pinch, they like to interact with the fish and dump it in there. I’ve asked the teacher to keep the food in her desk, but somehow it always makes its way back next to the tank. I suck it up and do extra water changes. I kept it simple, not wanting to invest a lot of money and have a kid mess it up somehow. For corals, I just put the stuff that grows like weeds because again, I didn’t want to spend money for something that would be destroyed. So far they’ve been great about taking care of it, so I might take chances and start upgrading things a little. But for now: Specs: 10 gal AGA Reef Crystals salt 7 lbs Caribsea Live Sand 20 lbs live rock (I believe in the 2lbs/gal rule) from my LFS Koralia Nano powerhead 50 watt Eheim Jaeger heater Current USA TruLumen LED light- has a dimmer the kids like to play with. I let them. Egg crate top with mesh fish-lined around the edges Livestock: Tomato Clownfish Royal Gramma Reticulated Brittle Star Various hermits (blue-legged, scarlet, Hawaiian) Green Star Polyps Pulsing Xenia Purple Mushrooms Green Mushrooms Toadstool Leather Here’s a crappy FTS, taken just after I had my hands in there so everything’s a little mad. It's also not this blue in real life, but I'm not sure how to make the picture better. Also a pic of the bulletin board I made so the kids would become familiar with what lives in the tank. Next week I'm going to put a tank journal next to the tank with different open-ended questions for the kids. I'll share some of their answers here.
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