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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everybody i am wanting to setup my reef with lots of macroalgea inside, However i am cautious to what species wont pollute my tank. I like Caulerpa Prolifera and i was wondering Has anybody had any problems with Caulerpa Prolifera and if so what did they do about it? Thanks Everybody 🐠
  2. Hello! I recently set up a 5.5 gallon, using some salvaged equipment and livestock from a 10 gallon I found on Craigslist. It was in rough shape - it hadn't been taken care of in a few months, and had crashed quite a long time ago. All that was salvageable was some snails, a hermit crab, a small piece of Codium, a small piece of Dragon's Breath, and a 1" piece long of Caulerpa Prolifera. Not a ton to work with. The macros were in super rough shape, initially. The dragon's breath had to be cut back a ton to get rid of the dead bits, the codium had to be trimmed, and the caulerpa was pretty much completely white. I put the codium and dragon's breath frags directly into the tank to see if they'd make it, while I put the caulerpa into it's own container of saltwater to see if it'd green back up. Eventually, the caulerpa was put into the tank, after it had come back from the brink. Fast forward to today, about two weeks after everything was added to the tank, and I'm still having some issues. The Caulerpa is bouncing back (somehow), and has started growing pretty quickly in the past few days. I had the Codium sitting on the sandbed, in low-mid light and moderate flow. It's begun fraying... almost like there's an inner skeleton, and the fleshy algae part is becoming hair and flaying off on a few tips. I read online that it enjoys moderate-high flow, with few lighting requirements, so I moved it onto the rock in a high flow area, to see if that improves things. I have no idea what's causing it, what it is, or how to treat it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can see the "hair" best on the bottom branch that's sticking out toward the camera. The branch second from the right is the worst "fraying" spot. Some of it is a bit brown, as well, while some of it green. I had the dragon's breath sitting on the sandbed in moderate flow and relatively high light - just about 1' away from an ABI PAR38. While it's been growing some, the past day or so the tips have become ever so slightly pale. It's noticeable, and has been getting progressively worse since yesterday. I read that sometimes, in high light, dragon's breath can begin to bleach like a coral will. I doubt I have that much light, but better safe than sorry. I moved it to the opposite of the tank, which is most definitely lower light. You can see the red fade out just a bit at the tips in the picture. I color adjusted this one a bit to get the most color possible, but it's still a bit hard to see on camera. Sorry 😞 Tank parameters: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 PPM Phosphate: 0.1 PPM SG: 1.025 Temperature: 76-77F Thanks for any help!
  3. Hello all! My 3 gallon is now at the point that I feel comfortable starting a journal about it. Here goes nothing! Initial setup: Lights: 49 watts worth of a generic LED outputting 50% 10000k and about 35% 460nm Filter: A generic internal filter at 160 GPH filled with seachem matrix (eventually going to start adding tiny amounts of vodka to encourage the growth of denitrifying bacteria) Heater: Generic 50W heater Fauna: None yet but will likely include a pom pom crab or two. Unsure on the fish front. Considering getting a photosynthetic sponge carried by gulf coast ecosystems. Corals: Again none yet, TBD if I will have any. Macroalgae: Caulerpa prolifera, Gracilaria parvispora and hayi, coralline algae. All are thriving and start producing oxygen bubbles within an hour of the lights going on (a timer keeps the lights on from 1 to 9 pm). Here is a picture of my tank. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Hi all! I have a major caulerpa infestation going on in my tank now. I have some time off for Thanksgiving I two weeks and I was hoping to take care of it then. I was hoping you guys could answer some of my questions and take a peak at my game plan. Game Plan: 1. Remove all delicate corals/inverts from rick. 2. Remove rock from tank and place in sterile bucket. 3. Spray rock with peroxide using a spray bottle. 4. Remove as much caulerpa as possible from the rock. 5. Place rock back into tank. Questions: 1. I have to move my RFA's and BTA's from the rocks, right? Is there a container I should place them in temporarily while their rock is being cleaned and them put them back on it? 2. I have a few corals that are growing directly onto the rock. It's just zoas, plays, and a sinularia. Will they be alright with the peroxide? 3. If I remove a substantial amount of caulerpa, there should be a nutrient spike, right? How should I counteract this? Vinegar dosing? Thanks, everyone! I plan on making a thread that documents this process. -Nick
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