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Found 8 results

  1. jpaul727

    Activated Carbon Filter?

    Hello, I am very new to owning a freshwater tank. I didn't realize putting driftwood in the water would turn it yellow/brown, but after some research it seems to be tannins? I bought activated carbon, but didn't realize it was a filter pillow and it is way too big for my filter. I tried just floating it in the water near the filter, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Is this a longer process than 6-8 hours, or is it never going to work just floating in the water? Any help is greatly appreciated. My 5yo son will be so sad if his two new dwarf gouramis die.
  2. Blenard the Blenny

    Is this coralline algae?

    Hello all, new to the forums. Have had my nanocube 24G for about 3 years. Had some ups, some downs 😕 Attached are a few pictures, my camera isn't the greatest, but can anyone tell me if what's on the glass and background is coralline algae? I understand it's a sign of good things (even though my blenny, Blenny Kravitz, passed while it was growing). I scraped a bit of it, you can see in the 3rd picture, and it's tough but can be scraped with a credit card or something similar, I used my nail. If it is, could i scrape it and just let it float in the tank to spread it? I just did a 5% water change last night, as well a changing my media (new activated carbon, washed bioballs and ceramic rings). And I'm working on that green hair algae, I think it's a phosphate issue so I picked up rowaphos to try. I didn't get a chance to pick it up until today, so I missed doing it during the water change last night, but I'll probably throw it in tonight. Awesome forum BTW, love this site.
  3. Hi tank m8s, I’m running my first reef tank and have a Waterbox Cube 20. I recently decided to install a protein skimmer in the middle chamber. However, this doesn’t give me enough room to put all of the activated carbon, bio balls, and filter sock into the first chamber. The third chamber houses my heater and return pump. I can fit both the carbon and the bio balls into the first chamber which leaves no room for the filter sock to go back in. Or if I take out one of those two things, I have room for one media bag AND the sock. For those of you with a similar set up, what are your opinions on eliminating the sock, carbon or bio balls? Many thanks!
  4. CoralVue Aquarium Products

    Better Reactors. New From Aquaforest. 🌳

    Better Reactors. New From Aquaforest. 🌳 Nutrient Control Never Looked So Good!
  5. So I have a bio cube 14. I’ve been keeping up on water changes. Swapping out the filter floss four days before a water change. And everything is great. Water params are at all the right levels. I even got some coralline algae finally growing. BUTTT I haven’t changed the chemipure elite bag or the carbon bag in months. Should I swap them out or let it be?
  6. MSunkin23

    Chemical Medias

    Hey Guys, Curious what chemical media you guys use/recommend, and how do you use it? In the past, I have run only chemipure elite in pre-made bags. But thinking to add carbon, phosguard/purigne, and chemipure eventually. Is anyone making their own bags, or just buy pre-mix? - Pro/cons to each? Is anyone regenerating their media? Thinking I could make my own carbon bags at least. M
  7. I've been carbon dosing since day 1 because I cycled with the Red Sea program, but instead of paying out for NoPox I switched to vinegar in my Kalkwasser top-off. This worked great, my nitrates and phosphates were exactly where I wanted them. But my pH was getting worryingly low. The vinegar at 45mL per gallon was overpowering the high pH of the Kalk. So I mixed a new batch of Kalk with half the dosage of vinegar, and now my pH is looking a lot better... BUT now my skimmer is basically spinning around doing nothing. I lowered the carbon too much it seems. I'm going to be keeping a close eye on my Nitrates this week, but I'm trying to plan ahead for how to add more carbon if that becomes necessary. Has anyone used vodka with vinegar in Kalk? Vinegar is the go-to carbon source for Kalkwasser because it helps to bind more calcium hydroxide in the RO/DI water, and it is cheap. I've been unable to find any mention of someone using a combination of the two. The only thing I can find is general rules of thumb, e.g. "vodka contains 8x more carbon than vinegar. " Is that right? If so, can I find the right carbon dose by simply taking my vinegar target (45mL per gallon) and splitting that in half, then calculate vodka as: (45/2) / 8 = 2.8mL Vodka + 22.5mL Vinegar per Gallon I'd really like to hear from anyone that has experimented with this combo in Kalk before attempting it though. I worry that some part of it might not stay in solution.
  8. I couldn't find this on another thread so... when is it safe to add a product like Clear FX Pro to a tank? The Fluval EVO 13 came with carbon but I haven't used it either. I have 225ml of Clear FX Pro unused and thought about adding it to the tank.
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