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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Nano-reefers, I'd like to start a journal on this build because I've gotten tons of help through these forums with great advice and perspectives, and I'm hoping that I can offer the same platform and share a bit of my journey into reefing. Traditionally, I would start these journals, stay active for a few weeks then forget about it. I'm hoping that I can keep up with the updates/entries. Does anyone have any tips/hints to keep these journal entries interesting? I guess I'll start by introducing myself! My name is Danny, and I'm 27 years old. I live on the east side of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada! I've got about seven years of freshwater experience and two months of saltwater experience. MY TANK Over the first two months, I've been tediously searching for second-hand items to start my saltwater nano reef. I have the Fluval Evo 13.5 Aquarium, and it comes with the stock light and pump. I bought dry rock and threw in some frozen shrimp as an ammonia source. I used some leftover egg crates to build a makeshift chamber media basket. I used this Polydoh Moldable Plastic to create a mini lid for the feeding hole that I'm very proud of creating. I mixed my saltwater using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Mix for Aquarium 55-Gallon Bucket and RODI water using Aquatic Life RO Buddie Four Stage. I aimed for 1.025 salinity but got 1.024. I believe this was caused by not heating my RODI water first. I ordered a MLW-10 Jebao from Alibaba because I wanted something with a thin profile, and I've ordered lights from 21LEDUSA with the guidance of other fellow Nano-Reef members. Two Actinic Blue 1ft bars. Built the stand using 2x4s and compressed wood board. I painted it using white spray paint. JOURNEY I then realized that I was currently experiencing what people called the "ugly" phase. Dark brown diatoms started to cover the dry rock, and the water was still cloudy. Was I in trouble? Should I start scrubbing and perform a water change? I left it. I followed the guidance from aquarist veterans and just left it. I tested the parameters and found that even three months after I started the cycle, my ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates had high values (NH3: 8.0ppm, NO2: 2.0ppm, NO3: 5.0ppm). I took out the rotting shrimp and allowed my cycle to continue. One week later... I found a local reefer through Canreef, and he invited me to his garage display room. We had a great conversation, and I left with a few easy beginner corals to introduce to my aquarium. I'll list them at the end of this post. Introduction of coral in the aquarium I used a 30-minute drip acclimation method that I've done with my freshwater fish, and this seemed to do the trick. So far, the corals look happy and are opening up nicely. The wavemaker is move the water quite well at 500 gallons/hr. Things I'm working on What to feed the corals What is too much light? What is the ideal light period? Is morning moonlight a thing? How badly will the pulsing xenia or GSP grow over my rock Coral List Pulsing Xenia Toadstool Leather coral Purple Green Euphyllia Hammer Green Star Polyps Green Trumpet coral Aussie Duncan Coral Kenya Tree Coral Leaf Plate Montipora Single polyp Green mushroom rhodactics Green Euphyllia frogspawn Slipper coral - Herpolitha Palythoa Green neon montipora
  2. Scalion

    120L DIY Scalion's tank

    Hello everyone, my name is Nicolas Marion, i'm from Montréal. So sorry if my english might sound off sometime I decide to use nano-reef.com has main platform to put the history of my tank, i realy enjoy the community here and the website. Background : I had a salt aquarium 12 years ago, i enjoy it, spend too much but boy i learn some lesson ! The reason i stop back then it was because of the heat and i couldn't control the heat correctly (Metal Halide) without spending huge amount of money for a chiller, i felt so guilty to lose fish/coral and i decide to stop. So life goes on, and recently i started back with aquarium, fresh water, i love it, plants, green, is my stuff, i felt like i didn't have anymore challenge and it was time go back with salt water. I read a lot before starting and i finaly decide my plans. I will use this first message with current update of the aquarium. I just bought my first coral couple hour ago, but i didn't do the aquascape wich for me is a very big deal, i think i need some help to figure out the best visual scape possible visible through 3 side. Also my real light will come tommorow (AI Prime HD), for now i use time to time my Kessil 360 WE Tuna sun from my freshwater. Live stock : Macro Algea Red Gracilaria hayi Caulerpa Racemosa Caulerpa Mexicana Caulerpa Serrulata Snails 2 Astraea tecta 2 Banded Trochus 5 Nassarius Shrimp 3 Sexy Shrimp (Thor amboinensis) Fishs 2 Adult/Pair Amphiprion Ocellaris 1 Damsel Springer (Chrysiptera springeri) Coral Clavularia sp. White Clove Polyps Sympodium sp. Blue/Green Sympodium Polyp Pachyclavularia violacea - Green Star Polyp (Metallic?) (Need help to ID correctly) Pseudocorynactis caribbeorum ? In a shell Xenia sp. White Pulsing Xenia (Need help to ID correctly) Euphyllia glabrescens sp. Peach Torch Entacmaea quadricolor sp. Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone (Have around 7) Briareum asbestinum, Gorgonian Corky Sea Finger Acanthastrea echinata Red Seriatopora caliendrum (Green Birdsnest) Montipora Capricornis Red Platygyra Maze Brain Green Sponge Haliclona specimen (residue of) Zoanthids Armageddon Velociraptor or Dang Ding or Yellow mamba ? Yellow Road Block or Orange Bang ? Bam Bam Orange Beta Eyes ? Mushrooms Actinodiscus sp. Turquoise Pinstripe Discosoma sp. Blue Tonga Ricordea Florida sp. Green Dead stock : Fishs 2 Chromis viridis 3 HUGE Star Snail Money spent : (intial start evaluated around 1500$) Now 2600+ CDN
  3. Hey, looking to buy an MP10 powerhead in good condition, name your price (I live in Canada) we can discuss shipping after we make a deal. Thanks all, Happy reefing
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