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Found 13 results

  1. Kevin Buckley

    Water Parameters

    If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful. I've been running tank for 6 months and have added 3 corals around a month ago. torch, frogspawn and hammer. All frags. They don't seem to be doing well so i have dipped them in Lugols solution while doing a water change today. Not too happy at the moment unsurprisingly. They seem to be shrinking from their skeletons. I have tested parameters after WC and this is what they say: Kh 9.6, Ca 500, Mg 1330, Po4 0.1 and No3 5ppm. i have 2 baby Clowns and a Blenny fishwise, and a Cleaner, and Blood shrimps. i did have a couple of Hermits but they were neither blue or red legged and got too big so i removed them. I have 3 Trochus and 5 Bumblebee snails, with 2 Nassarius. Algae wise i am currently tackling Red Cyano but also have bubble green algae but i am not treating at the moment as concentrating on Cyano. Neither are particularly over run. Running Rowaphos in chamber. waiting to add Purigen when medication finishes. Thanks for looking.
  2. MatthewN

    Calcium Over 600

    Hey there. I'm having a hard time getting the right dosing balance. I was using kalkwasser and switched to sodium bicarbonate because my calcium was high and ph low. I'm not sure what the effects of high calcium are on coral or fish. Numbers attached. Any thoughts on either 1) how to reduce calcium, or 2) increase ph without increasing calcium? Thank you!
  3. Leo_ian

    Unstable chemistry

    So my 20 gallon cube has been unstable since i got it. I get my water from a shop because my dad thinks its a waste of space and time to have a full salt mixing unit. My alk is always unread on my sailfert dosing kit. (is there a hanna for this?) I want to do an acropora tank but my parameters are constantly unstable. My chiller wasn't pumping for five days? so my tank was about 31C for very long. When i fixed it, my stylo started bleaching, my recovering montipora started detiorating again. How do i get my tank on its feet? My dad also doesnt allow me to change my filter sock twice a week, so when i change it, the tank parameters go all crazy. Can i get some help?
  4. If you have a dosing pump that does not have a calibration feature (like the Bubble Magus or Jaebo), you can still calibrate your pump with a little basic math! Even better is that it doesn't take much more effort than calibrating a pump that has the calibration feature. This is something you should do periodically - maybe once or twice a year, every time you replace the head or components, or if you change fluid types - and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes per head. You will need to complete each step for each dosing head! Step 1: The Setup Fill a small reservoir of water (anything more than 1 cup will work) that runs to the input on your dosing pump. On the output side of your dosing pump, set up an accurate measuring cup. I'm just using a Pyrex measuring cup, but if you have something more accurate like a graduated cylinder, use it! This is what it should look like: Step 2: Prime Make sure your pump is fully primed. That means after you get water flowing, letting it run for a full 30 seconds. Any air bubbles caught inside are going to throw this exercise off. After it's primed, make sure your measuring cup is totally empty (just pour it back into the reservoir). Step 3: Get a Baseline Set your dosing pump to run 100ml in a single dose and run it into your measuring cup. Record this number - it's your baseline. Is your baseline exactly 100ml (or close enough)? If it is, congratulations you are done and your pump was calibrated correctly. If it isn't, we are going to start calibrating. Take the number that you just got and divide 100 by it - this is going to be your starting calibration factor. For example, if you got 73ml instead of 100, your rough calibration factor would be 1.37 Step 4: Refine your calibration Now we are going to attempt to get exactly 100ml of out our dosing pump by multiplying 100ml by your rough calibration factor. Using my example above, set your doser to 137ml. Now run it three times, recording exactly how much your dosing pump dosed out. Lets say you got the following doses: 104ml, 105ml, and 103ml. Looks like the original calibration factor was off and you'll need to adjust it down slightly by a little over 4ml. Since we know that the dosing pump doses out only 70% of what you set it to, we'll pick a happy-medium of a 5ml adjustment on the doser. Using my example, that would leave us with a final calibration factor of 1.32. Write this number down on a Post It and stick it to your pump - this is what you will multiply your dose by to get the exact dose! Step 5: Verify Multiply 100ml by your final calibration factor a couple of times to ensure you get exactly 100ml (or extremely close). Make sure your math is correct! Using my example, if I needed to dose exactly 9ml of an additive to my tank using pump 1, I would simply multiply that number by my calibration factor of 1.32 to get 11.88, which I would round to 12ml. This is what I would set my doser to.
  5. Hannahhhh

    Alkalinity and calcium

    Hello, I'm struggling to understand the relationship between alkalinity and calcium levels in my tank. I’ve read a ton about it but I’m still confused. I have a high level of calcium (500) and low alkalinity (7) I’m not sure how to address this. I have B-Ionic calcium buffer system with component 1 alkalinity and component 2 calcium but I’ve never used it. Can someone help me out? Specifically can you tell me what you would do in my situation. I have a 13.5 gallon fluval evo tank. I also have a protein skimmer attached For coral I have some mushrooms and Xenia, a pink birds nest coral, zoas, and some leather corals. Additionally I have a coco worm (hard tube feather duster), a clownfish, 2 cardinalfish, and one tiny goby.
  6. Hannahhhh

    Low alkalinity normal calcium

    I am wondering why my tank would have low alkalinity but normal calcium levels? My alkalinity is currently 6.5 and my calcium is 440. What’s the best way to fix this? Water changes? I’ve been reading about calcium and alkalinity online but I’m still somewhat confused with their relationship and so I’m not sure how to address this issue.
  7. geneva

    Varied Readings (Ca)

    Hi all, I bought myself a Calcium Hanna Checker and just tested it out. I've been having issues with low Calcium that I'm trying to solve, so I thought I'd get it to make my life easier. Previously, I was using the API test kit, and I was slowly raising my readings. Today, I got a reading of 380 ppm with it. But I tried the Hanna checker, and it told me 418 ppm.... I did some googling and found a few people saying they had the same sort of inconsistent/high results. I guess my question is, did I waste my money? Should I pick up a Salifert kit instead? Reviews on Marine Depot were positive, so I'm very frustrated about making a poor purchase/not doing enough research. I know $60 is chump change in this hobby, but still....
  8. dilnepenthes

    Eggshells for Margarita snails

    Hi everyone, my names Dylan, and im new to this saltwater hobby but have cared for freshwater tanks for 8 years and decided this would be a next step. Anyway i just added 2 Margarita snails to my tank and was wondering if eggshells could be a good source of calcium for them? I used to do it for my golden apples and was wondering if it can be done for them? Thank:)
  9. Mido

    water Chemistry

    hi guys so it has been 2 months now since i started adding coral frags( zoas, trumpet, duncan, chalice, blue ridge, plays, gsp) and a big rhodactis colony ( 20 heads) there is some algae but not terrible, 34 Gal AIO tank two clown fish i feed LS pellets, mysis shrimp every other day reefroids every week parameters are nitrates 0 phosphates 0.01 calcium 480 mag 1290 dkh 7-8 i use sachem vibrant sea salt my question is i would like my magnesium to be close to 1500 but my calcium is already high any suggestions?
  10. Nano_Addict

    Dosing with Kalkwasser

    Hey everyone! I'm looking into setting up a basic dosing regimen for my tank using Kalkwasser and my ATO system and perhaps moving to 2-part dosing in the future when the tanks needs require it. The tank is a IM 20 fusion (guessing it has about 15 gal of water in it). The tank has been up and running for about 10 months and has had decent growth throughout most of the past 10 months. However, things seem to have begun to slow down recently. Additionally, all the zoanthids have been struggling for quite some time. I've been pretty diligent with water changes, usually changing about 2.5 gal once a week, assuming this would be sufficient to replenish the tanks calcium and alk needs and falling into the lazy reefer syndrome of not testing but once a month. However, I tested the tank this past Sunday (3 days after a water change) and got the following results: pH - 7.85 Alk - 5.7 dKH Ca - 390 ppm I performed a large water change yesterday (I've always used Coral Pro Salt) and was able to bring the Alk back up to a more acceptable 7.4 dKH. I'm going to test again today to see what the daily usage looks like. Currently, i'm planning to follow BRS's recommendation of: Low Demand - 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of top off water and go from there. I've always been super hesitant to start dosing since doing it wrong can have such dire consequences. However, since the overarching goal is to start introducing SPS into this tank, this is definitely a bridge I need to cross. So, with all that being said, does anyone have any advice / lessons learned to get started dosing Kalk? Cheers!
  11. Hi Guys, On my new 20 gal tank, I notice a large Alkalinity suck from my water. My salt (Instant Ocean) - naturally has ~10 or so dKH On Sunday (2 days ago) - I was at 7 dKH, I did a water change and got up to 7.5 dKH. I tested this this morning, I was about 6.5 dKH. I am guessing this means I lose between 0.5 - 1 dKH per day in Alkalinity. I assume this Alk suck is because my tank is about 3 weeks old, and is growing bacteria like mad, and the by-product is consuming Alk. I have a single LPS, and its brand new, not even open. I don't want to further stress him with low Alk, swinging pH, or low Ca. Its going to get tedious to try and correct via water changes, so I am thinking about dosing my tank to keep carbonate levels higher (closer to 8.) If this is just a bacteria demand (no / very low Ca demand) - can I just dose a Carbonate supplement? Or do I do a 2 part to maintain Ca levels? If you recommend a Ca supplement in addition - I have a CaSO4 dry supplement for my freshwater setup... Thoughts on using to dose as part2? (Part 1 is Seachem Carbonate).
  12. tofer


    My DKh is staying steady yet my calcium and magnesium drop is this normal ? I do have 2 Duncan's which are growing Nicky and a hammer which is happy fully extended . shouldn't the DKH also drop some as well or can the weekly water changes keep it steady ?
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