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Found 9 results

  1. Reef aquarium for sale. pick up Rancho Cucamonga CA Very good shape. Glass is in great condition, no leaks. Everything you need for a saltwater aquarium fish, coral (LPS, SPS). Over $4000 in equipment if purchased new. This equipment is 5-6 years old. I had to tear down my system when I moved to a new house. Everything well cared for and maintained. I would like to sell the entire system. I would only be willing to part out pieces if the aquarium/stand sell first. Total price for everything $2000 Aquarium/stand only $700 Aquarium: CadLights Artisan II 70 gallon complete reef system with 30 gallon sump with 5 gallon auto top off reservoir and white high gloss wood stand (Retail new $1734) Aluminum lamptree to mount lights (retail $99) Skimmer: Reef Octopus diablo XS 160 (retail $300) Lighting: EcoTech Marine Radion LED lights x 2 units (retail $900 new) Water Movement: Voretch MP 40 wES (wi-fi enabled) (retail $366) 2 x Vortech MP10 wES (wi-fi enabled) (retail $200 each) Wifi Controller for lighting/water movement EchoTech Reef Link (retail $100) Water filtration: Reverse Osmosis/DI filter Spectrapure MaxCap (retail $400) Auto Topoff: Tunze Osmolator (retail $200) Controller Reef Keeper light Extras: Heater, powerheads, algae scraper, spare parts, bioreactor, dosing pumps, Hanna water testers
  2. Hello everybody, welcome to my new thread. (New Caribbean and Pacific Island theme starts on page 4 on 4/6/18). This aquarium will be the 4th reef that I have set up. For this reef, my goal is to have an organized, beautiful, and stream-lined reef with top of the line equipment. My plan for this reef is to have two separated rock structures. One structure will be primarily used to showcase a variety of Soft Corals, Large Polyp Stony Corals, Clams and Small Polyp Stony Coral from the Pacific Ocean while the other structure will be used to showcase livestock from the Caribbean. That structure will be be home to Gorgonians, Ricordea, and Rock Flower Anemone's. I will attempt to create the conditions that are best for each grouping of coral on each structure. Below is a run down of the equipment I will be running for the setup as well as the inhabitants that live in my reef! Equipment Tank- Cadlights Rimless Versa 42 Gallon with Starphire glass (30" x 18" x 18") Sump- Cadlights Rimless 16 gallon (20" x 13" x 13") Lighting- 2 Kessil A160E LED's with a Kessil Spectrum Controller Aquarium Controller- ReefKeeper Lite Protein Skimmer- Bubble Magus Curve 5 Water Circulation- 2 Vortech MP10's running on ReefCrest mode Refugium Light- Kessil H80 Tuna Flora set to growth mode Supplementation- 4 part Triton Method Core Elements Auto Top Off- Tunze Osmolator
  3. ReefGoat

    CADlight's 45g Shallow

    TANK: 45g Shallow LIGHTING: 24" Reef Breeders V2+ w/2 Sunblaster T5's (ATI blue+ and ATI coral+) CONTROLLER: Apex Classic ATO: Tunze Osmolator FRESHWATER CONTAINER: Stock Cadlights 3 gallon POWERHEAD: Vortech MP-10QD RETURN PUMP: Reef Octopus VarioS-2 HEATER: (2) Ehiem 100w SKIMMER: Reef Octopus Classic 110s SUMP: Stock Cadlights 25 gallons (maybe) PLUMBING: Custom by yours truly. Added ball valves, check valve and break out unions. Bulk Reef Supply red pipe with grey and white fittings. I used 40lb of Billy's Reef Connection dry rock. For the cleaning method I used 1 week in RO/DI and bleach (10 gallons of water to 1 gallon of bleach). After that was 1 week in RO/DI and I added Seachem Prime twice. Then they dried out for 3 days in the sun before adding to tank. The rocks are said to have been "lab tested" and showed just trace amounts of phosphorus in the results so I trusted him and chose to not do muratic acid cure or the 2-3 months in Saltwater with GFO and water changes. Time will tell if I made a mistake or not. The sand bed is 30lbs of dry sand. I used Caribsea flamingo reef which was rinsed for about 1.5 hours until the water ran clear. So as of today the cycling process has been going on for 1 week. It's the usual......Lights off, skimmer off and 2 ppm of Dr. Tim's ammonia once and Dosing of Microbacter7 every day for the first 2 weeks and then wait. You know the drill............ i'll also be ditching the peg legs holding up my light right now. I just haven't bought the galvanized piping to build my own little arms to hang it from. FUTURE UPGRADES: Lighting for chaeto in the sump Salinity Probe and proper Apex module to run it More flow FTS: 11/14/18 FTS: 12/22/18
  4. Alright, so I guess I'll start a journal for my CAD Lights 45G Shallow Reef Versa Series Tank: 45G Versa 3/8” thick Low-iron glass on 3 sides. Aquarium dimensions are 35.5" x 23.75" x 11.75". Overall height is 48" with cabinet and tank. The previous version of this tank had a center overflow, but the new version’s overflow is in the left + rear. The sump measures 27.5” x 13” x 11” which I think is about 15ish gallons. DOB: Labor Day 9/4/2017 Equipment: · CADLights 45G Shallow Reef Versa · Stock 660gph return pump · 1x MP10 · Reef Octopus 110S Skimmer · Kessil AP700 with Kessil Mounts · Tunze 3155 ATO Livestock Wishlist: · 2x Snowflake (?) clownfish · Giraffe. Watch me try. Goals/Vision: · Predominately soft coral with a few LPS mixed in for movement. · I want lots of bright colors so it’ll likely be saturated with zoas, polys, and RFA. · I want to be sure I leave lots of space for the corals to grow into full colonies. · I want this to be low tech. No controllers, no dosers, nada. P.S: This is only my 2nd tank, after having a 120G for about 9 months before being taken down due to a leak.
  5. Hey Nano-Reef! It's been a while, but I still lurk here from time to time. The 10 gallon nano that I started in 2015 is still running, but I've decided to finally start my 40 gallon with a tank that I bought in 2016. Having this giant, empty tank sitting in my living room was no bueno. It's currently cycling, and that's one of the reasons I decided to start this journal.....I have a question! I kickstarted my cycle using the dead table shrimp method about two weeks ago. I've watched my ammonia and nitrite levels rise and fall back to 0. My nitrates are now at around 20ppm. Soo...is my cycle over or nah? Two weeks seems kinda like a short time. I am starting my tank with dry rock and live sand (I went with live sand instead of dry sand since that was the only sand my LFS carried). Here's a picture of my very rustic aqua-scaping in case anyone is curious!
  6. JonBonPony

    Is CADLights good?

    I'm considering getting a CADLights versa 60g cube and I've heard varying opinions on their quality, does anyone have an answer?
  7. CAD-Aqua

    Tank Sale!

    Time for a Nano Sale! ALL of our AIO Nano tanks and Zen series tanks are 20% off!! SALE ends 10/1/17 Features: 5mm Low iron ultra clear glass with hand-curved corners Includes plumbing and pump Clean and clear silicone seams Comes with a single panel glass cover Specifications Dimensions: (16" x 16" x 17") 250 GPH return pump Cell cast acrylic filter wall Multi-habitat aquatic filtration system (Marine, Reef, or Freshwater)
  8. CAD-Aqua

    100 Zen Build

    We love including our customers and getting your opinions on new builds! This is a 100G Zen tank that we set up last week for one of our customers. What do you think we should add to this tank next? Which of our Cadlights tanks do you have set up in your home? Lets see what you got!
  9. Hi All, Been about 7 years since ive had any kind of tank / build. Had a low budget nanocube at an old apartment. Really had no idea what I was doing. Have done a TON of research, and with my minimal space this little 8 gallon fits well. Hoping to upgrade when we move in a year or two, but until this this should give me plenty of practice. Got it for a steal, so thats a plus Tank : Cadlights 8g Pump: Stock 115gph or something of the sort Heater : Cobalt 50w powerhead : Mp10 Light : Currently Stock LED that came with it, Have a order in for a Nanobox Tide :). Not quite as budget strained on this one, as im not 23 anymore haha. Have a crappy blue FTS, not sure why the current light shoots so blue, and its just an I-phone. Tank is cycled, and has 2 scarlet hermits, and a couple snails. Along with what I was sold as a GSP frag, but it has a white mat, so not so sure, and a couple paly frags. No fish till the end of the month as were gonna be outta town for a few days, and dont wanna risk it. Current plans are plenty of Zoas, and I LOVE acans, but have never kept em. Past that we will see.
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