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Found 6 results

  1. Razorwitz

    Razorwitz's Reef

    Hey all.. After almost 5 years out of the hobby, I'm diving back in.. I've missed my fishes and corals terribly. Since I'm working from home on a permanent basis now, I thought it would be cool to have a small tank here in my office.. I'll have the time to take care of the tank, and benefit from the relaxing calm that can come from watching a tank.I really wanted an AIO tank to simplify maintenance and keep equipment sprawl down since it will be on my desk. I initially was considering a 20gal long with a AIO insert, but after doing the math and looking at the benefits, I ended up picking up a JBJ Rimless 20 AIO. I'm really excited to get things going.. I bought some dry rock, and I'm trying to figure out an aquascape that isn't just a pile of rocks, but I'm finding that's a little difficult in a small cube.. 😞 I ordered some additional flat bottomed base rocks, and that should help a lot. Hopefully I'll get some time this week to finish up the auquascape and I'll be getting things wet next weekend. In the meantime I have a lot of other work and cleaning to do in the office...I'm glad to be back!
  2. nanoscott22

    How do I control these LED's

    So, I am a total noob and clearly need help. I have done some research over the past few months and really got cold feet when I saw how expensive taking the "splash" into keeping a nano tank would be. I found a great deal on FB marketplace, it included a 10g IM tank and stand, IM Skkye 18W LED Light, ecoxotic one touch controller (??), and what looks like the stock return pump, media basket, 25W thermometer, another pump of some type that I have no idea what it is, and a bunch of chemicals etc. My biggest questions is what is a controller and what all is coming out of it? I can't tell if I need all of this or just need to buy a new light and start over. The lights came with a remote, however I need to get a new battery because it does't respond. When I plug them in they do turn on but in terms of settings I am lost. What is the benefit to using the controller? Also what are some other must have equipment items I should consider? I am planning to start cycling with what came with it but want to upgrade over time! Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Best, Scott
  3. nanoscott22

    New Reefer 10g Build

    Hey all, I stumbled upon a used IM10g nano tank with some equipment. I have an old LED light (Skkye 18W) that works, stock return pump, 25w thermometer and another pump looking thing that I have no idea what it is (no labeling). Basically I am looking for help with starting this and want to document my journey as a complete newbie to the hobby. My plan is to try to assemble everything (it is separately and pieced out now), go visit a LFS for some water, sand and live rock and get this thing cycling as soon as possible. I have seen that there are MANY opinions on cycling and I want to take it slow and do things right. Any tips or info that you think is relevant before I take my first dive please let me know! I am trying to do as much research as possible but without any hands on experience many mistakes are in my future! See photo of the tank in it's former glory that the person I purchased the tank from sent me for reference! I plan to take everything out and do my own aquascape which from what I have read should be quite the difficult task with a tank this small! Best, Scott
  4. So I may as well join in the fun, I left the 365 Day Challenge tank in the office, the RSM is there and my Clowns are getting annoyed with me having my hands in the tank constantly. I also went ahead and purchased some corals that i have been watching for a long time now and noticed that the store has a Covid19 Sale I jumped on the sale. (Who doesnt like 25% off corals?) So I decided to have a play around with what i have at home and set up with spares. Tank: 5 Gallon L40xW20xH26 (15.75x7.75x1025) Light: undecided Heater: 25W Adjustable Flow: Hydor Pico Evo-Mag 180 with RFG Nozzle Themes: Euphylliadae Corals and Floating Reefscape Rock: 5 lbs Dry Baserock Sand: 10 lbs Samoa Pink So I painted the back black on this one, hopefully increasing the contrast with the corals that i will place in here, nice not to see any/much light spill as well The internal filter is in the shot to try and remove as much cloudiness from the water as possible
  5. Since joining the Old School Pico Contest I've been feeling nostalgic and looking to set up a bigger reef system like it was 1999. Metal halides, T5's, Kalkwasser you get the picture. I've been thinking about an upgrade tank for sometime now, but had a hard time picking a system that I will be happy with for sometime that's inexpensive, bigger but not huge and easy to manage. I wanted the same ease of use that I get from my EVO 13.5 but with more space for corals,fish, and more room in the rear chambers. Most of the AIO's out there didn't quite check all the boxes or out of the budget. I will be keeping this build on a tight budget, but also try and make it as nice as possible in the process. That being said I will be using most of the equipment I already have or in use. My vision for this build will be lots of flow, light, and mainly sps dominant. I think it will be cool to have a nano still running metal halide/t5/led. It will be interesting to see colors and growth from all three lighting options at same time. I'm very excited to see this build come together, here are the specs. Tank 40 gallon breeder peninsula with an AIO insert custom made by @This guy is extra salty This way I get the best of both worlds, keep cost low and get the much needed space I was looking for. Stand Petco Brooklyn stand I will make a custom skin with pvc board Lighting Floating canopy made with pvc board T5/led fixture I made for my EVOreef 4-24watt T5 bulbs with a dsuny eBay led. 400 watt radium metal halide fixture. Flow Ice cap 1k Aqamai KPS Return pump TBD This is all I have for now will update as this build progresses.
  6. This guy is extra salty

    This Salty Frag Tank

    So I have been thinking of doing this build for quite some time. mainly figuring what would be beneficial, and not having to upgrade just to “add” on to it. At the time I got a 60 gallon frag tank and stand at my LFS for an extremely great price. Now I’m probably going to be spending roughly 400(usd) for lights. I found that I can do a LED diy build for about 300$. Unless someone can convince me that there is a better option for under that price. (I’m going to be needing a high enough PAR to grow SPS) Next is the sump, I have a 20 tall boy. Which I’m going to “make” my 3 or 4 chambers with refugium included. (Planning on doing the Triton method) as for a mechanical filter, I’m going to have two filter socks that water will spill into the first chamber in the sump. And for biological filter I’m putting in 3 or 4 marine pure or the Brightwell bricks..maybe one powerhead will be sufficient, I haven’t decided. I’m open to any suggestions
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