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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve got an outbreak of this in our tank: I’m not worried about the layer of green beneath. The fuzzy, fluffy brown stuff over that is what I’m worried about.
  2. This little fellow was sold as a blue-leg in a batch of blue-legs, however it seems to mostly be nocturnal and hides with its' shell-facing out in rock-crevices during the day. Its' growth rate has been alarming compared to the other hermits in the tank and as its' gotten bigger it certainly-doesn't resemble them much either. It has kind of yellow, off-brown-green (bronze?) stripes on white-legs with a mottled white-body and spotted-claw, and bright-orange antennae. It doesn't really look similar to any species I'm familiar with. So far I can't say I've noticed any signs of it being a bad crab for the system, but some snails have seemingly-been thinned out (hard to tell for certain) and I have been having issues with a few corals (and I like to know what's in my tank anyway >_<).
  3. New to saltwater. I have a 75gal been set up for a little over a month. I put 3 damsels and a snail in about a week ago.. all basic levels are good . Just switched to a better light today and doing a water change as we speak. But I wanted to know what the brown hairy stuff is it’s over my live rock . My snail seems to enjoy it witch I’ll show ..just what is it bad / good / part of it .. and how to react accordingly thanks
  4. sapling

    Hitchhiker coral?

    So I've had one originally a long time ago, but now i have several, I assumed they were cup corals, but they aren't speckled like I've seen on melev's reef. maybe this is just a different morph? I've seen them all over now, including on my GSP, and in between my zoanthids, and they mostly come out at night. Should I be worried these are not cup corals or at least benign? I actually thought one of these was an aiptasia for a moment the other day cause there was a larger one behind my LR I saw when i decided to do a night look. I saw the bubble tips however, and never seen an aiptasia like that. anyways a couple pictures I apologize of the quality. I also have an incredibly bad bubble algae problem.
  5. Hello fellow reefers, I have a 40 breeder set up since 2/19/18. Used live rock and sand from my 20 gallon which was established for about two years before I got it in November 2017. Also added some new cycled rock and live sand. I've got some stringy brown stuff growing everywhere and I'm looking for an ID. Salinity: 1.026 Ammo: 0 Nitrate: +/- 2 Alk: 7.8 dkh Calc: 410 Phos: 0.1, I have a Salifert kit and it always looks like 0.1 to me. I'm going to invest in a Hanna checker soon. Mag: 1400 My first thought was Cyano but I tried Chemiclean and today is day 2 without change in appearance. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Mike P


    I noticed today what I believe is diatomes but maybe someone can chime in and confirm. All my levels are good and I use only purified ocean water that I purchase from the store. My tank is still new running for almost 2 months now. What’s the best way to get rid of this and will it harm my clown? I have 4 snails in the tank with him 2 margaritas and 2 Astraea snails. It’s on the sand bed and walls, kind of hard to see it on the sand since it’s black and pictures are hard to take due to the lighting.
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