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Found 1 result

  1. reefhound

    ADA60F Bounce Breeder Tank

    I’ve restarte the tank, so new thread. To make a long story short, I broke down a 20, and did some upgrades to my ADA60F here goes equipment ADA60F with AIO conversion Micro ATO DA Controller (heater)(cooling fan)(moonlight)(open) a-neutronics power bar MP-10QDW (to also run a second tank) batery backup 72 hours on pump Kessil A160 WE Kessil Controller cheap moonlight bar livestock 5 margarita snails that MOW thru anything! Amazing, hair algae, glass, rock, I leave the back uncleared.. they prefer rock first. They need a dead on temp setting, which I have. Never lost one. one Damsel.. AKA (blue fish, blue shark, fuker) he attacks the hair on my fingers. i recently cleared about everything in my tank.. here are bits and pieces I can find.. this was the ADA60F rescue tank. enjoy just getting the the light bar in.. the tank is look down and thru... I absolutely love every piece of equipment I have this was a TV Stand/cabinet.. heavy as hell (we have rocket launches here) AC infinity programmable fans notice the hole in the back by the battery backup?? The backup is mounted off the cabinet, air drawn over it cabinet maintains 71 degrees, the fans ramp up 3x kydex is wonderful stuff ok... some tank pics and coral tear down.. I took a lot to the pet store and am looking forward to a trade for a frag of a new... unnamed bounce bounces.. tank tear down get all corals and fish from my 20 to a new home... clear the ADA to Bounce! UP NEXT
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