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Found 12 results

  1. Hmmm, I have (had...) a saddleback clown for a few years paired up with a Haddon's anemone that have both been the scourge of my tank. The clown bites me every time I do anything in the tank, and the anemone has had some really beautiful and expensive meals. (The anemone is about 18-20 inches in diameter; the clown was about 3.5 inches, maybe.) In any case, the clown ruled the tank. Yesterday, I got rid of a enormous toadstool (about 16 inches diameter) that was stealing all the light, and in return brought home an incredibly cute Midas blenny--who explored and ate within 10 minutes of being in the tank. This morning--no clownfish. She must have jumped, right? We've looked and looked, in the tank and on the floor, and can't find her. I have mesh on the top of the aquarium, but there are some small gaps. When a fish usually disappears the anemone is to blame, but it couldn't be in this case.... Could the Midas have nipped at her and gotten her to jump? I've heard they can be tough, but the Midas is being friendly to my little azure damsel. I know that nobody can really answer this, I'm just curious if anyone else has introduced a blenny or other seemingly docile fish and had their toughest fish disappear. Now the new question is--do I rehome the anemone (since my wife hates it for eating so many fish) or get another clown or a three-spot domino? (Photos from when the clown was young and fair, and would hide all the way in the stomach of the anemone.)
  2. wutsit2yuh

    Fluval nano 13.5 good stocking idea?

    I'm hoping I could add a yasha goby, randall pistol shrimp, tailspot blenny, and a red firefish to my 13.5 gallon tank. Are there too many fish/any compatibly issues? All comments and or suggestions are greatly welcomed and appreciated
  3. Estanly


    I have a splendid dottyback two clown fish and a yellow damsel fish would a bicolor blenny be compatible with this fishes ?
  4. Leo_ian

    Fish reccomendations

    I have a 20 gallon cube reef with a lubbock fairy, spriger damsel and a royal gramma, I want a fish to graze on algae and a benethic fish like a shrimp goby. The tank will become an acro dominated mixed reef A few questions. Do midas blennies graze? Any experiences on pairing shrimps and gobies? I am getting a randall's or a tiger pistol shrimp. What about dither fish? all my fish are cave dwellers. Any fish in a small enough size that will eat aptasia? will a radial filefish eat aptasia?
  5. Latest FTS 2019-11-05 FTS 2019-10-25: Dear co-Reefers, First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Harmen, I am from the Netherlands, living in a historical city called Zwolle and I have been lurking here for quite some time. I am really inspired and baffled with the things you come up with and what you guys and girls create! Hopefully I can add some quality nano reefing here as well. Since I was young I've been fascinated with all the small creatures living on this planet, from the small poisonous frogs and insects living in the jungles, to the nano fishes and other inverts living in and around the great (and small) reef banks in the world. Since I visited the aquariums in the zoo of Berlin in 2016, with some great smaller reef tanks, it was my definitve confirmation I wanted to be part of this world. Luckily there was a LFS only a few miles away from my home, so it was not hard for me to get over the threshold and start something for my own. Because I am fascinated by the small animals living in the sea and my appartement providing me space for only a small tank, I decided to give it a go. In december 2016 I started of with my first reef tank, a Blue Marine 125 (liters) and simply enjoyed the small things that came from the live rock and the animals that fed from it, especially my little fellow blue legged hermit crab and different kind of dwarf angelfish. Since then, I ran all kind of tanks, last now a Superfish 80, which I converted to a saltwater tank with an 4x24w t5 ATI Sunpower and Real Reef Rock. But for me the RRR doesn't feel like the real deal and I miss the 'hunt' for all the small treasures hiding in some good pieces of live rock plus the lack of biological filtration giving me a hard time to gain a stable enviroment for the fishes and especially the corals to thrive. So, I hope with the experience I gained over the last few years and with the lessons learned, I can start a new tank from scratch, with all the good parts I like. This is going to be a slow and (hopefully) quality build of a natural nano reef tank, because the one thing I learned from the last years is to be patience and work with quality elements and let nature does 'her' thing. For now, I only can show you the Aqua Medic Blenny, which I purchased yesterday without any of the technical equipment. I didn't realise the black acrylic partition was also not included, so I need to figure out if I can reorder one from my LFS. 😅 Next friday (March 9) I hope to get the stand for the tank, which I need to reinforce cause the original stand can't keep with more than 90 pounds. The actual Aqua Medic Blenny: And the stand I hope to get next friday: That's it for now folks. I will keep you updated and hope to get it wet before the end of this month! 😉
  6. Anyone buy fish from blue zoo aquatics??? I was thinking of getting a pink streaked wrasse and they seem to be the only place that has them in stock. It’s either that or a panamic barnacle Blenny from live aquaria. This will be going in my evo
  7. I would love a Midas blenny, can I keep one in my 13.5 gal tank? Is that too small? What experience have you guys had with them?
  8. HingleMcCringleberry

    HELP. Blenny suddenly paralyzed!

    I need help fast! It may be too late this morning I tuned on the lights in my tank and came back an hour later to see my lawnmower blenny on his side at the bottom of the tank. His gills and mouth were wide open and he didn’t appear to be breathing. I assumed it was dead and went to remove it but while I stared in shock my cleaner shrimp noticed the fish and ran up to investigate. The blenny quickly farted forward and then collapsed on its side again. As I watched over the next 5 minutes the leaner shrimp chased the blenny around the side of the tank as the fish tried to inch away in tiny bursts until it seemed completely paralyzed and the cleaner shrimp started picking into its gills and mouth. I was trying to decide what to do when my large serpent star came hustling out and grabbed a hold of the partlized fish which I could now see was barely fluttering it’s gills. I grabbed the fish and put it in the only isolated environment I have. One of those breeder nets that hangs off the side of the tank. That’s where he is now. Totally catatonic. I have ave a rabbit fish. Could it be that? All my other fish and inverts and coral are totally happy and healthy and based on the extremely sudden decline of the blenny I don’t know what could have caused him to die (dont know for sure but he’s not moving same as when I first spotted him). I don’t jnow what happened. I don’t know if my fish is dead or what to do. And I’m worried about my other fish. There are no signs of illness, malnutrition, or injury that I can see on the blenny. Does anyone know what might have happened or what kind of action I should take???!
  9. DylanCutchin1

    Clownfish and Blenny Help

    Hi, Around a week ago I got a Tribal blenny from my LFS for my 34-gallon mixed reef tank. My current stock was a six-line wrasse, 3 clownfish (yes, I know, not normal, but the guy I bought it from had all 3 for two years, and now I have had them for a year so they are all cool), pistol shrimp, and a cleaner shrimp. I never had problems introducing fish to the tank ever before (the clowns were the only original stock), and so I thought all would be good. Boy, was I wrong, the big female was immediately aggressive, and not even just nips, once when into the rockwork and came out with him in his mouth; on top of that, she has become increasingly aggressive towards one of her clown mates. The Blenny now takes shelter in the very back on the tank were the clowns can't go. I and probably going to return him tomorrow as they have yet to stop fighting, the big female is still searching for him as she knows he is in the back. I have several questions. 1) Why would the clown be aggressive all of a sudden? 2) Is there a way to stop this? 3) Can I get new fish or will she always act like this now? Update: Now even the medium clown is going after the blenny
  10. Hi, I will be getting in a bunch of macros (scroll, ulva, flat blade gracilaria, pencil cap, mermaids fan, and I have already dragon’s breath) and I’d like to know if anyone has experience keeping a starry blenny in amongst any of these. I see blennys are a risk for eating display macros, but will he also munch on the calcified ones? I can can set up a separate tank as a disconnected fuge of sorts to house my macro and put clippings in to see if he will eat them, but any input or advice is accepted! Ideally I want to have the macros in the display (29gal biocube).
  11. Snow_Phoenix

    Blenny ID

    I've decided to use my somewhat empty 10G as a QT - and I picked up a few fish. One of them was sold to me under the pretext of being a Fringelip Blenny, but it isn't - I came back home and realized none of its markings match. It has three reddish-orange stripes on the head, gray lipstick, a gray checkerboard pattern on the body, speckles on the dorsal fin, and neon pink rim on the tip of the tail & dorsal fin. Also has bright, bio-luminescent blue markings around the head/eyes and in a broken, horizontal double-line on the body. I tried looking through fishbase and saltcorner and still no affirmative ID on this fish. I suspect it's from the Entomacrodus genus, but still no match. Here are several pics: Does anyone know a blenny expert online which I can sent the pics to? Really curious to know what exactly he is. Behavior-wise, he's quite territorial - only around 2"+ long for now, but there were two other larger ones of the same species in the store. I bought him for a steal - only RM 10 (<U$D 2.50).
  12. Marius_LT

    Livestock advise

    Hello, I'm looking to introduce 3rd (and last) fish for my 20g reef to accompany my pair of clowns. Other inverts: 2 cleaner shrimps, 1 brittle star, 4 CUC snails, beginner corals. Would like to add Emerald crab some day later, maybe some Peppermint to fight Aiptasia too. So for final fish and their availability at my LFS I narrowed my choice to Ecsenius bicolor Amblyeleotris guttata Gobiodon okinawae What would you choose and why? Thank you
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