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Found 8 results

  1. My cynarina just arrived yesterday, it was during night time so I don't see its color very well. Today, when I'm about to leave for work, I noticed the coral is transparent, I can see it right to its skeleton. So I was wondering if it is bleaching? And if it is, is there any ways I can recover it original color? Sorry for no pics, I will shoot one when I get home.
  2. Hey guys! I have had my 40 liter nano running now stable for about 4 months. Everything is theiving and growing and look's very healthy. Just one coral isn't doing very well at the moment.... One digitata, actually the very first coral that went into the tank three months ago! Three weeks ago, in amther of days, the polyps retracted and the bottom went pale. The only change i made before that, was adding two mangroves in sump and removing some filtermedium. I then reintroduced the filtermedium and the digitata stabilized. The color in the pale parts slowely came back. The polyps just didn't. In the healthy parts the polyps came back better every day. Niw three weeks later, I came home today and compared to yesterday about 1cm went pale! I don't inow what's happening... It grew great in the first few months. In some parts even up to 0,5 cm. In the last two months the rock on which the digitata is, is also covered in hard, dark brownish algea. I actually like the look of it, so didn't see it as a problem. Could it be? See the photo's for what i mean. All other animals are doing great! Eating, growing, making house, cleaning, shitting and did i mention growing? i have: - couple occelaris - 1 orange spotted watchman goby - 1 pacific cleaner shrimp - 2 blue legged hermit - 1 nassarius - 3 astrea - bunch of brittle stars - 1 peanut worm - 1 bristle worm - about 30 featherdusters - small superman monti - small monti carpricornis - two small hammer corals - 1 toadstool - 1 goniopora - 2 small mangroves living in the filter - some beautiful coraline algea - handful of hitchhiker sponges - 1 monti digitata values: Temp: 25.4 sal: 1.026 kh: 9 ca: 460 ph: 8 mg: 1470 no3: 2 mg/l nh3: 0 po4: 0
  3. Hey, I'm still rather new to keeping clams and don't have the experience to really have a great feel for what might be going on day-to-day with the animals. I bought a supposed maxima-crocea hybrid about a month ago, at the time of purchase is was an off-opal color with a fair bit of pink and almost-white blues. Under my lighting it has always looked a fair bit different, though at times it does show off a bit of its' old opalescent streaks, I'm running an AI prime do deliver around 250 Par to the rock it is on (5 or so inches below the water line). It's on said rock (really it is in a shallow hole) because it jumped off the rubble-peice I had attached it to and then totally-latched itself into a hole in the rockscape overnight and refused to let me budge it (I chose to instead rearrange the rockwork so it was as high as possible in the tank, but it still can't quite open all the way). With that out of the way I was hoping to get some advice, information, or opinions on the bands of brownish and pinkish coloration around the mantle. I've read that they're everything from normal, to acclimation which can take months, to LED hot spots, to localized bleaching or overgrowth of symbiotic organisms from too much/little light-nutrient-etc. At this point I figured I would just ask and see if someone with more experience might have an opinion. The tank is a 12g nano-atoll and has no nitrate or phosphates, is minimally stocked, and I do 5% water changes weekly- dose two-part - and keep the alk around 10.5. The second picture is the most-similar to the clams' appearance, to my eyes at least, in person. Thank you for your time! Oh and it can actually open a bit wider than in my pictures , I just can't seem to not spook it with the camera >_<
  4. DanielHerrera

    Bleaching/death rates of corals

    Hello everyone, I want to learn about some ways in which a coral might bleach or die. I am particularly interested in bleaching/death rates for each reason. As an example, I believe bleaching due to low light intensity might take a couple days while excessive light intensity might kill a coral much faster. Does anyone have a refference for all possible death rates of corals? Although I'm interested in sps corals, information on every coral would helpful. This could help use better make an idea on why our corals might br struggling. Thanks!
  5. DylanCutchin1

    Montipora Setosa Bleaching

    I have a Montipora Setosa that was doing great, and recently some of my LPS were closing up and so I did some water test, and my nitrates or outrageous along with my ammonia, I have been doing water changes every three days until they go down, doing water test later tonight and will post results of those, but could it be nitrates and ammonia, and/or lighting. I have two compact T5s 50/50 10k daylight/actinic. Thanks for any info you can give.
  6. I got this favia about a month ago from the LFS, doing great, but around 1 week ago, I started to notice that these little white spots appeared and today it really spread and looks bad, I did some reading and I think it's bleaching or white band disease. Any help on what it is, and treatment I already have the light off less. Thanks!
  7. REEFERzz24

    zoanthid problem/bleaching

    Does anyone have any idea why one of my zoanthids is starting to bleach? My parameters are all good(my nitrate goes back and forth between 1-5 and pH 7.8-8.0) Maxspect razor r420r LED lights. Also in the pictures you can see that its only visible when the polyps are closed but it doesn't open up fully like it used to. I moved it a little lower in the tank a week ago and this is the first day i noticed it, when i turned the pumps off to feed the fish. Could moving it have done that since it is only 3 weeks new to my tank.
  8. Hey guys, I have a bit of a small issue and its really bumming me out to see. My pocillopora I just recieved via mail has overnight lost several polyps. I cant tell if it was my fault or not, but I'll list my water parameters. this is from a 98.8% positive seller on ebay so I dont want to accuse them, but they offered two day shipping and it was so price effective I bought it. Is the coral bleaching or RTN? I've read that pocillopora with perform polyp bailout but I dont know how to look for that. the polyps were starting to extend yesterday, and look extended today. My params the day before adding coral before being topped with 1 gal freshwater; 1.024 sg 77.5 degrees - Fahrenheit 8dkh 440 ppm calcium 0 nitrate measurable 0 ammonia 7.8 ph today after noticing the white skeleton. 1.023 sg 77.5 degrees Fahrenheit 8dkh 420 ppm calcium 0 nitrate measurable 0 ammonia 7.8 ph I do not have a phosphate test kit, but I would think a aquatic life mini skimmer for 30 gals and chaeto would help bring phosphates to a minimal or at least acceptable level. the tank is hitting 6 months old at this point. 4 months if only considering this tank without transfer I do not understand why the coral looks to be doing so bad, and its a little disheartening. My acclimation was as follows; I picked up the package from the Post man himself, taken home, immediately opened and placed the container into my tank for 30 minutes to get the same temp. Then the coral was taken out of its cup and placed into a prepped 1 gal of water from my tank with 1 drop of SFE and 4 capfuls of CoralRx. it was agitated with an air pump and sat in there for 25 minutes. after the timer was up, I took the coral and placed at sandbed of my tank, my lights are finnex stingray 20" so the lighting isnt very bright to begin with. the photoperiod had less than 5 hours left before it was off for the night. during the time I saw the polyps starting to extend and it looked pretty good afaik, but it was today when I woke up to look it looks terrible. could this be polp bailout from the shipping, or RTN, or bleaching? what should I do, I do not own bone cutters to frag, the polyps are still out, and I will include pictures for reference. could this be because of the 2 day transit time? I'm just bummed because I thought I covered all my bases. this is today at 10 am this is yesterday at 5pm
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