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Found 13 results

  1. Samrggzy

    Rip Clean

    So I am currently in the middle of my second battle with dinos. I have stable levels of detectable nitrates and phosphates so I know my nutrients are not the issue. I tried a UV Sterilizer with no luck, my dinos seem to coat the sandbed and rocks and are not the free floating ones that can be killed with UV. I have also tried dosing bacteria with no affect. I had read a few articles and seen a few videos about raising tank temperature in order to kill dinos so I raised my tank temp to 83. Not only did this not work but it killed my fish. I only had 3 fish in my 32 gallon tank but this was still a devastating blow and had me feeling completely defeated. But after doing some research and getting advice from people on the reef2reef forum, I am going to do a rip clean. I figured this is the perfect time given I have no fish and I can practically start fresh. I actually have an extra bag of the caribsea arag-alive reef sand so I was just going to siphon out the old dino covered sand and replace it. I am also planning on blasting all my rocks with a turkey baster and rinsing them in fresh water, I was also reconsidering rescaping my rocks so this would also be a good time to do that too I guess. So i guess I am just asking if anyone has any experience with this and has any advice before I proceed. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to the reefing hobby and have been running a biocube 32 for a little under a year now. I just finally got passed a long and frustrating battle with dinos. My tank got really bad for a few months and I unfortunately even lost two of my fish and my only frag. So after recently beating dinos and feeling reinvigorated to succeed in the hobby, I want to reconfigure my filtration setup. I am currently only running a reef glass nano skimmer and an intank media basket with filter floss and chemipure blue. I would also like to utilize the intank fuge basket and grow chaeto. I am just worried that the combination of the skimmer, the chemipure and refugium will deplete my nutrients which is how I got dinos in the first place. So does anyone think I can run the 3 successfully, or should I only run 2 and if so what 2. Thank you please let me know with any opinion you have.
  3. Hey guys so I am currently very invested in buying and keeping a dragonet or something like it. So dragonets, they like copepods to feed on 24/7 right? Then that means we need a decent copepod population, enough for it to be feeding on all day. Of course the whole goal of dragonets for some people is to get them to feed on prepared foods. While that is a goal of mine I will be postponing it for a while. The real goal for right now is to establish a good "podpulation", haha, but the problem is that I have a biocube 32 which is not running a sump. So I have done a little research on it and haven't found much on keeping a successful pod population in an AIO (That doesn't mean there isn't any I just couldn't find any of them). I am making this a journal of my experience/journey of trying to keep a successful copepod population without having to do anything or buy anything frequently. I am hoping this helps anyone else who wants to keep a dragonet but have an AIO. So here are the tank specs currently: Aquarium: 32 gallon Biocube Light: RedSea50 LED Flow: Sicce 1.5 return pump (switched out for original return pump), and the aqamai kps Filtration: Intank media basket (takes up half of the 2nd chamber), using filter floss, chemi pure blue, and chemi pure elite (1 bag each) Heater: Cobalt aquatics neotherm Established July 2020 Yes I know it isn't the best pic of my tank, I don't have a camera so I am using my phone with a filter square, but it is the most recent I took showing all of the live stock right now (some corals can't be shown but that doesn't matter). So as you can see I have a goby pistol shrimp duo, clownfish pair, snails, hermits, and corals. So since I am planning on getting a dragonet, that means I need pods. Obviously there is the option of just buying pods every week or something like that, but that isn't fun plus your kind of wasting money IMO when you could either establish/culture your own population. (Yes I realize not everyone has the time to do that but for those of you who do I suggest you try keeping them on your own instead of buying them). Also I am successfully keeping amphipods in my tank right now so I think I can keep other types of pods. I am thinking of getting Tigger pods and apex pods but not sure so if you guys have any suggestions for who to buy from please do. So there are 2 ways I want to try keeping a population of pods in my tank. Option 1: The "pod hotel", the pod hotel is basically a small box with 6 different floors and each floor having room for detritus and other things that pods love to attract them to it and give them a safe haven for feeding and multiplying. So my plan with this would be to keep it in one of my chambers and input the pods I buy right into the chamber I put the pod hotel in and hope they multiply and survive and also possibly feed into the main display without me having to do anything. If they don't go into the main display then I would take it out every certain # of days (3-7) then dip and shake it into the main display or just simply set it down somewhere and leave it overnight and let them leave it and go into the rock or wherever while everyone else is sleeping. I am not sure which chamber I would put it in though, I could either put it in the first chamber at the bottom which has nothing in it except for a heater, in the second chamber to the left of my media so they would get clean water I guess, or the third chamber where the return pump is. Where do you guys think it should go? Also is it true that the pods will die if they go through the return pump? Anyway onto option 2. Option 2: An HOB refugium, an HOB refugium is basically self explanatory. Not sure what side I would put in on but I can't do the back because it would 1 not fit, and 2 flow right into the return pump so if any pods flowed out and they do die from the return pump then I would be sentencing them to death. So I would obviously just put in some macro algae or something and input the pods right into the refugium most likely, and so on so forth. If neither of these work then I will simply culture my own copepods as well as phytoplankton maybe. So now you know my goal/objective, my tank specs, live stock and soon to be live stock. Do you guys have any other ideas that might work to keep a thriving copepod population for dragonets in an AIO? Do you have any experience keeping a thriving copepod population already in an AIO? Please leave any ideas/suggestions and please answer some of my questions if you are able to, thanks!
  4. Tank Specs 32Gal Bio-Cube 150Watt heater Steves LED light upgrade (110 Watt LED) hurricane x controller 2x jebao wave maker 1x hydor koralia nano powerhead 1x stock return pump 20 lb dry rock 10lb cured live rock 10lb Fiji pink sand Filtration In-tank media basket w/ filter floss, marine pure bio balls, purigen in-tank refugium w/ chateo Corals Torch frogspawn Split purple/green hammer purple hammer Zoas (purple hornet, Rasta, belladonna, fire and ice, others unknown) ricordian orange pulsing Xenia gsp Acans montipora plating montipore digitata Everglades Favia Devils fingers leather duncan purple palythoa Inhabitants 5x hermit 2x cerith snail 2x “mocha domino” clown (what it was sold to me as. I’m told it’s a cross between, well, a mocha clown and a domino clown) named Newt and Theseus 🤷🏻‍♂️ yellow clown goby named Tina Six line wrasse named Queenie ——————————————————————————— Where to start? 🤔 I’m excited! Picked up a 32 gal biocube locally from a guy for what I consider a good deal (if not a steal). I got the tank, stand, media and refugium baskets for the back, wave maker, heater, attached grow light in back for macro and best of all, upgraded light system. It’s upgraded with the Steve’s LED turbo system with the hurricane x controller and iridescent booster. He also sent me home with about 10lbs of rock to seed the new tank with. this isn’t technically my first reef tank, I ventured in about a year ago with a 13 evo. It went great for about 6 months until I had a crash. Soon after I ended up moving across the country. The. Covid happened and just, I stepped back for a while. However this is really only my second go at it, but I’m really excited about it! I’ll take any advise offered and any input, I’m still learning so much. I’m most excited about the upgraded tank size and lights. It seems as though the sky is the limit as far as the light are concerned. I have a specific love for torches and rics. But I want to try maybe a monti, some sps in time, in addition to many softies and lps. I also intend to do another nem. I had a turquoise bubble tip in my 13 before it crashed and I enjoyed it very much. I have spent the day moving the tank around the apartment trying to decide on a location. Atm it’s in its forever location, I believe. It’s right next to my desk for optimum viewing, but also there is a fantastic side view from the couch right next to it. Hoping to create a diverse enough scape that I can enjoy it from either angle. I’ve got the tank and some supplies, waiting for an order to come in with 25 lb of dry rock (in addition to the 10 or so lb I already have). Sand, epoxy, salt. I’ve already got a second wave maker from my evo, test kits and prime. I’ve also ordered an RO/di unit that is supposed to come in the same day as everything else. Fingers crossed. My goal is to do this as right as possible this time around. at the moment trying to decide what to run filtration wise. I feel like this is such a widely debated topic with everyone having such diverse opinions. Filter floss is a given. I’ve got a chamber and grow light for macro so I feel that’s also a given. Anything beyond that is undecided. I know purigen is a popular choice. As for right now I’m also undecided on inhabitants. The only thing I know for certain is a canary wrasse (one of my all time fave) and likely a pair of clowns (how original an idea is that? 😅). Beyond that I’m unsure. I know many will recommend a Goby/pistol shrimp combo, but I’ve done that before and would like something different. I’m not rushing it. I’ll find something I like. anyways. Here’s a more organized rundown. Feel free to chime in with whatever... comments, suggestions, etc.
  5. I am fairly new to this hobby and I have tried researching intank refugium's for my biocube while I have found some information I have not been able to actually find a photo to reference . Does anyone have a photo or advise for an intank refugium? Thanks!
  6. iMagen

    New BioCube Owner

    Hello! Newbie here! I just bought a BioCube 32 gallon and stand that was gently loved by someone else but was moving out of state and took the tank down. It came with a wave maker, protein skimmer, and a bunch of accessories I haven’t even delved into yet. Any tips on getting it started back up?
  7. Todarrell

    Biocube 29 / 32 Upgrades

    I’ve always been attracted to nano’s. Historically, I have moved every 2-5 years so the thought of moving a large setup discouraged me from ever going big. I purchased the Oceanic Biocube 29 gallon roughly 10 years ago. Once I was bored with it (months later) I bought a Halide upgrade lid kit. The lighting upgrade was pretty significant. I cut the back of the factory lid and installed an overflow box and added an acrylic sump. The halide light was awesome but heated the water too much so I decided to buy a chiller. This setup lasted perfectly for six plus years. Fish and corals were thriving! About five years ago I moved again. This time I decided to place the tank in my bedroom. There wasn’t another ideal spot in our new home. Having the tank next to my side of the bed was pretty cool. I adjusted the returns for the perfect amount of water noise which made a tranquil sleeping environment. Unfortunately the HQ / Chiller combo made my bedroom too warm for comfort and the wife started to complain. It was time to ditch the chiller and halide. I was once again looking to upgrade. At the time the Radion xr30 g4 Pro was about the best lighting option I could find. With the Radion addition, I had to lose the Biocube lid. I decided to have a cabinet built so I went to a local custom cabinet place and gave them my drawing. In order for a perfect fit, they needed the actual tank. Fortunately I found one used for $75. After my cabinet was built, I decided to use the second Biocube tank as a sump. I removed the plastic rim and the rear chamber. I pretty much left it glass only. Once again, I'm looking to upgrade. I recently added an ATO. Next, I’m thinking of cleaning up the sump configuration, reorganizing the wires and plumbing, and adding a shelf to build a nice dosing system. I’m interested in hearing and seeing your ideas. Please post pictures of any cool Biocube mods. I’m willing to “invest” additional funds but would like to keep costs within reason. I welcome any and all comments, feedback and suggestions. Thank you! Darrell - Orlando, FL
  8. Hi guys, I'm doing a come back to reefing. I bought a Biocube 32 and filled it this week. I think the water level in the main tank is too high. The water goes over the first horizontal plastic lip and it create a light salt crust outside the canopy. Is that normal? What can I do?
  9. iProShot

    Biocube 32

    I Recently started a Biocube 32g this is my current light schedule 1. 1:00pm-6:00pm 2.11:30am-7:30pm 3. 8am-10pm I don’t know if this light schedule is good enough?? I have been running the tank now for 42 days. Before starting the cycle I swap out the stock filter system the Biocube 32 comes with and got InTaNk media basket Poly Filter Floss Biological Ceramic Filter Rings Chemi-Pure Elite de-nitrate InTaNk Fuge Basket Chaeto- LeD 10 hours When Reef Asleep 💤 Live Copepods 12 pounds of live rocks Live sand Coralife Protein Skimmer Eflux Wave Maker (2) 660 gph day temp at 79f never exceeds 80f at 7pm my heater stops and tank cools temp down close to 75f through out the night at 7am heater turns back on again repeats Daily Kinda to give it that hotter temp by day cooler temp at night. I have a UV sterilizer connected to pump but only using when adding new fish or coral in case has any parasites I keep off otherwise today I started adding the ESV Bionic 2 part I added 8ml of each I will probably just add this same amount 1-2x a week or as needed looking to invest later on into a dozing system. currently have 1 clown & 1 purple dottyback gsp,candy cane coral, Zoan, 4-5 Herman crabs 1 starfish Slowly trying to add mainly corals and a few other fishes I’m Doing weekly water changes of 5-10g I’m using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt I’m Making My Own RO water using a 4 stage Please feel free to give me Feedbacks If Im doing something wrong or what I can do to improve the aquarium to make it better. Thank You Guys 😃🐠🐠
  10. DailynJ

    Dailyn's Biocube 32

    Hey all! I'm new to saltwater, but not new to freshwater. I've kept aquariums for as long as I can remember, of all kinds of sizes. Whenever I was a kid, my mother set up a saltwater tank, long story short it didn't go so well. I hope to create something far better than that. I've been doing research for two months now and am excited to say I am now an owner of a Coralife Biocube 32. I ordered it off of marine and reef during their 15% Black Friday sale. Right now I'm just waiting for my dry rock and RODI system to get here before I get the tank wet.
  11. FrancineJ

    Biocube 32 Rockwork

    Hey guys... I’m in a much friendlier mood today lol 😂 i just wanted to post a pick of my sons rockscape he build... it’s very study and he did it all on his own... just wanting to know if this looks ok before we add sand and water.... I’m going to do a little drawing on the picture (as I’m waiting for a last minute part change) we can both fit our hands and magfloat around all sides of the rockwork and there is around 29-30lbs in there (I don’t think that’s too much) and are planning on 1” to 1 1/2” s of sand (closer to 1 and a half) We also have our final fish selection so any comments on that would be great: 2x clownfish 1x purple firefish 1x blue-green chromis 1x YWG (and Pistol shrimp- probably Randall’s- if not a tiger pistol) Do you think this is too many with that amount of rock and sand or will they be ok? They all seem to be peaceful with the acception of the clownfish possibly... My plan is to add a second Hydor Aqamai KPS... (where the circle is) I know that they are fairly powerful on their own (up to over 1000 and some gph each) but I plan to keep them on a lower speed ect and use the programming well I plan to keep the one where it is... pointed at the rockwork... the other (where the circle is, when it gets here tomorrow or Monday) and keep it pointed more behind the rock work to keep the detritus off from the back off the rock... and keep the stock output pointed towards the surface for gas exchange/oxygenation (May upgrade this part as well but not for now) Let me know what you guys think- and don’t worry no offense will be taken this time at all lol promise! You can even make fun of my drawings lol 😂 (just ignore where things are pointed now... I tried to point everything towards the rock work for cycling purposes but will change it up a bit when we start to add fish)
  12. I took out the stock pump on my coralife biocube 32 and I am replacing it with a cobalt mj1200 (The good Italian one not the maxi jet) im having some issues getting it to fit properly and how to make sure the tube doesn’t come off... (it seems loose but it’s 1/2” ID- standard tube for the BC) also when i attach the little protector part for the impeller it’s just barely touches the sponge... not sure if that’s an issue or not.... anyone who has this in the Coralife BC 32 could you please show me a picture of how yours is set up or if you needed to zip tie the tube or put something on the tube to hold it in place once there is water pressure (I’m afraid of it blowing off) here are some pictures.... some have the protector for the impeller on it (which I’d prefer to keep) and some don’t (first 2 do not have the protector, second 2 do have it) I will be running Chaeto with an InTank Fuge basket so I’ve been advised by them to keep the sponge in and just buy a spare and replace it once every 2 weeks (will probably just swap once a week with water changes and then rinse it out with ro/di water and let it dry out and then just keep swapping them back and forth... every week or 2 to protect my pump) any suggestions of better placement or making the hose stay on would be great!
  13. Hi. Newbie here. Freshwater for a long time, new to saltwater. I'm trying my best to read through before posting and although I have found what I think is my answer, I would like to hear some opinions/recommendations from experienced keepers before I stick my hands in my water prematurely. I have a BioCube32 and am 3 weeks in to cycle. I have two LFS that I am working with as I don't know what I'm doing so I don't know what to look out for in the way of mis-guidance, so I figure two LFS is better than one and I can take in more information that way. That being said...I had my water tested for the first time at 2 weeks in. I took samples to both LFS and then tested using my at home test after just to see how all the results came out. LFS No1 said no ammonia, no nitrite, no nitrate, I'm looking good, keep it up, if I wanna add CUC I can, but wait for fish for two more weeks. LFS No2 said ammonia is low, no nitrate, no nitrite, I'm looking good, keep it up, if I wanna add CUC I can, but wait for fish for two more weeks. So, since both LFS said I was safe to add CFC, I did. I have 10 hermit crabs, two nassarius snails, two trocus snails, two turbo snails, and 1 fighting conch. I came home, tested my water, same as LFS No2. So, I still have a few more weeks to wait before fish/coral will be introduced, but in the meantime I am wanting to go ahead and get my pumps added and my controller set up. I don't want to be sticking my hands in the water adjusting and readjusting my pumps, so before I do, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself a bit and get some opinions about placement and then I can take it all into consideration. I am posting a front view and side view of my tank so you can see how much room I have on all sides of the rock. Currently, I am thinking/planning on placing a pump just to the left of the return and below, flow towards center of front glass and placing a second pump on the right side, about two inches above the lower intake slots, again, pointed toward the center front of the glass, with about a 6-7 second alternating pump cycle. (both pumps are Koralia Nano 425) Please feel free to give any pointers, let me know if you feel one or both of my LFS are steering me incorrectly. As I said, I'm trying to read and absorb as much as possible, but appreciate experienced opinions as well.
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