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Found 4 results

  1. DailynJ

    Dailyn's Biocube 32

    Hey all! I'm new to saltwater, but not new to freshwater. I've kept aquariums for as long as I can remember, of all kinds of sizes. Whenever I was a kid, my mother set up a saltwater tank, long story short it didn't go so well. I hope to create something far better than that. I've been doing research for two months now and am excited to say I am now an owner of a Coralife Biocube 32. I ordered it off of marine and reef during their 15% Black Friday sale. Right now I'm just waiting for my dry rock and RODI system to get here before I get the tank wet.
  2. FrancineJ

    Biocube 32 Rockwork

    Hey guys... I’m in a much friendlier mood today lol 😂 i just wanted to post a pick of my sons rockscape he build... it’s very study and he did it all on his own... just wanting to know if this looks ok before we add sand and water.... I’m going to do a little drawing on the picture (as I’m waiting for a last minute part change) we can both fit our hands and magfloat around all sides of the rockwork and there is around 29-30lbs in there (I don’t think that’s too much) and are planning on 1” to 1 1/2” s of sand (closer to 1 and a half) We also have our final fish selection so any comments on that would be great: 2x clownfish 1x purple firefish 1x blue-green chromis 1x YWG (and Pistol shrimp- probably Randall’s- if not a tiger pistol) Do you think this is too many with that amount of rock and sand or will they be ok? They all seem to be peaceful with the acception of the clownfish possibly... My plan is to add a second Hydor Aqamai KPS... (where the circle is) I know that they are fairly powerful on their own (up to over 1000 and some gph each) but I plan to keep them on a lower speed ect and use the programming well I plan to keep the one where it is... pointed at the rockwork... the other (where the circle is, when it gets here tomorrow or Monday) and keep it pointed more behind the rock work to keep the detritus off from the back off the rock... and keep the stock output pointed towards the surface for gas exchange/oxygenation (May upgrade this part as well but not for now) Let me know what you guys think- and don’t worry no offense will be taken this time at all lol promise! You can even make fun of my drawings lol 😂 (just ignore where things are pointed now... I tried to point everything towards the rock work for cycling purposes but will change it up a bit when we start to add fish)
  3. I took out the stock pump on my coralife biocube 32 and I am replacing it with a cobalt mj1200 (The good Italian one not the maxi jet) im having some issues getting it to fit properly and how to make sure the tube doesn’t come off... (it seems loose but it’s 1/2” ID- standard tube for the BC) also when i attach the little protector part for the impeller it’s just barely touches the sponge... not sure if that’s an issue or not.... anyone who has this in the Coralife BC 32 could you please show me a picture of how yours is set up or if you needed to zip tie the tube or put something on the tube to hold it in place once there is water pressure (I’m afraid of it blowing off) here are some pictures.... some have the protector for the impeller on it (which I’d prefer to keep) and some don’t (first 2 do not have the protector, second 2 do have it) I will be running Chaeto with an InTank Fuge basket so I’ve been advised by them to keep the sponge in and just buy a spare and replace it once every 2 weeks (will probably just swap once a week with water changes and then rinse it out with ro/di water and let it dry out and then just keep swapping them back and forth... every week or 2 to protect my pump) any suggestions of better placement or making the hose stay on would be great!
  4. Hi. Newbie here. Freshwater for a long time, new to saltwater. I'm trying my best to read through before posting and although I have found what I think is my answer, I would like to hear some opinions/recommendations from experienced keepers before I stick my hands in my water prematurely. I have a BioCube32 and am 3 weeks in to cycle. I have two LFS that I am working with as I don't know what I'm doing so I don't know what to look out for in the way of mis-guidance, so I figure two LFS is better than one and I can take in more information that way. That being said...I had my water tested for the first time at 2 weeks in. I took samples to both LFS and then tested using my at home test after just to see how all the results came out. LFS No1 said no ammonia, no nitrite, no nitrate, I'm looking good, keep it up, if I wanna add CUC I can, but wait for fish for two more weeks. LFS No2 said ammonia is low, no nitrate, no nitrite, I'm looking good, keep it up, if I wanna add CUC I can, but wait for fish for two more weeks. So, since both LFS said I was safe to add CFC, I did. I have 10 hermit crabs, two nassarius snails, two trocus snails, two turbo snails, and 1 fighting conch. I came home, tested my water, same as LFS No2. So, I still have a few more weeks to wait before fish/coral will be introduced, but in the meantime I am wanting to go ahead and get my pumps added and my controller set up. I don't want to be sticking my hands in the water adjusting and readjusting my pumps, so before I do, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself a bit and get some opinions about placement and then I can take it all into consideration. I am posting a front view and side view of my tank so you can see how much room I have on all sides of the rock. Currently, I am thinking/planning on placing a pump just to the left of the return and below, flow towards center of front glass and placing a second pump on the right side, about two inches above the lower intake slots, again, pointed toward the center front of the glass, with about a 6-7 second alternating pump cycle. (both pumps are Koralia Nano 425) Please feel free to give any pointers, let me know if you feel one or both of my LFS are steering me incorrectly. As I said, I'm trying to read and absorb as much as possible, but appreciate experienced opinions as well.
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