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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all, I have had my 29G Oceanic BioCube since 2009 and let me tell you.. it has seen a lot throughout my time learning how to take care of a saltwater aquarium and to be honest.. I HAVEN'T DONE A GREAT JOB! I can admit that this tank needs some serious attention that I just have not been giving it for a long time. I started it in high school, and it has been with me through college and several moves. I am lazy when it comes to water changes and testing my parameters, and was lucky enough to keep a pretty nice tank for most of the years... These past couple of weeks my Duncan corals which had been perfectly healthy for months just started to detach from their skeletons.. I started coming online to read forums again and thought.. why haven't I been taking care of my tank and keeping up to date with what's going on?? I felt horrible that I couldn't even keep a Duncan alive anymore. So I decided that I AM DONE LEAVING THINGS TO CHANCE! I decided that I want to buckle down, learn way more about water chemistry, keep a schedule of my maintenance routines and get this tank into the best shape possible! I owe it to the critters whom have lived in this tank and put up with my bologna for too long. I wanted to start this thread so that I can get the advice I need, hopefully show some rewarding progress and maybe inspire someone else who feels overwhelmed and lazy, when it comes to the water testing and maintenance that these aquariums need to thrive, that they can get into it as well! 🙂 SO my current setup: 29G ( 109.77 L) 24 X 22.2 X 20.5 Lighting: Compact Fluorescent + Moonlight LED's (stock lighting) Filtration: 2 stage filtration (Stock filtration, filter pad + bio balls) Not sure how many lbs of LR + 2" of sand/crushed coral Livestock: Pair of ocellaris clowns (one is same age as tank, the other replaced her partner this year) Skunk cleaner shrimp x1 Nassarius snails x4 GSP coral 2 heads of Duncans (which are currently very unhappy) Recent params: Temp: 26C (78.8F) PH: 8.0 Ammonia: 0.15 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20 SG: 1.024 (Doing a retest tonight) I don't currently have the equipment to test other params but they are on their way in the mail. I plan to do a DIY filter in the back and finally get rid of the 11yr old stock filtration system! I have done an 80% water change a week and a half ago (Hadn't been done in probably 7 months) Did another 25% change this morning.. corals are looking happier already.. but I am worried the Duncans will not recover. I am also dealing with red slime algae and green hair algae, but have managed to get rid of most of it during the two water changes. SORRY FOR THE LONG READ, AND TIA FOR ANY ADVICE 😁 Prepare your eyes for these photos.. I am embarrassed for what my tank has become 🙈 Oldest photo of tank Second oldest photo of tank Third oldest photo of tank And then everything went downhill as I began to neglect it more as I got busy with school and work Current photos Anyone know what this macro algae is? There are several of these (Jewel Anemones??) in my tank.. are they an issue?
  2. This will be my third foray into the saltwater reef keeping world. My tried and true Oceanic Biocube 29 has been sitting quietly in storage for 3 years now, patiently waiting for this day to arrive. The first two revisions (1 & 2) of this tank have taught me so much about this hobby. It's so interesting to read back over my past tank journals with the successes, the awe and fascination, the failures. I spent so much time researching these forums and watching the technology, trends and attitudes change as the years went by. Now, it feels like putting on a well worn pair of gloves as I once again go through the motions. I am ready for more amazement. I want to try and do a better job documenting my progress like I did during revision1. A lot of things occurred during revision2 that never were reported; oddities, new ideas, concerns with my method, wonderment. Each phase of the build, cycle, and growth deserves to be logged! Specifications and Equipment: Oceanic Biocube 29 (2010ed) w/stand DIY Phillips Rebel ES LED array: CH1: 4 x 4,000K Warm White, 4 x Lime, 4 x Cool Blue, 2 x Royal Blue CH2: 14 x Royal Blue CH3 (fuge): 4 x Deep Red, 1 x Royal Blue Ecotech MP10 ES Wave Maker ReefKeeper Lite Aquarium Controller & Moon Light Controller Smart ATO Micro Chamber Specifications and Equipment: Chamber 1: Aquaticlife 115 Skimmer or JUP-02 5W UV Sterilizer (as need basis) Chamber 2: inTank Media Rack, 3 stage: Filter floss Seachem Purigen BRS rox 0.8 & GFO inTank Fuge Rack: Chaetomorpha Chamber 3: Hydor Centrifical 300 return pump Cobalt Aquatics NeoTherm 100w heater RKL temperature probe, ATO supply line & sensor Environment Specification: CaribSea Argonite Seaflor Special Grade Dry Rock ~ 13lbs Instant Ocean Reef Crystals + RO/DI Please join me as I undertake the next chapter in my reef keeping book. I welcome all feedback from this community and any questions you may have.
  3. Todarrell

    Biocube 29 / 32 Upgrades

    I’ve always been attracted to nano’s. Historically, I have moved every 2-5 years so the thought of moving a large setup discouraged me from ever going big. I purchased the Oceanic Biocube 29 gallon roughly 10 years ago. Once I was bored with it (months later) I bought a Halide upgrade lid kit. The lighting upgrade was pretty significant. I cut the back of the factory lid and installed an overflow box and added an acrylic sump. The halide light was awesome but heated the water too much so I decided to buy a chiller. This setup lasted perfectly for six plus years. Fish and corals were thriving! About five years ago I moved again. This time I decided to place the tank in my bedroom. There wasn’t another ideal spot in our new home. Having the tank next to my side of the bed was pretty cool. I adjusted the returns for the perfect amount of water noise which made a tranquil sleeping environment. Unfortunately the HQ / Chiller combo made my bedroom too warm for comfort and the wife started to complain. It was time to ditch the chiller and halide. I was once again looking to upgrade. At the time the Radion xr30 g4 Pro was about the best lighting option I could find. With the Radion addition, I had to lose the Biocube lid. I decided to have a cabinet built so I went to a local custom cabinet place and gave them my drawing. In order for a perfect fit, they needed the actual tank. Fortunately I found one used for $75. After my cabinet was built, I decided to use the second Biocube tank as a sump. I removed the plastic rim and the rear chamber. I pretty much left it glass only. Once again, I'm looking to upgrade. I recently added an ATO. Next, I’m thinking of cleaning up the sump configuration, reorganizing the wires and plumbing, and adding a shelf to build a nice dosing system. I’m interested in hearing and seeing your ideas. Please post pictures of any cool Biocube mods. I’m willing to “invest” additional funds but would like to keep costs within reason. I welcome any and all comments, feedback and suggestions. Thank you! Darrell - Orlando, FL
  4. pyrokidd89

    Biocube 29 and Equipment

    Selling my entire setup. Open to offers everything is shippable except the tank and stand. Everything is sold as is. And OBO Oceanic Biocube 29. Pretty good shape for an old tank. Hood has been modified with LEDs I purchased the tank years ago with this already done. So I can't remember exactly what is in there. I do know there are white, blue, exotic and moon lights all on separate channels. I controlled them using the bluefish controller. The exotic string stopped working. I assume this is a wiring issue but not sure. When I had this tank up I fixed wiring issues several times. Oceanic Biocube 29 - $250 pickup only Biocube 29 stand - $75 pickup only Biocube 29 intank media basket - $30 Bluefish LED controller w/ power supply - $100 Mj1200 - only a few months old - $10 Everything all together - $300 pickup only I will be listing some other stuff here shortly. Heater, pumps, etc.
  5. I used to be REALLY into fish when I was younger, but once I hit HS I switched to larger more emotive pets. I'm currently in university studying to be a marine biologist and suddenly got the itch again. But this time I wanted a marine tank, now that I can not only drive by myself but also have my own finances. This tank started back in January of this year. She fully cycled in 1 month through a mix of patience and some added bacteria. Shes had only 1 ammonia spike, which led to a few zoa losses, and my first pair of clowns passed due to unknown circumstances (I believe bad quarantine from the store, I heard from an employee that they only QT for 1 week). My new clown (different store) is doing well. I've got a new batch of zoas and some GORGEOUS LPS. I'm ADDICTED to color and movement (title *teehee) and am already planning on expanding. I should probably start at the beginning though for anyone who might be interested. Day 1: Jan 22 - Bought used for $200 + $20 (delivery) Week 2: Started the ammonia cycle on day 1 using frozen brine shrimp cubes. Added Fritz zyme 9 on day 14
  6. I don't want to make this topic long, so I'll just say and list the main points. 🙂 Current Tank: Oceanic Biocube29 Inhabitants: 1 Clown, 1 Sleeper goby, 8-9 zoas, 4 LPS, 3 Snails, 1 Crab (whenever he decides to come out) Rock: 30lbs Live Rock + 30 Lbs Live Sand Age: 3 months Situation: I'm looking to upgrade my current set up to a more established one, that will last me a few good years before I ever need to upsize. When I started, I always wanted a sump/ refugium but I had no prior knowledge on how to care for one. I was able to scrump together enough to make this purchase. I'm moving in 3 months but I feel that will be fine. I don't have to set the tank up right away but I can always start the nitrogen cycle, so that its an easy set up for moving day (condo). My choices are, with included cons: SCA 66 Gallon Starfire Rimless Aquariums Pnp System 32x24x20" 10mm with Built-in Overflow for $1980 (I'll have to upgrade the plumping) Res Sea Reefer 425 XL (47") - $1800 (this is a great deal but I dont know how much space I will have and I would like a more cube like tank) Red Sea reefer 350 white (36") - $2200 (this was my first dream tank) Advice for choosing would be grateful
  7. 👋🏻 hello! This is my first saltwater tank, and with not much of an aquarium culture in my little mountain town, I’m hoping to share and learn with some other obsessed aquarists! I’ve got a nice 55 gal South American freshwater planted tank that’s been going great for about 2 years. I got this biocube 29 used with all of the stock equipment, but have upgraded to the following -eheim 100 watt heater -inkbird temp controller -duetto ATO -IM wavelink wave maker -stock skimmer -dry rock from Bulk Reef Supply -inTank media basket with filter floss and bio media plate pieces -stock lighting (for now) I’m just now cycling, entering week 2, so feeding and testing for ammonia/nitrites. I seeded with seachem stability. Running with lights off. I will run a small Refugium with chaeto in the back sump when I get some nitrates and phosphates going. Would love to hear advice or encouragement! Thanks for letting me join the forum 👍🏻 Ps follow me on Twitter @JulieReefer
  8. ZoroReef

    Old Oceanic BioCube 29

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advise or anything actually that will help me with an old Oceanic Biocube. The tips I keep finding are very old so I just wanted to know if those are still acceptable or if there is new information I could use?
  9. Looking to add fish to my 29 gallon biocube reef tank and wanting to hear what fish stocking others have successfully kept long term in this tank, or one of similar size? Please share your fish stocking list if you have had good long term success with your setup.
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