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Found 77 results

  1. Hi Nanoreef, this thread will be the history of my reef tank in my dorm. I purchased this biocube from a local reefer who sold me the entire setup. Equipment: -Biocube 14 -Custom Media Rack -Kessil A150W Sky Blue AI Prime HD -Maxijet 900 -Korelia Nano 240 -Chemipure Blue Current front tank shot:
  2. Hi all, I've started a nano saltwater tank, specifically a Biocube 16 gallon. This is my first tank and after lots of research I decided to make the plunge. I found lots of information about the Biocube 14, but not much on the 16 gallon with the LED lighting. It is because of this that I've decided to document my journey so that other's can learn from my experiences. I chose this tank because of size restrictions where it's going and the ability to program a lighting schedule out of the box. Tank:. Biocube 16 gallon Saltmix: Reef Crystals Aquascape:. About 15 lbs Fiji Dryrock Sand: Caribsea Oolite 1" - 1.5" deep Lighting:. Stock LED's Powerhead: Hydor 425 gph Heater: Eheim Jager 75 watt Biological Filtration:. 1 litre of Seachem's Matrix in addition to the rock Chemical Filtration: Matrix Carbon & Purigen Mechanical Filtration: Poly Filter Tank Modifiations: Removed the false bottom in chamber #1 to allow space for the heater (Details), Added Refugium into chamber #2 (Details), added ITC-308 temperature controller for heater, removed tab between chamber 1 & 2 to increase flow (Details). Livestock: -Nassarius Snails x 2 -Trochus Snails x 2 -Astrea Snails x 4 -Cerith Snails x 7 -Fighting Conch -Emerald Crab -Scarlet hermit -Purple Spined Urchin -Ocellaris Clownfish x 2 -Royal Gramma Corals: -Zoas (Red Skirts, Orange Bam Bam's, King Midas, Sour Lemons) -Purple Blastomussa Wellsi -Red Mint Blastomussa Wellsi - Green Duncan -Ultra Branching Hammer -Sunny D Palys x 2 -Blue Sympodium x 2 -Green Star Polyps -Green Rock Flower Anemone -Orange/Green, Pink, and Teal Ricordea Florida Mushrooms -Candy Striped Red and Green Acans -Orange Leptastrea & John Deere Green Leptastrea - Purple and Green Montipora -Leng Sy Montipora Cap -Blue Montipora Digitata - Purple People Eater Cyphastrea & Meteor Shower Cyphastrea -Bali Green Slimer -Violet Cespitularia -GARF Bonsai Acropora Plans for the tank: The long term goals for the tank is to have a mixed reef with 3 fish and a mix of inverts. 15 Months: 14 Months FTS: 1 Year FTS (started recovery): 10 Months (post tank crash): 7 Months: 4 Months: 6 Weeks:
  3. So I have a bio cube 14. I’ve been keeping up on water changes. Swapping out the filter floss four days before a water change. And everything is great. Water params are at all the right levels. I even got some coralline algae finally growing. BUTTT I haven’t changed the chemipure elite bag or the carbon bag in months. Should I swap them out or let it be?
  4. I just picked up an 8g biocube today that currently was gutted and has freshwater led lighting in it. I would prefer to fight lighting that fits in the hood but I’m thinking about getting an abi Tuna blue, will the 12 watt tuna grow at least lps??
  5. I have a Coralife Biocube 14 and its been working for the past 4 years. In the summer I have trouble with heat, so i reduce the lighting schedule and the fans are noisy. I am thinking of replacing the hood with the new BioCube 16 LED canopy. Does anyone know if the new LED canopy in the biocube 16 ($175) is less noisy and creates less heat? Also was looking at the NanoBox Retro Kit ($265). Does anyone have experience with this as well? Does it work well? How is the heat? I have a couple of clowns and xenia coral. Not thinking of going heavy on coral but might want to add a few more pieces. Finally was thinking of just getting a light and remove hood but am worried about too much evaporation and fish jumping so would go with a plastic clear lid but cant find anything like that. Thanks for any help.
  6. First off, thanks to those on here that have shared so much and forged the path. https://www.nano-reef.com/profile/94914-jackal227/ is amazing and extremely helpful. I’ll tag a couple more folks later as well that have contributed tons of info. So far it’s day 3 since I purchased and set up. I put in the link live sand by Nature’s Ocean aragonite. I placed in some cured live rock that was in a tub with filtration at my local LFS. I don’t love my aqua scale though. Kinda want a cave or swim through. Ive read so many threads on here, other sites and YouTube regarding builds and modifications. So far I’ve cut the tab between chamber 1 and 2. I noticed that the water wasn’t covering the filter floss in chamber too. That issue has been resolved with the removal. While I was in there I removed the false bottom from chamber 1. I already received and installed the intank media basket. Amazon prime! Arriving tomorrow are a cobalt neo-therm 75 watt heater and a Hydor Koralia 425 pump. For now I’ll leave the stock pump in chamber 3 unless wiser people suggest I change it. Fortunately I have a great budget and want to do this right. I have a 90 gallon tropical tank and have done freshwater for years. This is my first foray into marine tanks. I’m excited and anxious.
  7. Starting up a Waterbox 10 we got each other as a bedside tank. Not much to look at yet, just rock & water, but Jan. 1 is a great time to start a new adventure! Light : AI Prime HD Stock pump for now Cobalt Neotherm 75 w heater Hydor Koralia 240 gph powerhead InTank 2nd chamber media basket Tropic Eden Aragavive Live Reef Flakes
  8. Biocube 16 LED Thread Specs: Biocube 16 LED ~16 lbs Aragalive Fiji Pink Sand (slightly rinsed with saltwater) ~14 lbs BRS Dry Reef Saver rock (used epoxy and coat hanger to stack) Koralia Nano 425gph (replaced) Aqamai KPS Cobalt 75W Neotherm Heater (back chamber 1 false bottom removed) Cycle between, Purigen, Chemi-pure blue, and Chemi-pure Elite Livestock Clownfish x2 Hermits x 3 Turban Snail x 2 Certith Snail x 1 Duncan Coral Torch coral Ricordea x 4 Toadstool Leather Hammer Coral Acan Green Star Polyp Fire Shrimp Maintenance: I do a ~5gal water change every ~2 weeks
  9. I'm pretty new to all of this. I had freshwater tanks for a while, many years ago, but didn't really understand the hobby and I didn't take the time to learn. I've always wanted a salt water tank, but stayed away because I was afraid of the the time and money commitment. A friend of mine owns a pet store. For years he's been trying to get me into the hobby because I'm always hanging out at his shop looking at his saltwater stuff. In December he finally got me. He gave me a Coralife 29 biocube. Oh boy, I had no idea what I was in for. It's been just under 6 months and it has been a hell of roller coaster, both good and bad. There's a lot to recap in just 6 months, but I'll start with where I am now. Then I'll recap everything I can recall going through/doing along the way to this point. Hopefully others can make use of all of the things that have and have not worked well for me. Attached is what my tank looks like as of April 8, 2018. Hardware: Coralife biocube 29 Stock hood/lighting: CF daylight, Actinic Blue, Blue LED bar x2 Stock Pump Upgraded ultra quiet hood fans Hydor 425 & 240 powerheads EHEIM Jager 150W heater Filtration: stock bioballs, carbon filter cartidge, Chemipure Elite Blue biobag 2 digital electric outlet timers to control lights Livestock: 2-Picaso Clowns 1-Yellow Wrasse 1-Purple goby firefish 1-Redstripe cleaner shrimp 1-Sand sifting starfish 6-crabs (3-red, 3-blue) 2-Nessarius snails 3-Turbo snails 2-Trochus snails 4-Astrea snails 1-Zebra snail 1-Bumblebee snail Corals: Duncan Frogspawn Hammer Kenya tree Zoanthids Blue star polyps Hollywood stunner
  10. Hello, This is my first reef tank, I have had freshwater aquariums in the past but never dove into saltwater. I can say that just researching and picking out equipment for "my little piece of the ocean" has been exciting. I think about this tank more than I probably should while at work lol. I look forward to sharing my progress and hopefully getting all the help possible to make this a successful and fun adventure. I read through Cpl_Wiggles and Jackal227's tank threads as well as many others and thought I should share my experience as well. The tank was setup on August 6th. I am just going to take it slow and not rush into anything. Up to this point I haven't used any filtration beside filter floss. I seeded the tank with some live rock rubble from my LFS (They were extremely helpful and even gave me the rubble). I started the cycle with the red sea reef mature cycling kit and after researching realized I shouldn't be using it with dry rock or without a protein skimmer. I stopped using it and just let the tank do its thing. I tested bi-weekly for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. When the tank started to show its first sign of algae I started my weekly 2g water changes. The first water change was on August 17th. I started reading 0 ammonia and nitrites yesterday the 26th. I was curious if you all would be able to identify the algae in the tank and also if I should start using my purigen and chemi-pure now of not? I believe it might be time for a small CUC but I wanted to get this thread going for tips and suggestions. Tank: Biocube 16 gallon Aquascape: Dry Rock from BRS Sand: CaribSea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Salt: Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Lighting: Stock LED's Powerhead: Hydor Nano 240 Heater: 2x Cobalt Neo-Therm 75w Heater (Main set to 78 and backup at 76) in chamber one. UV Sterilizer: Coralife (Not used unless needed) Filtration: Seachem Purigen, Chemi-Pure Elite, Filter Floss Tank Modifications: Replaced media basket with the inTank media basket. Removed false bottom in chamber one. Replaced stock return pump with a Cobalt Mj1200. Added the Hydor rotating deflector. Tunze ATO with a 2.5g container. Future Stock: ATM I believe I will just get a pair of clowns. Day1 Day 22
  11. I am currently in the midst of setting up an old 14-gallon bio-cube (still waiting on the pump and new aragonite to arrive). I already have a pair of oceallaris clowns that have been in an anemone basket for the past 8 months that will be ready for the tank once its setup but I would like other fish as well, my current ideas for a stock list are as follows: The pair of clowns Royal Gramma Basslet Hector(or Court Jester)Goby hire and Cleaner Shrimp THan assorted softies(hopefully rock flowers and mini maxis) and Zoas/Palys I am currently running a 50/50 pc and a blue actinic(I think) pc with plans to upgrade to a retrofit aqua sb, for flow a (Marineland) Mj900 with a rotating outflow head. (still waiting on 😞 )
  12. NanoRox

    tank reboot.JPG

    © Duane Clark

  13. Hi all, I'm pretty new to reefing--have had a 14g biocube for a year or so. Decided to make a small 7 gallon sump and it's running great! Of course as soon as I did that I fell into a used 55 gallon aquarium with a pro clear sump. Good news is I have room for the new aquarium right to next to the biocube. Neither my DIY 7 gallon sump nor the pro clear will be big enough to run a combined ~95 gallon system.How can I connect the two systems? Each will be on its own stand and I don't think drilling my DIY 7 gallon sump is an option--I would have to tear it down and start over and then have pipes going through the two stands. Any ideas?
  14. Hello all - This is my first salt tank. We kept a 55 freshwater in college with Balas, Angelfish, Cories, Danios, and the like, but I wanted to start something myself. With the help of a friend in Seattle who has kept a 40 gallon since college, I set out to try my hand at it. I am currently on Day 3 of the initial cycle. With the dry rock inside I ended up putting a little under 12 gallons in the tank. With the my refractometer reading right at 1.025, 100W heater at 78, and water pump getting good circular flow in the tank, I put in my biomatter and now begin the wait to test ammonia levels. I plan on taking things really slow beginning with a cleanup crew and perhaps a single fish. I also plan on buying some small soft or LPS corals at the LFS that are in the $5-10 range. Rushing can be expensive and I'm in this to go slow, learn, and enjoy. Enjoying reading the community posts. I'll keep things updated on progress. Thanks, Wiggles.
  15. Dear Fellow-Reefers, Greetings to all! Hope this post finds everyone well. First and foremost, I would like to give a shout out to @Jackal227, whose post on the BioCube 16 was tremendously helpful as I went through it before I setup mine. On the same lines, I also thank @Cpl_Wiggles for sharing valuable information on his tank and experience with the BioCube. Thank you so much! And I very well agree - "There are many posts regarding the BioCube 14 but very less information related to the Coralife BioCube 16 LED." That being said, I would also be sharing my journey with all of you and thanks to this platform, it will help me with my continual learning in the Magical World of Reefing! I've kept aquariums from the past 6 years but all of them were freshwater only. It is very recently I got hands-on with saltwater tanks. I've friends who have kept saltwater tanks for a long time and that helped with the familiarity around operations, but it took some time for me to convince myself that I can pull it through with full dedication and give my best to help thrive a healthy reef aquarium. Since this was my debut with saltwater, I wanted to keep it compact, space saving and easy to care for. That was when I started researching and reading a lot about Nano-Reefs. It was indeed very intriguing and thus a BioCube. I fortunately stumbled upon a great deal for this AIO aquarium + add-ons, that I couldn't resist and it was a no-brainer after some of my reefer friends told me to grab it without hesitations. TANK HIGH LEVEL CHARACTERISTICS ⇨ Aquascape : 10 lb. of Live Rock ⇨ Sand : 10 lb. of CaribSea Fiji Pink Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand ⇨ Heater : Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater, 75 Watt ⇨ Lighting : Coralife Stock LED ⇨ Powerhead : 2 x Hydor Koralia Nano 240 GPH controlled by a Hydor Smart Wave Circulation Pump Controller (15 seconds interval) ⇨ Pump : Coralife S-700 Stock Return Pump / Cobalt MJ900 (I swap them during my 60 days full tank maintenance) ⇨ Skimmer : Coralife BioCube Protein Skimmer (was bundled with the BioCube package) SUMP DETAILS Chamber 1 In the first chamber, I've the heater. I usually swap it with my skimmer as and when I need it. (Otherwise regular water changes and maintenance reduces the dire need for a skimmer.) Chamber 2 I upgraded the stock media rack with the InTank Media Basket which was worth all the $. The InTank filtration basket is really well built and does the job very well. In the top section, I have a double-bonded filter floss (by InTank). The second section has Seachem Purigen and the lowest/bottom section has Chemipure Elite. Chamber 3 This just has the return pump. As mentioned above, its the stock pump Coralife S-700 (185 GPH) or Cobalt MJ900 (215 GPH). LIVESTOCK ❃ 1 x Ocellaris Clownfish ❃ 1 x Purple Firefish Goby ❃ 1 x Red Blood Fire Shrimp ❃ 2 x Trochus Snail ❃ 2 x Astrea Snail ❃ 3 x Nassarius Snail CORALS LPS ◕ Metallic Green Wall Hammer ◕ Golden Branching Frogspawn ◕ Purple Tip Hammer ◕ Indo Peach Tip Torch ◕ Aussie Teal Duncan ◕ Neon Green Trumpet ◕ Brain Coral ◕ Rainbow Acans SOFT ◕ Green Star Polyps ◕ Green Tip Clove Polyps ◕ Armor of God Zoas ◕ Brownish Blue Zoanthids SPS ◕ Green Pocillopora ◕ Brown Pocillopora ◕ Purple Stylophora I'm close to 5 months in with my tank and its indeed been an amazing journey. Currently we have 4 tanks - 1 Saltwater and 3 Freshwater (Glofish tank and 2 Betta tanks w/ some live plants). Looking forward to share my experience and knowledge with everyone here. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Krish And here are some pictures. FIRST WEEK MONTH # 2 Progress... MONTH # 3 Progress... SPECIAL APPEARANCE A Recent Capture The log of live rock is almost covered with GSP now. Looks really beautiful when it sways with flow! A PHOTO clicked TODAY
  16. Hey just wondering if anyone who has the biocube 32 and is also using the cobalt version of the MJ1200 as a return pump has heat issues in their tank.... my heater had never came on ever.... the tank stays at a constant 79-80 degrees.... (which is fine) stock LEDs.... no other equipment but the InTank tray with floss, purigen and chemipure elite... Other than 2 aqamai KPS wavemakers on all sorts of random flow patterns and they make no difference in temp (heater is located in chamber 1 and it’s a cobalt neotherm and also is indicating that the temp is around 79-80- by the flashing light) but everywhere in the tank is the same temp... the DT, and all 3 chambers... (my temp probe is in chamber 3 with the MJ) and it reads the same... I have even used an external thermometer and it reads the same like 78.9, 79.5.... always consistent (I know that’s what’s important I just want to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my MJ because I know they can shut off when they overheat (it has NOT done this yet).... only other thing Hong I can think of is that it’s very new and I keep everything very clean MJ included.... is is possible that its creating that much heat? I read others that very commonly use this upgrade but they always mention having a heater?? So I’m lost.... thanks for any help...
  17. Hey everyone! I have a 6 week old Biocube 16G with the stock pump and a Jebao OW-10 Wavemaker. We have a 20-lb bag of the fine Fiji pink sand. No matter where I have positioned the powerhead the sand blows all over the rocks and coral. It creates drifts right now where there are low sand areas, and very high sand areas. I’m not sure how to position the powerhead to keep the sand from drifting and blowing everywhere.
  18. So long story short, my budget has reduced a bit for money I can spend on the equipment (Bought a $400 freshwater pufferfish because it became available earlier than I though), and my budget is now $800 dollars (I have a SET amount of money dedicates towards fish) and I was think about getting a biocube 32, but I figured that theres no budget reason to purchase it over like a nuvo fusion if im just gonna upgrade the light right away, so I'm pretty much wondering how is the bio cube 32 light, really. Can it grow easier corals like some Softies and LPS, or will it keep them alive but not see tons of growth, or will it not even be enough to support them. Thoughts? Any cheaper AIO options out there? Any story or experiences much appreciated.
  19. Hello, I plan on setting up my first salt water tank hopefully this coming weekend, and just wanted some advice. First of all, obviously i'll have to have all the equipment assembled and in place first, the main thing i'm unsure about is what order to add the rock, sand and water. My plan is to put a few pieces of dry rock down first to act as a base layer, then add live rock stacked on top, then live sand around it, and then the water. Would this work? I'm curious how other people have done it. Also, I had a few more miscellaneous questions. 1. Are there any general tips of aquascaping for a beginner? 2. I plan on adding corals eventually, so is there a specific way to arrange the rock to make that easier? 3. What is the best way to start the cycling process? Iv'e heard that some people put part of a raw shrimp in the tank, or is ghost feeding enough?
  20. Hi everyone, I decided to start an aquarium journal to log my progress. I've never had an aquarium before, and I'm about as beginner as they come. Feel free to make suggestions. So far I've learned there's about a hundred ways to accomplish the same thing and twice as many opinions about it. Thanks for reading Start date: October 1, 2017 Tank: Coralife LED Biocube 32 Heater: Aqueon Pro Heater 150W Circulation: Hydor Koralia Nano 565 Back Chamber Filtration: Boyd ChemiPure Elite 11.74oz, Seachem Purigen 250ml, Acurel Filter Fiber Rock/Sand: Caribsea Liferock 12 lbs, 8lbs live rock, 6 lbs base rock, mix of Nature's Ocean No.0 Bio-Activ Live and Caribsea Arag-alive Fiji-pink live sand (20lbs) Salt: Instant Ocean Just got my first ammonia reading yesterday at 0.25 ppm and today 0.5 ppm, nitrite and nitrate still zero. pH 7.9 and Sp.G 1.024 Will likely adjust rockscape at end of cycle for slightly more room near the glass. Wish list: Blue banded coral shrimp Longnose Hawkfish Blue chromis Midas blenny Clownfish pair Red mandarin Valentini puffer Hammer coral Frogspawn Mushrooms Brain corals Will keep updating! Ashley
  21. If anyone is currently using a coralife biocube 32 with the InTank media rack and the InTank floss could you please help me out.... I am having some odd issues that they have never encountered and I wanted to see if anything similar is happening to you guys... Must be the 32 biocube, InTank media rack and InTank (white and blue) floss.... this has me and them stumped... lol
  22. Soo I come home at 7-730p and I miss my tanks entire light on times. I know I can just turn them on and peak at them but they aren’t fully open since the lights have been off for two hours before I come home. My question is: can I reverse the lighting times so it’s on at night and off during the day? pictures are from when I came home on lunch and realized I miss these beauty shots when I’m at work ?
  23. Me again! Lol so we got our water in (nailed the salinity first try... not bad lol 1.024) At least I don’t think that’s bad for a first full up lol question- i am wondering if we have slightly over filled it? The lens cover for the light seems to be always covered in condensation... I’m wondering if this will go away? Or if it’s because we may have just a tad too much water in it? the description of filling it is a little confusing in the manual.... we were not sure if we should have filled it to the line you can see when looking into the tank or the line you see from the outside of the tank? i know there is a very very slight difference however im wondering if this slight amount may be what’s causing it to fog up so bad (and yes we have the lights off) i also just wanted to make sure we have the back chambers filled up correctly- 1st chamber full to tank level 2nd and third chambers are filled to just where the slide in green thing is under the filter floss..... i read about everyone having to change theirs when cycling like everyday, 2 times a day sometimes and we changed ours this morning (nearly 24hours) and it was just barely even dirty... tiny tiny bit of brown.... now we were able to pour in our water so the sand was nearly undistirbed so I’m wondering if that’s why maybe? We are still changing it daily... just to be safe but it doesn’t appear to be catching much... could that just be because there is nothing to catch? Right now we have the output pointing towards the rock and out KPS on at 80% (840 gph) right at the main part of the rock on the left side... when our other KPS comes I plan on pointing it on the right side at about 80% as well...(this is just for the cycling period as I know flow helps get things up and running faster.... we used dr tims ammonia drops and Bio-Spira.... we are due for our first test (using his chart as we always do) in about half an hour or so.... jusg wondering about the filling and if I should remove a tad bit of water... thanks
  24. Soooo just got into a recent issue with heat on my biocube 14. I know the kid doesn’t help the issue but I don’t want to take it off. Temps have hit 86 degrees so I’m in defcon 2 right now. Opened the feeder lid to get some flow. Only thing I can think of is I upgraded the return pump to the cobalt mj series. Ideas on cooling it down? i thought about connecting the ballasts and turning the fan on but I upgraded to led and the old light bulb sockets are still there. I don’t want fried fish... HA
  25. "Brain Coral" - A stunning LPS that never fails to catch your eye. A riot of colors and adds a vibrant splash on your reef's sand bed.