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Found 15 results

  1. Adam_B

    Adam_B's Biocube 32

    This is my second reef tank in four years (or so), and new to this site as well (but not new in terms of using it for information). The previous tank was a 20 long that started out as a reef and then turned FOWLR when I didn't have the time to keep up with the proper maintenance. After some time in my new house I finally got the chance to start this tank up and shut down the old one. All I kept from the previous tank was the rock and the fish. Tank: Topless Coralife Biocube 32 gallon with an Octo Aquatics Lid. This was started on November 26, 2017 with water and sand, rock and fish added a week after Lighting: Orphek Atlantik V4 Compact Gen 2 (modified LPS/Soft coral program) Heater: Eheim Jager 125W Filtration: stock return pump, blue bonded filter floss, GFO/Rox 0.8 mix, and Seachem Purigen in an InTank media basket Biological Filtration: ~30 lbs live rock, 40 lbs CaribSea reef sand Other Equipment: IM Spin Stream, Tunze 9001 skimmer, IceCap ATO, and IceCap 1K gyre (ramps up and down from 0-300 GPH on 20 second ramp up/down) Livestock: Dwarf angelfish, orchid dottyback, pincushion urchin, 11 rock flower anemones, 1 trochus snails, 5 hermit crabs, 5 turbo snails, 1 astrea snail, and other various hitchhikers As much as I would love to have a larger tank, it just isn't feasible. This tank is meant as a slight upgrade over the previous (as well as make the livestock and rock move much easier). I have plans for this that will be added I can. The previous tank that was shut down wasn't in the greatest of shape, so that made this one a little harder to work with from the start. - Tank placement and water mixing Biocube 32 Tank and Stand by Adam B., on Flickr - First full tank shot 12/17/2017 FTS by Adam B., on Flickr - Most recent full tank shot with a new rock (the layout makes more sense when it is viewed from the normal angle in the room) 1/6/2018 FTS by Adam B., on Flickr Yellow assessor basslet (Assessor flavissimus) by Adam B., on Flickr Clownfish by Adam B., on Flickr Hector's goby (Koumansetta hectori) by Adam B., on Flickr - This photo was taken with only the color enhancing and moonlight channels on Rock flower anemone (Phymanthus crucifer) by Adam B., on Flickr Rock flower anemone (Phymanthus crucifer) by Adam B., on Flickr - I have yet to get a good photo that shows the green color of this coral well. The odd placement of the rock to the left was because this snapped at the base when it was put in the bag at the store. It has since attached to the rock below and the other piece. DSC_1455 by Adam B., on Flickr
  2. Hello all, I recently became fascinated with aquarium (not sure where this came from as I know no one with a fish tank). After about 1.5 months of watching youtube videos and researching I've decided to jump in to nano reef aquariums. The tank I decided on is the Biocube 32- I just like the way it looks. I read up on the nitrogen cycle, the basics of filtration systems, lights, circulators, water testing and changing, fish and coral species, had the guy at the LFS visually explain what a sump is... etc. I think I'm as ready as I'm going to be without actually physically owning an aquarium yet My plan is to pick up the Biocube this week. I watched the SmileyDakota youtube series where a newbie sets up a 14G biocube and was inspired by her tank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlPqTZ6ne7w My goal is to start with clownfish and add some other low-key/ low maintenance fish with lots of coral eventually. I know this hobby is very expensive. I want to take things SLOW so as not to fail. I am initially going to buy the tank, live sand, live rock, salt water (possibly pre-mixed, not sure yet). I have read about SO many different filtration setups for this tank, and it seems that no one uses the Bioballs, and everyone's setup is (sometimes vastly) different. My original plan was to buy a foam filter, Seachem Matrix Carbon, heater/thermometer, refractometer and a circulator. I have a saltwater test kit already. Now for my questions: 1) How do I know what flow rate purchase for a circulator? I can't seem to find a straight answer on google. I was thinking this size might be adequate? https://www.amazon.com/Hydor-Koralia-Nano-Aquarium-Circulation/dp/B0036S70ZG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505874893&sr=8-1&keywords=hydor+koralia+425 2) Do I need a protein skimmer in this size tank if I plan to do water changes often? If yes, do I need one now or can I wait until I have actual livestock in my tank? I will upgrade things as is necessary, but for the very start of my 1st ever tank I want to be conservative. If you have some tips on what I need for a basic filtration system other than what I listed please let me know. If you suggest items to purchase, please write a very brief description on what the item is and why it is necessary- that is how new I am! I've been trying to google search everything I read, but some of the mods people do to the pumps and filters still confuse the heck out of me. Lastly, thank you for reading my long post! I will update my progress as I set up my tank Ashley
  3. I modified the Hydor Slim Skim Nano to fit into the first chamber of Biocube 32. I removed the two black magnet holders to decrease the width about .5 inch and glued the magnets to the inside of the rear panel. The magnets still had a strong enough hold to keep the skimmer in place, and the skimmer fit in and out without forcefully pushing into the chamber. I was worried that putting the skimmer body directly in the glass would result in a loud vibrating noise. So far it’s been quiet.
  4. I'm running a Biocube 32 and have a bit more live rock than i'm sure what to do with, is there any sense in hammering some to rubble and putting it in the bottom of the second chamber like some people have done? Or would this just needlessly complicate things and allow for a unnecessary build up of nutrients?
  5. I have finally assembled almost everything I need to start my first salt water tank (Biocube 32), other than a bucket and auxiliary heater for mixing which i'll get today, and even though i'm sure this sounds like a pretty stupid question, my biggest quandary is figuring out how to add water to the tank initially. Ideally I would want to add rock, sand, and then water, but i'm not 100% percent sure I will be able to have enough water already mixed in another container to pour all of it in at once. My next idea was to add the dry rock, then most of the water, then add the live sand and live rock, and finally top it off with a little more water to make sure it's completely full. I want to make sure the live rock doesn't have time to dry out and that it is added to water which is around 78 degrees Fahrenheit so there isn't a significant die off. Anyway, i'm not sure if i'm making any sense, and there is a good chance I am making this way more complicated than it needs to be, but i'm just curious how other people have initially set up their aquarium, and would certainly appreciate advice and tips.
  6. If_Only

    Biocube 32 stock lights

    So long story short, my budget has reduced a bit for money I can spend on the equipment (Bought a $400 freshwater pufferfish because it became available earlier than I though), and my budget is now $800 dollars (I have a SET amount of money dedicates towards fish) and I was think about getting a biocube 32, but I figured that theres no budget reason to purchase it over like a nuvo fusion if im just gonna upgrade the light right away, so I'm pretty much wondering how is the bio cube 32 light, really. Can it grow easier corals like some Softies and LPS, or will it keep them alive but not see tons of growth, or will it not even be enough to support them. Thoughts? Any cheaper AIO options out there? Any story or experiences much appreciated.
  7. has anyone here deployed one of the new LED BioCube 16 or 32 tanks? what do you think of it so far? what do you like? what don't you like? what are the available upgrades for it? what did you change/upgrade? I've been AFK for a bit as I just got married and we're upgrading from my 330sqft bachelor suite to a nicer 800sqft 1 bedroom. means I will have room to actually have a tank...or three or four, so I'm thinking the 16 or 32. reading a bit, the lights are enough for a few softies, but in reality, the need to be upgraded. I know Steve has a kit, so will likely look into that. I've also read that InTank has made some better filter modules. I'm not planning on being too extravagant...probably something like a couple clowns, and then some shrimo; especially would love a pistol shrimp and symbiont goby and a smattering of simple corals. I don't want a sump, so I'm looking for pointers/suggestions for things I should buy and change/upgrade. I know I'll need an ATO, lighting will need an upgrade eventually, same with pump and nozzles and that going with the InTank modules would be wise. if location matters at all, I live in British Canuckistan. thanks all.
  8. Hey all, new to the forum here,(and the hobby for that matter) have done freshwater when younger but wanted a new project. I have just setup a new biocube 32 with ro/di water + reef crystals, 25 lbs of dry sand/crushed shells, 25-30 lbs of dry rock. I decided to go the fish less rout. I just dosed ammonia to 2 ppm and added a small bottle of dr. Tim’s one and only. Just waiting for cycle to begin now I guess. So my questions are.. Should I be running any media or filter floss in my Steve’s media basket while the tank is cycling? I have polyfilter, chemipure, and purigen ready to go, should I use any of these right now ? Or something else? Also, am I better off with led lights on or off during the cycle?
  9. HI all, Getting back into the hobby after a 15 year hiatus. Want to grow some entry level sps (birds nest and montis) and as expected I've been told stock bio cube 32 lights won't be sufficient. Need to keep the hood on the tank due to the chance of some of my fish jumping out. I've been directed to Steve's LEDs but they are way out of my price range. I need to be under $200. Help me nano reefers your my only hope.
  10. Hello every one Im a new to the nano reef tank world and have started cycling my biocube 32 led. I have tried to do as much research possible on this and other forums and want to ask for advice on wether a controller (for other than light usage) is recommended and which one you have found useful for a nano reef. By controller I mean to include "monitoring" controllers and actual controllers that automatically take action. I understand that an AIO nano reef is designed to minimize work however I have realized that this is no excuse to drop down the guard re maintenance, parameter monitoring and safekeeping. I would really appreciate your comments and if this has been covered on a previous topic please excuse the redundant question. Mods: Intank media/fuge Aqamai powerhead Soon to do: Steve's LEDS
  11. paul200299

    Biocube 32 vs nuvo fusion 20

    Hello im sorry if this has been posted before but do you recommend the biocube 32 or the nuvo 20 as a good starter reef tank? What are the pros/cons of each one? Also besides the live rock and live sand is there anything else that i need to get before setting up one? Thank you for the time
  12. I need a good quality LED upgrade for my 32 gal Biocube that won't break the bank. Ideas?
  13. N2B8

    First reef tank ever!

    Hard to believe I joined this forum over 7 years ago! Since then I’ve been doing more than lurking in the background. I’ve moved across the country, established my career. Got married and had kids! A reef tank has long been a dream of mine and now my (almost) three year old is begging me for a tank every time we go to the pet store, zoo, or aquarium. Im starting pretty basic while I get the knack for the hobby with a Biocube 32 LED that’s pretty much stock for the time being (with the exception of the upgraded pump). As I learn and our wants grow, I’ll be making changes to that. I finally got pretty much everything in today that we need to get started. First things first... my obligatory aquascape v1.0 pictures. Not sure if I’ll keep it this way or not but I’d love to hear what you think!
  14. Swifty3565

    Need wave maker advice.

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and just setting up my tank (Biocube 32). Not entirely new to the hobby but I've been out of it for about 10 years, so much has changed. The tank has been up for about 5 days right now and currently has about 27lbs of live rock and 20lbs of Caribsea Arag-Alive special grade reef sand. Just researching my options for wave makers. The plan is for some mushrooms, zoas, and some polyps. Planning on 3-5 fish at this time. Just want to make sure I have plenty of flow and looking at some decent options. Right now I am deciding between the Current USA eflux wave pump kit 660 GPH or the Tunze USA 6045 nano stream. Just looking for some thoughts and opinions on these two options. All input is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  15. Stockwell85

    Biocube 32 (LED) vs JBJ 28?

    Hello, sorry to belabor the question I have seen asked often, but I'd like to nuance it. What are user/expert opinions on the Biocube 32 LED vs the JBJ 28 with the intermediate light set up (seem to be comparable specs and pricing). It seems both are rated for medium to low light requiring inverts. I understand that the 4 gallon difference in the biocube may be a big deal to some (represents a 14% increase in water capacity over the JBJ). Truth is, I want to run either one stock with minor modifications (no light mods or sump drilling) and (after thorough cycling and stable parameters) keep a low light (if there is such a thing?) anemone and clown pair, which I know is cliché, but its what the family wants. So in summation: 1. Which system is better/will meet my needs based on desired stocking and require little to no mods? 2. Is there such a thing as a medium to low light anemone that will do well in either tank with stock lighting? Thank you any/everyone who responds
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