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Found 4 results

  1. My biocube 29 is now 4 months old. I modded the stock lights into LED lights, controlled by a Bluefish mini. Now I want to add a refugium sump inside the cabinet. I'm building my own sump & refugium out of acrylic. So my question is how to add HOB to the biocube 29 yet keeping the lid because of the LED lights. Has anyone done this? What brand of HOB overflow to use and how do you mod the lid? Another option I'm considering is a DIY overflow using PVC that I have seen on the web. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  2. camperich

    New 29gal Biocube

    Started my Biocube Tuesday 3/5/19 40 lbs. of CaribSea Fiji Pink Sand 10 lbs. of CaribSea base rock 8 lbs. of Live Rock from LFS (looking to add one more piece) Water is Reef Crystals from LFS InTank Media Basket - Filter Floss > Bag of Carbon (now) Filter Floss > Purigen > Chemi-Pure Elite (once cycled) Comline DOC Protein Skimmer 9001 (add after cycle) Stock Pump Stock lighting Koralia 425gph pump 100W heater PH 7.8-8 Ammonia .25 ppm Nitrite 0 ppm Nitrate 0 ppm So my plan is all LPS and softies. Thinking frog spawn, mushrooms, green star polyp as my start. 2 clowns for sure and not really sure on the rest. I plan to upgrade the hood to the LED version before I add coral. Any suggestions or feedback is welcome as I am a newby. Already can't stop looking at my tank, even though it is empty. Picture below. -Rich
  3. I have an inTank media basket in the second chamber of my Ocanic Biocube 29. I’m curious as to how efficient it is considering a few things. Due to the fact that it has media in bags inside of it, there will obviously be some resistance for the water to pass through. The way this is designed the water comes from the first chamber into the top of the media basket and flows through all chambers out through the bottom. One of the ways to silence the water flow in the Biocube is to raise the water level in the second chamber. With the water level raised, will this affect the flow through the media basket? As we all know water will take the path of least resistance so I am concerned that with less airspace for the water to fall coupled with the media causing resistance that the water will just start overflowing out of the top of the basket. How does this basket still work?
  4. Hi, I currently have 1 kessil a80 about 6-8 inches over my biocube 29. I have a mix of softies, lps, and sps. I have been running this light for 1 month now and feel it's doing better than it should. Hammer and trumpets look great. My palys and zoas lower look like they may be starting to reach a little. Obviously no growth on the birds nest and monti cap on top, but they do look fine right now. I want to increase my lighting but am debating on daisey chaining 1 more a80 or selling the a80 and upgrading to 1 a160we. I really like the a80 but I'm not sure if adding one more will do anything for increasing light towards the bottom of the tank. Thanks!
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