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Found 3 results

  1. So a few people on Facebook are saying bettas are brackish fish and can be put into salt tanks if acclimated. I can’t find anything online in research to support this. Also don’t most Betta breeders use fresh water? So they wouldn’t of come from brackish anyways. If anyone knows please tell me.
  2. I have a betta named Buddy. Had him for about 8 months maybe? This month I got a mystery snail and 2 ghost shrimp to join him. The mystery snail was fine. Buddy didn't really mind him. He got stuck in the filter and died. The ghost shrimp hid a lot. My fish got sick so he's in a separate tank right now. The shrimp are alone in the original 5 gallon tank. They have never been so happy looking and ACTIVE! Usually they hide until it's bedtime and Buddy is sleeping. That's the only time they can eat as well. Buddy will see their food and guard it so they cannot eat. I try to put more food in another place so Buddy can't guard both areas. I recently had problems with high pH thus why Buddy is sick and I think it's cuz we left food out for them and it got icky. I know they eat other crap in the tank but it's very clean and the only live plants I have is one of those moss ball things. The shrimpies are SOOOOO happy alone being able to eat anytime during the day not being chased. Do I put Buddy back in the 5 gallon tank with the shrimpies and see what happens or do I put the shrimpies in a 2.5 gallon tank alone? Please help!
  3. Recently, my parents took a long talk and finally let me get a fish (I couldn't get any other pet due to my cat). We've come to realize my cat doesn't care so, I have been saving up money and I want another fish. I was interested in a "cow" clown fish or a black moor goldfish, but as I did my research they both require lots of space and I don't wanna take in one if I don't have the proper housing area for it (that would be cruel). I was wondering if there are any other fish that I could take care of besides the betta I have at the moment? (Anything that can be held in a 5-10g tank, im fine if they need any chemicals, also fine if they need a heater, filter, etc.)
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