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Found 17 results

  1. Hello all, So I know that this guy has been in my tank, I've seen glimpses of him when the light has been on and more active at lights out of course, but never this active! I noticed that he was worming his way around for at least 10 minutes. Can't tell if this guy is harmful or not....I'm leaning towards safe? Pictures attached and a youtube link. https://youtu.be/Iu4Wwt9K_4I -Kpatel28
  2. Help! My blenny just died today and molly a few days ago as well as two hermits. Tanks about 1-2 months old. Been moving some rocks and putting vinyl on the back. Blenny wasn’t eating last night or this morning and died today. Any idea what’s going on?
  3. Pumpernickel

    Waterbox Cube 20 setup

    Hi guys 🙂 I am about to get my first saltwater aquarium. I have some experience with freshwater and nano freshwater. Because it is my first saltwater I wanted to ask you about my planned setup and if you have any better ideas or additions. Tank Waterbox Cube 20 Equipment AI Prime HD Sicce 1.0 return pump Hydor Koralia Nano 100w heater inTank Media Basket (Carbon, bio balls, filter floss) I don't really know if I need a Skimmer. Some say yes and some no. Planned stocking Carib Sea Arag-Alife Bahamas Oolite Mixed reef Pair of Clowns Lysmata amboinensis Maybe some snails for cleaning Euphyllia glabrescens green tip blastomussa wellsi sarcophyton Thanks in advance for helping me 🙂
  4. I've finally got my 10g saltwater tank set up and I plan on getting a pair of clownfish and I've seen conflicting statements on if other fish are possible Also if anyone sees this what inverts yall would recomend I'm very excited about starting saltwater
  5. Hey guys! I’m new to the fishing hobby and I set up my first salt water tank! I did a bunch of research and looked into all the chemistry behind keeping up a tank. I set up a bio cube 32 with the standard lighting. I added 20lbs or live sand and rock and filled up the tank with salt water with a salinity of 1.024. I have checked my pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and nitrate throughout the 7 weeks that I let the tank cycle and added beneficial bacteria twice for 7 days tow separate times during the cycling. Yesterday when we checked the water parameters the pH was 8.2, Ammonia was near 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate was also low so we decided to add fish to the tank. We acclimate the fish by floating them in the bags for about an hour before we add them to the tank. We got two clowns and a domino damsel. The damsel seems fine and is exploring the tank slowly as well as the larger clown fish but the smaller clown seems to be swimming a lot around the tank. It will circle the tank by the glass and go up and down the glass at times. He does occasionally stop in the middle of the tank and swim through the live rock. As far as I could tell he ate both yesterday and this morning. I read online that this means that they could be stressed so we turned the lights and waver-maker off but it only seemed to slow him down a little bit. His breathing seems fine but honestly I can’t really get a good look at him. Everyone else in the tank looks fine. I just really don’t want to kill him. I just really need some help I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or a bad fish handler!
  6. I just set up a 55 gallon tank with clownfish. The only things I have in the tank besides the live rock and sand. It’s been 4 days since they ate. Won’t eat for me but when we bought them at the store, they were going nuts for the owner. Feeding frenzy!! Bought the same food they were feeding them. Tried dropping it in front of their face, putting it on top. Everything. Starting to get a little worried. any advice is appreciated!! Thanks
  7. Idontgiveashart

    Can anyone ID this please?

    Does anyone know what this is? It started growing on my live rock when I first got the rock. I’ve had the tank for around 2-3 months and it isn’t spreading a ton. Is it A majano anemone?
  8. Sinibotia

    My first reef tank

    Hello all, this is the start of my first reef tank. I'm hoping to document everything here so I can see how things progress and get feedback as I go. This is my first reef tank, but I have had extensive success with even difficult freshwater fish so I'm confident that I can take on the challenge of a nano reef. This is the tank so far. It's a standard 10 gallon. I have about 3 inches of crushed coral sand, 10 pounds of cured live rock, a koralia 240 nano pump, an aquaclear 50 that I'm still deciding what to put in (chaeto, purigen, chemipure, carbon?). The heater is a hydor 50 watt heater. Light is going to be a Current USA Orbit Marine 18" light. Salinity is currently 1.026, temperature is 80 degrees (both will be lowered before I start stocking), and ammonia is 1.0ppm(dosed in order to cycle the tank). Nitrates are reading around 5ppm. pH is 8.2. My phosphate and calcium test kits come tomorrow. Planned inhabitants are a firefish, a black ray shrimp goby, a tiger pistol shrimp, a clean up crew, and for corals, I'm still deciding on corals but likely it'll be a mix of soft corals for the lower rocks and a single LPS for the central rock (where it should get enough light and flow?) I'm open to suggestions, I've done a lot of reading but there's still plenty I don't know!
  9. Hi Guys, I've been researching and have finally taken the plunge and purchased a Fluval EVO Marine 60L tank, it was set up 2 days ago and is currently completing its first cycle. Its set up with 1 Ecoreef rock, standard reef sand and pre-mixed salt water from my LFS and I have been adding bacteria daily. I just wanted to get some confidence on what I have researched and see if I'm on the right track: Run first cycle until no Ammonia-Nitrate-Nitrite is present Introduce CUC to feed on first cycle mess and prepare for fish 1x Emerald Crab 1x Electric Blue Hermit 2x Nerite Snail Introduce corals any suggestions would be appreciated, probably looking at 4-5. Introduce Fish 2x Clown Fish (not sure what breed yet) 1x Royal Gramma Daily top ups of RO water Weekly water changes of 10-20%? - This will ensure that water levels of Calcium, Magnesium etc stay where they should to help the corals grow? Maintain water parameters at: Specific Gravity = 1.023-1.025 Temp = 24C pH = 8.1-8.4 Alkalinity = 8-12 dKH Ammonia = 0 Nitrite = 0 Nitrate = <1.0ppm Phosphate = <0.2ppm Calcium = 350-450ppm Magnesium = 1250-1350ppm Iodine = 0.06-0.10ppm Strontium = 8-14ppm I understand that having all those numbers there would be perfection but that's the dream right. Feed the fish bi-daily Supplement extra for CUC and Corals if needed. Now am I on the right track or is there something I'm missing?
  10. So I got a 26g “all-in-1” tank from cobalt, and I have 2 very small percula clownfish in it, they’re scaring me because it seems they take a lot of stress under the filters strength. I have 2 heaters one on each side and a lot of rockscape (almost too much tbh) and about 2-3 inches of sand. Nothing else. The clowns do do the notorious figure 8 when it’s not on but when it is on they seem to be just non stop swimming. They’ve been in there for about 3 days. They’re roughly 2 inches each
  11. Hi. I'M new to the forum and was hoping some experienced reefers could offer some advice on my coral health! I have a 20 gallon DIY mixed reef tank that has been running for about 6 months. I have about 1 year experience running a 75 gallon reef tank that I took down about 6 years ago when I left for college. Everything I have added (soft corals, LPS, fish, inverts, nem) seems healthy and has been a pleasure to watch. Up until now I have never tried any SPS corals. 5 days ago I decided to venture into some "beginner" SPS. I don't have very accurate water testing kits so I am not looking to advance any further with difficult corals until I can at least better monitor my water parameters. I have a very large amount of live rock for the tank size and two hang-off-the-back filters (in case one ever fails). My heater is a decently stable and my digital thermometer always reads 78.4-78.8. My lighting is not very strong: Marineland LEDs rated at about 100 par at 12 inches and 6000K. It is also not diffuse at all and has almost spotlights of higher intensity throughout the tank. (yes, I plan to upgrade my lighting when I have the funds in about a month). I bought two montipora frags 5 days ago, one large orange monti cap and one small sunset monti. Both came from my LFS and were not shipped (at least not any time recently). To compensate for my low lighting I placed them about 5 inches down in the water directly under the "spotlights" from my LEDs. I really don't know enough to tell if they're doing ok or not. given that my situation is atypical bordering on stupid (I know it sounds bad) I want to make sure Im not killing the frags. I have a friend with a very successful SPS tank who will take them if I'm hurting them and I just don't want to see them die! I think they might be doing ok. I'll be watching for long term signs of health but I just wanted to ask if there are any issues visibly indicating immediate shock from new/bad tank conditions. Please don't be too hard on me. I know you'll want to know my water parameters and more details than I can probably measure. I don't want advice on keeping them alive as much as advice on how to tell if they're healthy (although all input is appreciated). If they aren't healthy I will rehome them at the first clear sign they're declining. I have attached pictures.
  12. puppetmaster

    Power heads

    Do I require a power head in a fish only tank?
  13. puppetmaster

    Buying supplies

    I have recently found a website that sells all of the basic needs and was wondering if it is trustworthy. here is the link: https://www.reefsupplies.ca/online-store/search.php?mode=search&page=3
  14. I own a stock 6 gallon Fluval Edge tank and was wondering if I can change it to saltwater. I should also mention that i do not plan on putting any live coral in the tank and only wish to have fish and a cleaning crew. Would I need to make any modifications to the filter and heater etc? Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question.
  15. I have a 10 gallon nuvo cube and a kessil A80 light, I just got two clowns, two hermits, and 4 lps soft corals. I was wondering what should my light schedule be like? And the intensity and so forth. Right now as I’m going to bed I have it at 0/0 but I’m not sure if that is okay for coral? Please HELP!
  16. Hello I just picked up my first coral frag (green star polyp) and was wondering if and how can you remove the coral from the plug.
  17. Hi everyone So I have recently set up a saltwater tank and have a few beginners guestions regarding phosphate. I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 with the PS2 mini skimmer. There's roughly 5kg of live rock in it and quite a deep aragonite sand bed. It's been established for 3 months now with no fish or coral and all my paramteres seem good except my phosphate. It's roughly 0.25 ppm according to two different tests (API and Salifert). I do roughly 25% water exchanges each week using RO/DI water. Whilst setting up my tank I made the rookie error of rinsing the sand with tap water and initially filling it up with tap water. Has the sand and rock absorbed the phosphate from the tap water and is now leeching into my tank and if so what are some steps to help reduce the level of PO4 in my tank I have quite a bit of algae growing in my tank which I clean every week and I'm assuming it's the phosphate that's causing it. Nitrate is undetectable. Thanks in advance Rob The picture is my tank when I first set it up ?
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