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Found 4 results

  1. After few years of absence from the hobby and recent emergency tank swap (due to cracked glass), I decided to give it another shot. Ca 420-450 KH 9 Mg 1360-1390 Salinity 1.026 For over a week, 2 Clowns, Circus Goby, Purple Firefish, Tailspot Blenny and several corals had to share 8 gallon spare tank. All fish & corals survived . With new tank on the way, future for these guys became a little brighter. Few days later, tank was ready for new occupants. Equipment: Aquarium - Innovative Marine Nuvo30 Long link Return Pump - Jebao DC return pump link 2018 Model - DCW-2000 (528GPH) from Am@zon. Circulating Wave Pumps - 3X Aquamai KPS wave pump link AI Nero5 wavemaker RFG by VCA demo 1/2in Random Flow Generator Nozzles Main and Fuge lights - 2X Kessil A160 Tuna Blue link Kessil H80 fuge light link - fuge Kessil Spectral Controller Dosing Pump - Jebao dosing pump link (4 pumps) Skimmer - Tunze 9004 DOC Skimmer DC Link ATO - IM Hydrofill Controller Link IM ATO Return Hydrofill Pump Tunze Osmolator Nano link (moved to quarantine tank) Heater - Cobalt heater link and Aqueon heater link as backup Ink-Bird ITC-308 temperature controller Filtration/Dosing: Sea Grape Fuge - (More info about Sea Grape Macro Algae) Skimmer ( might add Tunze 9004 DC or similar) ??? ChemiPure Elite MarinePure spheres biological filtration link Miracle Mud from Eco System Aquarium link Live Rock- 20-30lbs (not 100% sure). Bare bottom, no sand. *Introduction to Calcium & Alkalinity Maintenance Livestock Fish: • 1 Tailspot Blenny info • 2 Ocellaris/Clownfish info • 1 Purple Firefish Info • 1 Circus Goby info Curacao Deepwater Chromis. Rare and kinda unknown species. Invertebrates: • Reg. Hermit Crab 2 - moved to Q tank • Mixed snails 8 (Astreas + Turbos) Turbos moved to Q tank. •Emerald Crab 4-5 (2 big ones went to QT) • Sexy Shrimp 1 • Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 1 • Halloween Hermit Crab 4 (moved to Q tank • Red Crab (appears to be Flameback Fiddler-Crab/Uca flammula) - in quarantine tank • Blue Leged Hermit Crab 3 • Coco Worms (Featherduster types and care) • Maxima Clam (care link) Click here for more info about various clean-up-crew options and care Corals: • Various Euphyllia • Chalice (no name) • 2 Zoas • 1 Neon Green Toadstool Leather • Purple Ribbon Gorgonian • Blue tip Elegant coral • IDK Mushroom • Yumas • Rock Flower Anemones • Red, Green & Putple Cap • Forest Fire Monti Digitata (info & care) • Pink Pocillopora • Pink Bird’s Nest Seriatopora • Green Spongodes Monti • Purple & Green Milka Stylo •WWC Cherry Tree •Setosa •Green Digitata •Rainbow Montipora •JF Freaky Hair Pavona Torches care Monti care Frogspawn care Chalice care Toadstool care Acropora Types *Side note: underlined species/products include link to more info. Cheers.
  2. CrazyEyes

    20g Nuvo (thread redo)

    Hey what's up everybody, just wanted to pop in and share my tank, it's just over 8 months now, it's mostly Lps with a few sps. EquipmentIM Nuvo 20IKEA kallax stand2x AI primeHD's Icecap 1k gyre 2x custom daddy's running floss and carbon Eshopps nano skimmerSmart ato micro DIY cheato reactor (TLF 150 reactor)For livestock I have 2 normal clowns1 2 spot hogfish Corals Medium size blue maxima clamGarf bonsai acroBali green slimer Scrambled egg zoasUnknown plate coral Hollywood stunner chalice Few other unknown chalices that I picked up from wwc. Unknown war coral Green monti cap Ricordea Florida Jason Fox burning banana Unknown purple acro That's about it for now, here are a few pics of the setup and a few coral shots, hope you all enjoy.
  3. lonewonderer

    My 40 gallon bare bottom reef tank

    Just sharing my 40 gallon reef tank.
  4. lonewonderer

    Can I add more fish?

    Hello everyone. I would like to ask for your honest opinion. I have a 40 gallon FOWLR tank with a 10 gallon refugium sump and an aquaclear 110 for filtration. I was thinking to add a butterfly, a foxface or some other fishes on it. I have the list of my stocking below. Do you have any recommendation what to add. Looking for a peaceful fishes. any suggestions? tank has 40 pounds LR 1 small yellow tang 2 blue damsel 1 tomato clown 1 lemon peel 1 cleaner shrimp 4 snails 10 red hermit crabs filters basic protein skimmer aquaclear 110 HOB 10 gallon DIY sump refugium with chaetomorpha, chemi pure blue, purigen, 2" sand bed and filter sock.
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