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Found 6 results

  1. Hello nano-reef community I recently made my dream transition from fresh to saltwater. My setup is a 14gallon (52L) IM peninsula with dry rock and live sand on day 34. The current equipment on the tank is an ato, biopure gems and recently added my skimmer to begin nutrient export and breaking it in. Lighting also got turned on recently for 6hrs a day, AI Prime 16hd. I am also running floss right now. I also make my own ro/di water and there is also no fish yet. Cycled with Dr.Tims+Ammonia and supplemented with microbacter7. Also covered the tank for 3 weeks with lowered salinity and raised temp to grow the beneficial bacteria. Levels: NH3/4: 0 N02: 0.25 N03: 10 Phosphate: 0.0 My question is about identifying the growth that is on my entire tank(-sand)(it was on the glass but recently cleaned it, doesnt look malicious but i want to know if i should take action. Some forums i have found suggest it might simply be the bacteria, as it is slimy to the touch. Or that it might be bryozoans or foram, or possibly hydroids. They are invisible until you get close, they are tiny white growths that move in the water flow, i will attach some images and a video. Have I just been successful in colonizing the bacteria (and it will die off with time and scavenging) or is this a pest i should take action against?
  2. rocksanchez

    Algae growth on live rock

    Hi all, Sorry for the lengthy post, I know information is key here and wanted to provide as much of it as possible. I wasn't sure where to post this and since I class myself as a beginner I thought this would be the best place. My RSM nano system, with a couple of upgrades, has been running since October 2019 and overall I'm quite happy with what I have so far, I'm stocking very slowly and trying to learn as much as I can about everything that goes inside so one day I can get to the level some of you guys are at on here. Recently I have been having problems with GHA (thats actually brown) growth and strange white fuzz on my live rock and I'm a little stumped at what it is or whats causing the issue. I am finding myself cleaning the glass almost daily from the brown film that forms on it and my sand is in constant need of cleaning of the same brown stuff so I'm sure I have an issue somewhere Without going into too much detail of the process that got me to where I am, here are the important bits and some pictures. Tank: Red Sea Max Nano 75 litre / 20 gal Red Sea LED 50 Stock skimmer Jecod DCT-1200 return Jebao SLW-10 wave pump Tunze nano ATO Stock filter socks and 'bubble trap' sponges in rear Rock - Dry rock (marco?) Substrate - Carab Sea Ocean Direct (it's a little deep and would like to get some of this out if I can) Livestock: 2 clowns 1 Royal Gramma GSP 'mat' Rasta zoa Scrambled eggs zoa Red Hornet zoa Single Acan head Small Monti cap frag 1 red legged hermit 4 banded trochus Params / test kits: Temp 27c / 80.6f sg 1.0264 / 35ppm / Aquaforest Reef Salt Ammonia 0 / API Nitrite 0 / API Nitrate 2-3 / Red Sea Phosphate 0 / Salifert Water changes 25% weekly Feed 1/4 cube frozen mysis / vitalis pellets once a day. reef roids once a week. Everything seems happy, thriving and growing although one zoa frag is slowly being taken over by this hair, it's no longer opening fully and its creeping towards the others. I'm starting to get a little worried it'll suffocate so have some h2o2 on order incase of emergency. Can anyone help ID what this stuff is and how I can get my rocks clean. I'm happy to take my time to get this cleared up as that seems to be the safest route. The white specks are sand caught up in the white fuzz. If you need more pictures I can get some Thanks in advanced for the help, much appreciated
  3. Having had my Biocube 32 running for almost week without an ammonia spike, I resolved to "jump start" the process by buying ammonia and live bacteria from my LFS, and adding it to my tank, following the instructions. I will test my water soon to make sure the initial spike has happened, but my question is, do I need to continue adding a small amount of ammonia everyday to make sure the bacteria has something to feed on? Or is that not necessary? Sorry is this is a rookie question but i'm still most certainly a newbie and am just curious what the best course of action is.
  4. I am re-setting up a Fusion 10g and I want to house mainly an anemone some chalices maybe a stick if i am lucky ...oh and my clownfish. So wanted to get a conversation started regarding the filtration I currently have in mind: Was thinking of going with: Reef Glass Protein Skimmer MarinePure Ceramic Spheres Chaeto Algae Reactor Do you guys think this is overkill? What you think? Thanks for your time.
  5. Jordan Coltman

    Any Ideas?

    Hi guys, any help with this would be much appreciated! I started my tank just over 3 weeks ago now and the cycle seems to be going great. I started with live sand and all dry rock...however over this past week there's been bacteria/Algae growing initially on one rock and now spreading to the rest of the rock within the tank. Please help!
  6. In the last year or so a slimy algae or bacteria has developed in my tank will grow everywhere, from the live rock to glass to sand. I had done some reserach earlier and it seemed to be some sort of bacteria, not an algae, but I am still not sure. About 2 months ago I started dosing with Dr Tims Waste Away in the recommended amount and it seemed to help a little, but not get rid of it. I do water changes once every 2 weeks and try to suck out as much of the bacteria as I can. Does anyone have an ID on this stuff and/or recommendations on how to get rid of it? Tank 20 gallons (8 gallon sub) Filter reactor with phosban and Hydrocarbon Aquatic Life Mini Skimmer Vortech Mp 10 Current USA Orbit Led light
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