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Found 6 results

  1. OfficeReefer

    Will Apex support offline mode?

    So in the midst of a landscaping upgrade at the end of the day, right before that last email I see "Outlook Offline".... what? when? Why? I go outside and yep a cable was accidentally cut. I return back inside to call the telecom provider and lo and behold, I realized I had just fed my fish and turned off their pumps. As I fired up the Neptune app I get Apex Offline in red.... not helpful at all.... I need to turn on pumps and for some ripping things apart is not an option. What if I was away remotely and used the feeder? I was fortuanately able to get to the plug and have just enough to reach a UPS surge port but this brings up a critical question while I am debating the whole Red Sea app vs Neptune App since AI doesn't support IOTA or api over wifi multicast any longer. What if my internet is out due to a cyber attack or other random energy or climate incident, are we to expect we cannot access commands on our Apex locally? Is it possible to get a prompt for direct local connection for outlets? Also, if I was using the feeder (which I do have and plan on using in two months), would a feed cycle that starts before an outage also not resume after? This is important as the purpose of the controller is to not only centralize but to "provide control" in the event of adverse or unavailable vendor control. Welcome comments, thoughts...
  2. Julio Abreu

    Reef-PI Build on NAno

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and a "legacy" hobbyist. I shut down my last saltwater aquarium more than 10 years ago in Brazil. But now that I'm leaving in US and with all the pandemic-stress I decided to go back to the Reef world with a nano. I started a Fluval Evo XII with standard configuration about a month ago. Its doing pretty well and I already have a little ocellaris as well as some soft corals. But as my other hobby is DIY and I'm a IT professional I decided to just blend everything together and bring some automation to the reef! 😀 So after some experimentation with Arduino and some research, I decided to move forward with a Raspberry PI based project as this controller/micro-computer offers everything I need like wifi, video outputs, and can run a webserver. Also, I dont want to reinvent the wheel, so I decided to leverage as much as possible from the Open source Reef-pi. Its a very well maintained project with lots of material available on-line. The main author, Ranjib Dey have also very good Tutorials like this one: https://learn.adafruit.com/reef-pi-installation-and-configuration I will be posting the advance of the build here to share and mainly to get your feedbacks and inputs. For now I have already configured the software and implemented a temperature sensor. So let me start by that. Material so far: Raspberry PI 4B 2GB RAM (you can use other versions, I just went with the latest one... you know, Im an IT Nerd 😁) - 35.00 USD from Adafruit https://www.adafruit.com/product/4292 Protoboard and Jumper wires - Less than 10.00 USD on Ebay Temperature Sensor Kit - 8.99 on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B087JQ6MCP/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 - Strongly recommend this one as it comes with the required resistor so you dont need to solder anything (I hate soldering). After the wiring (very simple to do using jumper cables) and doing the initial configuration on the software, I'm already monitoring the temperature: The prototype connected to the thank: And the actual monitoring of temperature: If you are interested, I will keep you posted! Also, please share your inputs and feedbacks!
  3. I am looking to change my current setup, a shallow 20gal reef, with few soft corals and two fish and a small CuC, to a more automated lower maintenance unit. I have a maxspect razor nano 70w, JEBO RV4 streamer and the a basic heater and another return pump in the back. What I am trying to setup is a more automated maintenance and so far I have seen APEX as an integrated system but I cannot be sure if that is suitable for my need. What I have been thinking is to get the automation and set it up for this tank and slowly look into buying and setting up a larger tank and move the automation to the bigger tank. I have no skimmer, have been running it without a skimmer. I have Mangrove on one side of the reef where it is not directly under the light. Otherwise this is a very basic unit as far as I can compare it with the reefs that I see here. What I want to automate and monitor: - Dosing - Feeding (would it even be possible to have automated feeding for such a small tank?) - Auto top off - Auto water change - Monitor temp, ph, ca, etc And of course I am looking to use the monitoring information to trigger something like dosing or water change. Thank you, The Gore.
  4. This last weekend, I made the plunge for a new nano tank. With the current situation, I have more time in my home office than usual and really became dissatisfied with my current setup, a newer 14g Biocube. I've been in the hobby for awhile now so this will be my third tank and I really wanted something top notch. Knowing that I still wanted something in the nano range of 100L/25g, there really isn't too many choices and I wanted to grow my skills with SPS corals. My previous Fluval Evo 13 was decent as the upgrades were available for lighting and the tank was somewhat rimless but ultimately, I knew I needed more. I looked at the IM Nuvo series, certainly a fine choice but the current supply chain left me with partial options and upgrades, then I came across the Red Sea Nano Max. I was totally sold after watching several members setups and thus, here I am on this journey with all of you. This past week has been a real beast for me at work therefore I apologize for not getting to post more as I first started the journey. I did a decent amount of searching before I came across a decent price for the tank and stand from Bay Bridge Aquarium in Oakland, CA for just under $1100 with tax and shipping included. In my previous setup, I went with CaribSea's Special Grade reef sand and found while it was entirely resistant to clownfish and power heads blowing it everywhere that it wasn't as great at keeping clean. I didn't want to have the same issues so I went back to their Fiji Pink which IMHO, really looks the best if I didn't want to do bare bottom. For the reef rock, I had pukani in the previous tank and barnacles with other softies in the current BioCube. I didn't like the challenges of removing pests and constant rinse and repeat for the new rock so I opted to scape something, perhaps more like a monument or statue with dry reef rock. After looking at my options, I ended up on 25lbs from ARC Reef in Florida via Amazon. They did really well and actually shipped far more than I was expecting. Here's the pieces I started with and the dual headed statue aquascaping design Knowing that I would have some challenges with dry rock and that I wanted to ensure both accuracy and consistency in testing, I purchased the HIREEF Test Kit from Hanna Instruments. In addition to proper introduction of nitrifying bacteria and Coraline algae growth, I opted to try the Red Sea Reef Mature Starter Kit. After watching some recent BRS.tv Investigates I learned a lot about salt; how different brands have different purposes, store differently along with dissolve differently made some interesting insights into my choices of salt. I also wanted something that would store well for automation in water changes and be easily available. For this adventure, I chose Instant Ocean's Reef Crystals as they were in many cases the best or second to best performer for storage and efficacy. To make this journal a little more concise and exciting, I opted to set the salinity at 1.024 knowing that my office gets a little warm 78-80 during the summer and I'm defaulting to the ATO that comes with the MAX Nano. It's a decent ATO but only holds 0.3gal so I wanted to ensure if it did ever run low, it would never run over 1.025 in all likelihood before I or someone else returned to address the matter. I will be discussing automation systems like the Apex solution and one that I'm designing later on in the journey. I've also started cycling the live rock and the tank with the lights off for the past week, allowing minor break in of the provided skimmer. So far, it seems decent and I suspect it will work out just fine. After adding sand and fresh RODI on source, I added some frag plug for future planning of corals and set the dry reef rock in the tank. I hoped I would get the older AI Prime HD light as I was able to download the app with no problem of course but I ended up with the Red Sea ReefLED50 and Reef Beat app. It's ok and so far isn't terrible, I'll know more once I determine what network traffic it sends and if it has any API or other means of programming and telemetry. I hoped to have a power head with the same vendor, but the Nero 5 seems overkill for the volume of the MAX Nano and I've read reviews of issues where it defaults to certain options which would overwhelm the tank. I also looked at the Red Sea Max Reef 25 gyre power head but at 10" I find it to be both an eyesore and waste of space. I knew that all of the options had to have some sort of an app for any hopes at integrating them together with automation and left with little other choices, the Hydor Koralia Akamai was right on spot. I also came across the newer Jebao version of their dosing pumps which appear to be an improvement from the previous model and it too, has an app for ease of setup and control. So here we are into Day 1 of the Reef Mature Starter Kit. I'll update everyone tomorrow once I get the bacteria started and parameters measured. I've also got the light setup and running on 10h per the kit therefore once I get the measurements, I'll keep people posted. Appreciation to all for checking out my journal and I hope you will enjoy this as much as I hope to in the near future. Thank you again and be safe!
  5. It been a while since I have set up a new aquarium, I have missed having a reef tank! I moved to LA, so I have had to leave behind my old reef tanks. The goal with this reef tank is to create a mostly automated reef tank with minimal maintenance Equipment list: Lifeguard 14 gallon rimless AIO (R460000 Large) 2 x Jebao RW-4 powerhead VIPARSPECTRA 165W reef light HYDROFARM Jump Start 2-Feet Hydroponic Grow Light Stand DIY Water Top Off System contact-less water-level sensor More accurate than float switch Less likely to get stuck Ardunio to read signal from sensor Peristaltic Pump to pump water into tank DIY Reef Controller Raspberry PI nano w (Currently, planning on replacing with ESP32 micro-contoller) Relay switch 15 pounds of sliced dry rock called STAX from unique corals Cobalt Neo-Therm Heater Dry with equipment: With Rock Scape: With water: Full tank shot Future livestock: Acropora Zoa Frogspawn
  6. Have a reef keeper lite display and pc4. Wanting 65 shipped to lower 48 states only. Thank you for looking
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