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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all . As some of you may know, I have been contemplating a move towards a larger aquarium for quite some time now. I love my 30G cube, it has taught me so much about the hobby and in June last year (2014) I was awarded TOTM which was a huge honour to me. I have had the opportunity to experiment with a wide array of live stock and equipment and with this knowledge I have a clear idea which way I would like to take this new project. A link to my original 30G Cube can be found below: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/318986-rollajases-30g-custom-cube-upgrade-brainstorming/ Back Story: A little back story for those of you who are unfamiliar with my journey. My original tank was designed, built and stocked on a shoestring budget, initially. At the time I was a poor University student, willing to cut corners to get the dream of my first reef tank up off the ground. I designed this tank purely around utilising a single PAR38 LED bulb for lighting while keeping as close to 30G of water volume as possible. At the time, this was not an issue for me in relation to my vision. However, as I delved deeper into this hobby I started to realise that the cheap, basic equipment I had initially purchased just wasn't going to cut it. As it stands, the only original pieces of equipment I am still using (besides the tank and stand) is a 150W heater and a pair of thermometers. Everything else has been replaced at least once and in most cases, twice. My current tank is fairly decent build wise but my biggest regret has always been the lack of internal overflow. This was a cost saving method for me initially and I rectified the lack of overflow about 2 years in with a sump refresh and the installation of an overflow box I designed and built myself. I have designed this new tank from scratch to rectify what I believe to be shortcomings with my original setup. This time I won't be cutting corners and instead of designing everything around my choice of lighting I am designing it all around the available space I have. The dimensions will be modest but still the largest aquarium I have ever owned and something that will fit well with a modern home when I eventually move into my own place. Inspiration: My two largest inspirations for this project are 4x5's 'Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef' and TheDoogan's 'Shallow Rimless Reef'. The look, feel, dimensions and livestock of both of these build's is pretty much exactly what I envisioned in a future upgrade and this style suits my available space perfectly. The stocking choices are also very akin to my own personal tastes. I don't want to mimic these builds by any means but I do very much want to draw heavily on them for inspiration. Table of Contents: Chapter 1 - Design Chapter 2.1 - Stand Build - Frame Chapter 2.2 - Stand Build - Base and Cladding Chapter 2.3 - Stand Build - Fans, Power and Control Chapter 2.4 - Stand Build - Vents and Shelf Chapter 2.5 - Stand Build - Cable Management, Fan Brackets & Top Chapter 2.6 - Stand Build - Cladding Part 2 Chapter 2.7 - Stand Build - Tidying Up Chapter 2.8 - Stand Build - Lighting and Ventilation Chapter 2.9 - Stand Build - Painting and Display Lighting Mount Chapter 2.10 - Stand Build - Cable Management Part 2 & Shelf Install Chapter 2.11 - Stand Build - Finishing Touches Chapter 3.1 - Equipment - Tank, Sump and ATO Reservoir Chapter 3.2 - Equipment - Plumbing Chapter 3.3 - Equipment - Lighting Chapter 3.4 - Equipment - Final Install Pictures Chapter 4 - Aquascape Inspiration Chapter 5.1 - Tank Update - 17th January 2016 Chapter 5.2 - Tank Update - 7th February 2016 Chapter 5.3 - Tank Update - 26th July 2016 Chapter 5.4 - Tank Update - 9th August 2016 Chapter 5.5 - Tank Update - 26th September 2016 Chapter 5.6 - Tank Update - 16th October 2016 Chapter 5.7 - Tank Update - 1st November 2016 Chapter 5.8 - Tank Update - 20th July 2017 Chapter 5.9 - Tank Update - 26th July 2017 Chapter 5.10 - Tank Update - 10th October 2017 Chapter 5.11 - Tank Update - 16th October 2017 Chapter 5.12 - Tank Update - 8th November 2017 Chapter 5.13 - Tank Update - 8th January 2018 Chapter 5.14 - Tank Update - 9th May 2018 Chapter 5.15 - Tank Update - 26th September 2018 Chapter 5.16 - Tank Update - 6th June 2019 Equipment: Tank: 31.5x24x18" (800x600x450mm) - 10mm glass (Low Iron front and two sides) with overflow Sump: 20x15.5x15.5" (535x400x400mm) Custom Sump ATO Reservoir: 7x12x15.5" (180x300x400mm) Custom Reservoir ATO: Cade Ripple ATO Stand: 31.5x24x39" (800x600x1000mm) DIY Stand With Cladding Lighting: Custom LED Fixture with NanoBox V3 Arrays Flow: 1 x MaxSpect Gyre XF-130 Battery Backup: APC BK650-AS (650VA) UPS & Coral Box Power Cell Return Pump: Jebao DCS-4000 Heaters: 1x 300W Microbe Lift Titanium Heater and 1x 200W Fluval Heater (on InkBird Controller) Skimmer: Coral Box D500 (with upgraded DCA-2000 pump) Reactors: 2x FistaFiltration Nano Reactors (GFO & Carbon) Dosing: 1x eKoral eK Doser and Marine Color MCD-3-M Doser (Alk, Cal, Mag, Potassium, Bromide, Boron) Livestock: Fish: 1 Melanurus Wrasse (Male) (Halichoeres melanurus) 1 Scarlet Pin Stripe Wrasse (Secretive Wrasse) (Pseudocheilinus evanidus) 1 Six Line Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) 2 Green Mardarins, male and female (Synchiropus splendidus) Clean Up Crew: 8 Turbo Snails 5 Cerith Snails 4 Nerite Snails 4 Nassarius Snails 4 Trochus Snails 2 Brown Janitor Hermits 2 Crimson Janitor Hermits Corals: Corals - Softies: Assorted Zoanthus sp. & Palythoa sp arranged in a garden Pink Body, Green Polyp Leather Coral Pink/Purple Dendronephthya Corals - LPS: Fluro Orange Fungia Plate Red and Green Trachyphyllia Green and Purple Reverse Stem Hammer Orange/Gold Leptoseris Red Leptoseris Corals - SPS: Green Plating Montipora Green Montipora Capricornis Red Plating Montipora Red Montipora Capricornis Pink and Green Birdsnest Toxic Green Staghorn Green Acropora Blue Staghorn Blue Acropora Green Poci Purple and Green Acro Full Tank Shots: 9th June 2019: 28th September 2018: 8th May 2018: 26th March 2018: 8th January 2018: 8th November 2017: 8th October 2017: 7th September 2017: 24th July 2017: 21st May 2017: 21st February 2017: 1st November 2016: 16th October 2016: 17th July 2016: 7th February 2016: 17th January 2016:
  2. Hello! I'm Mariah (Rye). This is my first dive (pun intended) into reef keeping. I live in a small apartment and wanted as little equipment to keep it as natural as possible and after doing lots of research came across a reef group of FB (although TBH there are a lot of arsehole's on that page...it's a huge deterrent from posting questions on there haha). Then I found Nano-Reef! Huzzuh! This seemed like the right place for support and advice! Brandon's and Nathalie's tanks have inspired me to stick to basic biology rather than relying on copious testing and products. This is my tank (and hamburger phone): I have so far: Innovative Marine 4gal Nuvo AIO Filtration: AOI came with but probably won't use (I plan on having live rock and live sand how deep should my sandbed be in a 15L?) Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Overflow Media Basket Mechanical Sponge Activated Carbon Sponge Phosphate Sponge Flare Nozzle Lighting: 4 watt SKKYE Light Clamp LED Am considering getting the Maxspect Celestial 35W: worth the upgrade? All my research has suggested that the SKKYE's do ok for softies and mushrooms but this is a really low wattage, hey? probably only supposed to be used for a freshwater. Alternatively, I'm considering buying a better LED light and just installing into a regular lamp fixture. Suggestions? I have purchased: Tetra Whisper 10Gal AirPump + airstone H-B Enviro-Safe General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer + Another thermometer to compare Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater with Adjustable Thermostat (Fully-Submersible, Shatterproof Design) 25W I will custom build an acrylic lid to minimise evaporation because the current lid won't prevent evaporation for shit. I'm planning on using Natural SW because I live near clean SW and can keep a 60L drum downstairs in the garage (cool, dark, stable temp!) and will enjoy the drive to the beach to collect every 2-3 weeks. In terms of what I'd like to keep my vision is zoas, rics, mushrooms, finger coral and maybe an open brain coral and some clams. I'm still not sure about which and how many CUC, I'd love a fire shrimp and my husband (who is not in charge of this) requested a fish (coloured me surprised) however I'm obviously really hesitant because this is such a small tank and I know having even one fish would make taking care of this much harder. What do you think? I am already so appreciative of this community and all the advice available on here already. P.s This will probably be the slowest pico ever built. I really take my time with things and want to be as knowledgable and prepared as possible so thank you in advance for your patience. I will try to update this when I can but I have a young son and a busy family so we'll see. Ta and cheers from Aus! P.p.s thinking about putting Chaeto in the overflow. Does anyone is Sydney have some?? THANK YOU!
  3. JoeMan02

    Fragging green aussie leather

    Hey all! in spite of my constant search for fragging information online I still haven't come across a way to frag this leather; can you help me out? Thanks in advance! - Joe
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