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Found 31 results

  1. Dave MN Nano

    Help me choose an ATO

    Hi. I am new to reefing. I have a 20 gallon long tank with fish, softies and LPS. Everything’s going pretty good. How can I go on vacation? I need an ATO. It is 0 problem for me to add water manually most days and will only use the ATO while on vacation. What should I get?
  2. Hi all, I've been out of the hobby for several years, but I'm now planning a nano aio lagoon, sps dominated, minimal-fish build for a new apartment. For parameter consistency, there will be an ato system where I also plan to dose. Mangroves have always appealed to me, but I find they look out of place in the reef. I am envisioning instead a mangrove growing in a separate display-tank-made-ATO-reservoir adjacent the nano reef. The ATO would itself be topped off with RO as needed (I see the irony here). My understanding is these in fact grow better in freshwater than salt. The ATO tank would only have a powerhead for circulation and crushed coral over a soil or live-mud bed for rooting. Exact location is tbd, but I plan for a grow light supplemented by a window. All this was inspired by ewelch's Micro Mangrove Build which operates as a closed saltwater system. Some concerns: 1. Unwanted nutrient leach from the freshwater ATO mud concentrating in the reef 2. Impacts of dosing in the ATO on mangrove health I can't seem to find any examples of people stacking uses of their ATO's, certainly not with plants. There may well be good reason for this and that's why i'd like to hear from some of you.
  3. I am looking to change my current setup, a shallow 20gal reef, with few soft corals and two fish and a small CuC, to a more automated lower maintenance unit. I have a maxspect razor nano 70w, JEBO RV4 streamer and the a basic heater and another return pump in the back. What I am trying to setup is a more automated maintenance and so far I have seen APEX as an integrated system but I cannot be sure if that is suitable for my need. What I have been thinking is to get the automation and set it up for this tank and slowly look into buying and setting up a larger tank and move the automation to the bigger tank. I have no skimmer, have been running it without a skimmer. I have Mangrove on one side of the reef where it is not directly under the light. Otherwise this is a very basic unit as far as I can compare it with the reefs that I see here. What I want to automate and monitor: - Dosing - Feeding (would it even be possible to have automated feeding for such a small tank?) - Auto top off - Auto water change - Monitor temp, ph, ca, etc And of course I am looking to use the monitoring information to trigger something like dosing or water change. Thank you, The Gore.
  4. devaji108

    neptune ATK -ATO

    Hello NR, I have a NIB neptune apex Auto top off kit v1 boss will not let me put any more holes in our new house so I have to find another solution for get my RODI water up from the basement. asking $150 shipped
  5. Hello, I bought the XP Aqua Duetto, a Auto Top Off (ATO) for compensate the water evaporation from the aquarium. It's a really tiny device, and do exactly what you need. Its also super precise, and despite what the company said about small aquarium and a tiny overflow, it just work perfectly on my VERY small return chamber on my 9G Nano Reef aquarium. I like this device a lot and I think I might buy another one, it save me a lot of time and I have that piece of mind. If you interested about it I made a video with some tips to help you:
  6. A great set-up for a high(er) flow nano. For sale: 1. $80 + shipping. AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro auto top-up system. Comes with everything including original box and instructions except the tubing and the siphon break. Purchased used but never installed as the Biocube 14 cover seems to limit evaporation enough between my weekly water changes so I never bothered to get tubing. Tested this morning and everything works great - sensor, alarm and pump. Basically like new. 2. $80 + shipping. VorTech MP10w EcoSmart. Had in my Biocube 14 for 1 week, to much flow for my Euphyllia even at the lowest setting. Tested this morning and works fine. I will note that the dry side is not silent - being that this is the only my only VorTech experience, I am not sure if that is normal for this model as this is not a quiet drive. ~ Edit: I figure it's no louder than most pumps or cooling fans. I tested it with a couple of decibel monitor apps and it read ~58 dB on low and ~72 dB at max wave crest. From any YouTube videos I can find of MP10w without the QD upgrade this seems normal. ~ Take both for $150 with free US shipping.
  7. Selling a UPLC-II-G6 ATO system. $150 pickup $160 Shipped Spectrapure CSPDI-90-MF RODI System. Triple TDS meter, pressure gauge. Needs media. Membrane has some life left in it. $175 pickup. $200 shipped 8w V2 Vecton UV Sterilizer. $75 shipped. 20200311_081846 by Mike Fielder, on Flickr 20200405_110704 by Mike Fielder, on Flickr 20200405_104918 by Mike Fielder, on Flickr
  8. bruinhd

    9 gallon Pico LPS Reef

    Alright guys. I've been out of the hobby for 8 years and was fully inactive. I had been doing pico reef tanks in grad school and then sold off everything when I moved out-of-date. Now I'm married, employed, and ready to get back into the hobby. This time around, I am remembering all of the things I used to do wrong. I'm building a 5g pico reef that will be very low tech and minimalist. I will focus on biostability over filtration whenever possible. I got a Fluval Evo V tank. I'm upgrading the stock pump to an MJ 606 (180gph). I'm going to avoid any more power than that because my old experience was that it stressed fish out and I had jumpers, etc. I'm avoiding an electronic ATO because I once had one overflow and It was no bueno. I also just hate having wires everywhere. In my photo you can see that I have a gravity evian bottle ATO that works perfectly. There's a 100 watt Aqueon preset heater in the back. I have a custom glass cover with rubber risers to allow gas exchange and to limit evaporative losses. I found that a 4-5mm gap also avoids condensation buildup on the lid from the heat of the light source (also learned from experience). The glass piece was cut at Ace Hardware and cost $11 total for the glass and risers. I got some live rock from my local LFS Golden Aquarium In Chicago. I'm on day 4 and my ammonia level has been chilling at 0.25 for 2 days and I'm starting to register a little bit of nitrite so cycling is underway. I might keep filtration very low tech. Probably just carbon once soft corals go in. I'm planning just a juvenile clown and a small cleaner shrimp once everything is established. There is one nasarius snail and an emerald crab that hitchhiked in the middle of the big live rock. The emerald crab emerged yesterday I assume because it was sick from the cycle and died almost immediately. The snail feasted on his corpse today. I hope the snail survives the cycle. I am certain he is stressed. Im going to say one more controversial thing. I used to do all my top-offs with RO/DI. However I'm going to be adventurous this time around and do them with....tap water. I checked parameters on my tap water yesterday and found the following: CaCO3 hardness: zero (impressively) Chlorine: zero (shockingly) Carbonate ppm: zero Alkalinity ppm: 120 pH: 7.2 Ammonia, nitrite, nitrates all zero as well of course. Hit me with your thoughts. And thank you for visiting.
  9. AyeNick

    Bay Area Nuvo 10

    Hi all, and hi to the Nuvo 10 community! For the past year or so, I've been wanting a reef of my own, and I'm now addicted. I decided on the Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 for the compact size and transportability, given that I plan to take it to college eventually. As of the moment I am writing this, I currently have put the rock and sand into the tank, after cycling the rock for about 3 weeks in a 5-gallon bucket using Fritz Turbo Start. The sand is Fiji Pink, and the rocks are Walt Smith 2.1. I have the tank on the 10 gallon white JBJ Nano Cubey Stand, which looks really great with the tank. Equipment List IM Nuvo 10 Tank 10 Gallon White JBJ Nano Cubey Stand AI Hydra 26 HD (Modified AB+ Settings) Cobalt Neo-Therm 50 watt heater (best heater on the market) Sicce Syncra .5 Return Pump Vortech mp10wqd inTank Media Basket (Running inTank filter floss, 2 chemi pure blue nano packets, and 1 marinepure cube) Tunze Nano ATO (Not running a skimmer, I'm running 4 MarinePure cubes in the second chamber) Aquatic Life 100gpd RODI unit Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt (mixes extremely fast) Tank as of August 16, 2019. No light or ATO yet. Tank as of October 2, 2019. Hydra 26 with diffuser has been added. Snails, hermits, and goby have been introduced. No corals quite yet.
  10. JavaJacketOC

    WTB: ATO (Non-Float Switch)

    Hi All, I'm looking for a simple ATO that is not float switch based. Open to any brand in good condition. Prefer to pick up in North OC but open to shipping. Please PM what you have and asking price. Thanks, Justin
  11. teatimecrumpet

    Automatic Top-off help

    Hi, I'm new to NR and want to start off by saying thank you and looking forward to helping where I can and soaking up all the available knowledge! I'm looking to build an ATO using a 12VDC relay, a float switch, and an extension cord for an air pump to a sealed reservoir. I just have a couple of questions before I buy the parts on ebay. I noticed that the relays I keep finding show 2 of the 8 pins offset one on each side. The ones I've seen in the guides and from kingofdiy on youtube show them aligned in perfect squares. Am I missing something or is it the same in just a different layout https://www.ebay.com/itm/12VDC-Coil-Power-Relay-10A-DPDT-LY2NJ-HH62P-L-JQX-13F-2Z-with-PTF08A-Socket-Base/372497925221?hash=item56ba9b4465:m:m6tI55ExbILUQP5twtNrSdg:rk:3:pf:0 Which is better air pump or water pump? I chose an air pump over a pump because I'd rather an air pump run dry and break than an overflowing tank (though I'm thinking I'm going to put a float switch in reverse in the reservoir maybe or in reverse at the top of the tank). Is there a limit to what I plug into the modified extension cord in terms of wattage? I noticed the guides mention getting DC vs AC equipment when the relay is going directly into the equipment but since this is going into the extension cord do I even have to worry about that? Thank you all!
  12. Hello! Long time, no post. I've downsized my Nuvo10, which I probably never posted about, to a 2.5 gallon pico tank. It's well established and hasn't had anything real exciting in it due to a move, just a nice little condo for my inverts for the past year, plus two ugly shrooms that survive with the beta light, and a giant aptasia that I just eradicated this week (RIP) to prepare to add some corals and nems I actually like. I think the tank is about 8x8x8. It is a cheap Top Fin Retreat from PetSmart. I kept the sand from my old Nuvo10 setup and also a tiny bit of liverock from that as well. I should have my Kessil A80 here this Friday, and hope it fits. I have a fluval heater in the back sump area and occasionally use the carbon filter inserts made for the tank. I am going to "upgrade" the pump to the tiny Tunze, but not today because I haven't measured to see if it will fit. The stock pump doesn't move quite enough water and it's a little loud. It also connects to a branched cord so the light and pump are all on one AC plug, which is a nice feature for the little tank, but won't meet my needs when I put the new light on. I have no algae or other issues in the little tank. I've had 7 and 10 gallon setups, but never anything this small. I love how easy the water changes are and the simplicity, or non-existence, of my equipment. I am looking for recommendations of inhabitants, such as nems and corals. I don't want to do any dosing, but do like sps corals, though I've never had any. Are they even possible in this type of setup? I love shrooms also and don't know if the lighting will work to support both, due to the small size of the tank. I will only be stocking super BA specimens, and obviously am in no hurry, but will keep this thread updated as I make changes. 11 January 2018: Upgraded to Kessil A80 light 19 May 2018: Upgraded tank to Fluval Spec III 28 May 2018: Added Kessil Spectral Controller 30 May 2018: Added Inkbird Temperature Controller 09 June 2018: Added IM Hydrofill ATO system Setup: TopFin 2.5 Gallon Retreat Fluval Spec III Aqueon 25w submersible heater Kessil A80 Tuna Blue light Kessil Spectral Controller Inkbird Temperature Controller IM Nuvo 10 Pump (92gph) to replace stock pump InTank Media Basket InTank Clip On Surface Skimmer on intake IM Hydrofill ATO setup Homemade Surface Skimmer Intake Mod Upgrading to a tiny Tunze pump as soon as I shave off part of the housing of it to fit in the back of the tank. Current critters: 2x 3x Sexy Shrimp 1x Pom Pom Crab 2x Nassarius Snails 2x 1x 0x 3x Blue Leg Hermit Crabs (one regular, one little blue leg) Blue leg is missing/assumed deceased. He was 2 years old. RIP. Nobody local has any in stock. Billions of spaghetti worms and pods running around Corals & Non-motile Inverts: 1x Rock Flower Anemone 2x Boring mushrooms that were on a piece of liverock. 1 purple & 1 green (Getting traded at some point due to lack of wow) 3x Acans 1x Golden Torch Coral 1x Green Goblin Acro (Probably going to be traded due to lack of wow) 1x Blue Rhodactis Mushroom 1x Green & Yellow Rhodactis Mushroom An order from AquaSD.com will drop in soon, including: 1x Alienware Palys 1x Strawberry Shortcake Acro 1x Rainbow Pox Discosoma Mushroom 1x Aussie Bloodshot Discosoma Mushroom 1x Aussie Yellow Eye Long Tentacle Red Gonipora Wish List (I would LOVE suggestions): Beach Bum Montipora More ultra colored RFA's More ultra colored mushrooms A really nice chalice or Monti Cap
  13. Dear Fellow-Reefers, I've been having some trouble fighting the evaporation rate with the summer. I'm looking at ATO options for my BioCube 16. I was looking at the Aqua Smart ATO Micro as it looks extremely space saving and about right for nano tanks. However, before I jump onto any conclusions and continue research, I wanted to check-in here and hear your thoughts! Any suggestions? Cheers, Krish Krish's BioCube 16
  14. Fellow reefers, need your help.I’d like to set up my smart micro ATO (I’m running kalk in my ATO) to my apex and set it up as such to shut the ATO off if for some reason it kept running and my pH was going up.So far my configuration is this:PHX2Fallback: offSet: OnIf PHX2 > 8.60 then offFrom what I understand, if the module is disconnected then the ATO will just be off, which is what I want until I figure out what is wrong an why the module was disconnected.Set on means that the ATO under normal circumstances will be on, which is ok because the micro ATO has an optical sensor.My if statement says that if pH rises above 8.6, perhaps if ATO malfunctions and starts dumping extra kalk, then it will just shut the ATO off.Does this look right to everyone? Any flaws in this set up? Advice and opinions are welcome. Also, would this set up work for a dosing pump with alkalinity as well? The doser has its own program, so again if it malfunctions I just want the apex to shut it off if pH rises above 8.60 indicating that the doser might be malfunctioning.Thanks for any help!
  15. Elizabeth94

    Nuvo Fusion SOLD SOLD

    Located in Warren, RI. Pickup only please. ****** EVERYTHING SOLD ****** Includes:- Acrylic screen top- Original Pump that came with the tank- Upgraded Media Basket- InTank Surface Skimmer I may have some more reef stuff I will part with but I have a Nuvo 20 I am having a hard time to selling. Never know when the bug will bite again LOL. Extras: - MP 10w with a new wet side ($100) - AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro ($30) (Trying to find one magnet that holds the tube in place)
  16. Zeal0201

    Bought a RO/DI & ATO

    https://www.amazon.com/Tunze-USA-3152-000-Automatic-Osmolator/dp/B00AR1A7ZU/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1523568226&sr=8-3-fkmr0&keywords=auto+top+off+saltwal https://www.amazon.com/LiquaGen-5-Stage-Reverse-Osmosis-Deionization/dp/B01FNAPGPA/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1523568372&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=liquagen&psc=1 Recently bought these 2 items off amazon for my 40G Nuvo, wondering if they were a good buy. The ATO seemed like a solid buy but im kinda iffy on the RO/DI filter.
  17. Zeal0201

    Need ATO for Nuvo 40G - RO/DI

    Hi everyone, I bought a Nuvo 40G last week and set it up and everything , Last night I did a water change and today I realized that im probably going to need a ATO just to make life easier, Im looking for something that's not going to break the bank, but works. Also, looking for a RO/DI setup, I want to connect it under my bathroom sink since I live in a condo I have no where else to put it and I cant connect it with my laundry but I also don't want to break the bank. Just need something that works... I checked google and I got tons of recommendations but not sure which one to get. Any recommendations would be great Thanks,
  18. I'm strongly considering starting a Reefer 170 for my first tank. I'd like to splurge on some mp10s but since my funds are going towards the tank itself, I'm considering the Jebao RW4. How many do you recommend - 1 or 2? Also, what do you recommend for the return pump? There is a Varios 4 being sold on the forum right now for $200. Is the Varios 4 overkill? The Varios 2 is $200 new from BRS and if the Varios 2 is more than enough, I'd prefer to go with BRS just for warranty purposes. The Sicce 3.0 and Waveline DC 2500 are both $110, a lot cheaper but if they make noise or have the chance of malfunctioning and doing damage, I want to move past them. On an unrelated note, what are your thoughts about buying used ATOs? Looking for some quick answers since I want to grab these equipment while they're still there!
  19. Ok, so my ato will be arriving on Thursday, and now I am on the hunt for a top off container that's not hundreds, and not a random bucket hanging out I'm my office. Ideas? I would want it to be at least a gallon( so I can get at least a week between fills) easy to get( i.e. target, Wal-Mart, home depot ect) and nice enough to not look outta place in an office. Send me ideas
  20. StephDaReefer

    WTB ATO system

    Hello can any of you help a fellow college budget reefer find a used ATO for my fluval 13.5. Recently upgraded the light which caused a huge dent in my bank account, now it’s topless but the water is evaporating faster than I can keep up with. I’m constantly having to top it off manually and checking the salinity multiple times daily. Would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  21. Lugmos12

    ATO nano suggestions

    I'm dead sick of manually topping off every day. I run my tank topless (EVO 13.5g) and want to start using an ATO. I'm looking for something simple and reliable. I did do some research but there are a lot of options. Simply want to see what people have had success with in terms of ATO units.
  22. Has anyone owned AutoAqua and/or Similai products? How reliable are they? AutoAqua seems to have a good reputation, so I planned on getting their Smart AWC touch for ATO and automatic water changes. I've noticed though that Similai offers two products whose combined price is identical to the Smart AWC touch. Similai WM-01 (Water manager) for water changes Simalai TW-02 (Temperature alarm & water level controller) for ATO WM-01 and TW-02 can be connected with a cable to work together and, also to a Wi-Fi network, so you can perform a water change from your phone when you are away. This feature is missing from the Smart AWC touch. Any suggestions regarding these three products specifically?
  23. benstatic


    Looking at ATO units for a 20 gal long. I searched the forum and there hasn't been a good thread on this for a year. I have lots of questions here: 1) I assume you unplug during a water change? 2) How big are reservoirs, or are they just as big as I want them and all I am buying is pump / suction? 3) How do you supplement 2 part with an auto-top off? (Right now, I manually top off with a shot of one of the 2 parts, twice a day). Is there some same time adjustment to my dosing regime I should be thinking about? 4) Hydor or Tunze? I'd rather not deal with alarms, or floods. It should fail in the 'off' position.
  24. CinnamonTorch

    Smart ATO Micro worth the cash!?

    Is the Smart ATO micro worth 175$ CAD? I'm running a nuvo 10 and i'm finding it very hard to fit another ato.. so i found this one, i read great reviews, but i wanted to know if anyone here can share their experience with me. this will be my first Ato, is it hard to use? Does it make a lot of noise? (My tank is right next to my bed) and is it worth getting for the long run? thanks again
  25. Hello, im taking down my tank and have some well maintained equipment for sale. JBJ ATO -50 sold Hydor Smart Level ATO- sold smart ATO- sold to @TheBig053 bubble magus 5 protein skimmer - SOLD ecotech MP10wes wireless - sold brand new vectra m1 -sold AI hydra with director - 150 Sold to @Rustycorals Innovative marine gourmet defroster - 15 SO Matic Reactor Germany brand new - SOLD 2 Jebao PP20- Openbox used once less than a day. too strong for my 40 breeder - $70 each 0r 130 for both icecap gyre 3000k openbox not used - 125 kessil A150 Sky blue - 100 the more you get the lower the price gets pm me if interested. Pp fee and shipping included
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