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Found 27 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I just recently started a Youtube channel in which I 3d design and make reef related projects. The idea for this started over the Holidays when I posted a thread on Reef2Reef offering to design some project for fellow reefers. Link to original thread Here is the Plan... Once a week I am going to make something suggested by the Nano Reef members (also on Reef2reef). I am going to record the drawing, designing, printing, testing, and implementation of the design. After each project is completed (success or failure) I am going to make the designs available on Thingiverse and post a YouTube video. ( ISeaLive channel - Just Started) My goals... First, I would like to challenge myself to think outside the box, get better at designing and creating awesome things. 2nd, I would like the community to hold me accountable because I am notorious for not finishing projects. I always get bored and move on to something else when the last project is 95% complete. Last, I would like to create a library of informative content and designs that can be used to help inspire other reefers to make awesome things. If you end up using any of my designs please post pictures and videos in this thread. I will be using the pictures/videos you post in the videos that I make and post on Youtube. Here is my first every youtube video. Please let me know what you think!!! Here are some of the projects that I created in the Christmas Thread. Nero 3 anemone guard Thingiverse Link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4695451 Camera mount Not available on Thingiverse yet because the design needs revision. 25 Watt Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer Holder Thingiverse Link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4700825 Jegar heater holder Not available on Thingiverse yet because the design needs revision. Tunze nano controller holder & power strip Not available on Thingiverse yet because the design needs revision. EcoTech Marine MP10 wet side cover Thingiverse Link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4709077 Motorized light cable real Thingiverse Link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4708754 What should I make next? Please post what you would like to see me make. It will help a ton if you include drawings, dimensions, and pictures. Before starting a design I have to have a full understanding of what I am creating and the objectives that it has to accomplish. Happy Reefing, ISeaLive
  2. What’s up everybody! This is my first shot at a reef tank. When I set up this I originally wasn’t planning on posting it online or anything so I don’t have two many shots of the build and progress along the way. Started the tank a little under a year ago, but just last week I drained it, salvaged what livestock I could, put in new sand bed and aquascaping, and reconfigured my AIO filtration method. Been through a lot of trials and tribulations so far Equipment list: Tank: JBJ rimless 10-gallon AIO aquarium and stand Light: Nicrew 30W reef LED aquarium light 1st 1st filtration chamber: filter floss, chemipure blue, GFO 2nd chamber: (originally started out as a refugium) marine pure ceramic bioballs seeded with Micobacter7 3rd chamber: cheap heater I bought off Amazon, and the return pump that came with the JBJ tank (return pump intake set to ~50%) Live stock: hammers zoas mushrooms acans duncan blasto lobo favia clown pair Modifications: Added a random flow generator nozzle - best $20 I’ve spent on the tank! Let me know if you guys have any questions/advice! Much appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone, my old tank was a 20 gallon aqeuon with a tomato clownfish and a yellow watchman goby. This will be a slow thread as I'm a little tight with money at the moment, but I hope the end result will be fantastic. Anyways I picked up the top fin 55 gallon tank kit. I am aqua scaling it to have 2 clumps of rocks on both sides that slope into the middle like a trench. I was watching serpa design and he painted the back of his tank with Rust-Oleum acrylic black latex paint and I think I will do this to really get the trench vibe going. The goal of this tank is to not have many corals but have huge colonies that will fill the tank. Tank: TopFin 55 Gallon Filter: One TopFin 75 Gallon Power Filter and an Aqueon 20 Gallon Whisper Heater: TopFin 200 watt Heater Skimmer: Reef Octopus HOB 150 gallon Light: Fluval Reef Tank Light 48 inch Wavemakers: Koralia 1150 gph Algae Scrubber: undecided Livestock plans in order of introduction: Fish: 1x Yellow Watchman Goby (from current tank) 1x Lawnmower Blenny 1x Tomato Clownfish (from current tank) 1x Radial Filefsih 3-5 Harem of chalk Bass 1x Green Clown Goby 1x Atlantic Longnose Butterflyfish Inverts: Different species of Squat Lobster (experimental) 1x Crinoid 1x Ball Sponge 1x Spider Sponge 1x Christmas Tree Rock 1x Coco Worm Various Tunicates 2x Staghorn Hermits 2x Porcelaine Crab 1-2x Brittle Starfish Army of Hermit Crabs 1x Caribbean Thorny Oyster Army of Snails Corals: All Current Corals Various Colors of Sun Coral 1x Fathead Dendrophyllia 1x Carnation Coral 1x Chili Coral 1x Ref Finger Gorgonian 1x Yellow Finger Gorgonian 1x Blueberry Gorgonian Various Goniopora Various Gorgonians
  4. I built this aquascape for my 40 gallon AIO tank. Went by numbers alone on the scale of the construction. Now that I set it in place I am questioning if it should be taller. The tank water level is about 16 inches the peak of the rock is between 10" and 11" so I have about 5" to 6" of water above the highest point. I think I'm OK but before I submerge this structure for 4 to 6 weeks to get it livened up in a tote, I am wondering what you think. I have never custom built aquascape before where I had a choice I just put as much in as I could stack up. I am thinking room for corals to grow up and fish to swim. Your thoughts?
  5. mvh pets

    how much rock

    what is the bare minimum of reef saver rock i can use to aquascape a standard 20 gallon aquarium. filteration should not be much of a concern as i have a canester filter packed full of bio media rated for a 70 gallon and will upgrade to a sump very soon, and i have a 1.5 inch sand bed. i was recommended 0.5 kg/ 1 lbs per gallon but can i go much lower than that. its a fish and invert only system and i will not be adding coral as its illegal in my area. thanks!
  6. Brock9999

    Coral placement help!?

    Was wondering if any one could give me advice on where to put these corals I just ordered
  7. ggabrielcc

    HELP - Aqua scape regret

    Hi, I would really appreciate it if I could get some help, I've set up an 8 gallon pico reef and I went for what I thought would be a cool bridge type aqua scape but I'm really having second thoughts about it now, unfortunately I halfway have corals glued down but I don't think it'll be too hard to get them off as they haven grown onto the rocks yet. as for the re scape I kind of want to either add two islands front and back or keep a similar rock shape just not have a bridge as I feel I could have rocks right where the sand is, I really don't know to be fair so if any one want to help that would be great
  8. aclman88

    Pico Aquascape Thoughts

    Wanting some feedback on my different possible aquascapes. This was the tank before: I took out a massive piece of rock on the left because it took up too much of the tank and didn't leave much room for corals. It might look nice now, but is actually learned forward and shadowed most of the sand bed in front of it. The LPS have all since moved to a larger tank. This tank I am thinking will be mostly softies and some LPS such as acans or a small elegance to act as a centerpiece. I am aiming for a minimalist scape to allow more placement for corals on the sand or to have small islands. I also prefer the minimalist as the tank has no backing expect the wall behind it, which gives the tank a sense of depth. Below are some different layouts I tired. I like the idea of an arch or overhang. I also have a lot go different rocks I could break up to add to this. I am leaning towards the last one, since the rounded arch its a little more natural and it leaves the entire front and left open for islands or corals to sit on the sand. Any thoughts?
  9. I have set up a 10 gallon tank which is probably 11- 12 gallons as the I have a large canister filter. I was wandering what people thought would look nice coral and coral placement wise and if I can improve my aquascape. I already have a small Xenia frag from my 15 gallon tank but I'll probably remove it as they always end up taking over. (sorry if the tank is also a bit dirty its just finishing its cycle) thanks :)
  10. In April I set up an180 gallon marine tank(6x2x2) I love it and it is doing very well. However, in an effort to keep my 'tinkering' hands out of the tank, I finally persuaded my wife to let me buy some glass, wood and acrylic and build my own 50l display tank with a 25l sump and 7.5 l top off tank. It's been fun, fun, fun.... time to start a build thread. I'm aiming for a 'mini cycle' at worst. (there is nothing brown and hairy growing in the sump that's a reflection of the living room rug!) as I am seeding the tank with some siporax, a little sand, live rock and some sponge media from the180. I thought about purchasing TMC habitat 50 tank... they look so good! Then I thought to hell with spending almost £600 pounds on that... I would make my own 'version' for less than half that amount.... wish me luck! The tank including equipment should cost me less than £300. I'm really looking forward to receiving feedback on my plans for this mixed reef and its progress! Display: DIY 12 gallon Display Sump: 6 gallons Lighting: TBA Filtration: Tunze 9001 skimmer, filter floss, gfo, carbon Heater: 50w Circulation: Jebao 1200 ATO: Tunze Nano ATO - not purchased yet Dosing: Manual ATI Essentials (not pro and not yet!)
  11. Hello Everybody, I am new to this forum and i just thought that i would take some pictures of my Aquascape and share it with you. 🐠 Tank Capacity: 90 litres/24 US Gallons Materials: Caribsea life rock & Hugo Kamishi coral sand. Lighting: Twinstar 600e (I know this is a planted tank light but i thought i would give it a try) Filtration: All pond solutions 1000EF *Also if somebody could give me some tips about which macroalgae to add to my display tank, i am abit cautious because i know that some species like calurpa can destroy or ruin a tank quite quickly so some advice would be great.*
  12. NanoOceanio

    Nano Reef Tank

    Hello all reef keepers, I have just made the transfer from freshwater to saltwater by purchasing the Fluval EVO 12 gal. aquarium tank and I can not tell you all how excited how I am to add some livestock. I am looking for a pair of clowns, a watchmen goby and pistol shrimp, also would really love a royal gramma but do not know if the tank is big enough for one. And of course a cleaner crew, but unsure if I should wait until after I get fish. I am honestly more intrigued about the coral life and would love to hear your opinions on how I should establish/stock my aquarium. The whole setup is stock, and I will not be using that clear tube as my output flow do not worry I have ordered the dual output flow nozzle because for some odd reason that piece was missing from the kit. Anyway, I needed an opinion on my aquascape. Is there too much live rock? Also, if any of can share any beginner coral recommendations and placement ideas for the aquascape it will be greatly appreciated. I have a few ideas in mind, but I am open to others and would much appreciate any tips, feedback, or advice that any of you can share. Thanks!
  13. Asian Hurricane

    Too much love rock in my aquascape?

    Hi all, I am starting a brand new nano Reef in a fluval Evo 13.5. I have never done a salt water tank so this is a new experience and I could definitely use any and all help. I would like to ask all of your opinions on the aquascape I made. It is about 11-12 lbs of live rock. I am wondering if it is too much as a family member said it was a little busy. I was wondering if I should remove the brown portion on the tail end on the right and just leave the arch? Thanks for any and all advice!
  14. HingleMcCringleberry

    Review my tank? 30gal (Pictures)

    Hi all I feel like I’ve just about finished stocking my 30 gallon tank. I’m really proud of the work I’ve done so far. I’d love to hear feedback on my little ecosystem I designed. Criticism is welcome as well. I just want to show off the product of my efforts and hear ways I might still improve it. My tanl is a 30 gallon biocube. It’s been set up for about 4.5 months now but it was mature and full of water and rock when I received it used so I got a little head start. i have attached some photos I took yesterday there are are a couple of frags that got burned and were put on the sand temporarily. let me me know what you think!
  15. Dantrasy

    CB600 Reef Tank

    Hello Nano Reef I finally decided to pull the trigger and convert one of my planted tanks to a reef and I would like to document my progress/mistakes/help. Updated Equipment Tank: CADE, CB600, 60x45x45 (120L) Fixture: I'll be using an 4x24w ATI Powermodule (because I already have it). Bulbs: 2x blue +, purple + and actinic. Return pump: Jecod 6000dc Skimmer: Tunze 9004dc Doser: Coral Box wifi Reactor: Coral Box Bio Filtration: Marine Pure Flow: MP10qd ATO: Tunze 3155 Updated other gear Rowaphos Matrix Carbon Real Live Rock Quantum Reef Essential Mixed Macro Probiotic Salt Last weekend I took the tank to a guy who does commercial and domestic reef installations. He's drilling the tank for me and making a phantom overflow, a sump (65L) and he's going to wrap the rear panel with black vinyl. Can't wait to see how to turns out. It ought be done in 2 weeks time. A friend of mine had a epic 3ft nano reef a while back (Mike). So I'm picking his brain for advice as much as I can. I hope I can do the some here on this forum. Problem is, I don't know what I don't know. To rectify this I'm going through this forum reading heaps (really enjoying it), and I'm watching the BRS 52 week video series. I'm up to week 14. He skipped over sand pretty quick. I like the idea of black sand, but the BRS guy hints that it's not a good idea. Not 100% sure why. Anyway, I know people like pics so here's one of what the 2ft used to look like (my IAPLC entry this year) and one of my 3 tanks from last week.
  16. SEWiscoSaltLife

    First tank aquascape thoughts?

    Hey all! While I’ve been researching the nano reef ways for several years (5+ at this point), I’m finally pulling the trigger and I was curious to see if anyone has any thoughts, suggestions and/or tips on this aquascape I set up for my 10 gallon. I know that outside of the tank it might be difficult to judge, but I’m currently letting that sit with some water in it overnight just to make sure there aren’t any leaks. At its highest point, the scape is just under 8 inches tall, with the tank being about 12 inches tall. Everything should be about 1.5 inches off the glass as well. Any thoughts, tips or suggestions are appreciated! Just figured I’d turn to people with experience quick to hear their thoughts before I permanently attach some of the little less stable pieces together on the left side. Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone! I just ordered a sun coral and a white scroll algae from ebay, so I thought it would be a good time to start officially journaling my progress with my NPS tank. Here are the current and planned specs; Filtration; Aquaclear 20 (100 GPH) with activated carbon, Sun sun internal filter (650 GPH) no media, planned Aquafuge2 small refugium (2.6 gallon, unsure about GPH, filled with macroalgae and live sand). Nutrient export: Macroalgae, 2 x 40% water changes weekly Light: ABI Par 38 tuna blue bulb, 23 watts (generic reef pro light on refugium...it adds 120 par at 14 inches below the water level) Macroalgae (tank): Caulerpa sp (something feathery), White scroll algae Corals (Tank): Sun coral, black sun coral, Red tree gorgonian (in a cave to prevent algae overgrowth), Leptogorgonia purple sea fan Other inverts: Hermit crabs, snails, Bam bam (the pistol shrimp), elephant ear sponge (in a cave to prevent algae overgrowth), fan worm? Fish: Little Dude (the royal gramma), maybe some sort of cardinalfish? Refugium life; Caulerpa prolifera, Gracilaria sp, copepods, rotifers? Feeding regime: Going to start with seachem phytoplankton and zooplankton twice a day for the filter feeders, and frozen food daily for the sun corals and fish. Will eventually replace the phytoplankton with live phytoplankton mix, and the zooplankton with reef roids. Will also broadcast some live phyto into the tank water before bed. And here's a picture of the tank! And here are pictures of my plans. The first one is for the main tank, the second one is for the refugium; Hope you enjoy following along! Don't hesitate to give your thoughts on my tank 🙂 PS...this will probably take a few months to get fully set up...the refugium and the live phytoplankton are expensive to initially procure (though they are high quality and last a while). I will post pictures at least once a week.
  18. ihglifelol

    what coral(s) should i get next

    hi, i got a 5 gallon nano that im turning into a reef tank. Any coral ideas that i can add next. got an acan and duncan right now. what coral(s) should i get next
  19. Hi! I'm setting up my first saltwater aquarium (after many years of fw planted tanks) and could use some advice on my rock scape. I like how it looks but I'm wondering if this is enough rock. Are there plenty of good spaces for a variety of corals? I still haven't done enough research on coral placement, so I'm wondering if the top part has too much vertical surface instead of horizontal? Is there enough rock for biological filtration? I'm guessing it's not even 5lbs, and I have at least 10lb more that I could break up and play with. I don't have specific stocking goals at the moment and am just trying to create a pretty balanced scene with rock surface, sand space, swim space, and enough clearance for easy glass cleaning while still being interesting visually. Thank you for the critiques!
  20. I've got a bit of aged coconut shell I use for projects, and the outermost shell, after the rough husk has been sanded down it is really quite hard and tough without being treated at all. I'm wondering if it can be used to mount some kind of soft coral or if I can polish it with a cloth and create a very interesting aquascape. Its been in water for about 3 years and the outer shell didn't degrade visibly. If anyone had tried with something like this I'd love to hear about it.
  21. Neopixal

    Help on aquascape

    How can I improve my aquascape? Where should I place my corals to make it look better? I will be bringing in a yellow acro, pompom xenia and more Yumas in the near future. I do have some small rocks at hand if needed. Corals: [Neon Green Toadstool] [Red Mint Blasto] [Purple Red Ultra Acan Lord] [Bleeding Eye Favia] [Neon Green Styloco] [Orange Octospawn] [Duncan] [Golden Leptastrea] [Purple Green, Orange Purple, and one other Yuma] [Green Smooth skin Acro] Future Coral Inhabitants: [PomPom Xenia] [UC Bananarama Acro] [More Yumas]
  22. Point is I need advice moving a bta to a nano after coral has attached. Full story: I currently have 2 saltwater tanks, one is a 3 year old (abused for the past year) biocube I decided (since having a 4 month old) I can’t keep anymore. It has only been topped off a few times year, the filter changed 4x a year, has been around 88 degrees the past 4 months, and I can’t afford time or money to keep. BUT through all this I’ve had a few fish and a gorgeous rainbow bta survive (the whole reason I agreed to move the tank to a new house AND upstairs at 6 months pregnant. At her best! My second tank is my reef. It’s over a year old, 12g with a 10g sump. Taken very well care of. Even have white porcelain crabs which would enjoy a bta. I’ve had clowns smother nems before, do porcelain crabs do the same? But again only 12g and a nem? Zoas are on almost every rock. Some zoa colonies I’d be willing to lose for the anemone if it’s possible. It’s has softies, lps and 2 monti frags on the glass. The anemone (still in the biocube there) hasn’t been doing well for months now very suddenly. The lighting maybe was changed because I added an old orbit led that always confused me, maybe when it started getting warmer, and the lack of care I’m sure. Anyways, since I’m trying to get rid of this tank and I lovee this anemone is there any hope of adding a bta to a semi-new reef? I’ve acclimated it to my new tank and it is very happy. Have it under a plastic bottle cut in half with small holes for some flow so it can’t move around easily. Has anyone successfully added an anemone to a nano reef after the coral? Any tips on my water bottle cage? It’s hard to get a seal on the bottom so I know it could slip out. Does anyone know if a porcelain crab would smother my nem if he ever gets uncaged? I have an ocellaris clown so I’m not as worried of her trying to host it enough to smother it. Please any advice is greatly appreciated! Mat least I have an infant so am awake all times of the night to check the tank xD
  23. Hello everyone, I'd like to start by saying that although I just signed up for my own nano reef account, ive been lurking through these forums for months and have found a wealth of help and answered questions; this seems like a great and helpful community that I'm happy to now be a part of. So I started my first nuvo 20 gallon nano reef and it has been up and running for just over a month now. This is my first attempt at saltwater, although I am not new to fishkeeping. Basically, im having second thoughts about some of my ideas and would just like to bounce them off of some experienced members who may be able to steer me away from making poor tank choices. Here are some details of the tank: - 20G nuvo fusion - current USA LED light - koralia hydor 425 gph - 18-ish pounds BRS pukani dry rock - 20 pounds live sand - innovative marine custom caddy media baskets -chemi pure blue - 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 10ppm nitrate - 1 ruby headed fairy wrasse - 1 pygmy hawkfish - 1 large electric blue hermit crab - 1 medium trochus snail - 1 small hermit crab - 4 LPS frags Things I plan to add: - reef octopus HOB 1000 skimmer (already ordered should come this week) - aquamaxx carbon and GFO reactor (to eventually replace the chemi pure blue) - aquamaxx biopellet tumbler - Larger clean up crew - Leopard toby puffer - Pygmy angelfish So I'll start with the disclaimer that I know the fairy wrasse in the long run is probably too small for this tank and will most likely not be a permanent member of my reef community. However, she is very small right now (1.5") and seems to be thriving in my tank (hopefully I can upgrade before she grows too big and I have to take her back to my LFS) So my first question is, did i add too much rock? Ive searched this and I know the simple answer is no, you cant have too much filtration. BUT, i am a little concerned that im reducing my already small water footprint, and want to provide my fish with enough room to swim freely. Basically I just want opinions, could i do better with my aquascape? Should i remove the chunk of rock on the right or get rid of the massive cave piece? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Next, i need help with some questions regarding the stocking of my tank. For one thing, I know i need a bigger CUC. So far theyve been keeping algae under control for the most part, but i woke up to a bit of a diatom bloom again and could definately use some more snails. I would really like to also add a leopard toby puffer, but I'm not sure it would fit in my tank well. Liveaquaria suggests 30g but lgreens nano fish guide in the stickies says 20g. I know these puffers arent exactly reef safe but id be willing to replace some hermits and snails if it would eat them. What do you think about a leopard toby puffer in my tank? I also am interested in a pygmy cherub angel. However I think that might be over stocked if i also had the toby, fairy wrasse, and pygmy hawkfish. Thoughts? im not too worried about biological load. With the reef octopus 1000 HOB skimmer and biopellets, and bi weekly 25% water changes it seems like id be worried about not enough nutrients if anything? Does anyone have experience with biopellets on a tank this small? Ive read mixed things and it seems like id have to start with a VERY small amount of pellets. But it seems like a good time to try while the system is still new. But like i said im more worried about space. I want my fish to live happy lives where they arent all cramped in against eachother. so could i do a toby, pygmy angel, fairy wrasse, and pygmy hawkfish? Maybe if i removed some rock to clear up space? Maybe i could get rid of the wrasse and have the toby, pygmy angel, pygmy hawkfish, and a small goby that way i only have two fish really in the water column? thank you for reading thus far, any comments, thoughts, suggestions, and experiences are welcome and appreciated
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