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  1. Hello N-R.com family, Welcome! If you are just joining us, please know this build thread is 2 tanks in 1 thread. Double the pleasure, double the fun. Over the course of the last 10 years, I've had a number of tanks with varied success, and I hope to put all the lessons learned from those tanks together in this build. Rules of the road: Simplicity is king. 15,000 pieces of equipment just create more opportunities for failure. I am going to do the basics, and I'm going to do them well. I will use automation and monitoring for safety and to make me aware of problems in the tank, but not depend on them for the survival of the tank. Some SPS. I like some SPS Corals, and I might try a frag or two that amuse me, but this tank will go back to my love of LPS, softies, and (hopefully) a clam. Fun, active, and healthy. I want my reef to thrive, the inhabitants to be healthy, and to have a tank that I can get lost staring at for hours. Red Sea Reefer 250 ZeoVit Fueled Mixed Reef Tank After 10 months, my mixed reef in the IM20 tank outgrew the space, so I decided to upgrade into a Red Sea Reefer 250, where I'll continue building upon the ZeoVit success I've had in the nano tank on a little larger scale. 👉Jump to page 5, where the Red Sea Reefer build starts 👉Or, keep reading and see where it came from Equipment Red Sea Reefer 250 (55 gallons) Kessil AP9X Light EchoTech Marine MP10 powerbeads (x2) Neptune COR return pump Clarisea roller mat for mechanical filtration Royal Exclusive 160 protein skimmer Neptune Apex EL Neptune DOS dosing pumps Neptune DOS reservoir Neptune Trident Neptune ATK (auto top off) Customized sump with redesigned plumbing Sapphire Aquatics 10g ATO Custom acrylic lid Modified stand iPad mini display ZeoVit dosing Livestock: Pair of Yasha Gobies Pistol Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Peppermint Shrimp Blue Maxima Clam Aussie Golden Eye Chalice Branching Cyphastera Green Acans Purple Favia Rainbow Acans Watermelon Acans Weeping Willow Toadstool Orange Ricordia Mushrooms Misc. Green & Blue Zoas Purple Hairy Mushroom Blue Tip Torch Euphyllia Superman Montipora White Zombie Zoas Assorted Acropora and Millipora Green Texas Slimer Baby Blue Bowerbacki Neon Green Birdsnest 20lbs Fiji Pink Sand 30lbs of Tonga branch live rock 20lbs Live Rock from KP Aquatics Tank is Born, 26 December 2020: Sump Setup, January 2021 FTS, 13 January 2021 FTS, 20 January 2021 Innovative Marine 20 Peninsula Clownfish Harem Tank As I move the reef into the larger tank, I will transition this nano tank into a clownfish harem tank.... Equipment: Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Pro Peninsula 20 Gallon tank Kessil A360X light with wifi InTank media basket Aqamai KPS Wavemaker pump eShopps Nano Protein Skimmer Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 75W heater Aqua Gadget Spin Stream Nozzle XP Aquatics Duetto ATO system 15lbs of Live Rock Tank is Born, 18 March 2020: Full Tank Shot, 31 March 2020 Full Tank Shot, 14 April 2020 Full Tank Shot, 13 May 2020 Full Tank Shot, 15 June 2020 Full Tank Shot, 20 July 2020 Full Tank Shot, 8 September 2020 Full Tank Shot, 18 November 2020 Full Tank Shot, 13 January 2021 (After livestock transfers to RSR 250)
  2. FrancineJ

    Where to place wavemakers?!

    So I have no clue where to put my wave makers... they are 2 aqamai kps’ i attached pictures to see what you guys think... I really don’t know how much flow they should be set to each (each one goes to 1050gph) i have livestock coming so any help would be appreciated.... I basically know when to set it for feeding mode and night mode and that’s about it... not sure is they should be set to constant or a different pattern or even different patterns from each other (maybe one constant and one something else?) not sure if if I even have them in a good spot or where a good spot would be... Thanks if anyone cares to help! I’d appreciate it top picture is left side- output side pointed at rock bottom picture (with really red line) is right side- intake side (it is placed between the 2 intake holes... and pointed at the back of the rock
  3. Noinoi24

    Adobo_reef's Nuvo 10

    After moving from CA to NJ due to mom being sick, I had to take down my Red Sea Reefer 170. Love them Anemones
  4. After an upgrade I found the KPS to be just a little-bit underpowered for my needs, so I'm looking to sell it. Had it in the tank for about a year, the previous owner ran it for about 6 months, so it's probably about two years old. It was kept clean and my system doesn't really have any algae which causes trouble with powerheads anyway. The only issue I had was the app just doesn't work well with android at all. Pump otherwise essentially looks brand new and comes reset in the original packaging.
  5. JLynn

    Aqamai KPS Powerhead

    A couple quick caveats, before I dive in: my first and only other powerhead before this was a good old Hydor Koralia Nano 425, so in some ways, this is going to be a comparison of the two, simply because I have no other frame of reference. Also, I have literally only had this pump for about an hour, so what I'm writing here is my initial impressions. In probably a month or so I'll come back with any updates to my opinion about the pump. That way I'll have had time to really familiarize myself with the all the different controls and settings. So, what's my initial impression? I'm very pleased. The KPS is definitely the best controllable pump on the market for nano reefs. Price: The price of the KPS is $125 - this includes the pump, as well as the wireless hub that lets you program and control the pump through the app, which is free. That's substantially more expensive than it's non-controllable cousins, the Koralia Nano 425 and the Koralia Nano 240, both of which are about $25, but it's also substantially cheaper than it's controllable competition, the Vortech MP10 ($285+) and the Maxspect Gyre XF230 ($290), both of which are overkill on most nano tanks, anyways (especially soft-coral dominated ones, like mine). Size/Shape: As promised, the KPS is quite petite. Here's a side by side comparison with the Koralia Nano 425: It isn't a ton smaller than the Koralia, but when you consider that it is capable of pumping up to 1000gph, it's small size becomes more impressive. It also just looks a lot sleeker - there's none of the boxiness in the KPS that the Koralia has. The other excellent thing about the KPS is that it's design gives you a lot of freedom to direct the current where you want it to go. I can't think of any other pump that matches it in this respect. For comparison, the Koralia pointed as far to one side as it will go, next to the KPS pointed as far to one side as it will stay (for the record, it can be pointed directly perpendicular to it's mount, but the magnetism isn't quite strong enough to keep it there): As you can see, the KPS soundly trounces the Koralia in that respect. I'm particularly glad about that, because one of my chief complaints about the Koralia was that it can't point as far as I wanted it too. And it's controllable competition, the MP10 and the Gyre, can't be pointed anywhere at all, so that's another point in the KPS's favor. Safety: There are only a couple things to mention here. Firstly, the design of the KPS system allows for two drip loops - one between the pump and the wifi hub, and another between the wifi hub and the plug. The illustration included in the package shows that very nicely: The second thing shown on that diagram (marked: attention) is the other, more minor, safety feature. Basically, the connections to and from the wifi hub are threaded - one side has a movable rubber ring that screws down onto the connecting wire (also rubber). One nice this about this is that in the unlikely event that water spills onto those cords (maybe you get sloppy during a water change or something), those connections are very, very well protected. The other nice thing is that you can't accidentally pull out one of the connections (nor can your kids or pets). However, while one of those connections was very easy to screw in, the other one was extremely difficult - I eventually managed to screw it in to the point that the connection was made, but it's still only about 2/3rds of the way screwed on. I'm not sure why it is that one was so easy and the other was nearly impossible, but be warned: you might have trouble screwing these wires together. App/Controllability: The app is free, as I mentioned, and available for both Android and iPhone. When you first open the app, you have three options: create an account, login with your Google account, or login with your Facebook account. I chose Facebook, because it was the most convenient option for me. Then, (at least for iPhones) you need to go to you wifi settings and choose the network called Aqamai_KPS_random_string_of_letters_and_numbers. It will ask you for a password. The password is 12345678. That's in the instructions, but it's very easy to miss, so I thought I ought to include it here, too. The instructions call it the default password, which implies that you could change it. I'm not sure how you would go about that, though. I didn't see anything about that in the settings on the app. Anyways, the set-up process is very easy. Definitely a lot easier and quicker than setting up Bluefish for a Nano Box Reef light. Once you are into the app, there are six different settings for the pump: Constant, Smooth, Night, Feed, Wave, and Random. I'd be interested to know what exactly Night mode does, and how it's any different from the others. Anyways, within each of those settings you can go in and set the flow rate. For smooth, wave, and (presumably) random, you pick both a maximum and a minimum flow rate that the pump oscillates between. This pump can do anything from 370gph to 1050 gph, so you have a wide range to choose from. One of the best features is that you can program a full 24 hour cycle. If you feed at the same times every day, this will be particularly nice for you - you won't have to bother going into the app and changing into feed mode manually, and then waiting 30 minutes and changing back to another mode, you can just program it to do that for you. Your fish will probably also pick up on that pattern quickly and learn to anticipate that when Feed mode changes the current a certain way, food will soon follow. The 24 hour cycle is broken down into 30 minute chunks, which may be annoying if you don't want to leave Feed mode on for 30 whole minutes, but otherwise is probably a bit more precise than you need it to be. I suppose it would be better if you could choose the intervals yourself, but that would also make things more complicated for people uninterested in that level of control. And before you worry that you have to individual set each chunk of time, the app has a feature like Excel, where you can drag a certain setting down for as many of the time periods as you want. My one complaint about it is that while you can drag it down, you can't drag it back up, so if you go a bit too far down the list, you'll have to individually change all the accidentally set time slots to what you want. One other minor complaint about the app is that while it comes with pre-made programs for SPS and LPS, it doesn't have one for soft corals. Lastly, a weird thing about connecting to the device: instead of connecting to it as a device on your phone, you connect to it as a network. So you have to switch between your internet wifi and the device's network to be able to change settings on the app, and then switch back to normal wifi to use the internet. Presumably this also means that you have to be in the house to change the settings; you couldn't change them from work (though I don't see why you'd want to...). Performance: It's performed very well for me in the extremely short amount of time I've had it. So far I've only used the wave/pulse mode. I'll definitely update this section later with details on all the various modes, once I've had time to experiment with all the different combinations of settings and flow rates. It's very quiet, which is nice. Again, I don't have much to say about this yet, since I've only just gotten my KPS. All things said and done, while there are a couple minor issues with the app and I had a lot of trouble with connecting one of those wires, this really is a great powerhead, at a great price. With a flow range of 370-1050 gph, it's much better suited to nano reefs than any other controllable powerhead I know of. And if you upgrade from a nano to a larger tank, you could just buy one or two more of these, which would be a lot cheaper than buying multiple Vortechs. I don't think there's any way to link multiple KPSs together, which would be a bit annoying, but you'd save hundreds of dollars, so I think that evens out. Still, making a way to link up multiple KPS pumps for people with larger tanks would be a good thing for Aqamai to do in future iterations of this powerhead.
  6. The Aqamai I've had for about 4 or 5 months so far doesn't seem to be the best fit for my tank, I love the customizability but the flow is too intense and too-narrow for my tank, it also has an excessive min and max GPH for my setup, I'm really interested in trying out the re-branded coralbox RN-1 (Reefbreeder RP-M) as the less-intense, wider-flow pattern sounds perfect.
  7. Reefing009

    Aqamai KPS Powerhead

    I just set up my Fluval Evo 13.5 and been upgrading the equipments right away. I bought the Aqamai KPS pump. It’s a nice little pump that have many programing flexibility. However, every time the pump speed up or turn on an off for the wave mode, it produces a loud humming noise. Is everybody pump the same? From the review I’ve been reading on these pump it’s supposed to be near silent. Did I get a dud? Thanks for reading!
  8. Hi everyone, I have been posting sporadically on here asking question regarding my tank build but here is my official build thread! A little background, this will be my first attempt at my own reef tank but my parents have had one for years. I just finished graduate school a couple months ago and decided to take the plunge and get into reefing myself! My equipment list is as follows: IM Fusion 20 Gallon Custom Stand (still being made, counter-top will suffice for the cycle) Nanobox Duo plus M (waiting to receive, cycle will run without light on anyway) Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 100W heater IM Custom Caddy IM Spinstreams x2 (arriving today) 15lbs Pukani Live Rock 20lbs CaribSea Special grade sand I do not want to run a skimmer on this tank so I am still trying to decide what to do with the two inner chambers. I plan to eventually run chemipure blue and carbon in the custom caddy along with fliter floss. I will probably be purchasing another caddie and place filter floss and marine pure spheres in it for more biological filtration. I am also contemplating plumbing an algae reactor in my stand for nutrient export (pump in one of the two internal chambers) but that is still up in the air. Any thoughts on what I should put in the last chamber? I still have lots of rock work to do but I was trying to get everything setup and running last night and this is where I ended up. Before Water Just Filled After some rock work Like I said I am sure I will move the scape around a million times before I am settled on something I really like but I appreciate all thoughts and suggestions!!
  9. tonydahomie

    tony’s 14g peninsula

    Hey! I’ve had some variation of this tank up and running for the past two years now - running with the same live rock since then that I got dry from BRS, some of the same corals & my skunk cleaner shrimp named Kevin who’s been with me through two moves and two subsequent tank transfers (my original IM 25 lagoon to a Fluval evo 13.5 to this IM 14 Peninsula). This has kept things interesting, and led me to going bare bottom as I will be moving again in July and it has just made things less complicated, although I may eventually add sand back in. Things have settled down for me a bit in the past few months though, and I’d really like to start posting here regularly just as a way to track my own progress with this tank. I’m hoping to start adding some more corals again soon and next week will be adding a Wyoming White clownfish (who my girlfriend has aptly named Alfredo) that I’m hoping my clownfish Bonnie will be nice to. EQUIPMENT LIVESTOCK Here’s some pictures:
  10. Lugmos12

    IM Fusion 20

    Backstory: So I started my first reef tank in July 2017 with an EVO12. On January 31, 2019 I switched over to an Innovative Marine Fusion 20 gallon. I found the deal on CL (came with a stand, skimmer, reactor, ATO and a bunch of miscellaneous reef stuff). This thing cost me what I would ONLY pay for the tank itself. Not a bad deal in my opinion. Since then, I've added a few new zoanthids, leathers, and a piece of SPS. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to order a dosing unit so I can cut down on water changes and just dose to maintain Alk/Mag/Ca and give the corals more stability. Through testing I notice that my Alk decreases to a really low number over the span of just 1.5 weeks. I want to also get into more LPS so dosing will be necessary to maintain stability. I'm debating between BRS and B-Ionic. Breakdown: Tank: IM Fusion 20 gallon ATO: XP Aqua Duetto Light: AI Prime HD Skimmer: Reef Glass Nano Wavemaker: Aqamai KPS Doser: TBD Live stock: CORALS: montipora setosa green digitata pocillopora green star polyps duncan hammer toadstool leather green nepthea red goniopora ricordea red mushrooms Candy Cane Zoas and palys: Utter Chaos, Banana Munchers, Laser Lemons, Purple Hearts, Rainbow Incinerator FISH: frostbite clown misbar clown six line wrasse INVERTS: Nassarius Snail margarita snail astrea snail Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp scarlet hermit crab
  11. I decided I’m going to replace the stock lights on my evo. Considering the AI prime HD but I just saw Aqamai has a new model called the LRS coming out. Anyone have any experiences with the LRM?
  12. Wondering on recommendations on a pump for my fluval evo12. I have been looking at eco tech mp10 and the Aqamai kps
  13. Hi, I upgraded my aquarium and I have this items. All items have shipping included. Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer Classic 110 SuperSpaceSaver. Rated for up to 120Gallons - Like New $160 CAD Lights Gen3 PLS-100 Pipeless Protein Skimmer. Rated for up to 120Gallons - Normal wear $70 Aqamai KPS Wavemaker. Wifi Controllable. Adjustable flow rate: 370-1050 gph - Like New, 3 months old. $75. Willing to trade for fish and corals but only for locals. I'm in Miramar, FL. Can trade also for a Ecotech ReefLink.
  14. Up for sale is Aqamai wave pump. Spent less than 24 hours in the water. Great little pump with lots of features and very quiet. $85 Shipped - Continental US Only. Thanks! Aqamai KPS Wavemaker Features: Adjustable flow rate: 370-1050 gph Dual magnet mounting system Fully programmable Energy efficient: uses 10 watts at maximum flow rate Aqamai KPS Wavemaker Specifications: Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.88 inches Max glass thickness: 0.59 inch Flow rate: 370-1,050 GPH Rated for 10-50 gallon aquariums Power cable: 39 inches Pump cable: 79 inches
  15. Hello guys, Im selling my Aqamai Wifi wave maker. My wife gave me a an MP10 as a gift so I will not be needing this anymore. I used it for less then 4 days in my 40 gallon tank and let me tell you it really performs well. You can download the app and control everything on your phone or tablet. Its pretty awesome. Im selling it for $110 obo. I will cover Paypal and shipping cost. It is one small but really powerful wave maker. it has the same features like the MP10 but wifey demands that I use the gift she gave me : (
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