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Found 6 results

  1. Aellery

    Bubble tip anemone spilt!

    Just added a rainbow bubble tip last week and woke up this morning and it split. Just seeing if it’s pretty normal for that to happen, or if I need be keep a close eye on it. Don’t want it to nuke my tank. Check picture below.
  2. Rowena

    Rowena's WB Cube 20

    Overview Start Date: Oct 2nd, 2021 Tank: Waterbox Cube 20 Light: AI Prime HD 16 Chamber 1: Stock Filter Sock (Oct 12, 2021) Media Basket (Oct 12, 2021) Filter Floss * 2 (Oct 12, 2021) 50mL Aqua Forest Activated Carbon 10mL Seachem Phosguard (Nov 25, 2021) Chamber 2: Aquael Ultra Heater 100W MarinePure Biofilter Media Cubes * 6 Chamber 3: Sicce 1.0 Pump (Nov 18, 2021 had enough with the buzz noise. The pump runs silently on its own, but i guess the chamber size made the vibration noise unbearable. Nothing helped) Inkbirk IBS-TH1 Wireless Thermometer Jebato-150 ATO (Oct 12, 2021) Stock pump (Nov 18, 2021) Display: 8.5kg Macro Rock 2.5kg Coral Sand Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Hangon Thermometer Unbranded USB Peristaltic Pump to suck water out as part of semi-auto WC (Oct 12, 2021) Jebato-150 ATO for salter water top up as part of semi-auto WC (Oct 12, 2021) Acrylic + Mesh Lid (Oct 12, 2021) Seneye Reef Monitor (Oct 24, 2021) AI Nero 3 (Nov 13, 2021) 3D printed nem guard (Nov 29, 2021) Fish: Fullband ocellaris clownfish (Nov 06, 2021) Misbar ocellaris clownfish (Nov 06, 2021) CUC: Nassarius snail (Nov 13, 2021) Trochus snail * 3 (Nov 13, 2021; +2 Nov 25, 2021) Turbo snail * 3 (Noc 25, 2021) Coral: GSP - toxic green (Nov 13, 2021) Toadstool leather coral (Nov 13, 2021) Anemone Frosted rose bubble tip anemone (Nov 20, 2021) Other Chaeto (Dec 3, 2021) Plan: Zoa rock (the piece in the front) Fungia Pipe organ coral Alveopora Hammer Torch
  3. afcajax73

    Andys Fluvial 13.5

    Good morning all! (we'll it's morning here in the UK at least) My name is Andy, I used to have a large marine tank approx 10 years ago, but I stopped keeping fish, and started keeping children... Now they're a bit more grown up i've decided to get another marine set up, but this time i've got a lot smaller with the Fluval Evo Sea 13.5 So far it's stayed stock and i've not upgraded anything, I used live sand, but not live rock, and then supplemented the cycle process with the RedSea Starter kit, the parameters are doing well, and so far i've added; 7x turbo snails, 1x fire shrimp, 1x kenya tree 1x rock of zoa also, i didn't know until a day after the zoa rock went in, but i had some sort of bivalve attached! which seems to be doing well too 🙂 in terms of longer term plans, i will be adding a few more corals, and then a pair of young clowns 🙂 and maybe adding a bit more flow to the tank here's a few pics so far,
  4. Clownnem05

    Clownnem05’s bta tank

    Hey:) this will be a thread documenting my journey creating the BTA tank of my dreams. Feel free to give constructive criticism at anytime!!! livestock: -pair of Ocellaris Clowns - two green bubble tip anemones - 5 blue legged hermit crabs - assorted snails lighting: 2 Kessil a80s tank info: IM 25 gallon lagoon filtered with marine pure bio filter gems. Water changes are done once a week. Normally I do 5 gallon changes. Feeding: the clownfish get fed pellets once a day and the nems get mysis shrimp every 3-4 days Pictures:
  5. I am wanting to set up a 20 gallon nano reef tank, I haven’t started yet as I’m pricing things out. But I’m am wondering how much gph water flow I should get? My filter currently does 92gph, but as I’ve gathered so far that isn’t ebough water flow for a reef tank. Can I please get some suggestions? Also I’m planning on getting a clown fish, and an anenome (most likely bubble) after the tank has matured. As for other fish I haven’t thought or planned any yet but i’s Love to get a tuxedo urchin.
  6. ADVmarine333

    ID this Anenome Please

    Just picked up this guy and was told it was a rose bubble tip anenome. Can anyone confirm this? If not, can you id it?
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