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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, usually I am not one to enter a contest but I do remember thinking, "what a cute idea" when I read Gena's suggestion of a pico contest. I probably still would not have entered except that I have not really liked the utility looks of my feeder shrimp tank. It was so bare bones next to the seahorse DT so I hid it under the cabinet. Out of sight out of mind as they say and the last order of shrimp were sickly, which is what started Ruth's decline. I decided a change was in order. This contest fits right in with what I have been thinking...setting up a more attractive shrimp tank but still keep it simple. I do not expect it to be amazing but it will be much nicer than they have had in the past, (hence the chalet). After all, they should live the high life before going into the seahorse Coliseum (I mean display tank), LOL. Oct. 3rd Set up with 1 piece of LR and 2 pieces of dry rock with seachem stability added to kick off the cycle. Oct. 5, 2017. November FTS (settled on final scape but not coral placement) December FJS (still moving some coral due to stinging) January FJS, (all the coral are in and placed, finally) They just need to grow! February FJS March FJS April FJS after the end of the contest! Jan 2018 the start of the 5.5g aio build. Finished and ready to get wet. Temporarily houses Whiplash until I found him a new home. April FJS, with rock and attached from jar after the creative container contest ends (page 20). ..................................................................... My bowl is a 3 gallon glass cookie jar from Target, $14.99. I will spray a matching mural on the back of the glass to hide electric cords and to match the seahorse display. Flow is furnished by a rio 90 powerhead and a whisper air pump with an a open airline (which I already have). Filtration will be live rock, macro algae and water changes, (LR and macro algae I already have). I am using Instant Ocean Reef Crystal salt. The light was an LED par bulb, 8 white and 4 blue diodes, and hanging fixture, ebay $19. Well the 1st bulb burned out in just 5 months, so I ordered a coral compulsion par 38 bulb. It is much bluer than the prior bulb. It has 5 white diodes and 10 blue. I do not plan to use a heater or ATO. I will keep track of what I buy here in terms of livestock: Presently the coral are: 2 acan frag and 1 blasto, $69.98 1 yellow polyp frag (dying), 1 mushroom frag(died), 1 yellow zoa frag, 1 sinularia frag, and 1 Idaho grape frag(died)..5 for $50 but $15 credit for macro algae so final price, $35. I already had 3 gorgonian frags(removed 1 and put back into seahorse display), 1 tiny mushroom, 1 kenya tree(died), palys,a merletti that was doing poorly in the pony tank, a piece of photsynthetic purple sponge, gsp, some sort of green cap that grows in a scrolling fashion and a xenia frag. I was given a rose coral and 2 other unknown coral by rene(of which 1 died). I got a 1 head hammer frag, a 1 head frogspawn frag, an orange monti and an encrusting sps from a local reefer friend. I traded lots of macro algaes from my sump for a blue green candycane, a neon green candy cane and a striped orange sps. I added cabbage leather to the jar from my sump. Macro algae: Seeded the jar right after cycle with cheato loaded with pods. Eventually removed cheato because it clogged rio pump intakes. Halimedia Red titan Dragon's breath Inverts: A pom pom crab and about 20+ ghost shrimp.
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