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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to our small-boom-boom-sexy-time-kitchen-invertebrate-party tank! We're new to this and not entirely sure what we are doing, but by sheer luck and generous amounts of Buffalo Trace, Luxardo cherries, bitters, and ice it has somehow been somewhat and miraculously working. Basically, it's both happy and amateur hour over here. Living in an old house Uptown in the Big Easy, we were limited in both space and structural integrity, so we decided on a small Nuvo 10 that hangs out in the kitchen. Started up in late March 2017, we have been slowly adding both coral and livestock, with an overall aesthetic goal of making the tank look like the ill-advised and pom-pom crab infested underwater love child of Ashley Longshore & Lisa Frank (chew on that image). Lastly, I apologize for the less-than-profession nature of the pictures. Much like my reef keeping skills, my photography is still, very much, a work in progress. All advise and comments are welcomed and appreciated (except those critical of Blenwood, he's a sensitive soul). October 2018 September 2018 August 2018 July 2018 June 2018 May 2018 April 2018 March 2018 February 2018 January 2018 December 2017 November 2017 October 2017 September 2017 Set-up: • Display: 10g Innovative Marine Fusion 10• Lighting: AI Prime HD (2x)• Filtration: floss, carbon, Phosguard, Purigen• Heater: Eheim Jager 50w• Circulation: Eheim 600 return pump, IM Spin Stream, Aqamai KPS• Skimmer: Aqua Euro Nano II • Dosing Pump: Jabao DP-4 • Salt: Aquaforest Reef Salt Dosing: • KZ Acroglow • KZ Coral Vitalizer • KZ Sponge Power • KZ LPS Amino Acids • KZ Pohl's Extra • ESP 2-part Fish: • Tail-spot Blenny (Blenwood aka "B-Wood Cash Money Dollar Dollar!") • Tanaka Possum Wrasse (Lorp) Inverts: • Pom-Pom Crab • Porcelain Crab (Whiskers III) • Scarlet-leg Hermit Crabs • Blue-leg Hermit Crabs • Cerith Snails • Nassarius Snails • Turbo Snails SPS: Acropora: • WWC After Party • SC Orange Passion Seriatopora: • ORA Green Birdsnest Montipora: LPS NPS: • Dendrophyllia • Balanophyllia • Black Sun Coral • Pink/Yellow Sun Coral Softies: Zoas: • Eagle Eye • WWC Twizzlers Others : • Green Star Polyps
  2. I need some advice. Our little tank, despite my best efforts, seems to be humming along. Currently, it is stocked with Blenwood the tail spot blenny (TSB) and the yet-to-be-named possum wrasse (PW) (thinking about naming her Penelope?). The original plan was to add one last fish, a shrimp goby (most likely a yasha or orange stripe), however, unlike a teenage boy, we have wanted to take our time fully stocking. Recently, Blen-Daddy and the PW, seem to have become buddies. They swim around together; they to steal the dedros' food together; they snap adorably annoying selfies together eating ice cream and post them with dumb hashtags like #besties, #foodies, and #blessed (get a life... and a job, millennials). As a result, I have kinda soured on the idea of adding a true shrimp goby to the dynamic. 1) because, I think Blenwood, although he would never admit it, is a bit of the jealous type, and 2) because PW is just too pretty for her own good. Specifically, I fear a third fish could make things... awkward. While this would, admittedly, make a great reality TV show, the tank is to small for a confessional both, and our kitchen was poorly designed and is too small to comfortable fit a film crew. I am, however, intrigued by the idea of adding a Griessingei Goby. These saucy little guys seem to check all the right boxes: 1) small; 2) quiet; 3) low bio-load; 4) flamboyantly fun-looking. Basically, they appears as though Evolution at some point got bored, had a few too many cold-ones, drunk dialed RuPaul and Cirque du Soleil, and was like "betcha won't." Anyways, everything I have read says I will never seem them and they aren't worth it. Does anyone have experience with them? Or any thoughts about adding one? Feel free to comment, or tell me to shut up and write less, or even suggest possum wrasse names.
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