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Found 59 results

  1. Without going into water Params, does this look like Dino’s or diatoms? There’s coralline, hair algae and then the brown all mixed together. On some rocks it looks like Dino’s, on the sand bed it looks like diatoms and on the glass it looks like all of it. My 20G Long has been a swing of issues over the last 3 yrs. Mostly green hair algae. But this brown crap has been going on for a little while now. Thanks a bunch!!!
  2. SantaMonica

    The Best Algae Swamp Beast Face

    Who can do the best algae swamp beast face? On the left is my version, just to show you where the face is. You can take the one of the right and make your own version which will hopefully be better than mine.
  3. adam_ducote

    Unknown Algae

    Can someone identify this algae? I’m not sure what it is. It’s like string or strands of hair. Nitrates are at 10ppm. Salinity 1.026. Alk:9.2. Doing a water change tomorrow. Thanks!
  4. These little anemone looking things with white dots at the center and little fingers around it popped up all over my new live rock on the coralline algae. Anyone got an id? I can’t find anything online.
  5. These little anemone looking things with white dots at the center and little fingers around it popped up all over my new live rock on the coralline algae. Anyone got an id? I can’t find anything online.
  6. What is this brown film that’s covering parts of my sand? None of my clean up crew seems particularly interested in eating it. I tried to siphon it out but it was kinda heavy and didn’t want to get pulled out of the tank.
  7. i have a 32 gallon biocube with some astrias and a olive snail alongside eith a bhangai cardinalfish, blue damsal and a clown. ive begun to notice whats been causing this dark green algae type stuff on some of my liverock , i know liverock will have coraline growth but this cant be that its really dark green and looks soft to the touch any ideas ?
  8. Marine Depot

    Get Rid of Cyanobacteria and Algae

    Get Rid of Cyanobacteria and Algae A Recipe for Success from DrTim's Aquatics!
  9. Hi Folks, When I doing routine weekly maintenance on my tank yesterday, I noticed I have Green Bubble Algae in two places. Luckily, they aren't on any live rock and/or coral but are on the frag disk of each coral. They are also not very prominent. On one disk, I see 3 bubbles and the other one I spotted just one. I have read and understood that manual removal is the first and the easy way to do it. But I just wanted to confirm it with everyone here before I do so. Thoughts?
  10. NuisanceAlgaeCultivator

    Gulf Coast Green Stuff

    Anyone know what this is and if it’d be safe to put in a refugium or even the display tank? I live about two miles from the Gulf Coast Ocean in a small town right outside of Houston Texas. Was on my way to the fish store just to browse and decided to just look along the shoreline instead and found some seaweed or algae or something...not really sure how this is classified. I glued a patch to a rock just to get some scale and show how it floats when submerged and anchored. Where I live there’s TONS of the stuff and it pulls right off the rocks. Thanks!
  11. Marine Depot

    How to Get Rid of Cyanobacteria

    How to Get Rid of CyanobacteriaRED SLIME!!! - Reef Tank Pest Control #3
  12. antigonus

    What are these?

    My tank is fourteen days old, this morning I saw the glass was covered with these little tufts of brownish or greenish "hairs" for lack of a better word. What could these be? I assume some sort of algae but they don't look like the diatoms in my tank, any way it could be the beginnings of GHA?
  13. Salty.reef.girl

    Help with Green algae

    My tank has been running for about 5 months now and I've been having an issue with this green algae and I'm not sure what I should do to get rid of it. When I first started to get it it was just where there was direct flow. My parameters are: Nitrate- 5 Phosphate- 0 Alk- 8 Calcium- 420 Mag- 1320 Salinity- 1.024 Temp- 78 F
  14. LiamFalconer


    I will have had my Biocube 32 for a year as of this coming January. Everything was going swimmingly until about 3 months ago. It started with my heater suddenly not holding steady. I fixed that but I started developing diatoms and some general nitrate rising. Long story short, it snowballed into a completely orange-ish green-ish tank with 150+ nitrates. I cut lighting and feeding a lot as well as starting to use Dr. Tim's Waste-Away. (also been doing weekly 25% water changes)All of these things lowered nitrates to ~40ppm and then my Flame angel developed velvet. It spread to my clarkii clown as well as my yellow watchman goby and blue damsel I set up a QT and treated all. Flame angel and Damsel died but clarkii and goby pulled through. (I used copper meds.) My tank has now been fishless for a month with no food being added and 25% weekly water changes and nitrates are still ~40ppm with rampant algae. Phosphates have always been 0. I don't know what do to now. I thought a month without food would solve nitrate issues but no change at all, only constant scrubbing keeps algae away. Help please.
  15. My tank has seemed to develop the infamous dino outbreak guys... I've also noticed they've wiped out my copepod population and I've lost 2 out of 3 snails which has solidified my diagnosis...unfortunately I thought I had a diatom bloom in the earlier stages. I want no chemicals and no peroxide involved whatsoever, I'm trying to go all natural and then if that isn't successful then I will result to chemicals / tank breakdown and restart. My plan of attack is this: I'm currently on day 1.5 of blackout out of 3.I took a tiny peek and can see that the algae on the sand is 50% eliminated. (I'm also running an airstone). My theory is, at the end of the day I need to replenish my copepod population to prevent these kinds of outbreaks from happening again. On day 3, I plan to add the copepods (at night) and then dose phytoplankton according to package instructions. I'm figuring I'll be attacking the dino's while they're weak and hopefully the copepods will finish the job.. What are your opinions ? Have any of you tried this method of attacking dino's? What have your best method's been to eliminate this pesky algae?
  16. Hi, I just joined! I have been thinking about making the jump to salt water for a while and finally pulled the trigger! I have been keeping fish for a while now, I've had great luck with low tech planted tanks. I am trying to use what I already know but I know I will have a ton of questions along the way also. So far I've got a standard 20 gallon tank with an aqua clear 50 and a small koralia pump. I have a Cobalt heater and the Hipargero 30 LED light. Once I have fish I've got a hang on back refugium in my Amazon cart that I will add. Will also probably add another koralia and the wave maker controller hydor makes when I start adding coral. And auto top off will probably be added too at some point. Everything has been up and running for 4 days, I am already seeing some nitrites so that is encouraging, I'll give credit to Dr. Tim's one and only for that! I'm using a red Sea test kit. In my freshwater life I really enjoy nano fish and stocking with fish not everyone else has. I saw some teenie tiny green banded gobies at my lfs and thought they were so cute but the fish store guy said they would just get lost :(. I've got my eye on a yellow clown goby though! What else should I look into stocking wise??? Sorry for the novel, here's a picture!
  17. frankrip

    ID and info

    Came in on live rock. Very rigid blades with a distinct rib around the margin. Any idea on species and care? Thanks!
  18. So I’ve been struggling with gha and Bryopsis for a long time. It’s gotten so bad that I am going to try the Fluconazole treatment. Here are before pics I’ll post same pics every few days. We shall see what happens!
  19. No sure what this stuff is growing in my tank.. I see a couple rocks covered in it, I use a tooth brush to scrub it off and snails also usually eat it but it's annoying to see... Here's my readings, PH looks a bit pink because of the flash... Tank is about a month and 2 weeks old now... I do a 5G water change with RODI water every Saturday or Sunday and give a good cleaning, is my RODI water maybe an issue? Or my feeding habits? I don't really feed my fish all that much. Maybe half a cube of mysis shrimp every morning. My tank is a 40G Nuvo, my filter setup is (right to left) 1. Media basket with filter floss, cheato, then live rock 2. Water hearter with 3 mangroves 3. Water pump 4. Seachem Purigen (Saw it turning yellow yesterday, time for change?) And Seachem Matrix (Saw a couple really dark rocks, time for change?) 5. Tunze 9001 Skimmer
  20. kingofphinland

    WTB Macroalgae

    Hey everyone, I'd like to buy some macro algaes that are is not chaeto. It seems like macro is out of season and most places are out of stock, except chaeto. Im looking for different types like Codium, Cymopolia barbata, Halimeda sp., Rhipocephalus phoenix, Halymenia durvillei, among others. Let me know what you have and how much you are offering your macro for. Thanks!
  21. Hello all, (not sure if this is the right forum but wanted to ask) I think my new tank has started going through the “uglies” but I wanted to make sure this is normal and nothing bad (read horror stories or dinoflagellates). My rocks now have rust colored algae on it. is it cyano, diatoms or something else? (The second picture has a string thing with a bubble. It’s a piece of my hair that I removed after I noticed ? apparently I shed when doing water changes.....)
  22. Thatoneomahaguy

    Can't find way to stop/prevent algae

    Hello everyone! For the last 6 months or so I have been battle a slow but persistent pest. I believe it is a red cyano algae. It grows on the predominantly on the sand bed bad has made its way to the rocks. It does seem to grow stronger/more dense around areas where the flow isnt as high. I have noticed increased growth around some frag plugs or around my bushy hammer coral. I have tried everything to get rid of it but cannot conquer it! I have tried tank blackouts, siphoning the algae out, and multiple treatments of chemi-clean (both the liquid and powder). I know that sometimes cyano can be caused by poor floor. I have two jebao Sw-4's running at 100%. I will try to get a picture of the algae later today. Like I said its not super aggressive but it keeps coming back and making my tank look junky. Other stats: dKh - 9.2 pH - 8.5 Nitrate - 0 Ammonia - 0 Phosphate - <= .3 Mg - 1000 Any thoughts or ideas to help me remove this problem altogether would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I got back into the hobby after being out for a couple years, and god this tank has been a shit show. Originally had it in a different 12g long rimless tank that leaked after all my work into making it look seamless and getting it stocked, so I did an emergency move to an extra rimless one and I'm feeling uninspired and beat. It's overrun by algae, coral is always pissy, and the fish I buy just constantly dissapear. I've never had this much trouble with a nano in my life. Plus there's creepy worms. I've been doing water changes every week and a half with distilled gallons of water and H2)cean pro formula salt. RIP: panda goby, yellow goby, green striped goby, red striped goby, ruby dragonet RIP: my wallet specs: It's a 9 gal or something aquatop rimless current usa orbit light aquaclear 10g w a sponge and carbon hydor nano 425 some random heater water quality: salinity .027 nitrate 0 nitrite 0 ph (always been low idk why, I've even tried using a buffer) 8 kh 80 gh 180 ammonia 0 phosphate 0 I dont know what the problem is, more flow needed, the light is too much? It's about 20 feet away from a window letting in weak Portland light. I definitely don't over feed. Some zoas are getting overwhelmed by algae, the hammer coral is never really open, and the palys are so confused. The only thing that looks healthy are mushies of course and my death proof sexy shrimp The worms I found can swim freely through the water in this weird squiggling ripple motion, and are totally terrifying and squirmy, parasitic? SOS Thanks so much for reading, and I hope I don't get eaten alive for forgetting how to post of forums properly, much less use aquarium slang
  24. Red Sea Max Nano set up for about 4 months. I have two Frostbite Frozen Clowns, and number of mushroom corals and a few Rock Flower Anems (I found out after the fact that it was a little early to introduce the anems, but they seem to be doing great). Anyway, I have been battling some kind of algae for the past 2 months. I searched and searched and was pretty sure it was diatoms, but now I don't know. Definitely not Cyano as I tried Chemiclean and it did nothing. I do seem to get a bloom after water changes, but I have an RODI system from BRS and the meter reads 0 for TDS. I am mixing the RODI water and salt in a Brute trash can and have a heater and pump in and on at all times (Should there be a film collecting on the pump / heater / sides of container? because there is... maybe this is nothing or a separate issue). Regardless, I'd love to figure out what this is and how to combat it. Hopefully the pictures below show the problem clearly enough. My Dry rock is completely brown from it and it's getting harder and harder to blow off with a turkey baster. The glass is much easier to clean, and I have started to swipe from bottom to top rinsing the sponge each time in a separate container to make sure I'm pulling most of whatever it is out of the tank completely. When it gets thick, it has a "wavy" look to it. Definitely moving with the flow as opposed to just covering with no movement. Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.
  25. Atarius

    Experiences with NO3PO4X?

    Hi guys I've had continuous slight algae issues (cyano on the sand and hair on live rock; I also have a sulking Duncan which made me try to improve params) since taking over this tank, and have decided to do something about it. I'm using NO3PO4X consistently at the suggested dose and have seen my nitrates fall to around 10ppm from 20+ppm. However, I don't have any detectable phosphate or nitrite. At this level, should I still be getting algae growth? I would think that 10ppm nitrate and 0 nitrite/phosphate should be good enough. I'll keep aiming to bring the nitrate down with NO3PO4X until it stabilises, as per the instructions. Anyone have any ideas if I'm barking up the wrong tree or should be doing something different? Tank size (volume) - 16 gallons Tank age - 2 years (moved and rescaped 6 months ago) Lighting - AI Prime Nitrate - 10 (fallen from 20 2 weeks ago) Nitrite - 0 Phosphate - 0
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