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Found 14 results

  1. Broseff

    Pest Tank

    Alright, so I'm trying to figure out how to setup a saltwater "tank" that is as little maintance as possible. I have another thread up where I'm trying to use macros similar to how FW tanks use plants, but this tank is just for things that people can't seem to get rid of. I'm hoping that pests and nuissance algae will survive me taking little to care of them. For the last month I've been using a Gelato container (less than 16oz) to house aiptasia and valonia. So far everything has been fine: The valnia does need dosing though. Aiptasia goes through sad periods where it doesn't open up. I don't test anything other than water salinity. I tried adding amphipods, I don't know where they are anymore (probably eaten?). I'll be updating the "tank" to be a little less than a quarter of a gallon. I post pics when the water clears. I would love to get some majano anemone and ball-tip anemone. I'll try adding asterina starfish and maybe some detravores too (most likely bristle worms? they might get too big though). Pest suggestions are welcome!
  2. I started my Biocube in August 2018. I started on the hobby once before (in 2014), and my entire tank crashed when I went on a one week vacation which was heart wrenching. In my last tank, I had a green BTA, two Clownfish, Golden Head sleeper goby, and a hefty cleanup crew. I thought I had a hang on things, but it went south very quickly in that one week. The tank was 15g. Lessons learned: get everyone in the household involved; have as many things automated as you can; test, test, and test again.... and then keep testing. This Biocube, like I said, I began again in August of 2018, and I had a beautiful thing going until I took a two week vacation in July 2019. When I got back, my tank exploded with all of this green hair algae. My 3 BTA’s (2 split from the original) and my clown fish, were all at the top of the tank gasping for air - it looked like a jungle. I tried my best to remove all of the algae, but I just could not do it quick enough. By the time I cleaned the tank, put fresh SW in (50% water change), I had to move the team out into a quarantine tank while I did all this - the tank got so stressed, I lost my three beautiful BTA’s. (I still have my 2 clown’s which I am so thankful for) Currently I am dealing with mini cycles on and off - ammonia keeps spiking; last week, my ammonia went down, nitrates went up, then went to 0 - and my nitrates spiked. Thought things were good to go, and then this week my clowns started acting funny, swimming erratically and such - I tested the water, and ammonia went to .50 ppm again with nitrites and nitrates at 0. SMH So basically, I’m starting all over again. There’s nothing there... as of right now. I was always an anemone person, but I am going to be trying my hand at corals now. I am keeping this journal as a way to track progress, and in hopes that I can also give some nuggets of info that someone else can utilize on their journey. When will this end! Should I give up - I just love having a little piece of the ocean in my home. I just feel like every time I have things going well, it goes down hill in a big way. Thanks for reading!
  3. Hello all:) Please could you help me id the small critter in the photo?
  4. Txplicit

    Cycling tank issues

    So tank has been cycling since July 23. No major ammonia spike, nitrite 0, nitrate got up to .30ppm,now down to .10ppm, phosphate up to .50ppm now .12ppm. Started seeing diatoms, then GHA (or I thought). Scraped it off glass and it shot around in pump current. Now closer examination, I strongly believe it's byprosis. To further complicate things, I notice aiptasia on the live rock. Since it's relative new, I am going to get 3% peroxide, scrape off the byprosis I can see (chip the LR if I have to) then dip it in a mixture of peroxide and ro/di for a few days, take them out and dry it in a dark/hot room. Will that kill byprosis and aiptasia? Any suggestions?
  5. Horsey_Cat

    WTB: Aiptasia Mutabilis

    Im interested to see if anyone has any "pest" or hardy anemones that will stay small and be suitable for a pico. I came across this video and it looks like exactly what Im looking for. Apparently its a Aiptasia Mutabilis but when you look it up, they don't look nearly as good as it does in that video. I won't be ready to purchase one immediately, Im just interested to see if anyone has anemones they are willing to sell that look similar to the one in the video and/or are equally as hardy and beautiful. Thanks Edit: or Aiptasia Pallida Bartholomea annulata Arachnanthus nocturnus
  6. hoodle


    I am participating in a competition where we make brine shrimp, algae and aiptasia ecospheres in a jar. Within 5 minutes, the 1 cm anemone had killed most of the brine shrimp, so I'm hoping that there are some unhatched cysts and I'm moving the anemone to another jar. Does anyone have any advice on this? Can aiptasia survive under a grow light ( I know people know more about killing the stuff than keeping it, but still...)
  7. Maddierose

    Is this aiptasia?

    I’ve had conflicting answers on whether this is aiptasia I want to be proactive if it is. Thanks!
  8. tgrover35


    I have just set up a new reef tank and am totally new to the hobby. I picked up some live rock from my LFS and tried to carefully examine the rock for any pests including but not limited to aiptasia. I thought I had some good pieces, but now a day later my girlfriend just spotted what I think is aiptasia. Can anyone confirm this based on the pic and advise on how to eliminate it? I’ve read that aiptasia x, lemon juice, and vinegar are good options?
  9. If you've ever had aiptasia, then you'll enjoy this! Let me know what y'all think.
  10. CarolinaShoreReef

    What should I do?

    How's it going reefers? This is my first post and probably not close to my last one... I need your advice as to what I should. I'll link the video I just put out and I'm wondering if what I have is hydroids and if I should be concerned. Watch until the end there's some footage under the microscope to help with the IDing. I don't know what I should do with the tank. I discuss my goals and plans for it in the video to help you all out. Thanks in advance. [you might have to copy and paste it or just look for my channel (Carolina Shore Fishing)]
  11. WV Reefer

    Former Home of The Creep.

    Hi! This is my newest Nano that was started to house the Eunice Worm that I discovered in my 12 Gallon Long Reef tank. -Deep Blue Pro Rimless Cube 2.2 Gallon -EVO Clip 3W LED light -Tetra Heater -Hydor Koralia 240 Powerhead -Dry Fiji Pink Sand -GSP Rock -Eunice Worm aka The Creep The Creep fancies himself an artist and likes to redecorate the tank using frag plugs, rocks, shells and anything else he can reach.
  12. KNelson

    Ugh! First pest...

    Well, it looks like I got my first bunch of aiptasia. It's confined to 1 small rock I can easily remove, but also on that rock is the shroom that I purchased and a very teeny baby one that just appeared. I don't mind removing the rock, it looks like some hair algae on there anyway, but what would be the best way to salvage my mushrooms? For reference the aiptasia sticking straight out to the left in the first picture is about 1/4 inch long. The teeny baby shroom is on the bottom of the same picture and the one I purchased is out of frame and about 1 1/4 inches.
  13. Hello Reefers, I need help identifying this polyp like takeover. It is all over my.rocks and I've searched for weeks with no luck..attached is a photo...Thank you in advance. Happy reefing.
  14. TheBig053


    Well, I knew things had been going too smoothly for being a reef newb. Found this scum bag peaking out the rocks this morning. Aiptasia must have hitchiked in on of the clean up crew members added last weekend or one of the corals I introduced on Friday. Anyways, it seems pretty small still so hopefully I caught it early enough that it hasnt spread. However, I did notice these stuck to my glass. This isn't my picture, none of the cameras in our house could focus on the ones stuck to our glass. Pretty sure they are just hydroids but I am making myself paranoid that they are aiptasia larvae. Can anyone confirm? I just treated the aiptasia with Aiptasia X but im not sure I got it "in the mouth" like the instructions said. Not sure how you accomplish that actually since its burrowed in a hole in the rock. So I just filled the hole until the aiptasia x came spilling out. Die MFer! Anyone have any other tips or tricks for treating aiptasia? I read peppermint shrimp will eat them. Will they eat anything else (corals?) if I dont remove them? Thanks!
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