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Found 15 results

  1. I have a Red Sea Max Nano 20 Gallon tank. I have minimal space in the back. It comes equipped with a protein skimmer and a small ATO unit in the back overflow chamber. If I replace the ATO unit, I have a small 3x3x3.5 space, right before the return pump, (after the Filter Sock & protein skimmer) where I could possibly put a Fuge basket with a light to help with nutrient export. Has anyone had success with this (possibly pictures). And yes, I do 25% water changes weekly, and I am about 2.5 months into this thank. - Is this an effective nutrient export method (given limited actual space)? - Is there another nutrient export method that would be better given the details above?
  2. sabareefer

    diy 10 gallon aio tank

    Hi all. Since I’ve just finished this project, I figured I’d share it on here. this tank started as an ordinary 10 gallon setup filtered by an aqua clear 70, but I always wanted an aio tank, but couldn’t find a reasonably priced tank where I live. After waiting a while, I pulled the trigger on the lifeguard aquatics 9.98 gallon aio tank. At first I was happy with it, but I quickly realized the design flaws with that tank. Firstly, the overflow weir cut outs are too small. That combined with the improper heights of the baffles meant my return section was running dry at an alarming rate. After giving up with that tank, I decided to try to create my own aio tank. Since I don’t have the means (or budget) to have the aio system to be created from acrylic, I decided to take a risk and use corrugated plastic. I found a black sheet of the material for only 5.99 CAD which was very convenient. The most time consuming part was precisely cutting the overflow, because I tried to make it look proper by printing a template, and gluing it to the plastic. Upon realizing that I Couldn’t properly make the rounded overflow like the real tanks, I just cut out a rectangle opening, and cut out small rectangular pieces to act as the barriers. I then siliconed them to the back of the opening. It’s fragile and crude, but it works. for the baffles, I modelled them after the Fiji cube aio box. The intake chamber will consist of the media, and the return chamber will have the heater and the pump. I went this way because I didn’t think I would have enough space for a middle chamber. Soon I will make some sort of media basket to properly contain the filter media in the first chamber. Please disregard my crude silicone job. At first I had taped off a perimeter to keep it neat, but after I removed the tape I decided to add more silicone to be safe. P.S The tank is still cycling, no livestock is in here yet. thanks for taking a look everyone.
  3. Afternoon fellow reefers, Have a question. I am in the process of setting up my new nano, a fluval evo sea. I was wanting to see what everyone would recommend for a heater for this. I purchased a new ehiem heater but it is too long to fit in the back pump chamber and I don't want it in the main display tank. Any suggestions on a good heater that will fit the chamber and heats well? All suggestions and replies are greatly appreciated 😃
  4. DCaldarona

    25 Gallon DIY AIO

    Softie reef
  5. DCaldarona

    25 AIO angle

  6. DCaldarona

    25 AIO full frontal

  7. DCaldarona

    25 AIO side shot

  8. Murphych

    15G Mixed Reef: Retired!

    Grimes 15 gallon rimless now retired see my ReefSpace 900 thread in large reefs 😭 After 3 years of planted tanks I'm back on nano salt water. Started 11 days ago I have begun the cycle process, and have I forgot most of what I knew years ago... Man! I'm rusty.. Anyway going to keep a wee log of it. Equipment: AquaOne AquaNano 40, 15 Gallon AquaOne Nanoskim 40 Stock heater (55w) and pump Fluval SEA Nano LED AI Nero 3. Jebao dp-4 dosing pump DD jumpguard pro Filtration: 5 kg of live rock 1 kg TMC fine sand Macroalgae - Caulerpa Taxifolia System Support / Dosing: Vibrant Quantum LR Nitrate Remover Quantum Phosphate Remover pH up Livestock (updated 23rd January) Fish & Inverts: Yellow coral goby (Gobiodon okinawae) Blue neon goby (Elacatinus oceanops) Firefish goby (Nemateleotris magnifica) Pajama Cardinal (Sphaeramia nematoptera) Green Brittle Star 6 x Banded Trochus Snails (can't count now as there are so many babies) 1 x Bumblebee Snails (AKA coral killer) 3 x Cerith Snails 3 x Turbo Snails 1 x Astrea Snail 1 x Nassarius snail Peppermint shrimp Emerald Crab 3 hermits Coral: SPS: Montipora delicatula LPS: Hammer (Euphyllia ancora) Duncan's (Duncanopsammia axifuga) Acan (Acanthastrea echinata) Softies: Zoas - Radio Active Zoas - Red People Eater Zoas - blue hornets Zoas - Rastas Zoas - Kedds Reds Green Implosion Paly Mushrooms Yuma Red Mushroom Orange (Rhodactis mussoides) Mushroom Florida Ric Green Star colony (Pachyclavularia) Kenya Tree Coral 8th April 2020 (Jewel Vio 40) 27th Oct 2020 (AquaOne AquaNano 40) Nov 2020 Jan 2021
  9. RyanReef

    Adding a new heater

    So this may be a total noob question, but so be it, I want to do this right with my first saltwater tank. I currently have my heater in the tank, because the one I bought was like 1" too long to go in my return pump chamber on my AIO 24g. So I just got a Cobalt heater that will fit in that chamber. Is there any trick to adding a new heater and removing the old one, so that I don't mess with the water temp too drastically? Do I just set the new one to my current temp of 79, plop it in and let it run for a bit and then pull the other one out? Having 2 in at a time won't hurt it right...they should turn off when they are at the target temp, right? Thanks!!
  10. Well, well. Here we go again. I started the Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium AIO Clubs. I figured why not one for FIJICUBE AIO owners or prospective owners. Since it hasn't been one yet, I say we get this show started! Checkout https://www.fijicube.com there are a couple options as far AIO tanks go. I'll do what I did on the last thread and make a compiled list of links to member's tanks on this page, as a reference to anyone interested in these systems. Let's get this party started. And as always, feel free to discuss your ideas, builds, etc. Lets get rolling !. Please also check out the Lifegard Aquatics AIO club as well! We've begun to gain some serious track there! I look forward to seeing this thread going. Happy reefing! - Reefahbarra84 PS, this is what I've got lined up 😉
  11. 10001110101

    IM 25 Lagoon AIO

    Been out of the hobby since 2014, just didn't have the time for tank maintenance, previous tanks include a 20H, 20L, 40BR and a standard 55 (not in that order). Tank is Innovative Marine AIO 25g Lagoon, started cycling the display about 2-3 weeks ago, did a bleach then SW cure for rocks which were pukani leftover from my previous tank. I think the tank cycled super fast because of the curing I did with the rocks and the fact that I included a piece of aquacultured LR as well. Cycled using NLS pellets and MicroBacter7. Ammo and Nitrite are solid 0 with no spiking after even heavy feeding. Equipment: -IM Lagoon 25g AIO (includes media basket and 384gph DC return pump) -*OLD* TEK 6 Bulb T5 fixture running only 4 bulbs (some really really old KZ new generation, actinic plus, and blue plus) (I have one of the new AI Prime16HD's pre-ordered just waiting for it to ship) -Vortec MP10w (usually run it at like 60-70% Reef Crest Mode, occasionally switch to NTM to help clean up detritus) -Filter sock for mechanical filtration, carbon, and GFO. -No protein skimmer, will probably add one when bio-load increases. -Hydor 100w basic glass heater -4 Stage RO/DI -Plan to add 5g ATO, possibly premixed with kalkwasser to maintain Cal/Alk/pH Current livestock: -Pair of extreme misbar Ocellaris clowns (already showing pairing behavior) -3 Turban snails -Orange Zoas -Purple/orange Favia -Green with light green highlights Montipora Digitata -Duncan I'm sure some of you are thinking I'm nuts for putting SPS in such a new tank, but it's doing great, excellent polyp extension and aside from very, very light initial browning it's regained 90% of its full color. Also it's a montipora, in my experience most montipora are pretty easygoing compared to acropora. The favia came slightly damaged as well, didn't notice until I got it home, but it has been recovering well. I got the monti dirt cheap it will serve as a way of knowing if my parameters start to get out of line as well. Corals are always dipped and acclimated before addition to display. Current params are: Salinity: 1.025 pH: 7.9 Alk: 8.5 dKH Cal: 400 ppm Mag: 1200 ppm NO3: 5 ppm PO4: 0.04 ppm Temp: 79-82 deg F Goals for the tank (Subject to change 😉) : -Keep it simple, basic equipment and just regular water changes are going to be what keeps this tank going. -Stability above all else -No carbon dosing -LPS dominant mixed reef with some Zoas and a few hardy SPS. -Minimal fish and invertebrates. -Hopefully resist the temptation to buy every coral that catches my eye at the LFS and stick to a few really eye catching pieces that complement each other well. As you can tell I'm currently experiencing a diatom outbreak, this has happened in every single tank I've owned in the early stages and the turban snails are dealing with it. Also let me guys know what you think of the aquascape, it is very lightly glued together but can be changed if I get inspired. Just waiting on those bright white rocks to get some lovely coralline. Excuse the pictures, they were just quick snapshots taken from my iPhone so yeah, just there to give you a general idea, tank isn't that pretty right now anyways.
  12. Harlemreef47

    Fluval Spec V & 20g long AIO Plans

    Hello fellow nano reefers , wanted to post the plans of two tanks and what brought me uptoo this point. I began reefing at 17 y.o with a 2.5 g aio pico. The tank was thriving with little effort, had zoas,shrooms,xenia and feather caulerpa. I put the hobby on hold due to envolvment with many reptiles. My dad picked up the hobby from me and started a 90g mixed reef. It was a beautyyy. Unfortuantly we had to tear it down do to sock overfilling leak that neighbors below us complained to mgmt. About. We both went dry on the hobby for about 4years until i told him he should start a nano reef. He went with the 45 jbj . Now his tank is filling out and i want to get back in it with these two tanks🤓. Focusing on easy matienance of water parameters and TRUE AIOS . Being i had amatuer success with the 2.5g aio. Stay Tunedddd
  13. 505nano

    505Nano*New 16 Biocube

    Hello all, new to this forum and the nano community. I currently have a 54 Gal Aqueon corner tank, which was my first saltwater tank. I have successfully had that tank running from July 2019 and in that time, I instantly fell in love with owning and maintaining ( weird, I know) a saltwater aquarium, its almost therapeutic. I find myself now always looking for places to put a tank in my small ish home and I decided to look for nano for my bedroom. Marineandreef had a sweet deal for the 16 biocube with stand for $269 (after discount and sale) and I decided it was time to expand ha. After convincing wifey (really just ordering and apologizing after), I found myself tracking and waiting. Fast fwd to today, I have the stand set up in the corner of our room with the nano boxed back up ( did not want the toddlers to move it around and possibly drop it empty). I am currently studying, reading the journals and ordering the necessary items needed to begin the tank and start the cycle (so much fun, bleh). Enough backstory, the following will be about the nano I decided to start a journal from the very beginning of this nano to notate what is planned and get advice. As far as Filtration, I have decided to use the included basket for now with the following in order: Poly Filter Floss SeaChem Purigen SeaChem Matrix bio-media in bag (obviously) I have contemplated so much on the filtration and am open to any suggestions. I do not think I will be doing a refug at this time, so that will not be currently considered. The Heater I have decided to go with is the Aqueon Pro 100W, which will be placed in the 1st chamber after false floor is removed. Rock & Substrate: Walt Smith Reef Rock 2.1 20lb dry purple rock Carribsea fiji pink live sand 20lb I do plan on taking some of the smaller pieces of live rock from my current 54 gal to assist in seeding nano. Wavemaker will be the Jebao SW2. This is the brand I currently use on my 54 Gal, and have had no issues and love the controllers for them. I do not plan on modifying the led lighting just yet. Also, I will NOT be running a skimmer on this nano at this time, as I don't mind maintenance and will be planning on weekly 5 gal water changes. Now, Salt.. When I started my 54 gal, I initially went with IO salt as I was not planning on having coral, but of course I was seduced by the beauty.. now I am wanting to switch to some type of high quality reef salt for both tanks. I am leaning more towards Red Sea Coral Pro Salt, I would love any input on this! As far as livestock, I am planning on having 2 designer clownfish (havent really decided on type yet) and maybe a firefish or goby, also undecided lol I will have a clean up crew consisting of a couple trochus, cerrith and maybe astrea snails as well as a couple hermits and debating on a fighting conch. I am undecided on which corals I will be adding just yet, as I want to aquascape first and see where I can place them, which will better determine what I decide on. I will be posting on this journal for anyone who would like to keep up with the nano build. Let me know if anyone has any advice or critique! Thank you! 505nano
  14. Hello everyone, its me Hammerlover. Although cookie jar reefing is a joy and great experience for me, I wanted a fairly "bigger" setup where I can keep more shrimps, crabs and snails which i cant in my pico jar because only very few and small shrimps/crabs are allowed (they can irritate the corals, or even die in starvation). So after reading the thread of the legendary pico reefer, El Fabuloso and seeing Sandeep's awesome AIO pico tanks I decided to plunge myself into this new journey and start myself this new project! ---TANK SPECS--- * 5 gallon standard tank modded to a 5 gallons AIO setup (4 gallons DT and 1 gallon sump) * Pump rated for 10 gallons as return pump * Sand from beach (washed twice and sundried for a week, then washed again before using) * 3 kg of liverocks fresh from the sea (My LR has amazing worms, pods and tiny feather dusters plus a hint of coralline algae) * DIY LED lights by Sir Florencio * Polyfilter (from my 12 gal fowlr), TGR HPP (local version of Seachem Matrix) and some liverock rubble for the sump. There is another section where Im planning to add some macros soon * DIY gravity fed ATO from my dog's old water dispenser inspired by Nano Sapiens So here is the obligatory cloudy shot The tank after one day, it cleared up nicely but my phone cam is way too crappy it still doesnt look nice ignore the reflection of my face, the gate and our car A top view of my sump, the green plastic thing is my DIY ATO A closeup of my LED lights. Its nice how the violet and blues mix together ---PLANS--- -longevity, regular cleaning of my sandbed, sump and medias is a must! -turn this setup into a mixed reef (softies, some lps and sps) -lots of shrimps and crabs -Keep It Simple -Have a fully stocked reef even in a budget Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this setup and new journey will be a new adventure for me. ~Aaron
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