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  1. Planning a Fluval Evo 13.5 build, looking for advice as someone new to the saltwater side of the hobby. Fish Tailspot Blenny Royal Gramma Possum Wrasse Shrimp Goby (likely Hi Fin or Wheeler's) Inverts Pistol Shrimp (likely Randall's or Tiger) Cleaner Shrimp (Fire Shrimp?) Porcelain Anemone Crab CUC 2-3 hermit crabs (Scarlet?) 5-6 snails (Cerith, Nerite, Nassarius) Corals and other Sessile Inverts (many of these might easily change depending on availability at LFS) Ricordea Florida (and other mushrooms) GSP Pulsing Xenia Hammer Coral Candy Cane Coral Acan Coral Pocillopora (something to attempt once the tank becomes established) Feather Duster Questions and Concerns: Are there any obvious incompatibilities between stocking choices? I'm afraid that some of these stocking choices, particularly the fish, may compete with each other for food and/or hiding places. I'm aware that GSP and Pulsing Xenia can both become somewhat invasive. While multiple islands of rock may help mitigate this, I'm afraid they may still overrun other corals. Is this (final) level of stocking too high? Are there any inhabitants you would remove or change? I am planning on keeping the stock light to begin with and adding a Sicce Voyager 1000 powerhead to increase flow around the tank. Thank you for your time and reaching the end 😉
  2. Chris27

    Try #2 at a marine tank

    I am currently on the verge of purchasing my first ever saltwater fish, the tank is a Fluval Evo 13.5 and was set up August 8th 2021. The only current inhabitants of the tank are two astrea snails, I originally had three but one died a week ago, I assume it is just the poor survivability of astrea snails and not a problem with my water because I just tested. The other two snails are fine and the third one was inactive on day 1. Nitrate-50+ ppm Nitrite-0 ppm Ammonia-0 ppm pH-8.0-8.1 Salinity 1.025 Temp-76 fahrenheit/24.5 celcius I'm currently in the process of heating up 5 gallons of saltwater to perform a water change. I understand my nitrates are a bit high a 40% water change should correct that. If I do end up getting a fish I will update the post (probably an ocellaris clownfish)
  3. Basically my return pump's chamber has water filled to the lowest and my filter section of the tank only covers one media box which I dont think is normal? When I first got this tank my pump was good and the chamber was filled decently making little to no noise. Consequently, one day my sister woke me up to tell me that my aquarium was flooded to the brim with water. It looks like the return pump expelled almost all the water in both its chamber and the media bag/box chambers onto the main display area. I took out the water and I took out my pump aswell to see what was wrong with it but I couldn't find anything wrong. But I did have trouble putting it back onto the same place so the tubing kinda expanded which made a bit more noise. I honestly do not know what to do and I am desperately looking for help, should i buy a new pump and tubing? Or should I return the tank as a whole to get another one which is a bigger problem because my lfs is like 30 minutes away.
  4. I am finishing up my fishless cycle and will soon be needing to finalize my stocking list/order. I for sure want a pair of Clowns and a Tailspot Blenny, but unsure if I have room for more. Planning to keep Softies and some hardy LPS and will accommodate with a 20% weekly water change. My stocking list below and will add in the following order 1x Tailspot Blenny CUC - Undecided (If I have room) 1x Yellow Watchman Goby 1x Pistol Shrimp 2x Ocellaris Clownfish It ultimately comes down to if I have enough room for the YWMG and the Pistol Shrimp. Please feel free to share your opinions.
  5. incoherentmunkey

    First Reef Tank - JBJ RF-25 AIO

    Hello All, I've been part of the nano-reef community for a couple years doing research and planning until I was able to free up time and resources to dedicate to reefing. I had multiple freshwater tanks during my teenager and college years but life and work has kept me out of the hobby until now! I've decided to go with an AIO instead of a full setup (Red Sea 170 or 200) for my first reef tank, and may upgrade to a full system later on. But for now here is what I have planned so far: Tank & Stand - JBJ RF-25 AIO with Stand Light - Radion XR30 G5 Blue Pump - Stock pump (for now) Heater - Eheim JAGER 100W Power Heads - (2) ReefBreeders RPM V2 Powerheads Filtration / Filter Media - Chamber 1 - InTank Media Basket with Floss, - Chamber 2 - Bioballs and/or extra live rock Rock - 15-20lbs CaribSea LifeRock Dry Live Rock Sand - 15-20lbs CaribSea Special Grade Arag-Alive Live Stock List 5 Fish - combination of list below - (2) Clownfish - Ocellaris - (1) Yellow Watchman Goby - (2) Pajama Cardinals or Kaudern's Cardinals - (1) Purple Firefish - (1) Damselfish or Anthias - (1) Tiger Shrimp Corals - Mostly Palys/Zoas & LPS (Acans) - Kenya Trees - Gorgonians Clean-up Crew (standard?) - Nassarius Snails - Tonga Snails - Cerith Snails - Various Hermit Crabs - Money Cowries - Peppermint Shrimp - Emerald Crab I do have a couple questions and would really appreciate any advice on the list above and these questions: - Should I run a skimmer (Tunze 9004) in Chamber 2 or run another InTank media basket. If another media basket, what to run in it? - Pump - leave stock for now but upgrade to?? Looking forward to getting this all set up and going. I'll start a journal once all the parts start arriving soon!
  6. Hannahhhh

    Coco worm care

    I recently got a coco worm (Protula bispiralis) from my LFS. They convinced me that it’s easy to care for them and so I bought it. After doing more research I realized I really shouldn’t have bought it, as my tank is new and I’m relatively inexperienced. I’m wondering if any of you have experience caring for coco worms, specifically protula bispiralis, and if so, could you let me know? If you know anyone else who has cared for them, could you tag them in this post? I’d love to have a few people that I could contact and ask if (and when) I run into problems with my worm. My care regiment for it it has been feeding two or three times a week with either reef roids or two little fishies marine snow. I do weekly water changes, sometimes bi weekly. It seemed pretty happy for the first few days I had it, but now I find that it’s retracted about ~50% of the time that I see it (it’s possible that it’s out much more often than that, I’m just basing that number on when I walk by/look at the tank).
  7. Severe Nano Noob

    New to the salty side!!

    Hello, Im looking for some guidance. Im new to reefing, Im wanting to convert my aqua nano 40 to reef tank (used to be freshwater). Where do I start? I have done some research and emptied all chambers of filters etc. Purchased carbon, purigen, phosguard and filter floss. Whats the best way to arrange in the back? After this am I ready for L rock, sand and salt water(ready made from shop)? I already have testing kit ready do I need anything else while its cycling? Ive been advised when I get to that stage to addartm colony, wait 1 week then add 2 clowns? Im getting fluval nano led and wave maker in the coming weeks as will want corals eventually when tank ready. (Am I ringht by thinking I dont need these until I get corals? Thanks all in advance 😊
  8. Hi guys, Could use some advice. I have had my tank over 1 year. I have 2 Clown fish and a bubble coral and Torch coral. I decided to add a hang on breeding box to have some chaetos to experiement with fighting off tank algae. About 2 weeks after adding the Chaetos my corals closed and havn't seemed to open. Could the Algae of taken to much nutrients? I rearranged some live rock about 3 weeks back so could they be just adjusting? I ask as i am worried the corals will start to die. I beielive the flow is about the same as it was in their old posistions. Im using small air pump to pump water from tank to breeding box My water conditions are good. Amonia is 0 nitrite 0 nitrate is around 2.0 PH is at 8.0
  9. Froge

    Biocube 16 Gallon

    Well, I feel as if I'm a bit lost while finally starting up my tank. I started it up around 5 months ago, and by this time people usually have coral's and such in their tanks. I had trouble though because as I went forward I found myself having heat issues, so I replaced the stock hood with a AI Prime. It seems to work for the heat and now I have the ability to grow more corals. Along with this, I had to upgrade the tank quite a bit and upgrading this tank was quite costly for me (I'm 14, so other than a monthly allowance, money is hard to come by). I was interested in the hobby since I was 10, and so I had to save up years worth of Christmas money for this! Finally starting this up for me was a dream of mine, and I hope to some day make a living of off this, though its probably unlikely. Anyways, I've been having some mixed issues with how my tank currently looks. I'm on forums quite a bit so I feel as if I have the basics of this hobby down, but when I look at my tank as it is today, I feel like somethings wrong. I currently have it stocked with three trochus snails about four days ago and that's about all. Any advice on what to do next? I still need to upgrade the stock pump but I don't know what to upgrade it with. I'm also confused if the algae growing in my tank are diatoms or hair algae. My current test levels are: pH: 8.0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia 1.0ppm (Tested today, after finding out I did a 30% water change) Salinity: 1.025ppm Currently, all I'm looking for are tips and information for moving forward. Like, what should I stock my tank with? I've been looking at a pair of Masked Gobies, a Firefish, or a Court Jester Goby. Or types of coral I should look into. So if you have any Ideas as of what that algae could be, or what I could stock my tank with, I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. C_R_V2000

    Charles' 24 Gallon Cube

    Hello everyone! Just wanted a thread to present my tank and generally start up some discourse and get ideasThis tank and all the life in it were actually transferred from a Biocube 16 (emergency leaking issue) about 4 months ago, in total I've had these animals for 8 monthsAquarium: AQUATOP Recife ECO 24g, Cube style, AIOLighting: AI Prime 16HD ReefFlow: 2 Aqueon 500gph powerheads connected to a JBJ wavemaker, alternating flow every 30 secondsReturn: Stock return pump, they say its 465gph but its probably more in the 200-300gph rangeFiltration: Stock sponge, Chemi-pure Blue, a chunk of extra live rock, the middle chamber houses a refugium with cheato and those bioactive media ringsStock2 Ocellaris Clowns1 Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish1 Sailfin Blenny1 Randall's Pistol ShrimpCoral:1 Bird of Paradise Birdsnest1 Neon Green Pocillopora1 Superman Montipora1 Kenya Tree 1 Neon Green Mushroom2 types of Zoa, not really sure on the exact type but they are prettyCUC1 Fighting Conch9 Astrea Snails1 Red Tuxedo Urchin5 Mixed species hermits (mostly blue legged)So I guess my question would be what suggestions does the nano community have? What corals should I get? I'm thinking about one or two more SPS, about 2 more zoas and then the rest is LPS or maybe, MAYBE, an anemone.
  11. Hi all, ive been looking into keeping coral and a fish in a 5 gallon tank. Is it safe to keep a fish in a tank that size? I tried to look it up but I keep getting conflicting information but I heard it’s good to have a fish with coral so that they can each benefit each other. Would it be better to keep inverts? Any info/advice would be appreciated 😁 Thanks!
  12. LucasYes

    Emerald crab molting? Or dead

    Hi, I’m new here, so I won’t be writing a 3 paragraph essay, as I don’t know the community. My emerald crab, turned brownish, and he’s just sitting there, not moving a muscle. I’ll include a picture, but I hope he’s not dead. https://www8.online-convert.com/dl/web7/download-file/5b3d0395-02b8-4071-b2ec-a9e4a08a5734/image.webp Here’s the picture, sue me if it’s a virus.
  13. I’ve been researching about what order to introduce coral and fish to the tank but there are a lot of mixed responses. So far all I know is that I’m going to add a CUC first. My original plan was to do CUC, coral, and then fish but I’ve read that fish are disease prone and I wouldn’t want to get a fish that brings in some type of disease to the corals. I would quarantine the fish I get but I don’t have the space/resources to setup a quarantine tank. But I don’t want to do fish first and then have my water parameters become unstable due to the bigger increase in bio load and stress out my fish. Any tips? Thanks!
  14. Catherine

    Hi fin goby in a 5g

    Hello, I’m looking into keeping a 5 gallon reef tank and I’ve heard people recommend single gobies in a 5 gallon. Are there any types of hi fin gobies that can be kept in such a small tank? Or would I be better off with inverts and a goby? I’m new to saltwater and have only previously kept freshwater aquariums so any fish/invert recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Hello nano reef community! I have a 24 gallon cube reef tank and I was wondering what is the recommended water change schedule for a tank this size? Would 10% a week be better or 20% every other week? Some relevant info: I have some small sps frags that use up calcium/alk but not at an insane rate Nutrients stay pretty stable at pretty much zero for both nitrates and phosphates I do have a small GHA outbreak atm but I have a more than capable cleanup crew that keeps it relatively in check. Feeding schedule is 1 time a day, twice every other day. More about my livestock on my journal page, the tank has been up for about 8 months, I'm just wondering what the optimum water change schedule would be
  16. C_R_V2000

    To Skim or Not To Skim

    I have a 24 Gal Aquatop AIO that has been up and running for about 8 months. My main form of nutrient export was a refugium but recently I've been noticing that my chaeto haven't been growing much. I'm a tad worried because despite getting zeroes on my nitrate/phosphate tests not having a lot of macroalgae isn't the best for the micro community living back there (copepods, amphipods, etc)The system did come with a stock protein skimmer that I haven't used yet but I've been wondering if now is the time to switch upSo here are my options1). Remove the refugium, add the skimmer2). get more chaeto or replace with a different sort of macroalgae I have a coralife LED light for the refugium that has worked in the past but another main issue I noticed was that red pom pom algea was outcompeting my cheato ( I removed it)
  17. C_R_V2000

    Baby Snails?

    I was looking at the tank last night wondering what sort of nocturnal inverts have taken up residence in my little ecosystem and to my surprise I saw a legion of what looked to me to be baby snails! Can I get a confirmation on the type of snails these are and if they should be kept around? Also I've noticed in my sand bed I have two spaghetti worms that build gravel tubes and filter feed. They are small for now but are they worth keeping?
  18. antigonus

    Mushrooms melting

    A while ago I noticed that my Mushrooms were splitting, I wasn't worried at first, but now they definitely are not doing well. At first I just thought something had maybe irritated them, but its gotten worse. The only thing I have introduced recently, have been a Lobophyllia Brain coral, and a Rock Flower Anemone, but neither of those are very close to the mushrooms. Most of my other coral seems to be doing well, in fact I've noticed new heads on my Blastomussa, and decent growth on my purple Montipora. I had these mushrooms for over a year, and it seems like over night something must have started going wrong. Salinity is 1.025, Ammonia and Nitrite 0, Nitrate 2, Ph 8.3. Does anyone have any idea what could be happening?
  19. Evilmandeadman07

    20 gal Long w/AI PRIME 16HD

    i have one coming in today i just needed to know how well its been for a 20gal long Mixed reef tank? I only just started cycling since March 2020, Please post a pic of ur tank in the comments
  20. I have kept freshwater fish for awhile now, and I would like to start a nano reef tank with basic corals and live rock along with my hopeful stocking of a yellow watchmen goby, a tiger pistol shrimp, one or so fire cleaner shrimp, 2 ocellaris clownfish, and an anemone such as the bubble tip for the clownfish. Is this a good/realistic goal for a beginner to all this? Any general suggestions and advice about these stocking choices would be appreciated, but I am not looking yet for advice related to hardware and equipment. Thank you everyone in advance!
  21. Yesterday night my clownfish started flashing. There was nothing visible on his skin. I gave him a freshwater dip. I just got home from work today and he’s got a big white something hanging off his face. It almost looks like some sand stuck by his mouth, but it’s definitely stuck on. Quick background on my tank, it’s new (like 2ish months) and all the fish are newish too. I added a cardinalfish a LFS. Then I added the clown who I got from divers den live aquaria. Then I added a second cardinal from a second LFS. I’ve added coral from local stores and that I’ve ordered online. I didn’t quarantine anyone (I know I know I should have). Both cardinalfish are looking and acting totally normal. I gave the clownfish a freshwater bath for 5 minutes last night. I know it was probably too little too late, but I wanted to do something. Nothing visible came off him. It’s my first tank and I didn’t quarantine because I don’t really have the space or money to set up a quarantine tank. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE?? What’s the cheapest/easiest but still ethical way for me to fix my clown? Aldo let me know if you need any additional info from me.
  22. So I am curious about something. For algae within the tank ( as im doing a FoWLR ) what would be the benefit of having green algae/coraline if i know im not going to be able to do corals ( as most of the fish im getting for the tank are angels/butterflys )?. As well, for macros, would there be a point in doing them in a FoWLR tank if I wanted them in the display rather than the sump to do the Triton Method ( overskim + lots of macros ). As the only fish I have in their that I believe would eat the macros would be the foxface/naso/sailfin tang ( i want to do naso and sailfin tang once my tank is all clear of ich, after doing the Empty tank for 90 days ( as thats when I know for sure there is no disease or parasites in the tank ). As im unsure of what macros would be good for the tank i would also want someone that could give proper advice on the implementation and upkeep on macros?
  23. HingleMcCringleberry

    Leopard wrasse care

    Hi all. ive been trying to plan fish for my 32 gal bio cube. I think a leopard wrasse would be awesome but some places say they’re really hard to care for. Why is that? Do they eat pellet/flake food or need live pods? Also some places say they’re listed as difficult because they struggle to survive shipping. Are they hardy once acclimated?
  24. I am receiving a red rooster wasp fish tomorrow. I asked live aquaria what he has been eating and they said Live ghost shrimp and sinking pellets. If I put him into my 30 gallon display tank, how on earth do I feed him live shrimp?? Won’t they just swim off before he even sees them? Should I injure them so that he has a better chance of finding them? Or do I just put a few in the tank and hope he finds them? I could potentially put him in my 13 gallon tank that is cycled but empty of livestock, but I’d very much prefer to put him in the main tank.
  25. could you put any species of starfish in a 5 gallon ? maybe like two or even just one by itself in a 5 gallon ? im really interested in any invertebrates .
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