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Found 9 results

  1. This guy is extra salty

    Extra Salty 365 acroholic fuge

    So here is the start of the build, just five pieces of acrylic 1@20”x20“ (base) 2@20”x11”(front/back) 2@19.5”x11“(sides) I haven’t put something edible in it but it’s a “literal” start first things first! I have got to build the stand the stand is a 24x24X32 which will have a one inch top all of which is made out of scratch resistant lexan now I will have to start building the tank!
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm a new Nano-Reef member, but a long time lurker and user of information on this forum. I have a question about a DIY acrylic sump that I built that is falling apart. It’s my very first time doing something like this and I built it because my cabinet is long and narrow, and nothing off the shelf would fit it, but also because I wanted to experience building one. Well, I did it but not very well. One corner seam leaks no matter what I do to it and now the back panel bottom seam has completely detached. I feel like it’s a goner at this point but I want to try to fix it since I can’t recycle it — I really don’t want to be wasteful. If I can’t fix it, then are there some ways to give the acrylic used on this project new life? Any help or guidance would be so appreciated. Thank you so much. Materials used: 1/4” Cast Cell Acrylic purchased on Amazon cut by my local acrylic shop. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YV61USA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_A688B15XA9PJSB6XZWVR?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08R9FKGZL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_C6W04DSKNV1KG1N2W8RN?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H9NQP8G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_6RHR69NJXQY2GHD7X7Z7?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 **Not sure if they finished the edges as I thought it was standard.** Weld-on 3 acrylic cement with a Needle tip applicator. Process: I loosely followed a video from Joey, “The King of DIY” on YouTube and I used the “pin method” with two T-pins as I saturated the pieces I wanted to join together. Then I waited one minute and pulled the pins. Admittedly, I cemented the front, back, and side panels (in that order) to the bottom panel first instead of cementing them to each other. I also didn't get better at pulling pins until after completing the third panel. I used Amazon boxes to keep the panels at a stable 90 angle and in place while I waited for everything to set. And that's about it for how I did it.
  3. 24eric.gabbard@gmail.com

    Home built setup all in one

    Hey! I am very curious about reef design, specifically the nano reef style. I have read a few books and would like to design my first tank given i cant have pets in my current apartment. I Figured I could start building my tank and subsequent materials without water or fish. I want an all in one tank, I Just have a few questions to start me off. 1. Is there a thumb-rule for filtration to water quantity? 2. Is a shelf tank rough for beginers? 3. I have allotted 4 chambers, all I know is the inlet, and the outlet...the other two I'm up in the air between Refugiums, Calcium RX, and Protein skimmers. Can you help me narrow them down? 4. Glass or acrylic? 5. is there a thumb-rule for tank thickness? Any input or information would help out greatly. Thanks.
  4. This guy is extra salty

    Made of acrylic

    So I’m participating in the contest and I’m deciding to build EVERYTHING from scratch well except the acrylic which will be pulled from the scrap bin (my ole lady said,”You can participate if you don’t spend any money.”) Aka “TEAM BUDGET” Final FTS 10/31/19 Proposed equipment: 1-12x6x8 (2.5 gallon tank) 1-8x3x4 hob filter(acrylic) (didn’t work as planned) 1-160gph pump(for HOB Filter) 20$ (😭) 1-2.5x7.5 surface skimmer(acrylic) 1-AI prime HD w/mount 1- custom stand (for AI prime hd) 1-controller board (I’m debating this) 1-50w heater 1- hydor nano 240gph wave maker (too much flow) 1-90gph pump 1-Hydor water deflector 1-6ft water proof warm white led string (didn’t need it) 1-24hr timer 1- 🎁 auto aqua smart ATO/AWC (g 1- 🎁 Brightwell Aquatics Xport mini cubes (Gift) 2- 🎁 VCA random flow generators Total spent: -20$ I didn’t even need it 😭 Livestock: candycane pistol shrimp (pew 🔫 pew) moved to 160g ♾Bristle worms (who’s counting?) 4-cerith snails 4-astrea snails 4-trochus snails ♾majano anemones ♾aiptasia anemones Coral list: compliments of Corallivore Corals jedi mindtrick montipora (1 polyp is holding on) mystic sunset montipora didn’t make it Blue discosoma Teal discosoma blue spot discosoma orange ricordia rainbow ricordia reverse rainbow ricordia kedds red zoanthid rasta zoanthid eagle eye zoanthid nuclear waste zoanthid bam bam zoanthid rainbow infusion zoanthid armor of god zoanthid green finger leather Brown toadstool GSP blue clove polyp green Ricordia pink moon zoanthid BOP stylo Didn’t make it gorilla nipple zoanthid Pulsing xenia cove polyps cespitularia out grew the tank moved to 160 purple hammer moved to 160 macro algae dragons burp( compliments of @inland_reef) bubble algae GHA (it’s finally dying! 10/2/19) The beginning picture “4/2/19” with dehydrated apple rings and cuppy cakes Here is a shot of it empty
  5. HingleMcCringleberry

    Lighting questions and acrylic lid

    Hi all, First, a huge thank you to everyone on this forum that has been so helpful to me with all the posts I’ve made. Your advice has been crucial as I have been learning more about this hobby. I want ant to ask about lighting. A month ago I picked up someone’s used 32 gallon biocube that they had modified. They removed the canopy and replaced it with a mounted vivaspectra led light and a mesh cover. Recently ive been looking to change that setup since evaporation has been requiring me to add fresh water to the tank twice daily to maintain salinity. It’s impractical to have to use the RODI machine that often and so I built myself an acrylic cover to replace the mesh lid. I want ant to know if this will affect the light that reaches the tank. Does anyone have experience/ is it a good idea to run light through an acrylic panel and still grow healthy corals? aditionally the light is adjustable and can dim the 10k whites and actinic lights independently and im trying to decide what ratio of the two will be best for growing my corals. A few montipora, some acans, a couple chalices, and Zoas are the corals I’m currently growing. Assuming I have the right placement for each what spectrum of light is ideal to help them grow? More blue or more white? Will the acrylic lid affect how this ratio reaches the corals? any advice is deeply appreciated!
  6. Hey everyone, it's been a few years for me being out of the game and I want to get back in! I was wondering if anyone knew of someone who would do some custom acrylic work for me so that I can convert an ADA 60-F into an AIO. I need the AIO part made out of black 1/4 acrylic and I also need a media basket made. Any help is appreciated, thank you! 7 in tall x 3 inches wide x 9 inches long is the size of the AIO I need.
  7. Sugawara2

    Acrylic Back Sump Wall

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to get back into the hobby again after being on hiatus for about 3 years and am planning a 16 gallon (roughly) AIO tank. I've decided on integrating the filtration into the back because I don't have that much space below the tank and I wanted to keep it a bit tidy lol. The tank dimensions are 24" L x 16" W x 11" H. So.. I was wondering If you guys think that 2mm thick black acrylic is okay for the wall of the back sump as well as the baffles inside? It's kinda expensive to buy acrylic where I'm from so I cant really go for the 4mm thick ones and they only sell them in large sheets. hoping to hear from y'all
  8. chaostactics

    I did a thing!

    I was too lazy to put together the right combination of search terms to find the "IM 40 thread". Built this with a circular saw and a dremel tool. The tank is now silent >6" away, nearly zero light spill from the fuge at night, looks SOOO much more clean, and reduces salt creep on the walls (probably reduces evap too). Before you count on your own there are 7 wires and 3 pieces of tubing in/out of my rear chambers.
  9. Los Angeles, CA. I can drive anywhere locally for pick-up. Hit me up with a message on the price and condition of the tank. I’m open to buying equipmrnt too! Innovative marine peninsula, nuvo fusion lagoon, and red sea nano tanks are my priority! Going to setup the tank in my college dorm
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