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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted on this forum as I transitioned back to freshwater for some years due to work and lack of time. I have grown quite bored of my freshwater cubes and I’m planning to get back on the saltwater hobby taking baby steps. Free time is still in short supply. I want a simple cube with a clownfish pair (tank bred percula 2-4cm at the time of purchase). The tank will be FOWLR at first but I know I’ll want to graduate to corals at some point. I have attached pictures of the equipment I’m going to use. I’d really like your input on the light fixture (the larger model). Do you think it will suffice for softies? As you can see in the pics I chose somewhat low flow. During my past experience (20g with 2300 l/h) I saw my small clownfish struggling to keep up. They’d stay on the same spot in a corner. When I turned off the pumps though, it was a different story. During the FOWLR period, would you suggest I keep the salinity at a lower level, let’s say 1023, to allow room for error and save some money? Would you go any lower? The set up will be minimal with a few pieces of rock and Aragonite sand just enough to hide the glass. So here’s a list of what I want to achieve with this tank. Any tips are appreciated 1. The least maintenance possible 2. The least ALGAE possible after the diatom bloom 3. Choose an affordable light that will allow growing softies in the future. Thanks! EDIT: I eventually picked up Versamax 2 for filtration and circulation, which adds about 0.5 gallons of water volume and is rated at 800 l/h PS. Here’s my old tank!
  2. Simulated Fish

    IT'S WET! Hippie's Rock Flower Nano

    Alright! This is a reboot of my biocube 8g. This was my first tank almost 3 years ago. It became a QT tank then I decided to break it down. Now that I will be able to keep a work tank I excitedly got plans together. This is a rock flower anemone focused tank. I love nems and have had great success with my bubble tips and mini-max nems so I am eager to get underway! So begins the hardest part.... Waiting to cycle and balance! Equipment - Nanobox Retrofit LEDs - inTank Media Basket - Sicce Syncra 1.0 (way too tight a fit) - Jebao SW-2 - 25w Heater Stocking Plan - Rock Flower Nems! Most likely from VIP - Shrimp / Goby pair - GSP because it goes in every tank I run! - Montis and some other encrusting/plating SPS and corals. Never kept SPS so it will be new for me. PHOTOS!
  3. Psilopsych

    Emerald crab reef safe NO

    So I bought an emerald crab after a lot or reading. Some said yes they are reef safe some said no. Lesson learned if there are no's don't get one. Mine almost headed to the toilet tonight. Caught it eating my hammer coral Whole tentacles at a time. Not a reef safe critter. He is off to the lfs Monday. Good by pest.
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