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  1. Intro: Thanks for taking a look at my tank journal. I've been reefing since 2009; not a novice but far from knowing everything. I've always loved the simplicity of all in one tanks and my very first tank was a 29 gallon Biocube. I've had a few tanks between this Innovative Marine SR60 and my first Biocube but the contents of this tank came from my last 29 gallon Biocube I had set up for about 3 years. I added some cured liverock and moved the contents of that tank to this one in November of 2018. My goal is to incorporate all types of coral into a diverse, mixed reef and place a large emphasis on fish that are both beautiful but also serve a purpose in a peaceful community tank. My three daughters have some input as to what goes in the tank and while I don't always agree with their selections, I have been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion (Valentini Puffer...Yasha Goby, just to name a couple). This is a family tank and something that we enjoy discussing, admiring and feeding every night before bed time. Update October 2021: In early 2020, I had a horrible Dinoflagellates outbreak. My pursuit of pristine water conditions created the perfect envornment for the Dinos to take over. A lot of my corals were suffocated and fish died during the ourbreak. After finally beating the Dinos back, I almost shut the tank down but ultimately just sort of walked away and let it recover. I did minimal maintenance and didn't add a thing for 20+ months. I had completely lost my passion for Reefkeeping. My youngest daughter who is 3 now loves fish and her interest in this tank brought me back. Current FTS 1/13/2022 FTS 12/16/2019 before the Dino outbreak The very first FTS after the transfer: 29g Biocube Donor Tank: Hardware: Innovative Marine Nuvo SR60 Reef Breeders Photon V2 Pro 24 Vortech MP10 Tunze 9004 Skimmer Tunze 3155 ATO Sicce 1.5 return pump x 2 150w Heater Livestock: Yellow Watchman Goby (R.I.P. old man) Orchid Dottyback (captured) DaVinci Clownfish x 2 Cleaner Shrimp x 1 Midas Blenny (Jumped and stepped on) Sunburst Anthias (M.I.A. presumed deceased) Melanurus Wrasse Valentini Puffer (lost in Dino outbreak) Coral Beauty Angel Yasha Hase Goby Red Scooter Blenny (lost in Dino outbreak) RBTA (lost in Dino outbreak) Exquisite Fairy Wrasse (lost in Dino outbreak) Pearly Jawfish (lost in Dino outbreak) Royal Gramma Pink Spot Watchman Goby Tail Spot Blenny Red Fromia Starfish Ruby Red Scooter Dragonet RBTA Corals: Zoanthids Frogspawns Torch Acans (lost in Dino outbreak) Cup Coral (lost in Dino outbreak) Favia (lost in Dino outbreak) Toadstool Leather Neon Trumpet Blasto Merletti Montipora (lost in Dino outbreak) Leptastrea (lost in Dino outbreak) Acropora (lost in Dino outbreak) Stylophora (lost in Dino outbreak) Cyphastrea (lost in Dino outbreak) Montipora Digitata (lost in Dino outbreak) Cespitularia (lost in Dino outbreak) Purple Feather Gorgonian Ricordea Florida Nepthea Pipe Organ Clove Polyps Yellow Finger Gorgonian Red Finger Gorgonian Rock Flower Anemones Acan Lord Lobophyllia Montipora Pulsing Xenia
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