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Found 2 results

  1. I just got a 60 gallon tall heartland aquarium with a stand. There were no air bubbles before setting it up. It now has a bunch of bubbles in the seams. It's not leaking...should I take this down??
  2. Long time no see guys! Crazy crazy stuff here. So, the 100 days tank is still going. I added a goldfish pond. And I sold,or tried to sell my 25 G. Story time: Mr Cling died. I don't know why or how, he vanished and was never seen again about a month ago. If you don't know who Mr. Cling is, go to my 100 Days journal. I was crushed. Devastated. He was so cool, we just celebrated our first anniversary together. He was a fantastic fish. I doubt I'll find another like him. I had never gotten the 25 back on track. With Mr Cling gone, I decided I'm gonna quit it. So I moved the bangaii to the 25g, moved Xena (the clown) to the 14 and listed the entire 25 system (sans nanobox, mp 10 and apex) for sale on my local reef group including the bangaii for $300. A day later, I am contacted by a member saying due to life circumstances, he has to move and can't take his big tank with him and needed it gone in 2 weeks. He wants a small tank to keep his favorite clown pair and shrimp and asked me if I would do a straight trade. My ad listing for his full 60g shallow set up with all corals and livestock. In order to get his brand new lights, I had to trade my nanobox. Which made me sad because I had put it on the 14g and really loved the color blend on it. lol Oh well. Lights for a 48" long tank aint cheap and I don't have that money lying around. Breaking down the 25 Two days later (friday) we went to his house and picked everything up. And I have never done a move like this before. We were moving to live systems. Taking ours to him and bringing his back. We hired our sitter to watch the hooligans... I mean children... for us and started the final tear down at 8 am for a 9 am departure time to get to his house by 9:30 am to begin breaking down the 60. Thankfully, being 7 years in to the hobby now, I've picked up a few tricks that really helped. One: Collect all the buckets Two: Collect all the styrofoam coolers Three: Collect all the tupper ware If you have all those things, you'll have an easy full tank move. Oh, and an Odyssey. Get yo self an Odyssey. Why an Odyssey? This is why: Because you can fit a 24"x48" long tank, stand, eshopps sump, all your plumbing, 3 shipping boxes of fish and coral, a 48" light and 7 5g buckets full of sand, rock, and water, that's why. Now, usually you don't bring water when you're moving, but we could only make 15 gallons at home and that would not be enough to move the fish and coral in. so we brought 10 g of his home with us. We broke that bad boy down in about 2 1/2 hours. In its spot. Running with just life support to get the fish and coral out of the boxes. Once we got everything home, my top priority was getting the fish and coral into the tank, so we set everything up to the point of survivability and making sure I wouldn't cook them (so quickly bringing the apex back up). Then, we moved on to plumbing. Some of the new critters as we were working: Maxi Mini Nem mated Spotcinctus pair Top down We spent from 8 am to 1 am working on the tanks the first day to make sure everything was live able. Yesterday we woke up to very hungry, active, social fish. So now to speak of our new inhabitants. We acquired: -Spotcinctus clownfish pair -Blue Hippo Tang -Blue Green Chromis -Melanarus Wrasse -Target Mandarin Dragonet -A bleached RFA (he said he was nursing it back to health) -mini maxi carpet nem -A stow away fire shrimp (crawled into a rock and didn't find him until we were unloading) And a ton of various lps and zoas and cuc. The tang I plan on keeping until she out grows the tank so she'll be easier to catch. She's 1 1/2" right now, so there's now way in hell I'll be able to catch her at that size. But don't worry tang police! Lucky for you, I don't care for tangs, so she won't be staying 😛 Ultimately, I think I'd like to get another s. doliatus and a leopard toby puffer to finish stocking. Everyone ate yesterday morning including the dragonet. She eats mysis and calanus. I'm going to pick up a thing of pods though to boost the population in the fuge for her. But I was very happy to see her eating. Day two's priorities were scaping, sand cleaning, fixing the overflow (he was running it with an open standpipe... holy toilet flush batman...), and I can't remember what else... the last three days have been a reef tank blur... lol Anyways, here are some final set up pics. I'm still waiting for the water to clear from me moving shit around again. I'll put clearer pics in later. Everything in the pics except for the vortech, apex, vertex skimmer and BTA are from the trade. Sump Messy electronics. @skoechle plans on building a custom cabinet for this space to put this stuff in as well as the DOS pumps. Double view of the goldfish pond on the patio. Can't wait for the water to clear up! You can see the RFA in this one @SeaFurn gonna need your skills to get this guy back! Maxi mini I plan on cleaning up this first a bit. just wanted to get the story down and out first! Hope the pics work... i used a different way of posting... I'll be mad if they don't. lol
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