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Found 7 results

  1. Sharbuckle

    Sharbuckles NEW 40

    Hello fine folks of the internet. Here I am yet again with ANOTHER build. I rashly decided to sell my 78g and 65g and upgrade to something 120g and up. I ended up buying a 150g blah blah blah long story short, I messed up. Rushed things, ended up tankless. After my fish sat in rubbermaid totes for about 3 months, something happened. I did a large water change and overnight ALL my fish died. This was a nightmare, I was distraught. I did realize the next day that my large Clarkii clownfish Big Mama survived. After debating on selling her for a while I decided to get her a home. That brings us to where we are now. A 40 gallon breeder. As some of you may now my last 40B won TOTM last October. I loved that tank and everything about it. That's how I landed back into a 40B. Things will be a bit different this time. I am taking my sweet sweet time setting it up and buying equipment that will last. Equipment List: Lighting: 2x Ecotech Radion XR30W Pro Flow: Sicce Syncra 3.0 Return and Ecotech MP10 Heater: 200w Jaeger Controller: Neptune Apex EL Skimmer: Nyos Quantum Overflow: Eshopps Eclipse Sump: Fiji Cube 24 or 26" ATO: Tunze Osmolator Rock/Sand: Caribsea LifeRock and Aragonite Livestock Plans: Other than Big Mama and her carpet anemone. I plan on stocking this tank solely with Montipora. No softies, no lps. ONLY Montipora. As far as fish go, I want a blue spot jawfish, something to sift the sand, and a bunch of damsels that can stand up to big mama. Ill attach some pictures today. I still have a lot of the equipment to buy. I plan on having water in the tank within the next 4-6 weeks. Happy Reefing, thanks for looking..
  2. Hello fine folks of the internet, My old thread was getting a bit too ridiculous having three builds all in one so I've decided to bring the 40 gallon peninsula to life in it's own thread. After I moved my 29g into my 65g and 15g. The 65g cracked and caused $8000 in damage and the 15g sprung a slow leak. I was close to calling it quits but decided to get a 40g breeder. It's a size of tank i've wanted for a very long time and just went for it. Saw a reeeeeeally cool soft coral reef peninsula on YouTube and decided that is exactly what I wanted. Mostly soft corals and gorgonians. Also, I wanted to incorporate some macro algae in the display. Oh and one leptastrea frag that I had leftover from my 65g so it's not completely a softie reef I suppose. Anyway here's a quick breakdown of the equipment i'm using as well as Livestock and Coral selection. Equipment Standard 40g Breeder Standard 20g long sump Eshopps Eclipse-S Overflow Tek 6 Bulb T5HO with ATI Bulbs Tunze Nanostream 6040 Koralia Nano Aqua Macro Flow Swing Arm (or something like that, it attaches to return line and moves the return flow side to side) Eheim Jager 200W Heater Tunze 9004 Skimmer Syncra Sicce 2.0 Return Pump Apex Jr. Other Stuff Chemi Pure Blue Filter Sock Filter Floss Aquavitro Fuel Livestock 4 Clowns 4 Blue Streak Cardinals 1 Longnose Hawk 1 Royal Gramma Cleaner Shrimp Peppermint Shrimp Emerald Crab Porcelain Crab Various Clean Up Crew Coral 6 Gorgonians (various) Fiji Yellow 2 x Toadstools Clove Polyps Alveopora 2 x Goniopora Too many Zoanthids to list Various leathers Superman Mushrooms Green Mushrooms Leptastrea Frag
  3. Tangina20

    40 gallon breeder/20L sump

    Set up date: 06/22/18 Last update: 02/10/19 Newly built, few free to comment any tips or ideas! This is an upgrade from the 20L being used as the sump. Fish yellow watchman goby white lightning maroon clown 4 stripe damsel Inverts 4 astrea snails 3 blue legs 1 red leg Rainbow bubble tip Coal banded shrimp Softies Green striped mushrooms Red mushroom Blue mushroom Turquoise mushroom pulsing xeina eagle eye zoa Alpha zoa Electric joker zoa Liams clove Polyps Rasta zoa Hypotonic zoa Green goblin zoa Neon orange mushroom Neon green finger leather Sunny D zoa Rainbow infusion zoa playboy zoa scrambled egg zoa purple monster zoa blondie zoa rainbow hornet zoa pinwheel zoa Mohawk zoa Large Polyp Stoney Atomic Torch Green tip hammer Red Lobophyllia Green favia Duncan Acan Toadstool Galaxia Purple acan Red/blue acan Gold/Orange acan neon geeen octospawn orange lepto jack o lantern lepto war paint lobo green/orange acan miami hurricane chalice blue candy cane mummy eye chalice Small Polyp Stoney Red montipora digitata Red montipora capricornis Sour Apple birdsnest Purple monti digi Stylophora monti spongodes Equipment 1.5” overflow Quiet one 5000 return 2 hydra 26 hd SCA protein skimmer ow 10 wavemaker
  4. I have 2 hydra 26 HD’s coming in the mail for my 40b which is 16 inches deep. I’m switching from a Chinese black box so these lights are completely new to me. What would good settings be for mostly lps, softies and a couple sps on the top? I found these settings on BRS tv but the uv seems high compared to what others suggest.
  5. Upgrading my 20 gallon high to a 40 Breeder because the 20 started a slow leak. Never made a thread for the 20 gallon so I'll start with some background. My husband was looking in the free section of Craigslist on 11/28 and there it was: 20 gallons with live rock, t5 lighting, water, hydrometer (which I never used), heater, and HOB filtration. I decided that I would take the crushed coral substrate out and replace with live sand. The picture is right after the water cleared. I ended up changing the scape because the rocks were too close to the glass on the left. I added my first fish after the mini cycle caused by changing substrate. 2 Black Ocellaris Clowns; one much larger than the other. Sadly, the little guy didn't make it for long and I decided that I would have to QT any more fish. On 12/31, I brought home my first corals: A purple tipped frogspawn, an orange and purple Ricordea Florida, a small colony of Twizzlers zoas and some Radioactive Dragon Eyes. I added a green Rhodactis mushroom rock, Yellow/green candy cane, a red and orange acan lord, a Darth Mail polyp, an Eagle Eye polyp (freebie), and a few polyps of Radioactive Dragon Eyes (freebie) on January 20th. On 02/04, I picked up a green and blue acan lord and a pink and purple Ricordea Yuma. I also got a small Mocha Ocellaris and into the QT he went. As I said earlier, my 20 gallon started leaking on February 11th so I decided to upgrade to a 40 Breeder with a 10 gallon DIY refuge/sump. This is the beginning of my journey. Checking for leaks.
  6. Mazdawg09

    Beginner's Reef

    After years in the freshwater tank hobby my Girlfriend and I have decided to try our hands at a reef tank. I know going straight to a reef tank and basically skipping the "FOWLR" stage of saltwater isn't recommended but I have done tons of research into the hobby and I'm figuring if I combine that research with my years of freshwater experience We should be relatively successful. To give a little more info about us we have basically been hang arounds at our "LFS" for about 3 years and we've been interested in the saltwater hobby ever since. Unfortunately the hobby was way to expensive for us so we have been slowly preparing to have a reef tank for most of that time. Just recently our freshwater fish outgrew the 40 Breeder we had them in so we decided to upgrade to a 125. Luckily being a regular at our LFS has its perks and they gave us a killer deal on the 125 and all the stuff we had to buy for it. After staring at our empty 40 gallon for a few months and some convincing from the LFS we decided we had the perfect candidate to begin our journey into the saltwater world. I'm pretty new into the forum world as well so bear with me along this process but hopefully this doesn't turn out too terribly. If anyone has any recommendations for anything along this journey please feel free to share. Now the good stuff for everyone who has read this far, The Photo Dump: The 40 gallon in its beginning stages Tank after drilling (probably the most terrifying thing ever) Equipment wise I chose the Eshopps Eclipse M overflow because of its nice slim form factor as well as 2 basic 3/4" loc line returns for symmetry. I may eventually buy 2 random flow nozzles but I currently am not too sure if they're worth it especially on a tank this small. The basic black painted background (this is my first tank out of 6 or 7 to actually have a background) Next post with more than likely be the construction of my 20L sump thanks to Petco's $1 per gallon sale and this sweet baffle kit I found after some googling!
  7. Thatoneomahaguy

    Can't find way to stop/prevent algae

    Hello everyone! For the last 6 months or so I have been battle a slow but persistent pest. I believe it is a red cyano algae. It grows on the predominantly on the sand bed bad has made its way to the rocks. It does seem to grow stronger/more dense around areas where the flow isnt as high. I have noticed increased growth around some frag plugs or around my bushy hammer coral. I have tried everything to get rid of it but cannot conquer it! I have tried tank blackouts, siphoning the algae out, and multiple treatments of chemi-clean (both the liquid and powder). I know that sometimes cyano can be caused by poor floor. I have two jebao Sw-4's running at 100%. I will try to get a picture of the algae later today. Like I said its not super aggressive but it keeps coming back and making my tank look junky. Other stats: dKh - 9.2 pH - 8.5 Nitrate - 0 Ammonia - 0 Phosphate - <= .3 Mg - 1000 Any thoughts or ideas to help me remove this problem altogether would be greatly appreciated.
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