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Found 5 results

  1. Going to be starting my Waterbox 20 cube. Purchased the tank last year and have been waiting for the stand to come in for a few months. Equipment list Tank - Waterbox 20 cube Stand - White Waterbox 18x18 Tank controller- Neptune Apex lite DJ 8 outlet powerstrip Light- AI Prime HDReturn - stock Reefbreeders Dc controlable pumpPowerhead - AI Nero 5Heater - Neotherm Skimmer - Eshopps nano ATO - AutoAqua Smart Micro Got the rock work done today. Main structure is one piece I cut flat to sit on the bottom of the tank. All the shelves are comprised of literally 60 small pieces that have been secured together
  2. Ok guys this is going to be a fun one... after much thought and debate on that tank and theme I wanted to use for this challenge I went with what I had.I did not want to build out 3 tanks at once and a move coming up sometime in the next 2-4 months I wanted to keep it somewhat simple. the theme is: color & flower power and inverts... as the tank will focus on rock flower nems, mini max nems, zoas and any thing that is flower like and colorful. I had so many themes I wanted to use here i needed 3-5 tanks, eh that not gonna happen. Tank info fiji cube 18.5 peninsula such an amazing little tank return pump I just upgraded to the eheim 1000 a bit more flow but the same noise level as the stock RT pump. intake flow none at this time but that could change skimmer none I will do Wc and media lighting 1X AI prime HD and 3D reefing defuser- perfect light I will be running a low level BRS AB+ profile LR real reef rock making some DIY branch I might add after the move if it turn out well. ATO auto aqua micro I really like this ATO more the the big tunze and ATK I used it on my big tanks and never got around to the ATK still new in the box. Sand carib sea special grade. love this stuff. almost went BB but I love the look of sand so much. heater a small finnex heater with digital read out. might be something I replace here soon. temp control not 100% decided on this one but I am leaning towards getting a PM1 and eb4 or 8 and extending my apex for the long haul. or a ranco upgrades down the road: ~ gonna have @This guy is extra salty build me a media basket. gonna look and work better then the egg creat I was thinking about. ~Vca RGF I have the .5" RFG but need to get the real loc line so it will fit. hoping to keep Power heads out of the DT for this one. ~after/during the move I might build a Tsot stand for the little guy if I feel the stand I have it not working or does not go with the new house. ~ in the processes of making some DIY branch rock something I am excited about and wanted to try for years, however it will take 2-3 weeks to make and 3-6 weeks to fully cure . ~ DIY upflow ATS, not sure I will need it or not but I plan to make ( and Have all the goodies ) a ATS for AIO nano stay tuned. So some of you my remember this tank from a build I started a few months ago. tank only had sand, LR, and the nems. NO fish or CUC was just setting here, whent through a bad algae out break and was starting a red slime cycle. so I really wanted to be part of the FUN and getting a new tank in time for the dead line was looking slim at best that and the added extra cost of a new set up with all the goodies only to have in run in the basement mech room at the new place. and moving it seemed like a bad idea I thought the why spend all the time and money to only see it 2x a day in the basement fish room. SO I cleaned this tank up, let it dry out for a few hours, gave the rocks a good scrub clean the heck out of the sand and re-scaped. took most of the day but today is a slow day for me anyway. condiment pic : nice clean sand: new scape top down: front on: the Kitty is happy I am done messing with the nano it's here nap time after all in her fav. nap spot.
  3. I bought this betta fish tank from a LFS few months back with the idea to turn it in to an all in one sub gallon tank. During the old school Pico tank contest, I have added two sexy shrimp which my significant other and I have enjoyed to watch in the pico tank. however even in the 2.5 gallon tank the sexy shrimp some time were out of sight so this 0.9 gallon tank seemed to me the ideal size to fully enjoy this critters. had it store until I have seen @Christopher Marks announcement for a new contest. so the idea started running again in my head and here we go again… as the last pico contest it is a late start but the knowhow learnt from the old school tank will help to make this a thriving environment (hope so). The idea is to add some live rock two or three sexy shrimp and some different zoas, every type in one polyp quantity to notice growth. The tank has a partition in the back to store water from cleaning the display tank, I will modify to a back filtration chamber and install a tiny power head for circulation. It has a base, display section, back container and a lid. All made of PS molded injection.
  4. Tank:Innovative Marine 10g nuvo with screen top Light: Ai prime hd Upgrades: hydor universal 185 pump, vca random flow generator Additional Equipment: smart ato, nuvo media caddy, tetra heater, Ok so I got this tank for free and thought heck why not enter the 365 challenge. To help me keep up with the monthly posts I’m going to also post update pictures on my Instagram so if you’d like follow me @aquaticaptitude. My theme will be Star Wars in honor of my husband letting me set up another tank;). My plan is to stick with decor and corals that are Star Wars related. Keep up with my thread to see the first theme related ad in 🙂
  5. Well, I was not going to enter this contest, as I have a new 40 gallon AIO reef I started a month ago (which is doing great, just haven't posted it yet) But I was looking through a box of aquarium parts and realized I still have an AIO insert that I got with a Petco bowfront set I tore down a while ago. I also realized I had a dry 6 gallon tank, and turns out the AIO fits 100% perfectly in the tank. Figured what the hell, I have everything I need, might as well join the contest. I'm getting a late start here I realize, but I am pretty excited that I found everything I need equipment wise in my aquarium box, and just a few days before the cut-off. Here's what I've got so far... The tank: Aquatop 6g Rimless Low-Iron Bookshelf Light: Current USA Orbit Marine 18". Had this in my last 14.26 gallon build (contents of which are now in 40g) Filter: AIO Insert from Imagitarium 6.6g bowfront kit Pump: Stock Pump from Imagitarium kit Powerhead: Jebao OW10. Currently in my 40g, need to upgrade and then will move it over to this tank. Heater: Hygger 50 watt controllable titanium heater Have some cool ideas for a theme and aquascape as well, using only dead coral collected by a friend from the beach in the Dominican Republic. So this tank will be costing me very little, if anything at all! Here are my entry pics, dry setup
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