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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, For some time now I have been considering starting a pico reef tank with the sole focus on rock flower anemones. After recently stumbling upon this contest, it seems to me like there is no better time but now to get the ball rolling. I am super excited as this is my first contest and only my second tank after starting my first nano tank in May 2019. Since discovering this hobby, I have been fascinated by anemones but more specifically, rock flower anemones because of their appearance, endless variation of color, and the one of the only anemone species that can be kept in a pico or nano reef tank. My primary goal for this tank is to create a vibrant and colorful environment where rock flower anemones can spawn and reproduce. I do not know how difficult this is or if this is even possible in a pico tank but I hope to succeed at breeding them. System: Display: Lifegard Aquatics 3.8 Gallon Peninsula (14.17" x 7.87" x 7.87") Lighting: AI Prime HD Filteration: TBD Heater: Archae 25W Circulation: Stock Pump Auto Top Off: XP Aqua Duetto Aquascape: I will be using live rock from GulfLiveRock.com and I will opt for a sand bed as I feel it is completely necessary for an environment catered to RFA's. I hope to create a sand bed fully covered in RFA's and leave the live rock home to colorful coral. However, it might be a challenge to have the RFA's favor the sand bed over the rock. To possibly overcome this challenge would be to have a high sand bed to rock ratio in addition to a tall/cliff-like rockscape - resulting in more favorable lighting conditions for RFA's on the sand bed rather than rock. Livestock: Coral: Assortment of Zoanthids and Palys Any suggestions? Inverts: Rock Flower Anemones Porcelain Crab Blue Leg Hermit Snails Any suggestions? Fish: None Essentially, I plan to stick with zoanthids and palys to compliment the colorful variations of rock flower anemones but would also like some coral the exhibits movement with flow and can really fill out the tank if need be. I also choose to keep this a strictly invertebrate -only system for stability and chance of success but I might be easily persuaded... FTS 02-24-2020 If you have any suggestions for other livestock or concerns/input, I'd be interested in knowing. Thanks for reading!
  2. About a week ago I went to the petsmart to get a glo betta since they just came out with them this month. When I got there they were all sold out, but had the 3g aio glo betta tanks on sale for $34, regular $60. I grabbed one thinking I'll pick up the fish in a week or 2 after I give the tank some time to cycle anyway. Surprised at the quality of the tank. The glass is pretty thick and came with and equally thick glass lid as well. But after a day I realized I no longer wanted a glow betta and the novelty had worn off. I considered making it into another planted tank, but I already have 10 of those. So then the gears started turning and I thought to myself that it would make a good pico reef. It's been about 10yrs since I've had a nano reef and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get back in the hobby. Luckily I found the 365 day challenge thread at the perfect time. So here I am! Back in the days of my various nano and pico reefs mushrooms were my favorite corals. So I'm dedicating this tank to be atleast 75% shrooms as my theme. Also this tank will be a simple budget build as I have no plans for modification and will run the aio chamber the way it is, but maybe upgrade the carbon in the filter pouch. I will rely on water changes and a bare bottom as my main form of nutrient export. Tank has been up and running since late last night. equipment 3g aio glofish aquarium Aqueon 50w heater Asta 20 led light planned livestock 5.8lbs of cured real reef rock(already added last night) Lots of shrooms Gsp Toadstool Sexy shrimp
  3. Hi everyone. I've decided to participate in the 365 day challenge in NR. 🙂 Background: This tank is actually 4 years and ~3 months-old, However, it was always used as a halfway tank of sorts - meaning, I rotate livestock in this tank pretty often before moving the animals to other tanks. It was always treated as a 'spare' tank, and sometimes a hospital tank. For the past 1 year++, it was run exclusively as a FOWLR. But I've decided to strip it down and convert it to a full reef tank. So this will be a reboot. Even though the rocks are very old, everything else (except a few existing fish and inverts) will be entirely new. 🙂 Theme/Concept: 'Tropical Jungle'. I live in the tropics and I'm drawing inspiration from local places I've visited throughout my life. The real jungle is dense but beautiful. For this tank, I'll be using different types of corals and macros to fit the 'jungle' theme. For example: 'Flowers' = Clove polyps/Xenia 'Mushrooms' = Mushrooms 'Grass' = GSP 'Trees' = Green Torch/Green Leather Corals 'Bushes/Undergrowth' = Various types of Macro (Caulerpa/Chaeto/Galaxaura/Halimeda etc.) Specifications: 10G cube tank with built-in mini sump at the back of the tank Rimless 8mm Crystal White Glass Equipment: 500 L/Hr Astro Return Pump Sobo Mini Wavemaker (4000 L/Hr) 1x PAR 38 LED (36W) ' 1x Aquazonic LED (17W) Rocks & Sand: ~3.5 kg of cured, mature LR (>4-years-old) ~3kg of coarse aragonite sand (brand new) Salt: Fritz RPM Media: Filter Floss Activated Carbon Coral Stones (in zipped up mesh bags) RowaPhos Fish: Bicolor Blenny (Dusky) Occy Clownfish (Pisces) Talbot Damsel (Talbot) Inverts: 2x Turban Snails 1x Pink Legged Hermit Crab (Derp) Macroalgae: Leaf Caulerpa Chaeto *TBA: Livestock: Assorted Corals 2x Turban Snails Assorted Macroalgae 1x Cleaner/Fire Shrimp Equipment: 1x Cooling Fan 1x Thermometer 1x Mini-Skimmer (*Only if necessary, otherwise this will be a skimmerless system) The tank is currently located downstairs, in my library/art room. The present water temp. spikes up to 31.5'C on very hot days, which makes it unsuitable to host any coral atm. So, for now, I'll refrain from adding any corals until I can purchase a new mini fan. Macroalgae can survive in this heat however, so I'll be adding macro first to the tank. Today morning, I stripped down the tank, drained/emptied it and tossed out the old LS. Here's my condiment pic: And here's how the tank looked like this morning: I even drained the sump chambers at the back of the tank, and removed the remaining water using kitchen towels. My livestock and LR was kept soaked in a separate container while I did this:
  4. Little back ground. I have been on NR since 2012 and this is our first saltwater tank. My son and I were going to start a 2 gallon jar but ended up with a 20L that was given to us along with the light and pump. We have not thought of what to do and we did not have room for a sump. My son wanted to go with an AIO and the only way was to build it. 🙂 Equipment: 20L tank and stand. Sicce 1.0 pump Jebao PP-4 AI Hydra 26 Media: Media basket DIY Reef saver rock -free Stock: TBD Will fill this in when items arrive or we source them. Here is the AIO chamber build. Here is the aquascape layout, but I think we might have changed it. @righttirefire @spectra @Matteo @shaneandjohn
  5. To be honest I was not going to join the challenge. I have 2 20 gallon mixed reefs that take a lot of my time and money. BUT..... I went to my LFS anniversary sale and low and behold I won a 5 gallon Aquatop Pisces tank. With the tank falling in my lap how could I not join in on the fun? Why is it Rascal the Cat’s tank? Well about 5 years ago I used to have a 5.5 gallon set up on our pass through from our kitchen to the dining room and he loved that tank. Rascal is now 13 and though still plays like a kitten he has had some medical issues. Soooo this tank is going to be set up for his enjoyment. Ok ok so now the fun part the equipment list. Tank: 5 gallon AIO Aquatop Pisces Filter: Not sure what media I will be using Light: Stock LED 4.3W Return pump: Stock 53GPH Hater: buying soon Rock Scape: still in the works Coral: Softies Fish: Goby? Inverts: Sexy shrimp?
  6. Hello everyone! Newbie here entering the 365 day challenge. This is going to be a 16g coralife biocube I just received from marineandreef. They had an amazing sell, and I just could not pass it up. I currently have a 54g corner tank in my living room, which was my first saltwater tank and was established 07/2019. I'm still a newbie and am hoping for the best. Even if I am not considered a finalist later, I'm hoping to meet some awesome people and gain some great advice! Reef on, my friends!
  7. Kentech5

    365 Day Kentech’s Nuvo 16

    So this is more of a placeholder but I wanted to join in in the fun. I have an IM Nuvo 16 thats been sitting around unused for a year or two do I am digging it out and starting it up again. Im thinking Ill do a clown pair with some bubble tip anemones. Ive always avoided nems in the past so I want to try something new. Id like to put this tank in my son’s room eventually. Here it is getting filled for the vinegar treatment: I’ll post a condiment pic once its clean.
  8. Hello everyone, Thanks to a couple of things that happened to me recently, I decided to enter the challenge for the very first time. My 15 gallon column reef recently crashed due to a combination of 2 part over-dose and heater malfunction. I was trying keep a mixed nano reef despite not having planned for it nor having proper equipment. It was not a fun time to see most of the corals bleached over night and animals lying at the bottom of the tank lifelessly. Just as I thought I was going to take it easy from the hobby for a while, my friend showed me this challenge. Although part of me is still afraid of making mistakes that would end up killing my tank again, I decided that I need to get up right where I fell. I need an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and this challenge is it. I am entering the challenge with a SPS dominant pico tank, and my ultimate goal is to learn how to keep it alive and happy, for at least 365 days. We will see how it goes, I guess. Here is the picture of the dry tank with my favorite food condiment inside.
  9. Hi there! I’m excited to be embarking on the 365 Day Challenge with my little DIY tank. The plans for this tank are to have a little fun and keep it carefree—while hopefully still being beautiful—so I’ll be making this a ‘pest tank.’ Call me crazy, but I’m currently on an avid hunt for Majano anemones, and other undesirables that I find intriguing, but don’t want in my reef tank. Other livestock will include some zoas / palys for a pop of color, macro algaes, and other soft corals. I have yet to decide if a tiny sexy shrimp or hermit crab will be added; I’m going to base that off of how everything progresses over the next month or so. Now for some of the more technical details: The Tank - Thrifted cylinder vase (edit: about 1 liter of water) - AIO divider was created with a repurposed plastic binder, and attached to the vase using Super Glue. - The mesh intake cage from a powerhead is being used as a media basket, which the water from the display flows directly into. Pantyhose are being used as a makeshift media bag to hold carbon and GFO (about 1/4-1/2 tsp of each). There are also some ceramic media pieces in the back chamber; they too are secured in a pantyhose ‘bag’ to make removal easier if necessary. - A tiny fountain pump is being used for circulation. I made a little L-shaped arm using extra pieces of piping from other aquarium projects, and have covered the ‘return’ with sponge to slow the flow down to a manageable level (I would like to possibly create a little spray bar or something instead—I’ll tinker with it and see how it works). - The lighting is still in the works. There is a tiny reading light (not pictured) on the tank currently. I am going to work on supplementing this white light with blue and red LEDs this weekend. - an ATO will be added eventually as well. The Scape I’m keeping the scape minimalistic; I would like to have two little islands, but am still searching for my second piece of rubble! I’ll also be growing corals (most likely some GSP) on the back wall. I chose black sand for this little project since I’ve never tried it before in a reef environment. I just snagged one of the tiny craft-sand bags from the dollar store. The tank is so small, I used maybe 1/3 of a hand-sized bag. That’s it for now! Hopefully some of you will be along for, and enjoy, the ride! Cheers, Rain
  10. Hello all! I'm new to this forum. I've been part of the hobby since childhood. I've been wanting to set up a nano for my wife and it be something she can call all her own. This will be a great learning experience for her. She didn't show much interest in my other reef until she realized how mesmerizing a reef can be. Now she wants her own. My plan is to set up two Waterbox cube 10's next to each other. One fresh planted and the other a reef. Coincidence that I received an email from CoralVue as I was in my planning stages. Just for fun, I decided to enter the contest. The 3 gallon planted tank next to the cube 10 will eventually be converted over to another cube 10.
  11. Here is the start of my entry for the 365 day aio challenge. The tank specs are as follows 10 gallon Aqueon DIY AIO partition Small chinese pond pump 50 watt preset imagitarium heater I just wanted to get a start on it tonight as I just found out about the challenge this evening. So this is as far as Ive gotten so far. I will be posting at least 1 update a week from here out. Tomorrow there will be a guarenteed update, that being my favorite condiment inside my dry tank 😁 Tomorrow I will complete the scape, get it filled and seeded with live rock from another tank of mine.
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