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Found 5 results

  1. Sparty

    Sparty's IM 30L Reef

    Been a challenge-filled first 18 months, but after several algae blooms, a few cyano outbreaks, multiple lighting hurdles and lessons, A/C issues causing VERY high tank temps for most of a summer, and unexpected needs for equipment upgrades, I think I finally have the tank headed in the right direction. Most of my issues were the typical hurdles we all have to live through ourselves before the lesson sinks in. Overfeeding, LED settings, filtration needs, inadequate water changes, etc. are simple things you can warn a newbie about, but the lesson is really only learned when the consequence is experienced. (I do have something in common with my teenagers) One of my biggest early issues was a unique one, but my inexperience was a factor there as well. After hearing many wonderful things and recommendations for Nanobox LEDs, I went with a Quad+. I love the clean look and operation of the light. Unfortunately being my first reef setup with a quality light, it took me months to realize that the Royal Blue channel was not functional. Didn't make much of a difference at first but as I started to add coral it became evident something wasn't right. Fortunately, true to his reviews and reputation, Dave was GREAT and he repaired the issue quickly. It's been smooth sailing ever since and I am seeing significant growth for the first time over the last few months. Even toying with adding some SPS... Equipment Tank: IM Fusion 30L Stand: Custom Light: Nanobox Quad+ (Black with Nat. Cherry covers) ATO: Tunze 5017 (5 gal butter churn reservoir) Return Pump: Sicce Syncra-Silent 2.0 (568 GPH) w/ IM SpinStream flow nozzles Flow Pump: Tunze Nanostream 6040 Reactor: IM Auqa-gadget 7301 (w/ GFO) Heater: Aqueon Pro200 Skimmer: Fluval Sea Mini PS2 Filtration: IM Media baskets x2 w/ Top: Filter floss Middle: filter mat Bottom: Chemipure Blue sock Livestock Purple Firefish Royal Gramma Starry Blenny Six-line Wrasse Green banded Goby (currently AWOL but I'm hopeful he's hiding somewhere) Red Hermits Assorted snails Pincusion urchin Zoanthids (7-8 types) Blastomussa Duncan Acans (4 types) Rock flower Anenomes x2 Frogspawn Hammer coral (white... bleached?) Pulsing Xenia Maxima Clam Green Star Polyp island Florida Ricordia Cup Coral Have a move happening in the near future, so I am resisting the urge to add more coral or make large changes. Unfortunately the Mid-michigan coral swap is 2 months away... it will be a struggle to keep myself contained. I am thinking of taking advantage of the move to add a refugium and get rid of the GFO reactor. I have seen some with these tanks utilize one of the compartments with a light affixed to the back after the black covering is removed??? Any suggestions on how to proceed with that would be appreciated.
  2. So i have been out of the reef hobby for about a decade and have since had done a lot of the adult stuff (kids, house, job) and have some time again to get back in. The kids helped convince the wife! Gotta have nemo. so here we go. pics on iphone x, need to figure this aspect out better Current FTS Current Equipment: Tank: IM Fusion 30 L Light: AI Prime HD x2 Return pump: IM mighty jet (midsize) Wave pump: MP10wQD x 2 Heater: Neo-therm 100w Filtration: InTank Media basket with InTank floss, purigen, chemi blue, InTank Floss holder w/ InTank floss Reactor: IM midsize reactor w/carbon and seachem phosgaurd Skimmer: IM midsize ghost skimmer Brains: reefkeeper lite w/ph probe too Doser: yet to start but jaebo, will does for ca, alk, and mg Auto Top off: autoaqua smart ATO micro with a 5 gal home depot bucket for the rodi- this lasts me about 2 weeks RODI: BRS 4 stage 75gpd Salt: Red Sea Coral Pro 15lbs caribsea life rock 30lbs fiji pink live sand 1 block marine pure under filter floss holder Live stuff: Snowflake clown mated pair x2 Various snails from reefkeepers.org Monti cap garf purple bonsai random pocillipora neon green hammer toxic purple hammer povona frag sand dollar monti frag zoas Old/replaced Stuff: IM wavelink DC pump midsize- worked awesome but got a good deal on the MP10s, i would say this is much stronger than the ecotech and at full blast has a very minimal hum Sicce 1.5 return pump- worked great and super quiet, replaced with the mightyjet Setup getting wet clearing up random live stock photos i'll get an under cabinet shot later today.
  3. Hey everybody! So I'm in the planning stages of upgrading My 17g nano aqua japan nano cube and could really use some feed back. Im planning on purchasing a Nuvo 30L because I love the way it looks and it will fit perfect on top of my dresser. Also my Allardi clown is getting bigger and i would love the extra water volume to add a another fish maybe as well as have a little more room for coral growing out. So my main question is how do I go about actually doing the upgrade?? Should I start fresh and run both tanks while cycling the new one and move everything over once the new tank is cycled? or will it be ok if I just move everything to the new tank right away. Thanks for the help guys
  4. billerbong

    Jawfish Nuvo 30L Build

    I am a FL native and moved to Boston for school so naturally it made sense to start a FL tank I am a big fan of jawfish so decided to get this tank going for them -- initially I was going to do a pair of blue spots but decided against it as I can't keep them alive for more than a year. Here I go with pearlies!! I had a make shift lid for a few weeks while I waited for my artfully acrylics lid which just came and is great, I highly recommend them! I managed to get the feeding door to work for my mangrove. Here is the tank with my new lid Next up is cleaning off the shelves above it and re-arrange the wires. I have a novo 10 below and would love to connect them but can't decide if I want to risk using an HOB overflow -- thoughts? More pictures to come.
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