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Found 7 results

  1. Can I take only the top rim off of a 30 gallon tank without any supports? I don’t need to bottom rim off I just want the top one to be gone. Will this be safe? Or should I add supports.
  2. Ive got a saltwater aquarium thats getting an upgrade! Its going from a 20 gallon to a 30 gallon, the current stock is 1 clownfish (her husband got brooklynella), 1 firefish goby, 1 clown goby, 1 tail-spot Blenny, and 1 small orange spotted watchman. I know 3 goby like fish would probably fight, but so far the worst that has happened is the Blenny defending his hole. Once i upgrade, im considering getting either some gbg (probably a pair) or a jawfish. Yes i know its more goby and goby like fish but i cant resist them. And from what i heard these species probably wont provide to much trouble. Now what im wondering is will the gbg start to be more active after a while (i know they hide at first), or will they stay hiding? I really love their little hop and their beautiful patterns, but i worry ill never see them in a 30. There should also be a pole, but feel free to give input through responses too!
  3. Hi, I'm new to Saltwater/Reefing, historically i have kept tropical and finally convinced the wife to let me get another tank and try my hand at marine. I've set up and started cycling a Aquaone Nano 80 (approx 130 litre/30 gallon) with the rear sump, already familiar and comfortable with an AIO set-up and not needing to purchase another tank/cabinet with an in cabinet sump was a bonus. Long term i plan on adding corals once everything is established but i will be keeping it simple until everything is established, currently considering: - 1x Ocellarris/common Clownfish - 1x Royal Gramma - 1x Firefish - 1x Neon Goby - 1x Cleaner Shrimp - CUC: Hermit Crabs & Snails Already got some rock-work in and will be adding more prior to introducing any fish to minimize territorial aggression/provide hiding spots, would like to include all above fish but not sure if suitable with size of the tank? Previously considered a second Clownfish but I think the tank will be too small and lead to aggression as they get older, also considered a blenny but unsure on compatibility with the above? Open to suggestions/constructive criticism on all of the above, all advise much appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  4. Hello all, Roughly about 6-8 weeks ago I started cycling my deep blue 30 frag tank. I purchased this tank about two years ago but with a new baby decided it was best to wait until I had a more time and though to dedicate to it. I have an 10gal Nuvo that has been running for 4 years now that is mixed reef, while not completely new to salt this is my first tank with a sump. My main motivation for this tank is to move my beloved blue assessor to this new tank so he can be more comfortable. He has been a great resident for about 2 years. Next in need to do for this tank is add fish. I plan to go slowly so I will start with one fish either a pink streaked wrasse or tanaka wrasse. I’ll talk to my LFS see what they can do. I also need to switch the glass heater that I am using it’s a back to probably a colbat heater. And last figure out how to proof my weirs on the overflow more so I don’t have a fish slip into the overflow. Deep Blue 30 gal Frag tank Lighting XR15 Pro Gen 4 Powerhead MP 10 Eheim Pump Tunze ATO 3155 IM Hydrofill reservoir 5 gal *Cobalt Heater *Better lid *Temp controller Live stock: 1 blue leg hermit crab (Oz) 2 trochus snail 1 cerith snail 1 nirite snail 1 shark nose goby (Xander) 1 Pom Pom crab (Buffy) Porcelain crab (Drusilla) 1 blue assessor(Oscar) was previously in 10nuvo 1 tanakas wrasse (Giles)
  5. MrGlass1024

    MrGlass's 30 Gallon Tall Nano

    So I set up a new tank. After 3 years in the hobby I think I've made all the possible mistakes and I'm finally trying to do things right by automating as much of the upkeep as possible and getting my hands out of the tank. Life gets hectic, jobs get demanding, kids need raising, I guess everybody knows the spiel. My last tank, which I loved, was a Fluval Flex 8 Gallon AIO. The tank almost got killed by some scented sticks that triggered a huge bacterial bloom. I lost in a night 5 sexy shrimp, the friendlies cleaner shrimp I ever saw and a few coral. Almost got my 2 clowns as well, they've been with me from the start survived my noob mistakes: a tank crash, a 1000 mile move, heater malfunction and a cooler malfunction. No worse feeling then seeing them gasping on the bottom of the tank. Fortunately I moved them fast in to a temporary tank pumped a lot of O2 in an got them slowly back into shape. Anyway, enough back-story, let's get to the new set-up! Tank was set up on the 08 Nov 2020 assembled and aquascaped in a day, took longer to make the RODI then to set up the tank, it helped having everything already bought and waiting and I got real lucky with the rock, the aquascape almost built itself, rock fit like Legos, I used barely any cement. Tank: 30 Gallon/120 Liter Jewel Lido Filtration: Stock in-tank filter converted to refugium with Tunze eco chic refugium light 500grams of Seachem Matrix and a bit of Chaetomorpha Stock Return pump 160 g / h 600 l / h Heating/Cooling: Inkbird Controler with Stock 100w Juwel Heater & 2 usb fans Flow: Jebao sw 4 Lights: Aquamedic cube 50 & 2 Juwel Led Blue 438 8 hours lighting schedule for the juwel 6 for the aquamedic. ATO: Tunze Nano Osmolator oldest piece of kit that pump is damn near indestructible Skimmer: Tunze Nano 9004 UV: No name uv light rated to up to 30 gallons fits perfectly under the pump in the stock filter Dosing: Grotech NG1 single line dosser, will be dosing All for Reef after the tank stabilizes and I can calculate the consumption Automation: Techkin smart plugs, I can control lights and pumps from my phone Feeder: Juwel Autofeeder feeding pelets once a day on the lowest setting Monitoring: My old Mate 20 Pro the got it's screen shattered, turned into a makeshift streaming device: The Live Stream Stocking: The toughest two clown fish this side of the great barrier reef. Pic & Poc Coral: Zoanthids, GSP, Duncan, Goni, Various Mushrooms (that I though were dead but now are coming back), Green toadstool, Finger leather (that might not make it) Green Kenya Tree, Red montipora digitata (very sad at the moment) Chalice Coral, CandyCane, Elegance Coral, Gorgonians and Pulsing Xenia which got hit among the worse but still hanging in there. Clean up crew: A Hermit Crab that I had no idea was still alive, I actually dropped his shell on when I was moving the coral, he sat on the floor next to the aquarium for about 2 hours I'm not sure how he's still alive. A bunch of Brittle Starfish babies and a Trochus snails I guess that's it, I'm sure I'm forgetting something but I'll try to update this post as often as life allows it. If anybody wants any extra details I'm happy to answer.
  6. Jul15

    30 gallon long tank

    Hi guys !Still looking for my first tank to start the hobby.I've seen the Innovative Marine Fusion Peninsula (20 gallon) and definitely want a tank like this one.http://www.innovative-marine.com/nuv...insula-20.htmlI love long aquarium with the equipment room at a side and large vue in the other side.I know it's easier to start with bigger tank so I wanted to know if you have never seen something like the Peninsula but in 30 gallon? A thing like that actually : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqo7pg7NaREI've wrote to him to ask the name but no answer yet. So cool if you can helpThank'sJul
  7. PSJguy123

    Hang on back overflow

    Im sumping my existing tank, and i am looking for advice on hang on back overflow boxs and people's experiences with them also sump ideas please
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