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Found 3 results

  1. Rijodan

    Recommendations for next fish!

    Hey guys, been wanting to add a 3ed fish to my clown pair in my 28g AIO. I'm not sure exactly what I want, and when I find things I like at lfs liveaquaria typically say I need a much larger tank. Things I'd love if I had a much larger tank is are a yellow or purple tank, like the dorito shape and watching them in my father's tank years ago was much fun. Coral beauty Angels are also great looking. I'm not sure I'd be able to keep a goby with pods for long Any recommendations?
  2. Hello Everyone! Let me introduce myself, I've been a long time lurker, with an occasional post in Beginner's Forum and finally want to setup an aquarium journal. So here goes... Started this tank as a gift for my wife's birthday, I think I am doing way more with it, she says, "Yep you do the maintenance and upkeep, I just enjoy it." We (I) wanted a Saltwater tank for a long time, said we would get a fish tank when we get our own house so we wouldn't have to move it. We got moved in in March and bought this tank beginning of April. Back Story on the tank it was setup and running for six weeks at a local LFS so I bought it as a package that came with some credit for livestock. Pretty sure I overpaid and am kinda regretting not doing more research, i only did a bit of research ahead of time and talked with a friend that had a saltwater tank in his classroom where we both taught in Texas. Plus side I did avoid the long wait for it to cycle and those issues, although at same time that would have given me more of a feel for the tank. Anyway so here is the the setup. Setup: JBJ Nano-Cube 28g Professional LED - Running Stock everything in the back except took out the Ceramic rings and replaced with Rubble Rock. Hydor Koralia 425 - on advice from some folks on Beginner's Forum Finnex HMA 100W Heater - Not running in Summer 20 lbs of Live Sand 20 lbs of Live Rock with probably another 3-5 lbs on a Rockwall on the back of tank. Filtration: Stock with exception of Rubble Rock replacing the Ceramic rings as mentioned above. Chemi-Pure Elite in Bottom Chamber Fish: 2 - Clownfish (We believe Ocellaris, Wife picked out two that she thought looked cute.) 1 - Royal Gramma Want to add one or two more - was told could have ~5 Corals - All Bought as Frags Candy Cane Stylaphora (Told it was a Birdsnest) Brown Button Palys Frogspawn 2 Lord Acans 2 Florida Ricordea (1 Blue - 1 Orange(Multi-Color)) Miami Hurricane Chalice Green Star Polyps Green Rhodactis Mushroom Palythoa Grandis Zoas - 2 Different Kinds Pulsing Xenia - Came in on Live Rock, thought it had died but it came back, it's hidden in back for now. What I think is waving hand Xenia - Another that came in on Liverock tried to kill it by covering with another rock instead it's growing through the rock lol. CUC: Cleaner Skunk Shrimp - Not sure if he belongs here of with Fish (whatever) 3 - Nassarius Snails 3 - I think Nerite Snails 2 - Turbo Snails 1 - Conch Snail 3 - Hermit Crabs - Blue Legs 1 - Stomatella (Hitchhiker) Now what you all want, Pictures!!!!! FTS Current 7-8-17 6-1-17 FTS 5-16-17 FTS 5-3-17 FTS After Setup in House 4-1-17 Close up of some corals from 5-11-17 - More has been added Its a work in Progress, I really want some photosynthetic Gorgonians and a leather or two... Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. Hey all, So here's the deal. I'm new this forum, and forums in general. I am asking for any help or advice that you guys may have for me to help me better my tank and get it running to top quality! I am desperate to successfully house a reef tank and definitely don't trust all the guys at my LFS. My background: I have attempted a reef tank back in 2013, but I unfortunately quickly succumbed to the many problems that come with reef tanks. I have always had a love for the ocean and reef tanks so I decided to why not give it another try and this time, do it right! So now, I am currently running a 28 gallon JBJ Nano cube Intermediate LED. I will add pictures to show you how I have it set up. It is equipped with an Eshopps Nano Skimmer, heater, stock pumps, and stock lights in the hood. I put the skimmer in the back center compartment where the stock media basket would normally go. I would like to use the media basket, but don't think I have anywhere to put it since the skimmer is in the center and will not fit anywhere else. To make up for no media basket, I put a bag of Chemi-pure Blue in the compartment next to the skimmer, so it gets water flow and that way, I can still run carbon. I also put a little bit of filter floss right in front of the back overflow box so it can trap any unwanted particles. I do have an extra 250 Gph powerhead that is attached to the front left of the tank, but it is not on and running at the moment. Still trying to debate wether or not I actually NEED that much flow (maybe you guys can help me). As far as live stock goes, I have as follows: -20 pounds live rock -10 pounds dry rock -20 pounds live sand -1 maroon clown -1 firefish -4 Astrae snails -6 blue legged hermits -1 peppermint shrimp -1 palythoa frag plug (was given to me for free by my LFS) This whole tank and set up has been up and running for about a month and a half now. I initially started with just the 20 pounds of live rock and 20 pounds of live sand to get my tank started. There was little to no die off, since everything was live and from my LFS that is less than 2 minutes away. So after 2 weeks of regularly checking the water, my levels never spiked. It all stayed at 0 and my nitrates never went past 1. I will add that I did not run my lights during this entire time. So after the 2 week point, I decided to add a maroon clown. I let the tank sit about another week and half with just the clown, still with no lights, until I realized I still had my dry rock from my previous tank in 2013. So I boiled and cleaned the living hell out of that dry rock, and added about 10 pounds of it to my tank (this was about 2 weeks ago). So after letting the dry rock settle for about 2 days, I performed my first water change. I did a 25% change, and then went and picked up my CUC. I got 6 Astrae snails, 6 blue legged hermits, and 1 peppermint shrimp for the small amount of aiptasia I was hoping he would get. He still hasn't. Anyways, after acclimating my CUC, I put them in the tank and only ended up losing 2 snails within the next 48 hours. Not too worried. It's just a snail. So at this point after putting in my CUC, I let them do their work for about 2 days. Then I went to my LFS and picked up my Firefish, as well as the free Palythoa frag plug I was given. I acclimated them both, and are both doing well to this day. My current parameters are as follows: Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrates-<1 Ph-8 Alk-9 Ca-390 Phosphates- <.2 Now today, all my livestock seems to be doing well. My clown and firefish are alive and eating. My shrimp only comes out at night. Lost 2 snails, not sure why but will get more CUC as my tank matures. I have 3 very small aiptasia growing, and my peppermint doesn't seem to care about it. They never seem to open up, or grow too big so I'm not too worried about it right now, but I will definitely keep my eye on it. I also have some Caulerpa brachyus growing on 2 of my rocks. It seems to have seeded from the live rock. Again, not too worried about it since it is used as a nutrient export, but will definitely monitor it(what are your thoughts on Caulerpa?). The frag plug seems to be doing well to my knowledge! I expect to do another water change this upcoming Tuesday. NOW, I know that is a lot and nobody may even reply, but it is still worth the try for me. So given everything I said, what are your guys' thoughts? Am I doing this right? Is there anything I'm forgetting or doing wrong? What are your opinions on my methods? If there's anything I'm forgetting to mention, please ask or let me know! ALL ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank you everyone! This is my tank currently running
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