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Found 7 results

  1. Intro Hey everyone, I've done freshwater tanks for the past few years but this is my first foray into saltwater. My fiancée's father has a 120g that piqued my interest and the ongoing pandemic convinced me to pull the trigger on a new project. After considering my options, I went with the Biocube 16g for a few reasons: 1) I like the dimensions and I want to use the additional vertical space compared to other nano tanks; 2) I plan to use the stock LEDs and it seems the consensus on the forums is the presence of the hood minimizes evap so I don't need an ATO system, both of which helped me keep the cost of the tank down, and 3) it was slightly bigger than other nano options and I felt that would expand my livestock options. Just got everything set up and took a quick picture, planning to start cycling very soon. Specs Tank: Biocube 16 gallon Salt Mix: Fritz Reef Pro Mix Sand: Caribsea Aragamax Select Lighting: Stock LED hood Powerhead: Jebao OW-10 Wave Maker When I first put this into the tank it was definitely running louder than expected. I took it out, disassembled it, and just put it back together to see if that would help align things. Worth it, put it back it and it's been super quiet. Now I just have to get the right angle/power combo so it's not pushing the sand out of the corners! Heater: BRS 100w heater (chamber 1) Biological Filtration: ~1/2 liter Seachem Matrix (chamber 3) Chemical Filtration: Chemipure Blue (chamber 2) Mechanical Filtration: Poly Filter (chamber 2) Tank Modifications: removed false bottom in chamber 1; expanded chamber 1 overflow cutout I struggled with removing the false bottom, my recommendation would be to hook something like big curved scaping tweezers in the gap by the back-right corner; you can pop it out with some upward force, then pull it out with the tweezers. I first tried pulling the rails out, which not only did not release the false bottom but also scattered bits of plastic in the bottom of chamber 1, which I then had to pick out of the sand once I started filling the tank. Do not recommend. I also struggled to expand the overflow cutout without demolishing the whole thing. I ended up using wirecutters to make a vertical cut along the side, then a second horizontal cut toward the bottom to cleanly cut the piece off. While this worked better than I expected (after a few attempts), make sure your circulation isn't running when you do this, as I had the plastic go into the second chamber. Luckily it just landed on my filter floss so it was easy to remove. Livestock 2x Ocellaris Clowns (added 05/30/20) 1x Yellow Watchman Goby (added 9/19/20) 1x Pistol Shrimp (added 9/19/20) 1x Emerald Crab (added 3/04/21) Assorted snails (trochus, nassarius, bumblebee) Future Plans 1x Firefish Coral Hammer (added 06/13/20) Zoas (added 07/03/20) Red-Blue Acan (added 07/07/20) Blue Ricordea (added 08/20) Leng Sy Montipora Cap (added 09/16/20) Nirvana Zoas (added 09/16/20) Mandarin Orange Cloves (added 09/16/20) Future Plans Expand the zoa garden Fill out the underside of the right-hand overhang with low-light corals; suggestions? Photos January 2021 September 2020 August 2020 July 2020 May 2020
  2. Aqua16

    Nano marinus 16g

    Hey nano-reef-forum! 😊 I’m currently thinking about converting my 60l dennerle tank (around 16 gallons) into a nano reef. I have experience with freshwater but am a complete noob when it comes to saltwater. This site has been a tremendous help and inspiration and so I thought why not just ask my questions here? So here goes: I currently have a 25W heater, dennerle filter and the dennerle 8W LED. I would obviously have to switch out the light, would I be able to keep corals with the Fluval Sea Nano? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could stock? So far my wishlist (not set in stone) looks like this.. Stocking: A pair of ocellaris a yellow clown goby cleanup crew (3x hermit crabs, 3x nassarius snails, 3x trochus snails, perhaps some peppermint shrimp?) 2. Could I add another small fish to this? One final one, I know its a very thin line between balance and overstocking, especially for a beginner like me. Then the basics setup of course (sandbed, some life rock and some dry rock). For filtration, I was thinking either a Aquaclear70 HOB sump or a generic glass aquarium under the tank with a pump and some tubing to build a custom sump? And I would still need a powerhead in both cases, correct? 3. Is a skimmer necessary? 4. Any suggestions for softies or beginner SPS/LPS I could potentially keep? I’d appreciate any advice you could give me, thank you for your help! ☺️
  3. My all-in-one tank kit came with a dennerle nano marinus ReefLight 36W (fluorescent tubes). At 4 inches from the water level, the lamp yields 30.900 Lux. Is this lamp strong enough for LPS to thrive, or at least survive in a decent shape? Would it be helpful to add a second lamp, same exact model? Or would the heat from the two fluorescent lamps impact the tank negatively? Should I just replace it as soon as I get an LPS? One user on this forum used the 24W version of this lamp in the exact same 16G tank I have. Below is a picture of his tank. He had two Candy Cane Corals (Caulastrea furcata) and frogspawn coral (Euphyllia paradivisa) for two years before replacing the 24W Nano Marinus Reeflight. I'm a total beginner so I find it very difficult to judge this sort of things, but the candy canes look so small they could be the same size they were when he first got them, like they never grew for two years. No?
  4. Finally, today I got 13 lbs of CaribSea Life Rock, and Nyos Reef Cement. The rockwork has taken shape. I used up all the sand that came with my tank kit, and I'm wondering whether it's too much (see pic, it's a layer 1.5 inch deep, more or less). Should I remove some sand? Any danger to create anoxic areas? Tomorrow I'll pour the water and get 5 lbs of live rock to seed the tank.
  5. My tank came with a Nano Marinus 4-in-1 BioCirculator. It consumes 5 watts, and it's got good reviews on amazon stores across Europe. Water goes into the sponge and the surface skimmer, and comes out of the red nozzle in the image. The circulator takes care of: water flow: 500 litres per hour / 132 gallons per hour; surface extraction; plankton feeding (really? How does it do that?); filtration. Considering I got this, how many powerheads do I really need to start my tank? Zero? One? Two + timer alternating them? Can I save the money to get a mame protein skimmer and a HOB refugium first, and add more powerheads later instead?
  6. Is there a collection of pictures of cool rockscapes for nano reefs somewhere? My tank is a 16G and with the cement, I hoped to create some really cool rockwork. After a number of delays, I have finally got around to ordering: 13 pounds of CaribSea Life Rock (dry rock inoculated with bacteria to be seeded with 5 pounds of live rock) Nyos Cement (Reefsafe rapid cement). Any particular rockwork shapes suggested or to avoid? Care to share pictures of your rockscapes?
  7. HOB refugiums are difficult to find in Europe; I'm excluding DYI since I'm a beginner. My options are a HOB refugium rated for 40G tanks or one rated for a 60G tanks Would either help me have my 16G (no sump) crawling with copepods? That's the goal. Thanks a lot. I know oversized refugiums have been discussed, sorry for the hundredth post on the topic, but I couldn't find anyone discussing the benefits/negative impact on the copepod population (if there are any). What are the cons? I read cheatos may die in an oversized refugium, releasing nutrients.
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