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Found 6 results

  1. embl05

    15g stock?

    So i have a 15g (24x12x12inch) and was wondering if this stock is ok? *2 clown fish *2 wheeler's shrimp gobys and a clean up crew, the tank won't have any corals best regards embl05
  2. I'm recruiting a cleanup crew for a 16G and I've read this ode to the Tuxedo Urchin. They are "guaranteed to vigorously graze a wide assortment of algae". My idea for the 16G clean up crew is: For algae: 1 Tuxedo Urchin For uneaten food: 1 or 2 nassarius snails, 1 or 2 astrea snails. (Do I need more?) Would one tuxedo urchin do well in a 16G, keeping algae under control? I assume more than one would starve in a 16G.
  3. I'm setting up my first tank, a 16G nano cube. I plan to have 3 fish in it, pretty heavy bioload (not gonna add them all at once). Should I get a clean-up crew? Does the clean-up crew add to the bioload or relieve it? I'm not very fond of snails -- instead I'm thinking shrimps, sexy shrimps specifically, emerald crabs as well maybe, but I'm not mad about crabs either. I like the idea of a clean-up crew composed entirely of sexy shrimps, but how many of them? And is it feasible to have one or more sexy shrimps in a 16G tank with 3 fish? Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  4. I'm getting my first tank tomorrow, a 16G (60 litres = 15.85G), and I plan to do fishless cycle with dry rock (I'm a penniless PhD student and I don't want hitchhikers). I've watched tons of video tutorials about cycling a reef tank, but I'm still not clear if cycling with dry rock is the same as cycling with live rock with the exception I need to add the bacteria and the ammonia source. If someone has some experience with fishless cycles with dry rock such as CaribSea LifeRock, could they share their wisdom and tell me if this is how I am supposed to go about it, and possibly correct the wrong steps? (I'll be testing with Salifert tests plus an ammonia badge) Tank = Empty Add a flat layer of sand [1 inch to 1.5 inch thick covering the full bottom of the tank - sand comes with the tank kit] Add Carib Sea Life Rock for a total of 18 lbs (8 kgs) [This brand of dry rock has bacteria spores inside] Add Saltwater [premixed or mix in the tank?] Add Bacteria-in-a-bottle, specifically EasyLife EasyStart [American brands are difficult to find in Southern Europe, and this product has good reviews] Add fish food daily (ghost feeding) until ammonia reaches at least 5 ppm [I'd dose pure ammonia, but adding fish food seems less likely to end up in extremely high ammonia] Ammonia over 5 ppm, plus nitrifying bacteria, means nitrite spike. If nitrite=0, raise ammonia back up to 3-4 ppm, and add bacteria, until I get a nitrite reading. After nitrite, I'll get nitrate. At what level/PPM of nitrite should I start testing for nitrate? When nitrite tests 0 ppm and nitrate is spiking (over 5 ppm? 10 ppm?), do a water change (5%? or 10%? more?) to lower nitrate to 0-10 ppm. Tank = cycled, add fish. Sorry this is very long-winded, but I couldn't find a step-by-step procedure to cycle with dry rock such as CaribSea Life Rock, bacteria-in-a-bottle, and fish food. Thanks a lot if someone can help!
  5. Total newbie here, a ridiculous question about a ridiculously large skimmer for my new tank. I'm setting up my first reef tank: 16 G (60 L) tank and I was looking for a protein skimmer, possibly one that could also work in a larger tank in the future. The Hydor Slim skin skimmer is a good candidate but comes in two sizes. A smaller one (30 cm - 12 inch long) for tanks 15 to 35 gallons A larger one (45 cm - 17.5 inch long) for tanks 45 to 65 gallons My Dennerle NanoCube Marinus 60L tank is 43 cm (17 inch) tall. The larger skimmer would stand 37 cm (14.5 inches) into the water, while the upper part of its length, 8 cm (3 inches), would extend above the water level. [With a 3 cm (1.1 inch) sandbed and water 3 cm (1.1 inch) from the tank rim] Assuming obviously that water would reach into the larger skimmer, would the larger skimmer work? I fully realise this would be far from aesthetically pleasing. Is the larger skimmer just way too oversized for it to be beneficial to such a small (16 G) tank? Would it be a problem if the bottom of the skimmer touched the sandbed?
  6. Lugmos12

    New nano build

    Hey yal, I'm new to the forums. I've been keeping freshwater tanks since about 2010. I have a 65 gallon freshwater with goldfish and 5 gallon planted betta. I want to start a nano reef tank, probably a 10g or 15g - maybe 20g. I don't want to start too small (5 gallon) because I know that I will want to upgrade eventually. As for stock, I want to have a pair of percula or ocellaris clowns, a few soft corals, and maybe (and this is a big maybe) an anemone down the road. I want a minimalist look. I've looked at IM Nuvo series, the Fluval EVO, and nano Cubes as potential options. I'm just undecided at this point. I also don't want to rush it and regret anything later. What I do know for sure is that I don't want to run pass $400-500 in budget. If anybody has any tips or recommendations on what brands, lights etc. let me know.
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