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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, New to the forum but not to the hobby. Wanted to share my nano build as an introduction. 🙂 This is not your regular build as most of the components were selected/designed specifically for this setup. Hopefully you enjoy and glean something from it! Current FTS: Each part of the build can be involved so I'll post those separately. More to come soon!
  2. andi.rahl

    My new 12 gallon

    Hi everyone. I haven't been able to do a saltwater aquarium - or any aquarium, for that matter - in 5 years or so now, but I'm finally in a position to start over! I decided to try the Gankpike 12 gallon with the protein skimmer, pump, and an led light with 3 colour combo settings, etc. all hidden in the back. It has 10 gallon display if I remember correctly. So far I've only picked up some live sand, I don't have the space to mix or store much in the way of water so I'm going to need to find a local saltwater fish store or maybe someone local to 30316 to buy water etc from. Also, looking to buy a bit of established liverock/rubble to start my tank. I have no idea what direction I'm actually going to take the tank in or what fish I might get. Frankly, I don't even remember how to properly set a tank up so I'll be doing a lot of scouring on this site! I'm glad to be back with a new tank, and starting my journey, here in Atlanta. Also posted in Atlanta reef club so if you're local and it looks familiar, here's why 🙂 If you're unfamiliar with the Gankpike brand/12gal tank: 10 gallon display 2 gallon back area L: 20.3" x W: 10.6" x H: 14" rounded glass, w/black acrylic between display and equipment My equipment: -Hygger magnetic mini wave maker with controller -Aquaclear 50 (will be a combo of filter+refugium) -Acke 12w led light for refugium -Black AI prime 16 HD with bendy arm (I hope this is a good light lol it says 24x24x24 my tank is 14 deep) -Heater -Digital thermometer -Grounding probe Starting livestock: -18 out 20 pounds of aragonite live sand - not sure why I didn't just use the last 2 pounds - 1.5inch sand bed -18 pounds of live rock: 2 pieces from Petco, 1 piece from Premier Aquatics (PA piece has some sort of sps maybe monti?? and teeny tiny zoas on it!) -Several small snails, possibly nassarius, too tiny to get pics of -Tiny feather duster worms all over the bottom of the PA rock -Yellow sponge near the top of the PA rock -Small plug of xenia propped against the back wall in hopes that it'll grow up the back -Little rock covered in unnamed zoas -ceriths which have laid eggs on my glass already, nassarius, red legged hermits, and an emerald crab -Duncan -Large feather worm Pests**: -bristle worms -vermetid snails -asterina starfish Dosed with Dr. Tim's on April 5, 2021 We've got PODS! April 17, 2021 - I'm beyond stupidly excited about this for some reason. Don't laugh at me, please! haha *linked items might be differently priced than when posted or what you might find in stores; linking so people can get a better idea of what I'm using. I'm not affiliated with Amazon. **"pests" being subjective ***Yes, I like to write disclaimers
  3. Hey guys I am looking at purchasing a 12g fluval edge in great condition and I am wondering if I can turn it into a nano reef. if so what do I need to add and what can I use? I only want some live rock and anemone(s) And a clown fish or 2. Maybe a small clean up crew and some small corals as I grow but want to keep it minimal so that it is sustainable. I’m just not sure what I need in terms of hardware that the edge doesn’t already have. thanks in advance - pic more for aspiration not mine
  4. Well everyone, David here. (aka) @Intriguing Inverts I figured I would start some documentation on my journey in the reefing community starting from just a novice working at my LFS to what I’d like to believe is a self sustaining and accomplished reefer. Im now nearing 8 months into this reefing hobby and still loving every minute of it, I was fortunate enough to find out in 2018 I had a new LFS open up literally 2 blocks from my home in St. Louis, and without that happening I would never be as far as I am today. Last year walking into the door of my LFS Art of Aquaria, I never realized I would not only be making an amazing friendship with its owner Jacob Bugger but also be stepping into a totally different career path then what I had been accustomed to before. Well a year and a half later and I honestly don’t think I could be more happy with my transition from a Culinary Team Leader and Chef to Store Manager at a Saltwater and Freshwater Fish Store. Things definitely took some time getting used to but after making the shift I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not only have I been able to make some really cool friendships and acquire my own 12 gallon long reef tank donated to me by Jacob, but I’ve also been able to help Art of Aquaria become a staple in the Tower Grove South neighborhood here in St. Louis, MO. Its great not only seeing a small business grow, but also being a part of it along the way. Never in a Million years would I have thought my Hometown cross street MorganFord which used to be just bars, would now be a quarter mile strip of so many pop up ventures and endeavors, well as of July 2017 by far my favorite aspiration for this community was sprung, opening a beautiful store front for a wide array of saltwater and freshwater fish. So please if you’re in the Metropolitan St. Louis Area and you’re like me and love all things aquatic, come stop in sometime and say Hello. 😄 Alright everyone now that the introduction is out of the way let’s actually document some Progress! In January of this year I took home a beautiful Mr Aqua 12 Gallon long reef tank, equipped with a Finnex 24/7 Planted Plus light and began the saltwater cycling process. I sourced most of the rock from the previous setup at the store and also got some live rock encrusted in coralline algae to kickstart the cycling process. However at this point I still had no idea what I was going to use for a filter or if I was going to sump it, I didn’t even have any flow in the tank I was using 2 ReptiFlo 200 circulation pumps. Lets fast forward a little bit to when I started trying to figure what I wanted to actually put in this beauty of a tank. First addition to the 12 Gallon was a Pom Pom crab, love these guys such big character for such a little crab. Then I decided one invert wasn’t enough for me and I decided to go with the Hosting Glass Venus Anemone Shrimp and a Mini Max Carpet anemone, well obviously the tank in these early stages wasn’t forgiving at all to the anemone and the shrimp slowly lost his home as the Mini-Max slowly sunk into the most established part of the tank it could find, which was a hole about the size of a frag plug. 😩 Got another Anemone Shrimp and figured I would try my luck with RFA’s because I heard they wouldn’t move as much and they can also host Anemone Shrimp. Well I woke up the next morning to my Anemone Shrimp who had eaten the tentacles off of one of my RFA’s 😡 Well at this point I had given up on the Anemone Shrimp and moved onto the belief that a Sexy Shrimp 12 Gallon mixed reef would be a good idea... Boy was I wrong, man can those guys do some serious damage to SPS corals. I purchased 4 of these cool looking shrimp thinking they would make an excellent addition to my tank, and I was hoping they would just hang out on the RFA’s and Mini-Max Anemone, living the good life while they got target fed cyclopods, mysis, and frozen rotifers but they slowly made their way to my Seriatopora Birdsnest, and it was demolished in a days time. At this point I was fuming and trying to remain calm because it seemed every avenue I turned trying to house these little critters and make them comfortable in a natural environment I was getting some kind of negative impact to my corals or nems ! 👎 So I figured hey I’m just gonna make this the best looking mixed reef I can and whoever wants to peacefully live here is more than welcome to so my search for the perfect cohabitants continues. But hey let’s talk about some Coral, “Have we still not covered the Coral?” That’s the funnest part of the tank, well at least I think so, I know some may differ because of their sheer love for fish and I totally respect it, but man do I love some eye popping Coral, it just really adds that depth and real layer to a tank, like man that’s thriving! There was no way with the tank I was given I wasn’t going to have one of those thriving reefs I had seen on YouTube and from all the customers showing me pictures on their phones of their amazing reef tanks. They were so colorful and had so much going on I had to delve deeper into this after all, I had a great baseline understanding of how things worked and what they needed to grow just listening and learning at the shop day to day. So what was gonna hold me back from one of these thriving reefs? Nothing I said, absolutely nothing! I love a great challenge and if this was going to challenge me to become not only a better reefer but a more patient person along the way, then I was gonna give it all I got. So I got started on stocking my mixed reef with an assortment of stuff. I started off with easier to care for things like Ricordea Florida and Leptoseris, they did good but with a under prepared and ill equipped novice things went south. Like I said I was not equipped for the task at hand and eventually due to neglect and sheer lack of care a few of my first pieces died under the hands of a beginner. Well I eventually started getting myself ready for what I knew was going to be a daunting and long road of trial and error, I made sure to go out and get a refractometer, I was making sure to stay on top of water changes and manually topping off, I was persistently looking up different tips and tricks to see some success out of this hobby and after months of what seemed like back and forth reading on probably many of the same articles and subjects I think I have finally dialed in my 12 gallon long reef for the long road of success! Most recently I have updated my lighting system I now currently have 2 Ai Prime HD’s over the nano reef and everything seems to be doing great! I really love the control the AI Primes deliver I’m still able to keep my candy blue reef tank and have great growth at the same time. Lets get down to some Tanks Specs and my routine maintenance, finally! 👏🏻 12 Gallon Long Nano Reef: The Mixed Reef (35.4" x 8.3" x 9.4") •Setup: January, 7th 2019 •Lighting:Previously the Finnex 24/7 Planted Plus ran on just whites and blues, now I have 2 AI Prime HD’s and here is my preset. •Filtration:AquaClear 30 with MarinePure Biobrick, Seachem Matrix Carbon, Phosguard. •Flow: Jebao OW-10, could really use another one •Dosing: Im currently dosing Aquavitro’s 8.4 for Alk and Aquavitros Calcification for Calcium every three days, and I also broadcast and target feed their Reef Fuel once a week. •Testing: Right now I am currently testing Alkalinity twice a week and Calcium once a week with Hanna’s Digital Checkers, I honestly don’t know if I would enjoy testing as much as I do without them, I’m hoping to get the Phosphate checker as-well but for now nothing has been negatively effected with consistent feedings and running the Phosguard. I want to give some shoutouts to some really great customers and friends who have helped me along the way, I don’t think you guys realize how appreciated you are, I’ve probably asked you similar questions a million times over and it’s only made me a better reef keeper thank you both so much! 🙌🏻 @inland_reef @This guy is extra salty
  5. I need help with this project. I currently have the 12g nano cube LED tank, it has the following specs: 12-gallon Dimensions: 15.8" x 13.8" x 14.8" Capacity: 12 gallons LED Bulbs: 8 total: 5 blue, 3 white LED Total Output Wattage: 10.4W Pump: 8 W SP1-400 0.8 LIFT Power Supply: 110V, 60 Hz Weight: 29 lbs My question is, where do I find LED’s to replace the ones currently installed? I’d like to go more 50:50 on the color, maybe experiment with a red or purple in there as well. I have reached out to jbj customer service and was told they don’t offer replacement LEDs. This tells me I’ll need source them somewhere else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you ?
  6. Hello nano-reefers, After many months strolling around this forum and many others, I finally decided to start a thread here. I feel like it would be a great opportunity for me to keep track of my tank too and get some harsh critics. Long story short, I am French living in Hong Kong for few years now. I always wanted to start a reef tank and I finally jumped in few month ago with a small cube. That was lot of fun (and pain...) but I always thought it didn't really look great. I never really liked aquarium per say as I always found them pretty out of place and clunky. This forum gave me a lot of inspiration, mainly 4x5, Scorched and holy carp tanks (go checkout there thread if you haven't done it yet). Anyways, I decided to do everything myself starting from the stand, then plumbing etc… I just didn’t want to mess around with glass tho. Equipment Light: 2x AI Hydra 26 HD Skimmer: Bubble Magus Curve A5 Return pump: Aqua Engine DP6 Vectra M1 Dosing: Bubble Magus bubble BM-T11 Other: Small DIY Chaeto reactor Stand build Here are some pictures of the stand build which is more a complete furniture aimed to integrate the tank. I first made a 3D model to get an idea of size and to test different configurations. Then, once I was happy with the end result, put that back on paper and went to get some plywood roughly cut to size. Here are few pics from the build. End result of the furniture Plumbing Time for some plumbing. Turned out to take me a while as I battled to find SCH80 pipe to go with the lifeguard bulkheads I ordered on Amazon; I finally gave up as Hong Kong as totally different standards. The overflow is heavily inspired by the holy carp overflow. I like it as it's simple, elegant, small and has both full syphon and surface skimming. I messaged him and he was very helpful in giving me some details. Check him out here I ordered a custom tank and send them the diagram above for drilling. I also designed and order a custom sump to fit in my stand. Some dry fitting of one part of the plumbing Custom 90 degree elbow for the surface skimming. Aqua scape There is no such thing as Fiji, Pukani rock and co here. So I bought a nice large piece of live rock at my LFS and decided to bleach it. As I had already live rock from my nano cube, I planned to use half of these already cycle rocks. Meaning I had to do some aqua scape at the last moment when transfering them from my existing tank. I mainly broke a large piece and put the piece back together using simple putty. Sump & Lighting I don't have many pictures of this part. It's very simple, the idea is to have all the hard plumbing in the stand so I could easily add a ball valves, unions etc... and keep things clean. Then, flexible tubing will go from the tank to to the hard plumbing. I find clear flexible tubing to be more elegant (as it will be exposed). For lighting, I decided to go with 2 x Hydra 26 HD. I was thinking of a nano box but having two different units seems a better idea. If one day I want to change tank and either upgrade or downgrade for instance. I was also running an AI Prime HD on my cube and I've been very pleased with this fixture. I explored the Radeon lights too but not having wifi on-board at such a high price tag was a deal breaker (and also I wanted white lights). Below is a picture where I finally put everything together and started to test for leaking, fixed the lights, setup the electrical mess, finalise the aqua scape etc...
  7. I bought a 12 gallon jbj nano tank from craigslist. The previous owner had it for about 2yrs and I transported it with all the livestock (2 fish, 2 mushroom corals, 1 xenia). I am really confused on how to change/figure out what my lighting schedule should be. The tank is a JBJ 12 Gallon Nano Cube (https://www.marineandreef.com/JBJ_Nano_Cube_12_Aquarium_JBJ_Nano_Cube_12_G_DX_p/RJB21016.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzP-Q-IfE4AIVLR6tBh1cfwNaEAQYAiABEgLngvD_BwE). It’s lighting has: 2 24W bulbs (Half 10K Day- light/ Half 7100K Actinic Blue and a nightlight LED. 1 custom blue actinic LED which they installed into the hood The thing is that when I got the tank, the previous owner told me they used a cycle of blue actinic LEDs on at 6am for 2 hours then the white/actinic bulbs for 2 hours from 8-10 then blue actinic LEDs from 10-12pm. They’ve been doing this for a while seems to be ok on the corals but I’m not sure if 2 hours of the white/actinic bulbs enough. They were morning people but I want to change the schedule since I get home from work late around 5pm or 6pm so I can enjoy the aquarium in the evening. I was wondering what kind of schedule I can change to so I can have some viewing time of my tank I. The evening? The current schedule of 6 hours seems kind of limited. I was wondering if the current schedule has enough lighting for the tank? I’ve been reading lots of forums and have seen varying time schedules from 8hrs to 12hrs, some people turn on their white fluorescent lights for 4-6 hours during “high noon”, and other different combinations. I guess my main summary of questions would be: How should I schedule my lighting (what combination/when I should turn on my lights/how long each) How should I transition my corals to the new schedule? I have 2 mushroom corals and 1 pulsing xenia. The xenia seems to open up around 9 am and starts to shrink and become fat around 6pm (I believe this is the time I guess they consider sundown). I get home late from work so I was hoping to have at least the actinics around that time to enjoy my tank. Any help is appreciated, I’m still kind of new to reef tanks. thanks in advance -J
  8. Hello all! First time reefer here, this tank was set up January 3, 2018. Have a google sheet with water parameter logs that I will link tomorrow. Any help identifying corals/species with a “?” next to the name is welcome and appreciated. Please do not hesitate to correct my spelling as well ? SETUP ? JBJ Nano - 12g Purigen Blue 50w heater Retrofitted LED’s in hood (LFS owner added 1x violet, repositioned whites and replaced 3x blue with higher intensity blues, THX Joey!!) STOCK ? Fish; Firefin Gobi Bi-color Blenny Royal Gramma Rose BTA Rainbow BTA Coral (please help identify); GSP Acan x 2 Frogspawn x 2 Hammer Xenia Ricordia Mushroom Orange Monti Duncan Purple mushroom w/ blue dots? Leather SPS thing x 2? Purole flowery thing thay looks like Xenia? War Coral? Purple orange war coral thing? Starburst thing? Green-blue cabbage head looking thing? CUC; Emerald Crab Various Snal x 4 Varuoua Hermit x 5 Tiger Conch Red Starfish? RIP ? cleaner shrimp Birdsnest x 2 hermit x 2 snail x 2 falsw percula Water Parameter Log ? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-MroJEsQWxuuTMP-ADWmt6Cl2iZriLX8tywwJOJxZLw March 15, 2018 January 6, 2018
  9. Hello fellow reefer, I have recently "upgraded" to a 12g (from a 50g), and may I say that I never thought that such a small tank would make me doubt my aquascape so much! I have tried different layouts and settings that initially seem to work, but will eventually fail to feel "right". I'll post photos of them in chronological order, and would love to have some feedback from you guys on what seems to work or not. Thank you!
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