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Found 7 results

  1. The tube returns! Plans - I'm not sure, the Rollands will likely be banished here to keep it cycled. Lots of Macro once it's in season again, maybe an elegance or some euphyllia to just let go nuts in a nutrient-heavy system. I may as well do a little pricing game since I tagged this as a #BudgetReef, I'll update below whenever anything gets added: -Atoll tank, freebie with $130 AI Prime (I sold the light, bought a prime hd for 120 and then sold that - in any case the light's not on the tank so I don't think it counts) -Return pump, came with tank -Finnex Titanium Heater $20 -ABI Tuna Blue PAR 38 $30 ($3 for the lowedepot bargain fixture and $2 for the pie-tin light-shield) 12/20 Replaced with equal-cost NiCrew Hyperreef -Branch Rock $15 -Rolland's Damselfish $20 ($0 after store-credit, but that's kind of cheating) -Dragons Breath $0 (Was $5 for the original frag, but little lydia likes to frag it for me) -Odd Frogspawn morph $0 ( $5 originally, Came from 20L system -should maybe count?) -White Tipped Torch $0 ($10 originally, Came from 20L system -should maybe count?) -Pair of Trochus $3 -Red Legged hermit and shells $2 -4+ dwarf ceriths $0 (compliments of old tank and possible baby-time, still have a few juvie trochus growing up) -Branching Briarium $5 March Additions: -Duncan (purchased by my wonderful wife) $10 -Bravo Favia (Some crazy oaf of a monkey came in and fragged the original $15 animal, what luck!) -Baby Acan colony $20 May Additions: -Chalice coral from 20 Long $0 ($10 or so last year -might need to count?) -Iron Man Disco $12 August Additions: -Neon Green Sinularia $10 -Autumn Favia $5 -Hydor Centrifugal 260 Return pump $25 November Additions: -Gobstopper Zoanthid $3 PP $10 -Miami Hurricane Chalice $5 (Thank you PieMan2k for the ID) -Mystic Monti $Free.99 December Shuffling: -Sinularia swapped with Trumpet coral -Par Bulb swapped for NiCrew $192 Total This is about the tanks, not me, so I decided to post every acrylic-tanks favorite snackfood, Polish... I may have accidentally crazed the whole interior with a paper-towel which previously had rubbing alcohol on it, and it may have taken a few days to polish it clear again. Whole setup is just waiting for a table to sit on, and then will get wet and dirty with some nice pre-cycled rock, I'll even toss a damsel in for color!
  2. Starting this build thread of my Aquatop 12 gallon long rimless reef. After being out of the hobby for 5 years, I decided to get back in and combine it with my woodworking hobby by building my own stand. Which will house a DIY 10 gallon sump/refugium. Inspired by @Scorched ‘s original 12 gallon tank build https://www.nano-reef.com/featured/2014/scorched-r85/ Display: Aquatop 12 gallon long 3 ft rimless with ultra clear low-iron glass DIY Sump/Refugium (3 section): 10 gallon Aqueon Aquarium - Section 1: 200 micron filter sock Protein skimmer - Section 2: Refugium with Algaebarn’s Ultimate Refugium Starter Kit -Section 3: Return Pump Plumbing: (2) 1 inch bulkheads drilled on each side for drains using JT screens as covers (2) 1/2 inch bulk heads drilled on each side for returns - Flexible black hose for both drain and return lines Equipment: -Jebao DCP 4000 DC Return pump -36” Current USA Marine Orbit IC LED Reef Light -SC Aquariums sca-301 protein skimmer -DIY gravity fed auto top off using eshoppes tank and float valve - ACKE grow light for chaeto in refugium - American DJ light controller for controlling different equipment to make water changes easier DIY custom walnut stand
  3. cassianoyoung

    Cass' Aquamaxx 22 Long

    Inspired by two favorites from the Nano-Reef community, I have decided to start my own nano reef. I will be mixing an matching ideas from the magnificent tanks of both MrNanoReef and Scorched to make my own little reef while keeping track of the actual cost of building a (hopefully nice ) Nano Reef tank. Any advices that you veterans have for me would be very welcome! Now, lets dive into it.
  4. KNelson

    My Lil Fluval

    I've been bitten by the reef bug! I'm brand new to SW and am loving it so far. I've had my tank running since June 26th, but have not had time to sit down and put all of my documentation in one place. Well, here it is! Equipment: Fluval Edge 12 gallon Stock HOB filter AI Prime HD+ Hydor Pico Evo-Mag180 w/ Hydor Flo Koralia Nano 240 Deep Blue mini 60w heater attached to Finnex Max-300 digital controller 7lb LR from LFS + 5lb dry Florida Reef Rock from Reef Cleaners ~10lb CaribSea Seaflor Flamingo Reef sand Using RO/DI water from my LFS and D+D H2Ocean Magnesium Pro+ salt Inverts: 3x Banded Trochus 3x Nassarius Bongo Shrimp Corals: Stylo - Purple Zoa - Shabam Paly - Venus Flytrap Rhodactis - Blue-green GSP - Neon Ricordea Fl. - Lime Green Zoa - Magician's Duncan - Blue/Teal Blasto - Red/Teal Rhodactis - Green Striped Flower Leather - Brown Paly Grandis - Cinnamon Pulsing Xenia - Silver Leather - Toadstool Kenya Tree Alveopora - Green Discosoma - Blue Discosoma - Red Discosoma - Fuzzy Green Sinularia - Neon Yellow Fish: Clownfish (DIED) Purple Firefish Citron Goby Circus/Tiger/Full Moon/Black-Barred Convict Goby The tank cycled pretty quickly, about 2 weeks - the LFS was dosing ammonia - and I peaked pretty low. I had a Margarita and Spiny Star Astrea added 7/15/17 but the Margarita bit it 2 days later. He wasn't doing well from the start and I got him out before he did any harm. The Spiny Star just died (8/5/17) and caused a bit of ammonia spike (he has a tiny feather duster growing on his shell so I didn't want to take him out). I have a couple thousand or so copepods swarming my glass so my future inhabitants should be happy.
  5. Brooklynreefer

    New Nano cube 12 journey!

    hey everyone!! just getting back in to the hobby after a 3 year hiatus found a nano cube 12 DX with a stand (no hood) at a garage sale here in Brooklyn for 60 bucks!!! how could i say no!!?? is it perfect?? no........some scratches BUT the stand is like new and ummmmm 60 bucks!! come on!! and it already had a MJ-900 in it so score there!! it runs, it doesn't leak and i have some super fun plans for it just ordered some equipment today and went a bit over board AI prime HD MP-10 new RO/DI unit Stevie T's media basket! and much much more. just introducing myself again and my future plans......will have pics soon for the tank empty on the stand and then everything from equipment installs to dry scaping to the first fill and everything in between hope that my thread is as fun for guys to look at as it is for me to write! thanks everyone !! Happy Reefing
  6. aisforamber

    new girl!

    hello nano community, my name is amber and i'm excited [and a little nervous] to join this hobby! my background is an industrial designer, so to say we research can be a bit of an understatement. what's confusing here, is it seems the research can be misleading or confusing so i wanted to start a thread for the frafrillion-and-two questions i have. i know the first thing to kick off is what i've set up so far over the last 10 weeks: TANK: 12 gallon, low-lying 24" x 12" CYCLE: i let everything sit for nearly 5 weeks before adding my first coral and hermits, during that time what was odd is i never saw the water spike SUBSTRATE: 2" coarse sand (i've heard some refer to this as live sand?) ROCK: one huge, five mediums creating caves and nooks LIGHT: kessel 350x, hung about 9" above -> if anyone has a kessel it seems like there is so much conflicting debate on lights and what is the healthiest settings are, really aprpeciated; currently kept on for 12 hours/ day from 10am to 10pm CORAL: still working out the names on everything but this is what i've added and at what timelines 4 weeks in> - branching acropora lime green, - top of a rock all by himself i read it tends to sting others - hammer, light purple (i think it's a hammer, still trying to figure that one out it was sold to me by the LFS) 7 weeks in> - trumpet, red/purple green eye/center (3heads) - duncan (4heads), lime green - tiny frag of zoanthids, green- all by himself read he stings and grows a little aggressively, still unsure if i should not have gotten him - two mystic montipora, red with blue polyps - one psammacora, yellow 9 weeks in> - torch, highlighter yellow/green (insanely bright!) - another tiny frag of psammacora, yellow INVERTEBRATES: what added and what timeline 6 weeks in> - two blue hermits (who kept fighting then chilled, then would kick up again until finally one of them is dead now though body never found) - two snails (sadly don't know their names) - one fighting conch (who is friggin awesome) - one fireshrmp (who is also awesome) 9 weeks in> - 5 hermits, mixture blues and reds - 8 snails- 3 astreas/ 4 ceriths/ 2 bumblebee - one gorgeous little turquoise/ blue clam FISH: what added and what timeline 9 weeks in> - snowflake clown (very small he was the runt, i wanted him for that reason) - added 20mL API quick start when added the clown to ease transition and help keep the tank level so far everything has been pretty great except i have a brown algae problem i can't seem to resolve despite all the feeders- i've done one 30% water change and have been changing the filter every two weeks to try to help with the algae. i also moved from tap water to RO for all of my topoffs (would have used RO from the beginning if i'd known) and salt mixture changes. the conch pretty decently takes care of the substrate but the rocks keep growing it in excess to where i'm scrubbing it off with a toothbrush in the tank and then letting the filter suck it up. even with the addition of the extra hermits and snails i can't seem to get it sorted, and my light is on 12hrs/day cycle. I could reduce that to 10hrs and do another water change but i'm wondering what's up? my snails don't seem to want to eat off the rock. my water levels have been awesome for salt/ amonia/ nitrate/ nitrite with only my first elevation yesterday to 4ppm/ nitrate. i checked it early because my duncan closed up for 2 days and i started betting worried even though i've read they can be a little temperamental like that. i did turn the smaller rock over it came fragged onto and there was a weird white egg sack looking thing? it was tiny- size of the tip of a q tip- but it freaked me out so i popped it...? my concern is i have my last round of fish coming tomorrow and i'm worried about the algae. any recommendations is greatly appreciated! the only think i've been able to think of is friend told me that if there is a slight* chance the rock was with copper before the snails won't eat it (but I did scrub, rinse, and soak the rock before and i thought that would be odd since copper is supposed to be hugely damaging to invertebrates i thought i'd be seeing other problems if that was the case?) i've attached some pictures that are rough- it's clearly still very new and I have a few new rocks coming that I will be changing out the right hand side of the tank as it's so clunky. the file size limited me but the second one is a close-up of the algae that keeps growing back. i want my ecosystem to thrive, so any help/ advice is appreciated and happy to "meet" everyone here digitally! cheers, amber
  7. Good morning fellow nano-reefers! I'm ready for fish! I've searched and researched and read til my eyes bled and then I read some more. I had decided on my vertebrate inhabitants and was looking for them in one of my LFSs. I asked if they had any Panda Gobies and the guy showed me a Circus Goby. My husband, who has shown little interest in stocking besides fish that we can't have, perked up immediately and said that he REALLY liked that one. Now my question: Since the Circus/Full Moon/Black-Barred Convict Goby is nocturnal, can I squish in an Ocellaris pair, a Purple Firefish, and the Goby in my 12 gallon Fluval Edge? I'm not looking for alternative fish and I'm sure I'll be waiting a while to find the Goby in one of my LFSs (which happen to be Aquatic Warehouse and Aqua SD). https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/384489-my-lil-fluval/?tab=comments#comment-5548187
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