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Found 3 results

  1. Deputy_Pooh

    Fowler’s Waterbox 10

    After a very long hiatus (8yrs to be exact), I’ve decided to rekindle one of my favorite hobbies. Reef tanks.. In the past I’ve had everything from biocubes, to 40 gallon octogon, 75 gallon rimless and a 90 gallon. This was my bio cube before I parted ways with the hobby.. This time around, I wanted something simple but elegant and I have hopes of it blooming into a eye dropping mini mix reef tank. After doing a lot of research, I went with the Waterbox brand over the IM fusion pro series. There’s something about miniature tanks that catches my eye. A lot has changed with equipment and technology since I last owned a tank. But I’m excited to be a nano reef owner again.. Patients is the key in this hobby…stay tuned.
  2. Newtothehobby

    Beginner corals

    Hi I was wondering what some beginner corals would be. For a 10 gallon tank with a pair of clownfish. Medium lighting and good flow. The tank has cycled and stabilized for 4 months now. I added the fish at one month. I tested the water and everything is in line.
  3. Newtothehobby

    Clownfish aggressiveness

    Hi guys I am new to the saltwater hobby and have recently purchased a pair of clownfish. The female has been chasing and pecking at the other clown. They both get a equal amount of food. Some of the time they are friendly to one other and other times the female is aggressive. I was wondering if this was normal.
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