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Found 5 results

  1. So since an old knackered Fluval Spec 3 and Covid robbed me of my office tanks I set up the 5g as a Boredom Breaker. There is something about me that loves the set up stage of a tank and I did it again. I plan to have this on my desk at work. I might even build a little tabletop stand for it, who knows 1 Gallon Reef Jar, set up 13/06/2020. @debbeach13 Figure I can run my tap water test with this. Very basic and think that I might be able to just run this with lights and air stone. I do have a heater avaliable as per the photo 100G Live Sand 500g Cycled Rock 5L Kilner Drinks Dispenser (1.25 Gallon Jar) Air stone rated for 25L tanks (5 Gallon Tanks) Asta 20 LED. Will add once at office 60g Salt per 3.5Litres (1 Gallon-ish, more like 0.85) of water for 1.025 salinity. Actually surprised how quickly everything cleared up. Some bubbles have formed under the curve and I used some floss to skim the surface muck it doesn't look too bad. Had a play around in my dry rock and dead coral selection so think I can hide the air line. Seriatopa skeleton from the RSM crash
  2. Chowder's Reef

    🚀Pocket Rocket Pico Reef🚀

    Introduction: Part of my employment includes working part time at a pretty slow desk job. Besides the common desky things that reside in my newly acquired personal space, it seems rather empty. I recently sold some aquarium hardware and such and had some extra funds to start a small office pico reef. After hours of research I knew what I wanted, but unfortunately there were no available commercial products that fit those needs/wants. Enter DIY. I'm not a professional, but consider myself fairly handy and enjoy a challenge. In all I ended up building my own pico reef using 1/8" thick acrylic. Equipment: Tank: DIY 1 gallon rimless AIO Light: Zetlight mini (zn1000) Heater: Aqueon mini heater 5watt (controlled by a Cobalt Neo-Stat) Live Stock: TBT Build: This was my first time working with acrylic so there was a learning curve for sure. The main panels were cut out using a compound miter saw and then sanded to finish the edges, and the rest of the fine cuts and details were done on a CNC machine. One of the key things that I wanted was to have a small tank, but with a false back leading to the built in filtration. Although this is a classic "AIO" filtration design, I had a lot of fun designing it. Since this tank is so small (measuring only 6" wide, 6" tall, and 8" long) It was for sure a challenge to find hardware that would work for what I wanted. I ended up going with a small unbranded 52gph pump as my return pump. For heating I am using an Aqueon 5watt mini heater controlled by a Cobalt Neo-Stat. Lighting was a challenge for me, I wanted something sleek, but small. I'm not a fan of the "light bulb hanging over the tank look" howbeit effective, it's just not my style. One thing I found is that there are not many, if any, vendors selling lights specific to pico reefs especially in the 1 gallon area haha. After a while though I found a light made by Zetlight that was close enough and decided to give it a try. I ordered two of them. One being a daylight, and they other is an all blue LED just to see which one worked the best for what I was trying to achieve. Installing it on the tank, it looks pretty sharp and am impressed with how much light this tiny 3 watt LED pumps out. This aquarium may be small, but it has a problem common to almost all aquariums, the medusa of cords hanging out the back 😜. Since this little tank will be visible from almost all sides, I acquired a black nylon cord wrap and tidied up the wires in the back that go below to the power strip that will be mounted under my desk. Stocking with this tiny reef will be kept simple to give the best chance at success as possible (can't show off an ugly tank at work 🙃). Aka strictly corals. Which ones I have yet to decide, I was thinking a duncan as a center piece with a bunch of zoas around a small rockscape, but who knows haha, let me know what you have any ideas. I might, MIGHT add a small shrimp (I really like Pederson's Cleaner Shrimp as they have beautiful coloration and stay pretty small) but stability is key with this tank so the less I have to feed the better 😉. Overall I'm pleased with how everything turned out so far! I'm going to be doing a leak test here in a few days and start working on a tiny rockscape. Let me know what you think/any suggestions that you might have! Thanks for stopping by! Baffles for filtration Testing some new cnc drill bits before cutting out the lid 😉 Back Panel installed Finished! Cord management Power strip setup
  3. Hg23

    Pico Reef

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of starting a Pico Reef project, but I'm missing information about this type of project, I'd like you to help me with this work by answering my questions: 1- Is it possible to create a totally natural saltwater aquarium? (without heater, mechanical filter, etc.) 2 - Is it possible to make a natural aquarium in these proposals with less than 1 gallon? 3 - Would you like to make an aquarium in these terms only for resistant corals? what do you think?
  4. Brain Coral Pico - schgr.cube's creative container contest entry Current full tank shot: It lives! October 17th, 2017
  5. Tyler_Fishman

    1 gal nano reef (new additions)

    After about 4 months of trial and error and perfecting the setup, everything in my 1 gal tank seems to have stableized, you can't be too sure about these setups although, one second you'll have a booming mini ecosystem the next you'll have a watery graveyard devoid of life, that's what I've been going through ever since late July. Some history on the tank: The tank was started when I recvied a one gal jewelry holder, it had 3 drawers, my 1st attempt at a nano reef in about March was uncessful and I closed the project after about 3 weeks into my initial cycle, at that time the tank had a tetra 1-3 gal filter on it and an air stone, in late July I recvied a small piece of Dry rock from the Dominican Republic after a family member came home from vacation, they thought it looked neat and gave it to me, I seeing as I had a nano tank lying around, I now did some more reaserch and decided it would be best if I put my 5-10 gal tetra fliter on the setup, and my cycle begun, I cycled my tank on raw talapia, and waited. After many blooms of various organisms, I only had a 5000k LED bulb on the setup at the time, which grew algae like mad my first attempt at adding coral and 2 snails failed the 1st time, but a couple of days ago, my algae started clearing up and I noticed my microfauna population is really booming, and so I purchased a trochus snail and another GSP frag, I also added blue LEDS and another filter that will act as a refugium and help to add more flow
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