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Found 8 results

  1. Just a little something to track my piece of the ocean. The Goal is to experiment and just have fun with the hobby. I’ve always been amazed by fully stable nano ecosystems and this is my attempt. SYSTEM : Tank: Innovative Marine NUVO 20 Peninsula Stand: IKEA SEKTION 30x15x30 Shelf Lights: Maxspec Razor R420 Return: Mighty Jet Nano Rocks: DIY Structure with Rubble Dry Rock Sand: Caribsea Fiji Pink Media: Intank Basket running Floss and Carbon Skimmer: NUVO Ghost DCSkim Heater: Cobalt Neotherm 75W (too long) Wavemaker: Just using return for now (IceCap 1k Gyre I got has too much flow- considering Aqamai KPS) ATO: Smart ATO Micro ZeoVit Experience CAPTAIN’S LOG : 6/3/20- Just started the process and excited to see the results of an Ultra Low Nutrients (ULN) system before my eyes and scientific approach to good reefing. Dosing is literally a few drops a day but there’s a serenity and simplicity to it. 6/8/20- Just continuing with the process. Debating if ZeoVit is still the path I want to take for the tank. I’m mostly keeping softies and lps while the tank ages and they like their dirty water. Going to be fun tong feeding the elegance and goby! LIVE STOCK: Fish: Two Clownfish (Black Snowflake and Snowflake) Considering (not all lols): Yasha-Pistol pair, Snarknose Goby, Small Blue Star Wrasse, Tailspot or Lawnmower Blenny Inverts: Just a few snails as tank doesn’t have enough food for shrimps and crabs to scavenge Will for sure have a Blood Red Fire Shrimp!! Corals: Different Zoanthids Duncan Firework Cloves Favia Avelopora FULL TANK SHOTS : 6/4- Just got the IKEA stand home and built. Moved the tank from it’s cycling location to its permanent home. Started the ZeoVit method with the base package. Got a few corals from some local buddies and put them temporarily on the rocks- watching to see how they react during the starting ZeoVit process 6/8- Added Elegance, Frogspawn and Yellow Clown Goby 6/25- Kinda gone overboard with the corals but everything is loving life 😅 got two fire shrimps also. Starting to see some algae but that was from over feeding so I can see the shrimps go nuts- will dial back feeding haha 7/05- Replaced the light with two Ai Primes and very happy with how well I mounted the lights above the tank.
  2. Tank: RS Reefer 170 (~43g total) - Started 8/23/20 Lighting: GHL Mitras in 24" AL Hybrid Fixture Dosing: GHL Doser 2.1 Skimmer: Coral Box D300+ from Reefbreeders Circulation: 2x RS-M from Reefbreeders Return: Platinum DC Blue 800 Heater: 150w Jager w/Cobalt controller Supplements: BRS Two-Part + KZ Trace Elements Salt: RS Blue Bucket Rock: Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branches (10-12lbs) with AquaMaxx Reef Welder (Purple) Sand: CaribSea Fiji Pink (20lbs) Supporters (go check them out!): Reefbreeders + GHL USA Not on the forums much or just want pictures? Follow the tank on Instagram here! Water Change Counter: 0 Status: Ten frags in the tank (8 from BC). Starting to see some tiny growth (10/8). Premium Aquatics really hooked me up with nice tonga branches. I think the Tropic Eden rock is well worth the money and likely an underrated product! Inspiring tanks...
  3. {Place Holder for FTS} Place Holder - Will Update later today
  4. Hello N-R.com family, Last you heard from me I was building a Red Sea Reefer 50 gallon reef tank, but I had to break down the tank when I moved and only recently had a chance to set it back up. Rather than going back to the 50 gallon reef tank, however, I turned that into a planted freshwater discus tank. My first love in reefing came from a smaller nano tank, and I lost some of the love as the tanks got bigger and more complicated. I finally convinced the fiancee to let me start another tank, and settled on a nano reef for my return. So pull up a seat and follow along.... Over the course of the last 10 years, I've had a number of tanks with varied success, and I hope to put all the lessons learned from those tanks together in this build. Rules of the road: Simplicity is king. 15 pieces of equipment just create more opportunities for failure. I am going to do the basics, and I'm going to do them well. Some (light) SPS. I like some SPS Corals, and I might try a frag or two that amuse me, but this tank will go back to my love of LPS, softies, and (hopefully) a clam. Fun, active, and healthy. I want my reef to thrive, the inhabitants to be healthy, and to have a tank that I can get lost staring at for hours. I settled on this tank and equipment after hours upon hours of extensive reading and research. I've tried complex systems like algae scrubbers, CO2 reactors, etc.... now I'm going back to the more time tested and proven techniques. That's not to hate on any of the other stuff.... it just became too complicated and removed the fun. My tank in college was very simple, it thrived, and it was a blast. Time to return to that....though with a little nicer gear too 😉 Equipment: Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Pro Peninsula 20 Gallon tank Kessil A360X light with wifi InTank media basket Aqamai KPS Wavemaker pump eShopps Nano Protein Skimmer ZeoVit dosing schedule Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 75W heater Aqua Gadget Spin Stream Nozzle XP Aquatics Duetto ATO system Livestock: Pair of DaVinci Extreme Clowns Pair of Yasha Gobies Yellow Clown Goby Six Line Wrasse Pistol Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Peppermint Shrimp Blue Maxima Clam Blue Porcelain Crabs (x3) Aussie Golden Eye Chalice Branching Cyphastera Green Acans Purple Favia Rainbow Acans Watermelon Acans Weeping Willow Toadstool Orange Ricordia Mushrooms Misc. Green & Blue Zoas Purple Hairy Mushroom Blue Tip Torch Euphyllia Superman Montipora White Zombie Zoas Assorted Acropora and Millipora Green Texas Slimer Baby Blue Bowerbacki Neon Green Birdsnest 20lbs Fiji Pink Sand 20lbs Live Rock from KP Aquatics I also use Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt because I like that they use pharmaceutical grade materials in the salt. For filtration, I plan to run filter floss, carbon, and ZeoVit in the media basket. The hope is that I can talk my fiancee into setting up the tank at the end of our couch, so you can appreciate the full peninsula effect. Fingers crossed. I ordered everything from @BulkReefSupply this weekend and got notification that the gear will arrive Thursday, so pictures and more updates to come. I also need to build a stand for the tank, so it'll be a few weeks before we see water, but that's okay. Good planning leads to good results! Tank is Born, 18 March 2020: Full Tank Shot, 31 March 2020 Full Tank Shot, 14 April 2020 Full Tank Shot, 13 May 2020 Full Tank Shot, 15 June 2020 Full Tank Shot, 20 July 2020 Full Tank Shot, 8 September 2020 Full Tank Shot, 18 November 2020
  5. Robert's Secret Sauce for Growing Healthy Colorful Corals NEW VIDEO + 25% off Korallen-Zucht!
  6. LJR

    Zeolite or Chaeto

    I recently got a Biocube 29 secondhand from a man that frequents my LFS. It has the Aquatic Life nano skimmer in the intake chamber, and I was wondering what I should do with the big chamber before I go ahead and fill it. I wanted to have a mixed reef system, primarily with softies, but I would like to grow monti caps on the upper levels as well. Would it be more effective to run a couple of bags of zeolite, and GAC (probably with the other Zeovit products), or to simply run a fuge light and chaeto. I certainly know more about the chaeto than the Zeolite, but I am by no means an expert. I just want to have the most effecient way possible, preferable without tacking on too much to the biocube shell.
  7. trodrigues

    Vertex Zeo reactor

    $80 good condition zeo reactor cleaned and ready to go will ship at buyers expense
  8. Hello ! I was introduced to that hobby by my good friend Shaun. At this moment I run a small Pico 20g but I really love Shaun's shallow build. So inspired by his system I've started to build my own 30x30x12. We're thinking to move this year and it would be super hard to move a large tank, so it's going to be a very very very slow updated thread before we move. Then I'll follow with all the updates when finally I would be able to run what I've started. Shaun thanks again! Stand: DIY. Light: ATI 24" SunPower + Kessil 160we Tuna Blue. Tank: Crystal Dynamic Aquarium 30x30x12 Sump: 20g with OceanboxDesigns Reef-Reactive Sump Kit Skimmer: Vertex Omega 130 Reactor: Vertex RX-Z 1.5 ZEOlite Controller: Apex Doser: Kore 5th Main Pump: x2 MP10WES Vortech ATO: Kore 5th Return pump: Syncra Silent 2.0 Overflow: Synergy Reef Overflow 16" Heater: x2 Cobalt Neo-Therm 150W Kessil 160we on max blue settings and x2 ATI Actinic Bulbs ON. (First and last two hours of the day): Kessil 160we on max blue settings and ALL T5 Bulbs ON. (MIddle 10 hours of the light cycle): [Video Soon] Lighting Schedule 16 hours a day: 2 Hours only Kessil on max blue settings. 2 Hours Kessil + x2 ATI True Actinics. 8 Hours All ON. 2 Hours Kessil + x2 ATI True Actinics. 2 Hours only Kessil on max blue settings. at 12" over the water level. Colors of that combination with no Kessil only T5: Setup ( Zeovit System ) : Zeovit dosing schedule: Dosing on Sun. is after the water change. List of the dosing products: 1. Coral Snow. 2. Zeo Start. 3. Pohl's Xtra Special. 4. ZeoBac. 5. Sponge Power 6. Coral Vitalizer. 7. PIF Concentrate. 8. Coral Booster. 9. Amino Acid Concentrate. 10. B-Balance. 11. Vibrant. Zeostart is dosed directly into the reactor when the reactor is OFF for 30 mins. 0.5 liters ZeoVit with a flow of ~ 50 US gallons per hour through the reactor and 100gr. of activated carbon passively flown. Index: Stand Build. Sump Added. Tank Ordered. Tank Delivered. Plumbing Done. First day. Corals Added - 001. Vertex Omega 130. New SPS frags. Tank views October 2016. New Fishes Added. 1 Month Update. New SPS Frags. 2 Months Update. Feeding Video. Mini Frag Rack Vertex Omega 130 Skimmate. How to mount a Kessil to the ATI Sunpower. Lighting Schedule. Algae Explosion. My Dinostory. Dino update. 4 Months Update. pH Chart. 5 Months Update. Dino Free ! Growth Rate Pictures. Current tank views: Last Update March. 2017
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