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Found 111 results

  1. Hello all! just discovered this site and forum, giving the Aquarium Diary a try.. I decided after years of running planted, freshwater tanks that it's time to advance into something more challenging. My freshwater tanks were 55 gal and 2 ten gal, with a couple terrarium type Betta "tanks" spread about the house. Now I am down to one 10 gal freshwater and the newer beginnings of a salt water 6 gal. Nano tank. It is a Fluval 6 G on 3rd week of cycling. My hope is that the tank will not be high tech, I love some of the Nano and Pico tank designs shown on this site and they are so inspiring. this Nano was started in part because the entire Refugium thing is a bit confusing and seems more complicated than just running a Nano tank without one. So here it goes as of today; Tank- Fluval 6 gal cube (originally a freshwater tank retired to the garage) Filter- well currently its a no brand name with sponge, no media, for 10 G with spray bar removed to provide more of a wave type circulation, seems to work. 50 W heater - no brand from china Current inhabitants; 2 Hermit Crabs, 2 roundish looking snails, and somehow i inherited a soft coral (i think?) that the LFS had put in my bag along with the snails. see photo below. no idea what type of soft coral it is but too far to drive to return it and i cant beat free (frag?). I didn't think my tank would be ready for corals yet though but the thing has not died so far , possibly could be more green looking but that could be the lighting? I've been looking through photos online but either the coral is NOT happy so doesn't look the way it should or i'm not knowledgeable enough to identify it. Lighting- is currently a Fluval Halo LED, it does switch from blue to white manually but its a crappy light, the new but small light for this tank will be delivered Monday. I have learned to turn off all lighting for water changes and that has seemed to help., the new light yet to arrive is here; Amazon.com- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071LJC8HL/ref=pe_861660_138883610_fxm_4_0_n_id No skimmer or refuge thing, doing daily water changes of 1 gallon (trying to control nitrates and ammonia) combined with a 9$ filter, 14$ heater and a inexpensive light from amazon on the way. Current water testing shows: Salinity 0.24- Salt is Red Sea Pro and mixed myself after purchasing poor quality and low salinity from LFS, i gave up threw all the purchased salt water out and started over with my own mix using their RO water ( though i tested it first). Lesson 2 learned, always test all water prior to adding to tank. (lesson 1, don't start a saltwater tank without more research and all supplies) Ammonia Zero to .25 ppm (its kinda hard to read but in the middle of that) Nitrates no. 3, 5 to 10 ppm So far everything seems happy even with some nitrates and ammonia, lighting is an issue hence new light on the way. I did observe some rock bleaching initially so until the new light arrives i am using the blue light more often, then switch on the white light for an hour or so (or when i see the coral close up)., trying to gradually extend the daylight time to 12 hours then hopefully the new light will be here and we can do it right with a timer. My first observation; Was having some difficulty getting to the correct salinity level due to odd advice (well now i know), and purchasing premix from my LFS, which tells me immediately that if I create a much larger tank i may be mixing own and having a RO/DI system in place. week 1 was daily water changes of more than 40% trying to get a stabilized salinity due to a combination of advice received from 4 LFS that we visited. Mainly what they thought mine should be, and what salinity theirs actually was compared to what they said it was at. after throwing it all down the drain in frustration I mixed my own and got above the . 16 i was getting from theirs. After applying some tips learned in the Reef.com forums things have calmed down. Salinity is at a more acceptable level and my creatures are doing well so far, the coral I recently acquired doesn't seem to be doing too badly, it must be of a hardy variety. My hope is to make this mainly a coral tank with some inverts and maybe a Goby so as soon as ammonia and nitrates more in control ill be starting to obtain a collection of Soft Corals then possibly a small fish, i might add one more crab too., they are sorta cool. I am researching fish though since was hoping for something more interesting than a Goby. Originally i was thinking there would be some soft coral and a small clown fish but now sorta feel it wouldn't be fair to the fish to be in such a small tank. I feed the inverts a sliver of frozen shrimp every other day so as not to pollute my tank but initially the LFS told me to feed Bloodworms which they refused to eat and just polluted the tank. Haven't noticed any Algea yet and it sounds like i need some to grow before the tank is considered established. The hermit crabs have chosen new shells from a few I placed in the tank to keep them away from my snails and their pretty shells. So that is all for now, gonna see how this goes and will give an update next week after the new light arrives. Thank you for letting me participate and i appreciate greatly any advice anyone offers by way of comments to the diary.
  2. Reid_bry

    Reid's 5.5 Pico Reef

    Set up date: August 20, 2016 So this is my first venture into salt water. I have had very minimal experience with fresh water tanks too so this is all very new to me. However I have been obsessing with nano and pico reefs for about a year now! Hopefully it all goes well Aquascape: It was super important to me that the aquascaping looked great from four places. First my door when you first walk in. First impressions are important and most people only ever see my room from the hall. It sits on the right side of my desk and I really love how it looks from my computer chair. I have a perfect view of the cave on the right side and I hope something neat moves in. Finally you can see it from my bed. Now this angle is probably the least important and looks the worst. However I'm sure a few corals would make it look ok. So I was wondering if anyone had any advice for my aquascape? I really am not to happy with the left rock I got from brs but don't know what to do to make it interesting . Equipment: Hydor pico power head 25w hydor heater Painted 5.5 gallon aqueon tank I ordered an incandescent lid for it that i am going to put a coralife 50/50 bulb in until I save up for a nicer sps capable light. Overall I am so so excited for this tank and I can't wait for it to be cycled!!!! Full sized pictures: http://imgur.com/a/fga3z
  3. Ranjib

    Kessil control telemetry in adafruit.io

    Bozeman, one of my pico tank's lighting cycle values. Kessil A80, controller by reef-pi. reef-pi has been configured to send telemetry data to adafruit.io, where IoT data is stored and graphs are made.,
  4. Picorefer

    Beginner Pico Reefer

    Hello everyone! I am fairly new to the reefing hobby (experience wise) however I've kept freshwater tanks my whole life and after recently selling my African cichlid tank I decided I needed another challenge, something more manageable. After lots of research I found so many amazing little pico tanks under 5 gallons and their simplicity along with their beauty amazed me. I then decided I was going to transform an old 1 gallon betta tank into my own little slice of the ocean. I started with about 1 1/2 pounds of LR for the tank. Next I used some LR rubble along with some LS and Chaeto for a refugium that I made from an old penguin bio-wheel filter. I am using a strip fluorescent light that seems to grow the Chaeto very well.I let the tank cycle for about 6 weeks before adding a turbo and an emerald crab. About two months later I decided to add a feather duster and a chocolate chip starfish. The pod population is unreal! The little suckers are crawling over just about every surface. Nitrates and nitrites stay close to 0 and ammonia stays below .5 . I have only performed one water change. Top offs are daily. Any advice would be great as I still am brand new to this whole feeding thing! Any suggestions for coral additions would be greatly appreciated also. (Pictures taken today)
  5. darcyb

    Nuvo 4 gallon lighting

    Hey everyone Ive decided to start a new even smaller tank hahah, while my nuvo 10 is cruising along nicely. Ive recently started cycling a nuvo 4 gallon pico and man am i stuck on what lighting to buy... i want to know everyone's thoughts on a suitable fixture for it, like the kessil a80, Ai prime or like a CC par 30 bulb. I want to/will put 1 or 2 sps frags in it but it will be mainly filled with lps and softies. As for like stock probably a porcelain crab and 1 or 2 sexy shrimp ? + CUC
  6. ReefKeeperNoob


    I have a 10 gallon reef with a marine orbits pro for lighting, my question is.. How high should I run this light for best growth and colors? I currently have 3 different zoas, hairy mushroom colony, one open brain coral, gsp colony, frogspawn, and hammers.. right now I'm running 100% blue and 65% white.. the tank size is a traditional 10 gallon aquarium its made by top fin, these are the dimensions for that tank 10.1" Long, 20.1 " Wide, 14.1" High.. are my light to high right now or to dim? Please help me out.. here is a link to the exact light I'm using (18"-24" model) and a pic of my tank, thanks for all the help! http://current-usa.com/aquarium-led-lights/orbit-marine-fixtures/orbit-marine-pro/
  7. thespinningsadhu

    Quick filtration question...

    Quick question - if I'm not doing a refugium and plan to just put filter floss and a ChemiPure sachet in my AquaClear 50 that I'll put on the JBJ 3 gallon how much do I put in there? Do I stuff it to the gills? The little filter that came with the tank fits one of the nano sachets perfectly. I've not seen the AC50 in person yet but I imagine a little sachet would bob around. I did manage to find that more than one nano sachet for a tank this size is too much. I imagine if I were to put enough floss in there I could sandwich the sachet between layers of floss - but I think this would mean a ton of floss.
  8. IfYouAskNicely

    My first SW tank, a 2.5g

    Hello! So, I've been interested in biology in general from a pretty young age, I've had and still have various freshwater tanks since before middle school or so, and I'm going into my senior year of college now in San Diego(pretty moderate climate). A half a year ago or so I got the saltwater bug, and have been lurking on a bunch of forums and such learning about corals specifically. The final straw was when my boss, who has a 300 gallon reef tank at my work, told me that he would give me frags for free from pretty much any coral in his tank. So, I decided to make a reef tank, with the goal in mind that I'm a broke ass college student and so I'm going to spend as little money as possible. I've read all over the place about how the bigger the saltwater the tank, the easier it is to maintain, but that's obviously not 100% true as evidenced by everyone's experiences here. I decided to go for a challenge for my first saltwater tank by using a 2.5 gallon vase, and Maritza the Vase Reef was some of my primary inspiration. The only equipment running in it are an airline and a heater(and a battery powered thermometer to check the heaters not fritzing), as well as the light which is a I think 10watt compact flourescent 50/50 bulb. My phone's super crappy right now, so I'm going to try and borrow someone else's for a little and then I will upload pictures. It has been running for probably four months or so now. The first month was rough but I attribute that to the fact that I used an old heater, it malfunctioned and basically turned everything to soup. Since then though I've been steadily adding more and more corals, sometimes 3 a week, sometimes I won't add any for a month. The only not coral livestock I put in there that didn't come with the live rock is a small hermit crab and a bumpy red crab I took from the tidepools(sshhhhhhh). The only coral deaths I've had have been mushrooms which weren't able to attach high enough and were pulled into the bumpy crabs lair and eaten, and a small stock of pulsing Xenia which shriveled up over the course of a month or so. All the corals I have now are growing or at least static in their growth and don't seem unhealthy. I've heard that pulsing Xenia actually like slightly higher nitrate and phosphate levels, and so that's why I think they died, because my maintenance consists of weekly 90-100% water changes/glass scrubbing as well as taking the main rock out and scrubbing algae and detritus off with a toothbrush. I do the huge water changes because the tank is so small, and I also put quite a bit of reef roids into the tank the day before I clean it and change the water. Another thing which is fairly unconventional, but I haven't tested my water in any way since starting the tank. I rely on the fact that I buy premixed water from a reputable store and change basically all my water out with fresh water with the right parameters. Yes I still top off with RO/DI water from evaporation, I just keep the water level consistent though instead of using a refractometer. Only reason I don't test is because I'm on a tight budget. I have a feather worm in there and I've heard that they are VERY sensitive to water conditions and so I just make sure he's doing good and all is well. I'll try and upload pictures later today!
  9. Ravi balineni

    Rw 4 tested on 5 gallon PICO

    I searched for rw4 in a Pico before I bought one , but didn't find good evidence so I got mine and sharing .. Settings lowest power . W1 and pulse 2 clicks higher than midpoint. Tried running other modes but it's just seems impractical in else mode and even H is too much ! I just wanted pulse waves so I had to get it ! Oh BTW lowest power on rw4 is slightly more turbulent than a Hydor nano general flow . On full power this thing got a 50 gallon brute can full of water steady rocking !
  10. LJR

    Mandarins in Picos

    I'm asking about a touchy subject I realize, but I am curious as to if anyone has ever kept Mandarin in a tank smaller than 10 gallons for a substantial amount of time. By substantial I mean greater than say, ~6 months (not "oh, mine was great for two months and then dropped dead for some reason"). Just curious as to if this has ever been done. If you did do it, please feel free to share your wizard powers ?
  11. Ravi balineni

    Soft Plumbing two Fluval Spec V (s)

    Hi folks, This is my first post on nano reef even though I'm a stalker for several years and only signed up recently. I have a Pico Fluval Spec V with a bunch of sps and some zoas . I had an idea of stacking another Fluval Spec V next to it and running a refugium but instead of drilling , I want to run the outlet of each pump into the other tank . My concern is that if the flow rate is off by a few ml I would eventually overflow one of the tanks ... the theory is to use float switches to stop overflowing .. dunno about the practical part. Has anyone tried this before ? If so please help my idea come to life . Any help/advice is greatly appreciated Tank specs: Fluval Spec V .Nanobox Tide mini . Hydor 214 with wavemaker 5secs on off cycle . Smart Micro Ato . 50W heater . Tank inhabitants: Lone nearly naked clown about half inch Pom pom crab 1 Mexican trochus 1 Margarita snail 1 Turbo snail 3 micro blue legged hermits Corals: Forest fire digi Pink lemonade Acro Some kind of blue Tort Green Monti Pink Monti Hollywood Stunner Green Stylopora Green birdsnest Ponape birdsnest Tabeling Acros (2) Zoanthids 5 types 2 Gorgonians. Maintainance: Weekly 1 gallon water change Glass algae cleaning as needed 2 fishies nano mag Running chemipure nano
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